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3-28-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   The WB, UST, IMF...they have a lot of requirements ...in order to move forward with their market economy...they must lift the value of their currency.  The audits are a demand by President Trump.  I don’t think they’ll tell us when they’ll do the audits...but as soon as they do...IMO..they could go international in nanoseconds.  They’ve (Abadi/Trump) told you...it’s their goal to abolish the exchange rate restrictions.

3-28-2017   Newshound Guru chattels
   Article:  "Iraqi News reporting US troop level increases. "America sends more troops to Iraq"   It will be interesting to look for commentary in the news from Sadr and others.

3-28-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "The cabinet voted during its meeting in this March 14, 2017 on a draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company and to allocate it to the Council."   so now the bill gets sent to parliament for a vote, it is NOT yet done. This is the much needed part of the HCL to finalize it too. It is all coming together.

3-28-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Backdoc

3-28-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   The MR...is in its infancy.  When it happens...it will happen very quickly.  I believe that is what is happening due to the private meetings with Abadi and Trump, etc. and I believe they are past talking about the exchange rate.  Trump has given Abadi some advice/direction on what to do inside of Iraq to help with the economic reform.   ...the CBI made an announcement (on the Arabic side) of the CBI website.  This announcement came out with great power to the banks ...but, this is OLD news.  The fact that they are telling us (at least on the Arabic side) is incredible.  We believe that this announcement ...is extremely important...We believe this is a by-product from the Trump/Abadi meetings.   IMO...with this announcement...they have sped up the MR.  The speed...it will happen very quickly...once we have Mosul.   Another thing...IOO ...they are telling the banks to DO THIS NOW...because they are about to be audited so they are ready to go INTERNATIONAL.   IMO...the 1st quarter will finish the monetary reform.  The banks better be damn ready.

3-28-2017   Newshound Guru loop   Article:  "Iraqi command: western Mosul battle finished “on the military level”   Quotes:  “western Mosul is done on the military level”, adding that “what is left to do is to purge the remaining areas”.  "The remaining Islamic State members in the western side of Mosul are “gangs remnants that are targeted accurately by security forces”.   What he is saying is that what is left are gangs and not an organized resistance.

3-28-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Governmental directives to amend legislation in the transition to a free economy"  Quote:   "The government proceeding towards a free economy and stimulate the private sector and this trend is accompanied by procedural and legal amendments."  He added that " the General Secretariat will spare no effort to support the upgrading of Iraq on the highest indicators according to the World Bank standards. We will have to watch the agenda's the next few weeks and see if parliament acts.


Frank26:  140 ........... COUNT .......... me in.

Walkingstick:  Talabani: raise the flag of Kurdistan continuously until the application of "140" in Kirkuk

one hour ago

rbil (Kurdistan 24) - Chairman of the Kirkuk Provincial Agency Ribawar Talabani said the decision to raise the flag of Kurdistan on government installations in Kirkuk will continue until the application of Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution and resolve all outstanding issues concerning the province constitutionally.

Kirkuk Provincial Council approved on Tuesday a majority to pass the flag of the Kurdistan region, along with the Iraqi flag on government installations and missed seven members of the meeting.

Talabani said at a news conference after the meeting that "raise the flag of Kurdistan does not contradict the Iraqi constitution and the flag of Kurdistan, like Iraq expresses all the components of the province."

The meeting was held in the presence of a number of members of the Arab and Turkmen blocs and other absence.

The governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim told a news conference that "a large number of representatives of the Arab tribes expressed their joy for the decision to raise the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk and the Council Hnoona vote in favor of the resolution."
Karim and expressed his sadness for a boycott of a number of members of the Kirkuk Provincial Council session.

Karim Kirkuk residents called for not to raise the flag of the Kurdistan region, arbitrarily pointing out that the provincial council is to be undertaken in an orderly fashion.

He said Talabani on raising the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk, a national day historically pointing out that it applied to Article 140 of the Constitution, while thanking the governor of Kirkuk on the proposal to raise the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk earlier.

He asked the governor Karim Necmettin cream in the last few days of the Kirkuk provincial council approval to raise the flag next to the Iraqi Kurdistan on all government institutions in the city, especially on special occasions.

The Turkmen forces objected to raising the flag of Kurdistan, and said that the move could be the explosion of "sedition" among the inhabitants of the diverse city nationally, ethnically and religiously.

Turkey expressed concern about the claim Kirkuk governor Najm al-Din Karim raise the flag of the Kurdistan Region over government institutions in the city, and said that it may offer reconciliation and stability efforts to "danger".

The Kirkuk, inhabited by a mix of Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and Christians, one of the most disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil.

According to Article 140 of the Constitution, adopted in 2005, was deciding on the future of Kirkuk is supposed to three phases, beginning with normalization and census to be followed by a local referendum on its ownership, but this has not been implemented because of political differences.

In the wake of the fall of Mosul and the withdrawal of the army from Kirkuk in mid-2014, the city of Peshmerga forces kept away from the danger of organizing Daesh who occupied parts of the province, especially Hawija and the surrounding areas, a vast territory inhabited by an Arab majority.

The President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, has announced about two years ago there was no need to Article 140 relating to the resolution of the ownership of the disputed compromise after the withdrawal of the army and the spread of the Peshmerga and said that the Kurds will not speak on this subject again.



Frank26:  Excellent.

Walkingstick:  Governmental directives to amend legislation in the transition to a free economy

Baghdad / Farah pumice

He praised the government's financial expert trends towards a free economy through the activation of a solid investment environment in cooperation and coordination between the public and private sectors. The expert suggested Thamer al-Azzawi "morning", "the development of the Division of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers special steps to follow up the transition and cooperation between all parties to ensure the success of this Transitional."

He called al - Azzawi , " the private sector, especially banking him to support these trends by providing financial guarantees to attract foreign companies and investors."

" The current situation is the best timing of the government to support these trends, especially that the citizen began to understand these measures , which are in the end Besalha." The Secretary - General of the Council of Ministers , Dr. Mahdi Keywords World Bank delegation headed by Mohamed Hassan Abdel Kader Chairman of the Group met to improve the Bank 's business environment in Iraq.

During the meeting , they offer a range of topics concerning the Iraqi economy and investment environment and the location of Iraq compared to the global indicators of the economy and business.

The secretary - general stressed that "there is a gap between the improvement and progress witnessed in the land of economic and investment reality in Iraq and information - gathering mechanisms that feed these indicators, and therefore do not reflect an accurate assessment of the national effort and the international effort in this area."

The display Abdul Qadir current programs implemented by the World Bank in Iraq as a program to improve the working environment and the accompanying company registration processes and obtaining licenses and conclude contracts efficiently according to international standards. Turning to the need for openness to the provinces and to develop optimal investment strategies it like Basra.

For his part, the secretary general said : " The government proceeding towards a free economy and stimulate the private sector and this trend is accompanied by procedural and legal amendments."

He added that " the General Secretariat will spare no effort to support the upgrading of Iraq on the highest indicators according to the World Bank standards."


Walkingstick:   A package of proposals to support the general budget

BAGHDAD / Shokran Fatlawi

Finance is the most important economic hubs of construction and achieving multi-income and supplement the budget with funds that make them live balance stage away from any disruptions. Economic expert Dr. Ahmed Abrihi suggested that "morning" package of mechanisms to make the general state budget able to meet the needs of the country, and responsive projects, private investment spending Mnha.mward

Comes this festering to coincide with the fiscal budget of the state affected by the low price of a barrel of oil and is trying hard to measure the necessary spending resources, particularly related activities , including salaries and expenses of the minimum for the operation of government administration, as well as spending on defense and internal security, accompanied by funding to continue the expenses for the implementation of previous projects included in the general budget of many years and that some of them more than half the proportion of implementation with the lack of adequate allocations to accomplish.

The investment allocations in the general budget accounted for 30 percent of the size of the budget year. Preparation of programs Abrihi: that the country and the continued need to prepare an investment - efficient programs that agenesis those programs compilation projects single, but a technical and detailed work of a stand - alone in all sectors, and this is what proposed long ago , according Abrihi, pointing out that among those sectors, the energy sector industries, including private manufacturing industries that depend on oil and gas and benefit from the resources available.

He noted the importance of working on a program for the manufacturing industry of non - energy and petrochemicals, meaning the smallest manufacturing industries in other activities through an existing program of work alone to develop infrastructure and the development of new investment companies to carry out the construction of infrastructure projects in particular. Reputable companies  pointed Abrihi to the need for the preparation of these investment programs in conjunction with the thinking and planning how to implement them, the fact that the capacity of the country's implementation is not Balkavih at the present time, stressing the importance of thinking and working to attract actors and companies sober and honest cooperation with the Iraqi private sector to implement these programs investment, noting that such investment projects and programs able to generate efficient sources of funding, and this process is more important than the same funding, according to the slogan Old gimme a good project to give you well - funded.

Debt securities , adding that the Ministry of Planning tried to address financial problems with the help of the central bank by offering bonds to contractors, government debt and bought by banks including bonds but still amounts of such bonds not cover all contractors debt, as well as the decline of the construction sector which has affected the operating income of many categories Iraqis who were working in the building and construction.

Terms of efficiency and stressed Abrihi that government spending control, based on the success in the rebuilding of government administration , according to the terms of efficiency, noting that the country now need other resources from non - oil, with the need to be considerate to the urgent need to change the public financial management, and radical re - examination of government administration on the basis of the organizational structure linking function. He concluded Abrihi his speech explaining that the administrative structure of the existing heading towards the job and performance of the highest efficiency and lowest cost of any (public finance management), noting that the success of the change follows the reference proposed, speech Abrihi for, since the duration of the take from the General Directorate basically the fact that the Directorate general in Iraq is the basis of the system  of administrative. Hussein Tgb

One solution is to wait to get to the right time to achieve the goal no matter how politically, economically socially that comes with positive results in all Conditions.

Often necessities are behind the waiting process , where the completion of work at this time is not appropriate according to the available data , and often decide to wait for the experience field who are aware of and familiar with all aspects of the environment

Often initiate specialized international research centers to study the economic situation and put in question needed to start operations to achieve economic feasibility through the actual implementation of the plan or plans to determine the appropriate time for it.

We wait in Iraq since the completion of the works that promote the country 's economy and transport time to a better case than it is, but why wait in the light of the availability of all the elements of development that matched an urgent need for many

We wonder who makes the ideal work environment in Iraq? And why Eichera work hard to end the wait state of protracted many? And forgotten that the economic downturn is very harmful and consequences carry many disadvantages in light of population growth  is large.
Who puts the ball in the court of the security situation and that is why the decline in reconstruction operations it knows that the world has specialized companies have the ability to carry out business in compelling and able to protect themselves security conditions, and here we know very well that our condition security is not compelling , and there are security stability in 60 percent of an area of Iraq can start them and be the starting point for the work of the base  and wide.

But we have to look the actual development of the causes of delay and then fit through a serious campaign eradicates diseases that cripple the movement of investment in the country and we seek the completion of major projects in all  sectors.

The next duty requires working towards educating all institutions of the importance of investment and its role in building the country and how many offers from the service of the national economy? And that the employee is not an obstacle to the implementation of the business and creates repulsive elements of global capital, and make national sense mostly on any real interests that do not serve the country but also increase the periods  to wait.

"Why wait" should be the next stage logo cracking all the investment restrictions and thepromotion of labor trends of multiple resources genuinely, as well as the promotion of services and production and address the problems  of



Walkingstick:  It included a number of resolutions, decrees and instructions

The issuance of the new issue of the Iraqi Gazette number (4440)


Issued number (4440) of the Gazette of Iraq, which included a number of resolutions, decrees and instructions, approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the Presidency of the Republic. The director general of the facts of Iraq Department Shatha Abdul Malik:

The most prominent came in number (4440) Private Security Companies Law No. (52) 2017, explaining that the purpose of the enactment of this law regulating the work of private security companies and their role in providing security protection services to individuals and companies .

It said the Director -General: The number of guarantees issued by the Ministry of Finance / General Authority for Free Zones No decision (1) for the year 2017, also included , issued by the Commission to freeze terrorist funds No. resolution (2) and (3) and (4) and (5) for the year 2017, adding that the decrees of the Republic received in this issue.

She continued: The current number included instructions (2) for the year 2017, concerned to facilitate the implementation of inclusion Law No. (31) for the year 2015, in addition to the contents of a statement  from  the Ministry of Finance No. (1) for the year 2017.


Aggiedad77:  Good Morning WalkingStick....I'm guessing from the inclusion of this piece in today's articles there is just maybe a tidbit or two more than just the notice about the private security companies in this Gazette....it tweaks the interest that last bit about the "statement from the Ministry of Finance for this year"....any idea what that would be concerning......I also like them mentioning the freezing of terrorist funds...and I like that all they speak of in this particular issue appears to be concerning the current year....2017.   Aloha   Randy
Excerpt From Monday Night CC Link to Highlights 

Frank26   The MR...is in its infancy.  When it happens...it will happen very quickly.

I believe that is what is happening due to the private meetings with Abadi and Trump, etc. and I believe they are past talking about the exchange rate.

Trump has given Abadi some advice/direction on what to do inside of Iraq to help with the economic reform.   ...the CBI made an announcement (on the Arabic side) of the CBI website.

This announcement came out with great power to the banks ...but, this is OLD news.

 The fact that they are telling us (at least on the Arabic side) is incredible.  We believe that this announcement ...is extremely important...We believe this is a by-product from the Trump/Abadi meetings.   IMO...with this announcement...they have sped up the MR.

The speed...it will happen very quickly...once we have Mosul.   Another thing...IOO ...they are telling the banks to DO THIS NOW...because they are about to be audited so they are ready to go INTERNATIONAL. 

IMO...the 1st quarter will finish the monetary reform.  The banks better be damn ready.



Thank you for your personal perspective on currencies of the world. There were a few points of value. I would, however, offer further perspective. While a few exotic foreign currency holders active on this blog have made seeming "demands" for "completion", if you are discerning, you will find the primary "demand" is for legitimate and truthful information from gurus about the long promised "RV".

One of your post's headings zeros right into your obvious theme, "So What Is Your Demand?" Indeed, you go further and illustrate what sort of demand you mean with, "I waited so long, and I demand this GCR be done now!", accompanied by your chiding, "...forgive me if I am NOT moved...". You make quite clear you view some or most of dinarland as demanding and impatient, but, again, you've missed it.

Having noted your misunderstanding of the vast majority of seeming impatient complaints, I will observe you are honestly mistaken. You regularly make your paradigm clear. You believe your perceptive abilities to be above most and your insight to be deeper and clearer on all the subjects for which you offer blog posts. I trust your belief in what you say, but perhaps you've missed one very imposing nuance: you're so self-persuaded of the quality and accuracy of your and other guru information that you aren't able to face the cognitive dissonance of any given "demand" being for performance according to guru announcements and predictions as opposed to a demand for "completion" according to repeated announcements and predictions. In direct terms, those demands which draw a scold from you are actually for truth from gurus (and not useless "subjective" and metaphysical "truth" used to evade) to line up with real events. They want the lies to stop or, if the continual missed predictions are the best the gurus have to offer, that the gurus shut up and go away. Harsh? No, to the point.

You spend an entire post explaining how dinarians are unwarrantedly impatient. Sure, people are dying just as you agree. Of course, we would all delight in flushing corruption from currency dealings across the globe. But the vast majority of dinarians are intelligent and virtuous people fully capable of shaping their expectations to real circumstances. The problem is that real circumstances are fed to dinarland in a mutilated and distorted mass. Gurus lie or guess or repeat the nonsense provided by "sources" which have been flatly wrong for many months! On what can the average dinarian make a rational assessment of real circumstances when they are so filtered, distorted, and misrepresented?!

It is driven and fueled by the distortions of gurus that dinarians offer pleas of "do it now!" and "we've been anticipating this weekly for years!". One cannot stand and wildly rock a rowboat only then to criticize the other passengers for complaining! I've heard all my life the utterly facetious saying, "do something, even if it's wrong, do something!" Many dinarians have been unwittingly conditioned to make this implicit demand on gurus - i.e., for some intel, even if it's wrong. Naturally, acceding to this demand has had a predictable backlash: expectation of "now". Thus, the complaints. The true plea is for HONESTY from gurus, not for "whatever" intel is carelessly and recklessly offered weekly despite virtual certainty of falsity.

Finally, let's get one thing utterly clear about this "blessing" being a gift from God. While it isn't at all certain that we refer to the same god, I will say of the God to which I refer, there is nothing, no one, and no time which is not a gift from God. With every breath I refresh my body, I am blessed. By the searing pain of death of many I've loved, I still am blessed. In the face of lies and deception, my God breathes quiet blessings. In good months of business, the blessings are usually obvious. In lean months requiring sacrifice and painful re-prioritizing, God's blessings are still very real. Stopping, settling, and deeply considering what is real is the greatest barrier to seeing rich blessings already operating in my life. Sudden, massive, and globe-wide revaluation of currencies could be a blessing - it is not a blessing given at this time, but it could be. The guru "intel" up to now has been so thoroughly dominated by weekly wrong dates, exciting and distracting unconfirmable fantasy exchange rates, and overlain with simply the bizarre, that confusion and frustration has been the natural product.

In a limited sense we agree, owb. "We have no basis or right to make any demands", I would add, as to international currencies revaluating. I, on the other hand, deeply believe it is fitting and reasonable to "demand" gurus either learn from mistakes by better vetting their sources and NOT again relaying the word of a repeatedly failed source... or withdraw from the adulation and spotlight altogether.

I'm not counting on it, despite your erudition, but.... stay grounded my friend.

I am,




*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, March 27, 2017.

May I ask you a question?

At what speed do you think the MR should be at right now?
Same speed as the delay as presented in January by Allak? Faster pace? Speed of light?
I believe deep in my heart … last week when President Trump and Abadi met … we are at a different speed!

Abadi spoke in his own language at the meeting with President Trump / US leaders … and was treated like royalty.

I am pleased to announce … that IMO … they (Trump/Abadi/agencies) met privately -- those meetings were very successful. Much to celebrate!
I’m not here to give you a date.


As you know … the CBI made an announcement (on the Arabic side) of the CBI website.

On Tuesday, last week, WS posted a video … needed to be translated.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get that info to Delta … and someone (outside of KTFA) took the video and tried to translate it. Unfortunately, according to Delta, it was exaggerated.
I was disappointed to learn that on Thursday … this exaggerated info spread through the dinar community.

I found it interesting that Iraq only posted it the information on the Arabic side of the CBI website.

The MR … is in its infancy. When it happens … it will happen very quickly.

I believe that is what is happening due to the private meetings with Abadi and Trump, etc. and I believe they are past talking about the exchange rate.

Trump has given Abadi some advice/direction on what to do inside of Iraq to help with the economic reform.

Notice the pattern … every time someone from Iraq leaves Washington, they return home and do something instantly.

This announcement came out with great power to the banks … but, this is OLD news.

The fact that they are telling us (at least on the Arabic side) is incredible.

The info from the meetings with Trump/Abadi have not been released on the English side of the CBI’s website … yet.

Did you ever think you’d see Saudi Arabia do something nice for another country? Debt forgiveness? Oh my!

The speed … it will happen very quickly … once we have Mosul.

Variances were made … from January 16th … they’ve been bragging … 40 of our FINAL ARTICLES illustrate that.

Media … do we have Mosul? No … have them surrounded … so why isn’t this over? Why has TIME-FROZEN? Special talents / special people.

IMO … the 1st quarter will finish the monetary reform.

The banks better be damn ready.

IMO … with this announcement … they have speed up the MR.

The banks are being controlled … how much they will get, etc.

We believe that this announcement that we are talking about … we feel is extremely important … you must understand it deeper … more than what the internet knows.

We believe this is a by-product from the Trump/Abadi meetings.

The banks will be audited from now on by an international company to go international.

Delta also told us that the video talked about money laundering.

Another thing … IOO … they are telling the banks to DO THIS NOW … because they are about to be audited so they are ready to go INTERNATIONAL. Have they met the requirements? Are they ready … with the right currency … to be given to the citizens?

When a company goes on the New York Stock Exchange … audits determine the proposed value of the stock. Likewise … this is what is going on in Iraq right now with the banks. Audits will be performed without notice
The COM … the head of the COM … his name is also Allak … the article that we’re talking about that Delta properly translated … says they are working towards the private economy.

The WB, UST, IMF … they have a lot of requirements … in order to move forward with their market economy … they must lift the value of their currency.
The audits are a demand by President Trump. I don’t think they’ll tell us when they’ll do the audits … but as soon as they do … IMO … they could go international in nanoseconds.

They’ve (Abadi/Trump) told you … it’s their goal to abolish the exchange rate restrictions.

There is a historical event that just occurred before your eyes.

Abadi was treated like a king when he came to see President Trump.

Abadi doesn’t want to deal with “speculators” right now … perhaps this is why the information only appeared on the Arabic side of the CBI’s website.

Abadi only had smiles to show while visiting America … and he typically doesn’t smile much.

The change in the rate will now move much faster … especially with this announcement.

The COM never would have been given permission to say that they were going to move into a free market economy.

This week is the last quarter of 2017.
Everyone is telling them to move with a free market economy.

This announcement is not about a rate … it’s about an exchange rate to follow international standards.

It was done on the 19th … sent on the 20th to the Arabic world.

There is NO money for Iraq … not from the IMF … for nearly a year now.
There is a direction … that I’ve been trying to guide you in.

Sometimes that has irritated you. I’ve told you not to ride the shirt-tails of other guru’s.

The progress of the monetary reform … this direction we wanted you to grab on to.

I wanted you to be passionate about this study … because when you exchange your currency … hopefully you’ll be just as passionate about your stewardship.

In my strong opinion … I believe that we are looking at a different speed.

That’s why I asked you … “what is the speed of the MR?”

IMO … we now have SPEED and DIRECTION combined.

You can go fast in the wrong direction … and you’ll be lost.

The CBI has made a very, very tactical …secretive announcement … combines the speed of the MR direction.

May I please say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is over the hill … picking up speed.

Mosul … once we have it … you will see the speed of the MR pick-up.
Frank26: Tactical reasons are why you haven’t seen the announcement of the liberation of Mosul.

Family … there are now contracts … they are 90 day contracts. Iraq doesn’t want these contracts to extend into “years” – they want to do business.

Security / Stability … they could break the neck that binds Mosul in a second.

In those 90 days … lies the 76 … that will only drive the IQD up … higher than the 1 to 1 that many speculate.

Consider the 11th and the 12th … the financial meeting in Iraq.

Iraq has shown a pattern … moving faster and faster.

This pattern is showing up in a lot of different actions since Trump/Abadi met.

This announcement is NOT about a rate.

Isn’t it interesting that the CBI now has a new sign (logo) to show/impress the world of their changes. Why? They are on a prograFrank26: Do you see citizens rushing in to open new accounts? They claim that the new logo will show “pride” and “success” … LOL … you ain’t got jack on a program rate.

I find this very, very interesting … powerful.

Interesting … it also embodying the metal coin … showing gears … memory within this symbol … referencing the role of the CBI … establishing a firm position and policy.

How can they claim victory without knowing the score?

The CBI is about to do something new … IMO.

Your symbol looks just like the coin that you’re about to release.

WOW! Moving beyond the LD’s into coins? That’s SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!
I’d say that the CBI is getting ready for a Grand Opening.

WalkingStick came out and SPOKE … who typically doesn’t speak …
The Arab Summit started yesterday.

What do you think they’re talking about?

Caution … the article that came out where an Iraqi general said that the military operations are now complete. In time you’ll see … that is 100% incorrect.

They postponed the release … to work on Mosul … and work on the “rebranding” of Iraq for BIGGER and BETTER things … all post Trump/Abadi meetings.

When Allak said there was a postponement … it was like pulling back further on a sling-shot … the more impact you make.

Coins? Coins?
The nerve of them to mention coins when they are in a program rate.

They haven’t talked to you about the LD’s … yet they will about the Fils (coins).

The coins are part of the monetary reform process – (even better news than the LD’s) – because they are the components of the LD’s.

Delta told you … “think” … it will bring you faith, hope, trust which will give clarity.”

Rebranding is REBIRTH … all happening so fast … you are looking at a new Iraq.

Mission accomplished. HOORAH!!!!!!!!

When Abadi spoke Monday, he said he was angry with the media for putting out a bunch of trash … (just like President Trump) … be careful of the lies that the media will spread.

KTFA is above the lies of the media … we bring confidence and hope. We are not weeks behind like the media.

Interesting that employees can pick up their pay locally and internationally now.
Please read WalkingStick article … regarding exchange for oil.
90% of the contracts will go to the USA.

USD … how is the IQD treating you (in country)? According to plan and the MCP … excellent, thank you!

TA-DA!!!!!!!!! I told you.
Telling the citizens about the coins … tells they you’re about to lift the value of your currency.

Just like in the USA … we have coins … so will Iraq.

Mosul … the maps are totally incorrect. We are deep into the old city. Daesh is completely surrounded.

It is now the rainy season in Iraq.

With the Peshmerga Army’s help … Daesh cannot get out. Lots of collateral damage – nature of war.

One week left in this 1st quarter.

They can’t sell the USD anymore for a profit ………….. BRILLIANT!

The Middle East will get in line with Iraq’s new value … started with Saudi Arabia.

Even Egypt is getting on board because they want to be next.

Delta’s REPORT … “Quick report … announcement from the CBI … they are talking about internationally auditing every single bank in Iraq. Timing is significant. Auditing just before going international … must be compliant. Money laundering - looking good. The 2% … the spreadsheet doesn’t show it yet … but what’s interesting … the IMF told Iran in a memo that they are about 15% difference. Iran is already Article VIII. So if they are about 15% … then maybe Iraq’s 2% doesn’t apply to much to Iraq.”

On TeamChat … when Abadi came over a few years ago … Obama did not meet him when he arrived. No one met him at the airport. He was forced to get a cab … find his own hotel, pay for it … and you saw what Obama did to Abadi on the White House lawn. Turned his back on him.

This time around … when Abadi came to America … President Trump sent his Presidential motorcade … made a video for the world to see. Royal treatment / respect to PM Abadi for a very, very good reason family.

Trump even had dinner with him privately before meeting in public.

Abadi went right home to deal with Mosul.

I give no date/rate … but I think you know that the 1st quarter is about to end.

As much as they wanted to postpone … I believe the speed is back now.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

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