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DR. CLARKE: It's NOT going to happen on April 1, 2017. It IS going to happen in April, though.

This Morning, a very high flock of birds flew overhead, and relayed this information, through the partly cloudy forecast........that has now, become a perfectly Sunny Day.

It was a little Windy, but we think we heard them say, that in MAY, there'd be WAY MORE MONEY, available, than ever before........think that's what they said.

SLOW & Steady as She Goes........it gets BETTER & BETTER.......except for the U.S. Stock & Bond Markets, First 2 Weeks of April........as we've indicated - Big Correction, maybe 10-20%.......and of course in Europe, as well. Complete Meltdown coming........but, not to despair. There's OPPORTUNITY, when you know WHERE to Look.

SO MUCH to talk about soon.....amidst this Modern Day Civil War, in the U.S........and Iraq, and the Middle East "REGION".......and the Asian "REGION"......





3-29-2017   Intel Guru Bluwolf   IMPORTANT TO KNOW: ARTICLE 50 WILL BE TRIGGERED TODAY...This will create a DOMINO WORLD EFFECT...The TIME FRAME ELAPSED TODAY. Just be ready to roll...

3-29-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Let me just say, it sure is refreshing to have so much positive activity lately!  After a fairly long lull in the news, the dinar is back on the move...  [ I was personally pleased to see Abadi planning on running again next year. I know there are a lot of articles out the about corruption. What do you think are the chances that most of the corruption will be cleaned up with or before the next election?Cleaned up? No chance!   But that doesn't cause me any concern...  Iraq isn't special or unique in regards to "corruption".  Corruption exists everywhere, and it certainly did when their $ was over $3. It will continue to exist in the future, without any regard to their currency value.

3-29-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
  [Someone is asking the question...he states that as the IQD is given value that Iraq would make all IQD outside of their borders null and void...]   ...no the dinars outside of Iraq will not be null and void...we will exchange them...and here in the US we will go to our banks and our banks will send it to the US Treasury...it is not even going back to the CBI...I told you no one cares about you as an investor...if you add us all up we are not even the size of one country that has a lot of dinars in their reserves as foreign currency reserves...the CBI knows darn well that we are going to exchange our currency in the US...

3-29-2017   Newshound Guru Phillyman   Warka Bank News  Quote:   "Dear Customers...Appendix mainstream CBI to all Government institutions and companies to lift the guardianship and allow the Bank to exercise all his works and activities."   This is the first news they have posted since August 25, 2016.  This one is dated March 26, 2017.  The news was in arabic and this is the translation.  Looks like good news to me.

3-29-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   I am excited to tell you where we are with our timing. What I am hearing so far is we understand Prime Minister Abadi left yesterday [Monday] for Jordan for the Arab Summit. He is to speak tomorrow morning [Wednesday] as the 2nd speaker at the Arab Summit.  Also we think that Iraq take back of Mosul has been complete for some time now. Even the two banks that were not up and running in Western Mosul are back on line 4 to 5 days ago.  We need for Iraq sovereignty to be mentioned. We need for their currency which was reinstated and revalued in-country mentioned as a revalued currency internationally. Those are a few things we would look for Prime Minister Abadi to mentionWhat we are waiting for is not a contingency on that.  In terms of everything, I can’t tell you anything else. We are right there. We could get notified tonight.  It looks extremely good for tomorrow [Wednesday].  Hopefully this will come to us in the next day or so.


Urgent .. private sources of change: Co-Abadi heads the Arab summit Iraqi delegation.   WOW, WOW, WOW.  

Rafidain issue electronic payment tools for employees Terpaat Qadisiyah, Maysan.  

Dropped on Tuesday morning, the dollar exchange rate to 1265 dinars. 
The dollar exchange rate is reduced to 1265 dinars. 
For "Economy News" Informed sources said that the dollar amount of supply in higher demand in the money market market.  
The record market price in the fight in Baghdad Stock Exchange at 1265 dinars per dollar, ie 126 000 five hundred dinars for one hundred dollars, after the dollar yesterday was 1286 dinars. It is said that one of the main reasons behind the decline of the dollar rate against the dinar is the decision of the Iraqi Central Bank issued on Monday, which includes a new mechanism to sell the currency window to provide information on the final beneficiary rather than permit customs. is the decision of the Iraqi Central Bank issued on Monday, which includes a new mechanism to sell the currency window to provide information on the final beneficiary rather than permit customs.   includes a new mechanism to sell the currency

READ and understand !!!!!!!!!! Iraqi Premier supports "stay" part of US forces 10:53 AM ADMIN Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Premier Haidar al-Ibadi expressed support for the stay of part of US forces in the country. We're not going anywhere !!!!!!! 

Abadi announced his support for the survival of US forces in Iraq after the defeat of the terrorist organization. Defense Minister inspects the liberated areas of the city of Mosul, and some military unitsThe United States decided to send an additional 200 military to Iraq. Interesting story huh?

Iraq's return to its position in the high-profile Almntqharabah. This is when their news starts appearing ! Iraq's return to its position in the high-profile Almntqharabah. WOW !!! 
Don;t forget the CBI new slogsn .... a fil worth a penny !!!!!!!!! We're talking coins NOT lower denoms

Things are VERY positive!

Shabibi even talked a few weeks ago.  CBI is not talking to us lol 

The trend I've noticed is the articles are getting closr and ckoser to real time though.  Both Abadi 1AND Trunp are demanding the press to be mpre transparen. 

The Macroeconomics of De-Cashing Author/Editor:Alexei P Kireyev Publication Date: March 27, 2017 Electronic Access:Free Full text (PDF file size is 896 KB).Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file.

Please address any questions about this title to publications@imf.org


I have no idea, could be tomorrow, in a week, a few weeks. Nobody knows when. The important thing is they are doing it right before our eyes

God I hate laptop KYBRDS lol. I've owned 4 websites, all hade close to or over 1 million members. That's close to probably 10 times Dinarland. I think I know a thing or 2 or running a website



Bruce:  Good Evening Everyone to the Big Call.  Welcome everyone listening to the Big Call. We had quite a bit of people on the last call from the financial community.  Last Tuesday we had over 7,000 from banking community all over the world. We appreciate them listening in to the Big Call and are interested in what we plan to do with our humanitarian projects and see how they can partner with us.  We also appreciate the international listeners to the Big Call.

Bruce:   I am excited to tell you where we are with our timing. What I am hearing so far is we understand Prime Minister Abadi left yesterday for Jordan for the Arab Summit. He is to speak tomorrow morning as the 2nd speaker at the Arab Summit. We have been on a black out from Iraq with social media blocked and filtered. We still are under information blackout.  Prime Minister Abadi speech is suppose to be complete what he so suppose to say at 3:30am EST. He should be through by that time tomorrow morning.

Bruce:  Also we think that Iraq take back of Mosul has been complete for some time now. Even the two banks that were not up and running in Western Mosul are back on line 4 to 5 days ago. Iraq has a new in-country revalued dinar rate of over $6.
Bruce:  All the rates we are talking about in the first basket were visible on the screen at HSBC on Sunday. We got a look what those rates were and they were very good of those in the first basket. All the screen rates are all non-NDA despite the currency. The ZIM screen rate was up from $2.26 to a little above that. That is significant. ,

Bruce:  We need for Iraq sovereignty to be mentioned. We need for their currency which was reinstated and revalued in-country mentioned as a revalued currency internationally. Those are a few things we would look for Prime Minister Abadi to mention. What we are waiting for is not a contingency on that.  It could surprise us where we find out for us before he goes or maybe a little after he goes tomorrow. It looks extremely good for tomorrow.
Bruce:  Another thing I learned today was regarding Prime minster Teresa May from Great Britain.  About 8 hours ago she signed the document for Brexit-Article 50. That was something that straightened out the use of the British pound in conjunction with Europe. It resets everything so that with Brexit taking place, Great Britain is good to go. That needed to be done before this went for us.

As we move across I don’t think there is anything else we can think of outside the United States that needs to be handled.

Bruce:  Out west we had some help from our administration to move things along. Major changes in Wells Fargo took place handled by HSBC. Everything has moved forward beyond the pinging stage. All coming along nicely. Out west to take care of the paymasters, paying out of prepaids, advance paids or SKRS, all of that is being handled even now. That started yesterday. A lot of documents were being signed. A lot of people in certain groups were being emailed information they needed to sign and send back in verifying accounts. We think payment of some of those accounts are imminent as early as   tonight or tomorrow.

Bruce:  This thing has started, it is moving.  We are next in the sense when these core groups get handled we are next.  That information is special because when we get information that things are moving beyond the receipt of the large tranches form our Chinese partners from AIIB, People bank of china,  HSBC.   Funds have moved around the world and put in position where humanitarian funding is in position and ready to receive those. All ready so the initial start up are being paid. The paymasters are the ones to do that and they are all in position to do that. I think we are looking very good for some activity that could take place tonight as well as tomorrow.

Bruce:  Also the redemption centers are to go on engage status. I heard some times for that. I don’t know if that time will change and get moved up or remain in that time frame. We heard ½ hour after banks close, I don’t know. We are getting to that point we just about could taste it.

Bruce:  Also I heard today on some of the documents financially we would be signing, make sure you take two good writing blue pens with you. You want to sign documents with blue ink at the exchange. Make it a note now on list of things to bring. Also your ID, passport, Sims card with a picture ID, copy of your utility bill, cell phone bill that shows your name and address where you are currently residing that you can take with you for ID purpose.

Bruce:  If you have a project you want to talk about you should have a 1 to 3 pages bullet outline. Don’t hand that to them until you are through with your one to 3 minute discuss of your projects. I like to make a presentation to someone looking at your eyes and you at their eyes. If you don’t have a project of own you can talk about working with Big Call Rebuild America, adopting a city, town, and community. We will rebuild this country one city at a time.  I am looking for 5,000 listeners to join us. A lot of the ideas, building concept, rebuilding homes, hiring vets, mentorship program for the youth, and apprenticeship so people can learn these trades onsite.

Bruce:  I just thinking we are at the point we can come together. I plan to have a new web site, new portal, Pod cast to get this information out to everybody and have an interactive website so we can share this information.  We are doing it in a way to create a legacy for ourselves where we can be proud of this country in all we are going to do.  We are coming very close where we are looking for,
Bruce:   In terms of everything, I can’t tell you anything else. We are right there. We could get notified tonight. Hopefully this will come to us in the next day or so. Then we can be off and running. I know people are being paid and let’s go with that.

Bruce:   Thank you to those that are at the Redemption Centers who are waiting for us to come and looking forward to do our exchanges. We are just excited to meet you as well and partner with our banks.  I do believe in diversification. I do believe we are working close with HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Canadian banks like Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank. These are good banking partners as well.  Scotia Bank is also in the Caribbean, and TD bank is also in the United States.  These are good choices for diversification as well.

Bruce:  Working with HSBC is a great idea because all our money in our accounts with HSBC are 100 % back by the global accounts. That is important to have that banking. We have been on the gold standard since 5pm EST yesterday afternoon.   That means we have a gold back dollar we call Our USN. Meaning the actual currency it when we get that currency is gold back. The TRNs are more less than a bond currency that is traded between countries and banks that is gold back as well.

Bruce:  We couldn’t have done any of this without our banking partners from the Far East such as AIIB, HSBC, and People Bank of China and other Chinese Infrastructure Banks.  It made me realize this is a global effort.  This is something that is like reconciliation, fair trade value regarding the values of currencies instead of revaluation of currencies.

Bruce:  As the playing field gets to get more level and as more opportunities of 3rd  and 4th  world countries come on for the first time,  many of their currency becomes stronger than they ever were such as Vietnam Dong, Iraq Dinar, and Indonesia Rupiah. This is just the first basket and there will be other baskets coming up.

Bruce:  I want to thank all the people that have been involved in this for such a long time who have done their best to provide Intel and to bring information on projects, and all humanitarian funding sources that are out there. Also all those involved in humanitarian projects.  Also we have our own project Rebuild America, Veteran Network, Ministry network. We will put it together looking for leaders. I am looking for 3 leaders in each state to work with me to Rebuild America.

Bruce:   I want to thank all in the Administration under President Trump to make this happen and work with us possibly to Rebuild America. I think this has caught the ear of our administration such as the Infrastructure bonds. It will be interesting to see what our banking partners and the Administration come up with so we can invest into those bonds. Those bonds can be for specific projects. It could be a tax free vehicle. You guys are the geniuses out there that can and you can help us put this together. Then we can go outside the country that have a need.

Bruce:  Don’t cut yourself short when it comes to negotiating a higher rate especially when it comes to the ZIM.   Perhaps you read the true value of the ZIM on the blogs.  Do not hesitate to negotiate a higher rate that goes well into 4 or 5 figures for the ZIM, because if you have the projects to support it we can go and we can have these bond offerings into the 100’s of trillions of dollars to do these projects. Let’s be part of that.  

Bruce:  Thank you everybody for coming in and listening.  We appreciate all the new listeners and old listeners. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, and all existing listeners.  Thank you, team and Big Call Universe. Keep an eye on our website: thebigcall.net.  Good Night Everybody.


Aggiedad77:  If I may be so bold as to interject the Monday Night CC notes here....enjoy
Aloha    Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday 03-27-2017

Frank26:  Hello Family we are starting the second part of our conference call which is the study of the Iraqi dinar…..Greetings and welcome….may I ask you a question as we start together in our study tonight….at what speed do you think the Monetary Reform should be at right now….do you think it should be at the same speed as the delay that was presented back in January by Allak the governor of the CBI….do you think it should now be at a faster pace…...do you think in all honesty that it should be at the speed of light…
I believe Family deep in my heart last when President Trump and Abadi met….they met long before they allowed you to see them meeting at that Monday night meeting….that gave the photo we saw in the news of them all sitting at the long table…it was a beautiful meeting….Abadi was given center stage…..Abadi was allowed to talk in his language….you cannot get more center stage than that….

He was treated royally and we are going to talk a little bit about that tonight…..but I am pleased to announce to you tonight that IMO….that whatever it was that President Trump, Abadi, and the IMF, the World Bank, the US Treasury and whatever other agencies that met privately long before you saw that picture….whatever they talked about it was very successful….those meetings…..yes there was jubilation and cause for celebration….I’m not giving you a date or a rate and this whole conference call is in my opinion…..

I’m not here to insult you by saying oh yes on April 1st it’s going to happen….oh yeah on April 15th it is going to happen….oh yeah by the end of April it’s going to happen….no I can’t do those things….instead what we do is study what they are doing….and if need be present it to you IMO out of respect for you, so therefore this whole CC is IMO.

The Central Bank of Iraq made an announcement to the world…..actually not to the world because they kept it on the Arabic side of the CBI website…..and the announcement was given to me by WalkingStick….and you saw it didn’t you….it was right after our Monday night CC…on Tuesday morning WalkingStick puts out a post and he says….”Frank I need this translated, this video….inside of it is something I need translated…it’s an announcement from the CBI.”…….

Now on Tuesday I saw it….on Wednesday I was so busy getting ready for your CC on Wednesday that I forgot to give it to DELTA….and on Thursday somehow or another it was already on the internet….because apparently someone must have taken it from us and when they did…you see I say this not in a selfish manner….all honor and glory to God….not to me…and also all those out there who are gurus in this topic….God Bless you….but….and I’m not accusing anyone or pointing a finger but the internet all of a sudden gave a translation of what this CBI announcement was and it was exaggerated….

It was exaggerated to the point where as I read it I wanted to scream because it is exactly what I wanted to see….but…it was exaggerated….in fact the translation was just two paragraphs long….and it wasn’t anything near what the translation was on the internet….now that suffices and I don’t need to talk anymore about that….but I was disappointed….

Now Thursday when I got a hold of that exaggeration I called DELTA and I said I’m sorry that I forgot to translate this, can you….and he said don’t worry about it I saw what WalkingStick gave you and I translated it….well what do you think about it….he said you know what it boils down to…those two paragraphs are basically an announcement from the CBI to all the private banks in Iraq to speed up the exchange rate process to become international….and I found it interesting that it was kept on the Arabic side because this was supposed to be made public….the CBI is asking all the banks in Iraq to speed up the exchange rate standards.

Do you remember when we said to you Family, and this was last Monday a week ago from today….we said the Monetary Reform is in its infancy and when it happens it is going to happen very quickly….I believe that is exactly what happened when Donald Trump and Abadi and an entourage of people from the GOI and the CBI had a lot of private meetings with Washington, DC…..someone said to me well maybe Donald Trump and Abadi are talking about the exchange rate…..they are past that….

The CBI is talking about it with the right departments….but Donald Trump is telling more so Abadi the things he has to do within his country for economic growth while the Monetary Reform is being taken care of by the CBI entourage that he has…..and I also told you the moment that Iraq leaves the US….you see it is a pattern….anytime they come over to the US and they meet with Obama or Donald Trump or whoever….when they go back home….I mean instantly…like at the snap of a finger….instantly….

When Abadi returned home this announcement was finally released by the CBI to all of the banks….somewhat maybe under a cloak by only keeping it on the Arabic side…..the true exchange rate for international usage….against a true USD has been seen very clearly hasn’t it Family….the MCP’s have been in great control….therefore this announcement comes out with great power….with great authority to all of the banks…..because of what we have seen so far against the USD.

But you know what Family….may I express to you that this announcement that was released….may I express to you that this was old news….the fact that they are telling you about this is incredible….well sort of telling you….it is on the Arabic side….but in all honesty this information for the banks to become much faster in preparation to accept an international rate….to deal with an international rate….is actually a part of their Monetary Reform process don’t you agree….and I believe this is a result of the meetings that occurred Sunday and Saturday before they met with you publicly on Monday….

There were many meetings like I told you in the mornings and into the evenings with the IMF, World Bank, UST…with many different departments and their entourage that came….these meetings happened long before…..but the information from these meetings had to be held until Tuesday when it was released on the Arabic side….it hasn’t been released publicly yet because as I said it is not on the English side.

So this was announced on Tuesday night and therefore I believe this is why we saw a lot of the contractors in Washington, DC through the articles that were released….on top of that do you recall that Saudi Arabia actually met with Donald Trump….hello…they met with Trump even before these pictures of Trump and Abadi came out….what was the meeting for with Saudi Arabia….it was for debt forgiveness….an official reconciliation….that is amazing…that is historical…it is unprecedented…yes debt forgiveness….oh my goodness….are you kidding me….

Did you ever think in your lifetime that you would ever see Saudi Arabia do something for another neighboring Middle Eastern country….no…..the reason may I say very loudly….the reason with being reconciled Family….Trump’s word was was….not just for Iraq to have peace….but the whole region….and the region of the ME is what we are after right now…or what Donald Trump is after right now…because there is a new mission that needs funding for this new plan of the region…and I believe that the Iraqi dinar is going to become the most powerful donor country in the ME region and is being groomed to do so.
The Monetary Reform is bigger than you realized Family…you look for a date and a rate…but it has many moving parts….such as what happened with Saudi Arabia before Donald Trump talked to Abadi….this is miraculous…and also the speed of all these things happening…what did we say…..it will happen very quickly….but we did say once we have Mosul correct…we will talk about Mosul tonight.

I want you to understand that we told you there were variances that were made….that is why we believe that on January 16th when they came out and said well look we’ve been bragging….KTFA has about 40 articles that say we’ve been bragging that we want to bring out the internationalism…that we want to lift the 000’s from our exchange rate…..at the beginning of 2017….but we are putting a little time out…we have to postpone it….why…well we really can’t tell you….here what if we tell you it is because we need Mosul….you got Mosul…you got it like at the blink of an eye….well no….media do we have Mosul…no it says we surrounded them and then all of a sudden we stopped…why….well there just has got to be a reason for it….so as the variances for Iraq froze time around January 16th of this year….it was because special talents go to special people in special places Family.

The exchange rate against the true value is now being reflected even louder with this announcement from the CBI.

IMO the first quarter will finish the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.

April is a month that I believe the banks better be very ready….and it is also interesting when you think about the fact that the revaluation of Iraq currency since the 1940’s has usually happened at a much higher percent, roughly about 60%+ range in the month of April or September….these are not coincidences Family….these are patterns to be respected….let alone studied.

Basically Family IMO with this announcement they have sped up the exchange rate process of the Iraqi dinar….it is also to control the banks…who will get what….how much…etc.

We believe that this announcement that we are talking about tonight…that we feel is extremely important….that you understand this announcement deeper than what the internet has exaggerated and then abandoned and walked right past it…..we bring it back to you and we put it on the biggest billboard we can….with the brightest neon lights because we believe it is a by-product of the meetings between Donald Trump and Abadi and all those three initials…..we believe IOO that it was ready on the 19th of this month but was not released until the 23rd by the CBI.

The CBI is telling all banks that they are now going to be audited from now on…and it is an international auditing company that is going to be used right now….to make sure that these banks in Iraq are ready for internationalism….the company will go to each bank and check their financial sheets….they will look at their international standard setups are ready because I believe deep in my heart and IMO that they are getting ready to go international….they need to be ready for this transaction….this metamorphosing.

In the future these companies that will be doing the auditing of these banks will actually be done by the CBI itself….in other words they are learning how to do it themselves by bringing in these international companies…and they will continue to do that themselves.

There was a special part too of this article that came out….that DELTA was able to translate for us very clearly….he said they are also talking about money laundering and they want to make sure the banks in Iraq are able to deal with money laundering….they are educating them besides that other side with the international system…but the other thing we find interesting inside this announcement IOO they are telling the banks DO THIS NOW….because you are about to get audited….

Are you sure you are ready to go international….did you do everything we told you….did you stay away from the USD…yes we have…have you taken care of and set up the Ki cards and MasterCards when the Iraqi citizens come into the country or into the ATM machines….yes we are….are you ready….how should I say this….to give the right currency to the citizens….yeah we are….alright.

Here is another good example….when a company decides to go on the NYSE to be publicly traded…there is an audit of that company and it allows them to establish their marketability….all of this auditing will determine the value of that stock to be traded….and that is what is going on with all of the banks in Iraq right now…they are checking out their worth….are they worthy to go international with the CBI….because if they are not they will just be shut down….these audits will even continue after the RV occurs…they will audit them constantly without any notice….that way they will be able to control these banks.

It was actually around Thursday or Friday of last week that the Council of Ministers….believe it or not that the head of the COM…his name is also Allak…unbelievable….I guess here in the US we have a lot of people with the same name, David, John, Mike….I guess it can be just as confusing to a foreigner with our names…..but the Secretary General of the COM in Iraq for Abadi….his name is Allak…and the article we are talking about that DELTA was able to translate properly…..it is consulting with the government in moving towards the market economy and to activate the private sector….now you’ve seen those articles…but with all due respect you need to raise the value of your currency in order to do these things.

They are constantly talking about their shoes and rarely talk about putting on their socks….I don’t know if it is a form of bragging….I don’t know if it is a form of stupidity….I don’t know if it is a form of just leaking information…but the WB, the IMF, the UST…they have a lot of requirements…and one of those is what I just read to you….in order to move forward into their Monetary Reform their market economy has to basically activate a lot of their private sectors….but only when they lift the value of their currency IMO and I am sure in your opinion as well too.
The government and the CBI are doing just this Family at a much faster pace IMO….this auditing is a demand from Donald Trump and from the IMF…and this auditing is going to be done very quickly….I would like to know when….I don’t think they are going to tell you when….it is none of our business….but when they do audit these banks….do you realize that within nanoseconds after that they can go international IMO.

The COM is working on the desire to have freedom of capital….you have read the articles….very plain and simple….it is their desire to have freedom of capital…and to be into Article VIII compliance….and to start releasing the LD’s….because they told you very clearly in one of their articles….it is our goal to abolish the exchange rate restrictions…and I will bet you anything that is what they were talking about….who is they….Abadi and Donald Trump….did you just say they were not talking about a date and rate….that is not a date or a rate….oh.

On top of all of this there is a body language or a pattern or a historical event that just occurred in front of your eyes…and I would like to bring it back to you…hit rewind on the VCR so that you can see this…..Abadi was treated like king when he came to the US….Donald Trump met behind closed doors as I am now suggesting to you and as they told you in their own articles….Donald Trump told you this…yeah I met with him privately….so what….I love his attitude…and whatever it is that they did…whatever they moved behind closed doors….it was brilliant….because it told Abadi to move fast…

And as soon as he got home…BOOM….the CBI tells all the banks in Iraq you are going to be audited because we need you to speed up the exchange rate process….why…..because we are going to be international….oh ok….can you send me a memo….you got it….it’s on the Arabic side….yeah we saw it…but the rest of the world really didn’t see it did they….sure I think that is Abadi’s way of saying….keep it on the Arabic side….I don’t want to deal with speculators right now.

Abadi was all smiles when he came to the US…and then Abadi quickly returned back and what did he do…what was the first article you saw when he was back home….he was sitting at a desk with his generals and they were giving the finalization of Mosul….I think what they were saying was….you can unpause Mosul now….go ahead and finish it now….fascinating isn’t it….very interesting.

I want you to realize that Abadi had nothing but smiles on his face…his smiles were as wide as a mile….and the man doesn’t do this….he is a no nonsense guy….and when he talks he does not smile….when he gives interviews he does not smile….but he’s looked like a newborn since he saw Donald Trump….it is amazing isn’t it….the Monetary Reform is being launched Family IMSO.

The change in the rate IMO will now move much faster…..especially with this announcement….if Mosul were an issue the COM would have never been given permission to announce…..we are about to enter an international market economy…..what are you….stupid….not with a program rate.

This last week is the last week of the first quarter of 2017….I feel in my heart that what they needed to accomplish in the first quarter has been accomplished….they are preparing themselves to do what they have to do….in an international market world….everyone is telling them to move to the free market economy….everyone is telling them don’t depend just on oil.

International standards…IMF requirements….to have these international auditing firms….and then to be consistent with the auditing…it is part of the Monetary Reform Family.

Listen…this article is not about a rate….or I should say this announcement from the CBI to all their banks….it is about the exchange rate to now follow international standards….before the launching of the new rate….before the lifting of the 000’s….and it was actually done on the 19th…and it was sent on the 23rd to the Arabic world….to the banks in Iraq….Family IMO this is the pre-launching of the rate and the currency reform of the Iraqi dinar.

There is no money for Iraq….there is no money from the IMF for Iraq….and it has been that way for almost a year now….since June or July of last year….this is sensitive information…therefore it was not on the English side of the CBI.

There was direction that I have been trying my best to guide you in….sometimes it has cost me your friendship….sometimes I have irritated you because I have demanded you to be students….I have asked you not to ride the shirttails of gurus….but to be serious about this…there is a direction of the Monetary Reform….we called it the progress of the process of the Monetary Reform….remember….this direction is something we wanted you so badly to grab onto….with the talons of your claws and not let go…..

I wanted you to be passionate about this study….because with all due respect…..when you exchange your currency….I don’t know how passionate you will be about stewardship….but the direction I believe Family….is already well accomplished….the road has been paved like Roman roads…and I am here to tell you IMSO….I believe we are now looking at a different speed….and that is why I asked you…what do you think the speed is now of the Monetary Reform….

Ladies and gentlemen….IMSO I would like to tell you that we now have speed and direction combined together….you can go fast in the wrong direction and accomplish nothing….except to get lost…..IMO direction has been the main goal for many years….they call it the four year plan….but now the CBI has made a very tactical…..very secretive announcement….that is combining the speed with the Monetary Reform direction Family….may I please say WOW….it is over the hill and picking up speed IMO….and I know that some wanted to translate it and add more speed to it…but even with the PDF file translation it was nowhere near as long as the exaggeration that was put on the internet.
Mosul is well accomplished…..Mosul I told you that once we have it….we will see the speed of the Monetary Reform pick up….but yes DAASH continues to hold some areas and we will talk about it…and we will talk a little bit about it tonight….but agree with me that 90% of Mosul is recovered…and just the sporadic areas where they are trapped remain….and why is it that we don’t go ahead and pop the head off the chicken and just kill the chicken now….for tactical reasons….

Why is it that for almost two months now we have stopped the footsteps of wiping them totally out…you don’t think the US forces could get rid of them in a matter of days….why is it that the fat lady sits in the way…for many tactical reasons….and the speed at which we are at now I believe is that reason….because Family there are now contracts….well established that you have read and studied about…and you now know they are 90-day contracts don’t you….that is it…

Iraq doesn’t want these contracts with these people to be for years to come….we are about to raise the value of our currency….we can reconstruct our own country thank you…..but we do need you to come in….we would love for you to come in….we want to do business with you….oh I’m sorry did I hear freedom of your currency….your capital…your foreign currency….we are about to take care…oh what….Security and Stability in Mosul….what if I told you we can break the turkey’s neck in an instant….excuse me….laws to protect you, your money, and your business in our country…internationalism….check it off the list.

In those 90 days….lies the 76 that I told you about IMO that will only drive the value faster and higher than the 1 to 1 that it may come out at….why….because whenever you use the currency of a country….whenever it is used to exchange from hand to hand it gains what….Stability and Value…..76 is within the 90 when they start…when will the contracts start….when they raise the value of their currency and become Article VIII compliant…..so it is important that we consider the 11th and the 12th when they will be having a banking and financial meeting of Iraq….that you should study.
Frank26:  The speed of the Monetary Reform of Iraq has definitely picked up speed….Iraq has shown a pattern of doing things at a much faster speed every time they have visited the US and went back home…this pattern is being exemplified in a lot of actions that have occurred ever since Donald Trump and Abadi met…..

Like I told you this announcement is not about a rate…..but it is about the exchange rate to follow international standards….before the launching of the new rate.

You all know that this month my family completed 49 years of owning a restaurant in the city of Toledo, OH….we are the oldest Mexican restaurant in the history of Toledo….we’ve never had a liquor license and that makes the odds against us because people when they go to Mexican restaurants they want their Mexican beer or a margarita…but they have come to our family restaurant for 49 years while other Mexican restaurants have come and gone…..

And in those 49 years not only did we have the one restaurant we also had two others….one of the things I remember very vividly is that we would sit together as a family before we would open up a new restaurant…..and we would be talking about something…there are many subjects to talk about….overhead, the menu, the employees, the hours…but you know what though…..

Someone is asking the question….Frank can you please correct the statement by the gentleman….he states that as the IQD is given value that Iraq would make all IQD outside of their borders null and void….I disagree with that if that is what you are asking me…no the dinars outside of Iraq will not be null and void…we will exchange them…and here in the US we will go to our banks and our banks will send it to the US Treasury…it is not even going back to the CBI….

I told you no one cares about you as an investor….if you add us all up we are not even the size of one country that has a lot of dinars in their reserves as foreign currency reserves….the CBI knows darn well that we are going to exchange our currency in the US…and as far as them being null and void outside of Iraq…you know how many people you have to tell that to….I’m wasting time on a subject we don’t believe in.

To continue from before….what we did as a family before we opened up a new restaurant….we decided to talk about the sign…it was very important to determine that sign and what we would up there to show look we have a grand opening….you see our hours, you see our logo, you see our slogan, you see everything on it, this is our sign.

It was very interesting to see that the CBI has a new slogan…and that the new slogan is going to mimic its history and financial policy….what financial policy….you are on a program rate stupid….yeah but it is all based on the semantics of a strong financial and monetary policy that Iraq has been doing….what the dickens you talking about you are on a program rate and there is nothing solid about that….

Well Frank there is this image…well it is actually our symbol that we are releasing to show everyone…yeah that is what it is Frank it is a symbol….and it is leading a role in the Monetary Policy of the Iraqi state….your only state is the program rate idiot…well Frank the CBI in Iraq we are going to adopt a model that the map of Iraq as the embodiment of the national identity…what the dickens are you talking about no one likes your banks….do you see any citizens going in there and opening up accounts…..well Frank look…well this is a really nice symbol that we are bringing out ok…our new logo….it is going to show pride….it will show financial success….you don’t have JACK.

Let me open up…..I find this very good and powerful…..”the Central Bank opens a new slogan that mimics the history and the financial policies and in the center shows a map so it includes all parts of Iraq….so yes that is what we are doing”….what for….well because the bank is introducing this logo as a sign of our embodiment as Iraq…..yeah that is it….yeah that is what we are doing….

Oh and by the way we also want you to know it is embodying the Iraqi metal coin….what….it is embodying….you mean mimicking or reproducing, clone….what….what do you mean….it embodies Iraq’s metal coin by revisiting the idea that we have gears and we have Iraq’s memory that are in the Monetary Policy of the country….while the similarity of the gears with the role of the CBI expected to idolize the circle of developing the projects across our country…as well as reflected by the firm position of the clear physical policy in Iraq…..you got no physical policy….don’t proclaim victory nor defeat unless you know the score….and apparently they do Family….because this is the second part of our study tonight where all of a sudden they bring in this article and tell you they got a new slogan….

Well when my family opened up a new restaurant that sign was so important….the CBI is about to do something new Family…..I don’t know what it is but I will tell you what….it is very interesting….IMO it looks like a copper penny….taking measurements with the dinar are we….Revelation Chapter 6 Verse 1….interesting….and it has gears….oh ok….and it has a map of Iraq….ok…the CBI represents all of your country….well good for you….you know what…your symbol looks like the coins you are about to release…and just talked about.

How dare you….the audacity to past the LD’s and now go into even the coins….what kind of speed is this….I would say that the CBI is having some kind of a grand opening Family….that about all I can say….especially when they announced to all their banks that they have to support the international standards to go into the free market world now….ok if that is what you say.

Listen I don’t think it is a coincidence that the logo and the coins would be together in the same article and came out at the same time as a grand opening….no…I don’t think so….I don’t think it is a coincidence….and I don’t think it is a coincidence the article that DELTA translated the announcement saying we are auditing you and we are entering the international standards now for our exchange rate and we are doing it rather quickly now…..

I don’t think it is a coincidence that they are within two percent compliance….all of this call is IMO and if you don’t agree with it that is fine….and I don’t think it is a coincidence that we told you back in November….Family….stop worrying about the 100k….stop worrying about the 150k….the highest currency they will have is the 50k….and that will be used mostly with the banks….very rarely with the citizens…..I don’t think it is coincidence when an article timely comes out and tells you exactly those things almost word for word….exactly like we told you in November….I don’t think that is a coincidence at all.

WalkingStick who you all love and respect on our forum….actually the internet respects him as well…he spoke…and he does not speak unless it is to put down Thor’s hammer….he comes out and says to you….Family I agree if the Iraqi’s themselves do not value their local currency they will continue to turn to a currency of prestige like the USD….the currency reform has as much psychological impact as does the Monetary Reform…..this new logo speaks volumes to the world but more importantly to the Iraqi citizens themselves….it is an expression of monetary sovereignty in turn instilling faith in the local currency….the citizens of Iraq do not trust the banks of Iraq…..fascinating isn’t it Family.

The Arabic Summit meeting started yesterday….what do you think they are talking about.

By the way there is an article that came out that I want to caution you about….the article that came out had an Iraqi general who came out and said….”the military operations in Iraq are complete now”……IMO that is 100% false…and IMO within about a week now there will be articles that prove that statement is 100% false.
Now I want you to go back with me in time….go back before the Washington, DC trip…go all the way back when Allak on January 16th…when he postponed the lifting of the 000’s….his words not mine…..well we will get back to it the moment we have Mosul liberated….all right…..why….well because the grand opening was not ready at that time Family…..so they worked on the rebranding….on the what….the rebranding….yes the rebranding of Iraq….bigger better….all post DC Trump meeting….Family I present to you the word rebranding….because rebranding is beyond pride….this talk of a coin is a rebranding….it is a new start because they have never had coins…the audacity for them to come out and talk about it…it as if they knew the end score of the game……they are going to win and they know it.

The RV has not failed Family and when you think there was a delay…and when Allak told you there was a postponement…..I want you to know it was like pulling back on a slingshot to bring longevity….the further you pull back the further the longevity that will take them to forever to occur….the country of Iraq is not looking for a date like you Family….no….you see the postponement or delay was a pull back of the Monetary Reform to create a longevity of this Monetary Reform process…a delay equals a strong pull back to give us a much farther and much longer distance of moving forward and thinking….therefore you see today a rebranding of Iraq…..their country…they are about to let go of this pull back to fly into the future as the Washington, DC trip from last week demanded.

Coins….coins….the nerve of them to mention coins when they are in a program rate….they haven’t talked to you about the LD’s but they sure have gone past them and they have started to give you the sub divisional parts called the fils of the LD’s….they have gone past the LD’s and gone into the subdivision Family….and this…the coins is part of the Monetary Reform process.

So much is picking up so much speed since they finished in Washington, DC….the coins are a part of the Monetary Reform process IMO….better than the LD’s….because the coins are past the LD’s…in the sense that they are components of the LD’s….it is not out of the ordinary so don’t get too overly excited that they are talking to you about the coins….because it is a part of the monetary process….that simple….but what it is…this talk is light speed that you’ve never seen of the Monetary Reform…..they are rebranding their currency as well…not for the worst or less of it…but for bigger and better reasons with more Security….with a vision of branding….I find this highly impressive…that the Monetary Reform has picked up a speed….that maybe some of you have not even noticed….and I call it a rebranding….the slingshot was pulled back.

When King David was a little boy….he was asked to kill Goliath….with a big strong pull back on his slingshot….the Washington, DC meeting IMO gave Iraq the ability to fly….to pull back….and release with much greater force…..because you will never know what they talked about….and the things they changed….for the better…..the meetings were of great success as we said….and the article on the coins and the 150k’s is defining the lifting of the 000’s Family.

From January 16th when there was nothing but negativity of a postponement….after the Washington, DC trip…and the report from Abadi to Donald Trump about Mosul….the speed of the Monetary Reform has only picked up….exactly as we told you it would happen.

David fought Goliath….many of you think that David only picked up one stone….David had a pouch….a man-purse if you will….David did not just pick up one stone….a river stone, they are smooth and round….they have great aerodynamics….he didn’t pick up one….David the warrior he was as a young man….he picked up five stones….five smooth stones and put them in his pouch….you know why….because Goliath had four of his relatives at the camp with him in that battle…..David had a stone for every single giant….he had no intention of missing any of them….he was a bad warrior wasn’t he…bad in the sense that bad is good….he ran towards Goliath telling him exactly what he was going to do to him….he ran towards him at a speed of God’s light…it was not about one giant in the Middle East, like it is about one country, Iraq….it is about all the giants in the ME, in the region…..BINGO.

Everyone was so focused on the giant, Goliath, in front of the young David….but David was focused on eliminating them all forever.

So when Abadi came to Washington, DC I am convinced that Abadi picked up five stones….Abadi is going to deal with all the issues from now on Family….so that forever in the ME region will be secured….it’s not about one event….it is about forever…and #1) Saudi Arabia forgiving Iraq’s debt…..wow….forever you are forgiven….#2) the US is sending in more troops…forever…the US stays in the ME…..#3) there are now Economic Reforms inside of Iraq that will be…forever…in this country….#4) there are now government reforms in Iraq that will be there…forever…becoming a democracy.

Even when Abadi was questioned….are you going to move forward with this government….no I’ll get a different group….and you saw him reappoint his cabinet….moves that are being made are forever…..not temporary as before….and this is because of Security and Stability now….because terrorism is no longer in control….not now….and forever…..we’ve never seen these types of moves before in the ME….is it about oil….NO….it is about all the resources in Iraq that make them go….it is more than oil….they move into the world markets with strength….forever….they have rebranded themselves.

Family get your thinking caps on…..because DELTA gave you a post in Arabic and it said….”think”…..because thinking will bring you excitement and hope and faith and trust….and it will all equal clarity in a much better understanding…..negativity does not allow a human being to think….it shuts you down in defeat….rejoice of what you know…take this CC to God in prayer…..for a rebranding is a rebirth…..all now happening so fast that you are now looking at a new Iraq….a new rebirth of this whole region….mission accomplished sir….hoorah.

When Abadi spoke Monday where Bluestar was at…and by the way I got your package….thank you for picking up all that material….because it explains a little of what the US is going to be doing with Iraq…..when he spoke that Monday he said he was angry about the media putting out a bunch of trash…..the media has a tendency to do that…..Donald Trump complained to them….now even Abadi complained to them.
Abadi’s words are whose words…..we here at KTFA are not too thrilled with the media and we told you to be careful….be careful with the lies and negativity from the media that would happen until the end of the month…the month is almost over with Family….and Abadi even told you what we told you….KTFA is above the lies of the media….KTFA wishes to bring confidence and hope to you….we are not weak or behind the way the media is IMO.

While all of this was going on there was a recording done with Abadi and Chris Wallace and it was released on American television and we put the link on our forum….you saw it….that is huge…because he said some things in that video…that normally Abadi does not say….I liked it.

I saw where the Rafadain Bank said their employees can withdraw their salary at any place locally or internationally….all banks got the CBI announcement I guess because they can pick up their pay locally and internationally now.

May I highly suggest that you look at the article that WalkingStick put out…and it unveils the project for the reconstruction of Iraq….in exchange for oil….and we also told you that 90% of the contracts that would reconstruct Iraq were going to go to the US…and that report says exactly those words….maybe not 90% but they said the majority.

Meanwhile USD how is the dinar treating you in-country….well according to plan and the MCP….excellent thank you.

The CBI says….”The banking system has fallen sharply as a result of a lack of trust between the citizens”…..come on let me say it just one time ok….TA-DA….you know all of this is part of the Monetary Reform…all of things we are talking about tonight….and by the way that is post 213 if you want to see that video….of course you failed the citizens and of course they don’t want anything to do with you….and of course you are doing everything now to bring them back…..telling them about the coins is telling them you are about to lift the 000’s…..because coins are worthless at a program rate….coins become a fraction of a fraction of a fraction….but when you lift the value of your currency….the 000’s….the coins become a subdivision of your LD’s….like in the US we have nickels and dimes and quarters for one American dollar….do you Iraq.

The logo is a facelift to lift the pride of the citizens of Iraq….for in Revelation Chapter 6 Verse 1….I made a post 232….a measure of things in the final days with the dinaraus….Family that is a copper penny….like a new symbol for the CBI….fascinating isn’t it.

Mosul….way off….way off…..Mosul is being left weeks behind now….the maps are totally incorrect…..I can say they are deep into the old city…and I can say that DAASH is completely surrounded….they are a dot in the sea of green in that map.

There is a lot of rain….it is the rainy season….the Peshmerga Army have taken the gates of the south region….to recapture villages in the southern parts…but DAASH cannot get out….sadly there is a lot of collateral damage that is occurring….but sadly as well it is the nature of war.

I told you Family the Monetary Reform is in its infancy…but when it happens it will happen very quickly….one week left in this quarter…and the dogwood will then blossom in the month of April.

We are entering a time now that the Bible teaches us where a farmer will plant a seed today and see the harvest spring up the next day….not just in Iraq Family but in the whole ME region.

The USD comes to its death….and fluctuations in the market are occurring….but not to the degree we’ve ever seen before for the USD inside of that country.

The seed of the IQD should not come from the USD….but from their financial and economic reports….last week there were four days in a row where the USD lost value against the IQD….Iraq knows money very well Family….they don’t want to keep losing money this way….mission accomplished for the MCP….we created an unstable market for the USD inside of Iraq….they can’t sell it anymore for a profit….brilliant.

The ME will get in line with the true value of the Iraqi dinar….and it is starting with Saudi Arabia who is forgiving Iraq…you might as well tell me that Loch Ness is real…for the royal family to accept something like this in my life time….I can’t believe it because you see they live off the USD….even Egypt is getting onboard…..because I guess they want to be next.

I pray that you were enlightened with your CC tonight…and I pray that we made a few points that brought home a powerful message….and I have two more things for you.

First of all don’t forget that announcement that DELTA translated properly….to all titled and licensed banks on the topic of all money transfers to all companies and financial investments and brokers in the buying and selling of foreign exchange currency, approving all companies for the exchange rate.

I do have one more thing for you…would you like to hear from DELTA….Frankie Frankie…..how are you doing brother….I have just that quick report to give you here…first of all that announcement that came from the CBI three days ago they are basically talking about an international auditing company that they will be using that is already in Iraq…and they are going to go and audit every single bank in Iraq….

They will see the status of their reserves and the status of their property and everything…and then after this the CBI and the government will start doing this auditing…and I really do believe the timing is really very significant and important…because when you audit everything as they get ready to go international and to make sure all the banks are compliant with international standards….and of course with this announcement they came out and talked to about the money laundering and the seminars they are going to keep on basically doing….which that is very good….
Now in talking about the 2%....the official rate we know to be at 1200 and to be at 2% they need the market rate around 1224…which even though the spreadsheet is not showing that for the last 6 or 7 days the market in Iraq has been about 1250 or 1249…but I found something interesting on this 2% compliance Frankie I went to the IMF website and there was a consultation with the nation of Iran…and in that consultation I saw something really very interesting….with their official exchange rate….their market rate was about 15% different….

So I am not sure if a lot of people know it but Iran is an Article VIII nation and their currency is tradable internationally but of course not in the US because of sanctions….but they are Article VIII…and right now their official rate and the market rate…they are way behind….about 15% Frankie….I think Iraq right now is like 4% so in my conclusion of this the 2% right now does not apply to Iraq because if Iran is getting away with a spread between the official rate and market rate of 15%...then 4% in Iraq is really nothing…

Remember as a nation…the IMF tells them they have to be within 2%....but I don’t think the 2% in Iraq is an issue anymore because all over Iraq on television they talk about how stable the dinar is right now…remember that some time ago Allak with the CBI said they needed Security and Stability…and with Security they are talking about Mosul…but we do not believe the 2% applies anymore in light of what we see with Iran who is Article VIII compliant yet they are at 15% difference between the official rate and market rate…..as far as Mosul is concerned technically it appears to be liberated but we are waiting for the official announcement….unfortunately the recording ran out on DELTA…and he wasn’t able to call back and finish…but I think you get the point.

On TEAM Chat one of my FRIENDS told me when you look at what Donald Trump did when Abadi came over….you see when Abadi came over a couple of years ago Obama did not meet him when he arrived from Iraq into DC….in fact there was no one to meet him at the airport….he had to get a cab…can you imagine…and he had to find and pay for a hotel himself….and when he went to the White House you saw what Obama did he turned around and gave Abadi his backside….that was it….

Abadi wobbled back and forth looking embarrassed and looked to his and then left….but this upon his arrival in the US Trump sent his Presidential motorcade to pick him up at the airport…and they gave him a royal treatment and they went out of their way to make a video so the whole world could see this on many occasions during his visit this time….there was a royal treatment given to Abadi for a very good reason Family….even had dinner with him the two nights before that Monday night…and private meetings as you know too…..

Yes Abadi went straight home and dealt with Mosul…and I believe in the first week of April we are going to start seeing the results of the speed of the Monetary Reform….I give you no date or rate but I think you know that the first quarter is about to end…and as much as they wanted to postpone the lifting of the 000’s that speed is back now.

So let’s see what happens….I’ll be with you Wednesday for our next CC.

Dismissed with a prayer.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 29 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 29 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 29 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. March 28 2017 Bruce's The Big Call: Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. On March 29 at the Arab Summit in Jordan Iraq PM Abadi is expected to make an announcement around 3:45 am EST.

2. Iraq's takeback of Mosul has been completed for some time. Mosul banks are online.

3. On Sunday March 26 the screen rates were visible for Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, Zim.

4. In country Dinar rate was over $6.00.

5. The Zim was at a $2.36 screen rate and expected to be above that today March 28.

6. Eight hours ago British PM May signed the Brexit Agreement so the pound could be used instead of the Euro.

7. There were major changes at Wells and our Administration made changes out West to move things along.

8. Prepays, Advanced Pays, & SKRs started yesterday March 27. Groups were emailed info today March 28 to set up payment on their accounts tonight and if not, tomorrow.

9. Once these groups are handled it is our turn. People are being paid & we are next.

10. Looking for activity tonight through tomorrow.

11. Redemption centers have been on engaged status.

12. Looking for 800#s between now to West Coast bank closure tomorrow March 28.

13. Take your ID, picture ID, copy of utility or cell bill showing your address, and several copies of your 1-3 page outline of your Business Plan.


B. March 28 2017 2:28 pm EST: The Real US Notes that are Coming out Shortly

1. The legal tender of the Government of The United States of America would be coming out shortly: File:20161227-TRSY-GENERIC CURRENCY SYMBOL-1.pdf

2. Pictures of the new US Notes could be retrieved from:
http://nationalgreatregistry.generalpostoffice.international/index.php?title=Office_of_the_Treasury_for_The_United_States_of_America&oldid=1309 CategoryThe National Great Registry for The United States of America


C. March 28 2017 1:33 pm EST TNT:
 Tuesday Update from TNT 3-28-17

It was being reported that Parliament was on Iraqi TV demanding the operations in Mosul be paused due to civilian casualties. Iraq army reports that ISIS used huge car bombs to kill citizens, not USA air support.....hmmmmmm.



This will create a DOMINO WORLD EFFECT,,,,,all changes will be triggered into effect, and I do mean all worldwide...

Economic world changes, ties will be broken, monies used will be from that specific country 100% GOLD BACKED. the GCR shall create a great change and impact on all positions in humanity or social positioning spectrum...

The TIME FRAME ELAPSED TODAY. Just be ready to roll, Na'maste Bluwolf