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 Let’s just run over the updates:  There is an Iraqi flag flying again over Mosul. 
 Sadr is being asked to do a celebration on Friday for all that has taken place rather than a protest over economic reforms still not being fulfilled. 

 Abadi is supposed to be revealing some information on economic reforms either while he is in the US or at the summit.  He is supposed to be announcing full liberation and/or elimination of Da’esh. 

We are still looking for this every day, by the end of the month, which is also the end of the quarter. 

 It needs to be done by then otherwise there will be problems with retroactive payments going back to January.


"Is Footforward Right? Is the RV Today?" by Light Bringer - 3.21.17

"Is Footforward Right? Is the RV Today?" by Light Bringer - 3.21.17

As a reminder, here is Footforward's message from January of this year...Light Bringer

"Dow Hits 20,000 Tomorrow" - Message from Footward 1-19-17

Tomorrow when the dow hits 20,000 it serves as a breakthrough in the dinar. The breakthrough is Donald Trump in office. It will serve as the last warning to get in this investment. Then it will RV on March 21. I'm not hoping. I'm not thinking it might. THIS WILL HAPPEN AS GOD SHOWED ME IT WILL HAPPEN.

I need you guys to understand. This isn't a prediction. In 2013 I was taken up in a dream, taken out of my body and had an experienced that impacted my soul and my spirit. I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to tell you all we had to wait for the election. I'm sorry I let you guys down. I'm sorry i didn't have the courage to speak up and say what I knew to be true at that point. I deeply regret that.

I'm not sharing this insight for my glory. I'm speaking out in boldness so that people will remember the Lord when this happens. I want people to turn back to him when this happens. I want people to give glory to God when this happens as HE said it would.

I'm comfortable putting myself out there, risking my reputation and willing to look like a fool right now for God because I have faith in him. I'm willing to take a "risk" because I trust him.

I want people to remember no guru got it right. This date was not revealed by any "guru". God showed up. He spoke. He got it right. And when the dow hits 20,000 on January 20th, and the RV happens March 21, I hope that is a sign to many of you that God is real. Don't take my word for it. Watch what happens. God bless you all.  Footforward



Tuesday UPDATE for March 21, 2017

Reportedly, Iraqi TV is not "pulling any punches" showing Army leaders expressing concern with "holding back" efforts from completing the liberation of Western Mosul.  They are saying that they receive orders to proceed but yet the elites are holding them back.

I think I see/hear major manipulation in this process. Is there a "timing element" at work here? Let's see/hear what happens next.

Nissi:  Twitter...6min ago..@VP Beginning this morning by welcoming the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, to the Vice President's Residence at the Naval Observatory.

ReaditNow:  We've been told it's all a matter of timing. Mosul just had to slow down for something else to catch up.

Zzzzzzzz: More good news from Abadi's visit.. Haider Al-Abadi‏Verified account @HaiderAlAbadi 56m56 minutes ago PM Al-Abadi receives executives from GE and Boeing to discuss ongoing projects in Iraq
OldCrow: Start of the bialteral talks between senior Pres Trump cabinet and PM Abadi and his entourage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx18Xq4_GvY


3-21-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Abadi went to DC with a huge delegation...    [Abadi met with Trump today [Monday], and I think he will again tomorrow [Tuesday] with 68 other nations...]    The meeting with Donald Trump created more meetings, not on the schedule.  IMO...a lot of meetings...and Abadi met with the IMF earlier today [Monday].   [Where do we go after Mosul?  What are you thinking?]    I believe ...IMO... once we have Mosul is given to us as LIBERATED...the speed of the MR will travel at the speed of light.  When we see the effect of these meetings...when we finally are told what happened today...we will see the reforms EXPLODE...IMO.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-21-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Backdoc

3-21-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
    [...wondering if Trump can push for currency reform.]   Currency reform is a consequence of economic and banking reform.   ...the IMF has made it very clear the dinar will be floated and will rise as a result of the growth of the economy.  There is no confusion, it is stated clearly...the Balassa-Samuelson effect.  ”Balassa–Samuelson implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.”  In other words Iraq's dinar is directly related to the growth of the private sector/market economy.





[ Revaluation News - 00:00 EDT ]

The RV start needs a credible start flash bang and on-going propaganda campaign to deflect attention consistently from the monetary transition.

Watch markets for a possible temporary overnight collapse tomorrow morning in order to absorb wee hours and early morning news cycle.

Even an opening bell down few hundred points would get everyone's attention.

At 10 am EDT FBI Director Comey will be testifying before Congress about Russia election influence and Trump's claims of Obama wire taps.

At 11 am EDT Neil Gorsuch will be answering questions for his Supreme Court nomination for the Senate.

That's a lot of news in a very tight window first thing in the morning right after the spring vernal equinox at 6:28 am EDT.

Astrology matters to China. It should matter to you if you're wise.

Trump has disappeared since dinner in Florida Saturday 7:30pm EDT and isn't scheduled to resurface till Monday 7:30 pm EDT in Kentucky.

That's a casual weekend 48 hour window for protection purposes in order to bunker down Trump and start the RV.

Israel surrendered this week and bought in. Saudi Arabia surrendered last week and bought in.

Both went to China and took multi billion dollar buyouts before the RV fired so their country's and populations could participate.

Ukraine is the last holdout and they have no money to run their nation nor maintain order... so it's just a matter of time.

Ukraine is the territorial home of the cabal and thus its surrender matters to Russia and China greatly--and why their putting up the greatest fight.

Trump was told by China to throw Merkel under the buss on NATO during their first meeting on Friday.

Russia, China and the restored Republic control Trump. He cannot leave the Presidency until after the RV starts and completes which is looking sometime this summer if everything properly syncs up politically.

China is now ripping apart the Europe Union country-by-country in a draw-and-quarter strategy until it's all gone.

Brexit's article 50 looms March 29, 2017. France is next. Germany will be last in the fall when Merkel is disposed.

It's been fun sharing. And yet no longer necessary. Enjoy your life.

Thank you.

Subject: IQD Team's Follow-Up Call With Tariq (3/21/2012)


This audio was the follow-up call to the call where Tariq from Iraq told the IQD Team that the 25K note would be exchanged for a new 25 note, and that this is how they’re going to reduce the money supply.  When the IQD Team realized that he was describing a lop, they quickly set out to “enlighten” him.  In this call they get him to concede that maybe he just doesn’t understand and is mistaken, because after all a lop is a bad thing and he is hoping for the best.  Anybody who knows anything about the dinar can quickly see that it’s Mike who is confused and can’t get his facts right.  Turkey removed six out of six zeros from their currency, not six out of fifteen.  And they didn’t devalue it, they demonetized it.  “Devaluation” is a reduction in the value of a pegged currency.  “Demonetization” means the currency is invalidated and no longer recognized by the country, and is therefore worthless.  That’s what happened to the old Turkish Lira and that’s what will become of the IQD in the event that the CBI ever carries out its currency reform plan.


(Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the first call they did with Tariq. Nick and I are looking for it, and we'll be sure to post it if we find it.)


FrostyTheSnowman: Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, March 20, 2017.

I’m excited to announce that our KTFA member, John “BlueStar” is with us tonight.

Many of you know that BlueStar was the gentleman who asked Dr. Shabibi (six years ago) about when Iraq was going to RV their currency.
BlueStar has been involved in seven Presidential campaigns.  He was invited by a contact of his to a Q&A forum where Abadi would be speaking today.

BLUESTAR – I’ve been very blessed today.  I’ve been in DC for over 35 years.  Nothing has been as wacky as this dinar interface.

Six years ago, I had a chance to ask Dr. Shabibi a question at the Chamber of Commerce event.  Then four years ago, I got to attend an event with Christine LeGuard.

Four years ago, I also got to attend an event to hear Maliki talk (who doesn’t speak English) who acted like Saddam … and I was questioning the “peace” platform he was promoting.

So fast-forward to today … the environment has completely changed.  The title of the program today was about Iraq / USA and it’s war on ISIS.

Abadi met with Trump today, and I think he will again tomorrow with 68 other nations.  At 4:45 Abadi rolled into town … ahead of schedule … tight security … amazing!
I got a seat on the 6th row (isle seat) … and they started with an introduction of “where Iraq is now” … and I was going to ask a question (loaded question) – I was going to ask Abadi, “what was the completion date of the huge Korean built apartments?”  I was also going to ask about the Iraqi economy, and the status of corruption.  I was told that my question was on the top of the pile … but as luck has it, it wasn’t.

They also wouldn’t allow the person asking the question to hold a microphone.  They wanted to control the questions/event.

The Iraqi delegation came in … Abadi took the podium saying they have liberated much of Mosul.  He painted the picture that everything is fine.  He has a very measured tone.  He is bright, has a PhD from Manchester, England.  He said they drew a new line in the GOI … a must, but not an easy task.  Daesh can be killed by being focused. 

Abadi said that many companies are interested in Iraq.  Daesh is running out of money.  He recognized Trump as being “more engaged” and focused on eliminating ISIS.  He said that the people are happier, they have the internet, new cars, etc.  He is counting on the upcoming elections to bring in new people.  Maliki is still well-guarded.  I’d like to hear what you and Delta have to say about that.

IMO – there were many times that Abadi could have knocked the ball out of the park, but I got the impression that he is reluctant to speak forcefully.  Abadi is welcoming the investigation to war-crimes.

The entire event was only 45 minutes long.  He closed by saying that Iraq has been the victim of atrocity.  I was hoping to see more of a forceful speech.

FRANK – It looks like Abadi is either being controlled … or controlling himself … not wanting to step on any US officials toes.

BLUESTAR – Exactly Frank.  I made contact with 4 people in the room.  One of the gentlemen got some great photos.  Another guy named Mike … an older gentleman … who was in Iraq 2000 to 2011 on two deployments.

He said “Abadi was relaxes, fluent, confident yet modest about the situation he is in.”  IMO … he is a controlled, reluctant leader at this point – who doesn’t want to make any mistakes … a guy who is walking a very fine line.  Mike was happy to hear what he had to say about Donald Trump.

I think Abadi needs a lot of encouragement/push regarding parliament.  Abadi was hoping that the elections would bring in the new people, instead of the old corrupt ones.  Mike said that Afghanistan is more pro-Trump than anyone. 

FRANK – I find Abadi to find a very good team-player … who walks on rice-paper … careful not for it to rip.  IMO … I believe there have been some amazing meetings (while we will probably never hear about) … no wonder Abadi is tired.  The meeting with Donald Trump created more meetings, not on the schedule.  IMO … a lot of meetings … left and right … in DC and NY … and Abadi met with the IMF earlier today. What for?  Nothing said during the 45 minute meeting.  Fascinating to see the Iraqi troops --- they look like our troops.  I believe that Abadi is here to do what he needs to do.

I was under the impression that Brazani was coming … but it appears that is not the case.
Barzani ended up instead having his Chief of Staff go to DC.

I pray that we get to learn more about it as time goes by.

BLUESTAR – The question was asked if Barzani wanted to create a separate state … and Abadi kinda avoided the subject.

FRANK – as you know, the Kurds are about 5 years ahead of Baghdad.  They are playing along with the budget.  I don’t think in my lifetime we’ll see Kurdistan separate from Iraq.

Abadi went to DC with a huge delegation … the Kurds only sent one … and that’s ok, because it’s not their show.
Frank26:  By the way … the biggest players from Iraq came with Abadi.

Meeting after meetings … and you think they are going to tell you what they were about?
BLUESTAR – IMO … Abadi is not going to go after Maliki … and I get that impression from Mike.  He said that Maliki is guarded like a fortress.  Fact or fiction … I don’t know.  That’s Mike’s opinion.

FRANK – I like what happened today.  How do you feel?  Postitive?  Confused?

BLUESTAR – not confused, but a little non-plus … I was hoping to see a more confident Abadi.  I felt he was a little too relaxed … reluctant to weigh-in … not laying it on the line.  Maybe he’s playing a game with everyone.  He’s been very brave, almost reckless, risking his life many times going out into the field.  Hard guy to figure out.  He appears upbeat … and I’m curious to hear what you have to bring to the table.

FRANK – in this month (March) as much as we want a date/rate … we can’t do that.  Like I told you … they are going to go on a campaign of FALSE INFORMATION … and I told you why?  Because now is the time for them to do that.  Not until the final week in March will you see more info.  I like the first part of April … (that’s not an RV date).

Obama never should have talked in advance of military actions.  Mosul was introduced to us … and ended.  As you know … the media relays delayed information.

Today, Abadi told you they are killing Daesh, taking back Mosul, young people are coming back to Iraq … and US corporations are interested in going into Iraq.

BLUESTAR – It may take us down the time-line … which no one wants to hear … but the media is always full of doom-and-gloom reports.  Where do we go after Mosul?  What are you thinking?

FRANK – I believe … IMO … once we have Mosul is given to us as LIBERATED … the speed of the MR will travel at the speed of light.  When we see the effect of these meetings … when we finally are told what happened today … we will see the reforms EXPLODE.

BLUESTAR – I just got a text … Abadi was trained as an engineer, B type personality.  I think that’s a good point.  Just because Abadi may not be the greatest speaker, doesn’t mean he can’t get the job done. 

FRANK – thank you John … please make sure you show him your appreciation for his time.
IMO … we are supposed to go through these type of QUIET, MISLEADING INFO.

I’m happy about what BLUESTAR reported.  Abadi is staying on the “low-side.”


I won’t have time to cover these 2 huge files tonight.

Some of you were curious about the CONTRACTS that WS put out.  It’s money that is due to the contractors that is due to the state.  This is a VERY, VERY important issue.

This debt that is owed by the state to the contractors … THIS IS HUGE!!!!!

The National Oil Company … IMO … Donald Trump is not trying to push … he is DEMANDING that the National Oil Company to be ACTIVATED?  What is it?  It’s a law inside of the HCL.  WS put up some article about it … Shell talked to Iraq.  Other oil companies talked to them too … and IMO … they were at the White House too.

Trump wants them to be involved in the investment in Iraq … to be apart of their reforms.  This is logical, is it not?

If they do this … normally within moments of committing to something inside of the USA … BOOM … it happens.

If they release this National Oil Company … (part of the HCL) … when it does come out … because Trump wants it done … if they do this … eventually … without a doubt … it will release a rate!

The last part of the HCL will give you the percentage they are giving to the citizens.

The sovereignty wealth fund … written many years ago … they need to ACTIVATE it along with the HCL.

This Sovereign Wealth Fund also need financial support.  It was supposed to be funded by the oil.

Iraq needs to raise the value of their currency.

All of the sudden … this fund … is all of the sudden being squeezed to the front … because the USA wants it done.

With OPEC cutting back on production … their debt they were going to use to pay back … it’s not working.

The only way to ACTIVATE it … is NOT with a program rate.

How will they financially support this fund?

They can’t without increasing the value of their currency.

It will insure the reorganization of the oil wealth of Iraq.

This is the 4th part of the HCL.

If you insure the Sovereign Wealth Fund … well then … you’ve got some numbers to show me … don’t you?

The USA is pushing for this to happen right now.

The components within the budget … (with rider) … must be activated.

Without it (HCL) … the budget cannot be opened.

Abadi can tell BlueStar and the audience all he wants … but he didn’t tell the audience what they wanted to hear.  It’s kind of like Mosul.  There are certain things you just don’t talk about.

One of my Teams is telling me that we are being introduced to more ATM machines than they thought.  Do you understand family?

The ATM … IMO … are being vastly expanded in the country of Iraq.  Working on the insurance of these machines too.  The Iraqi citizens tells the GOI and the CBI … you want me to come in and open up an account … “up yours!”  Same with the QiCards, eDinars.

Did you know that SA also met with Trump today?

They are now bringing in more ATM machines because Iraqi’s love their paper currency.

Citizens of Iraq grew tired of trusting the banks and having the money given to Iran.

For years, they have been abused by the banks.

The ATM … will work like miniature banks.

Ever see the banking kiosk in airports?

These may grow rapidly in Iraq … in fact a real push for these … based on today’s meetings.

What did Trump and Abadi talk about?

We need time and the dust to settle … sooner or later … the information will leak out.

What did I tell you that you would see for 3 weeks in March?  NOTHING.  Ta-Da!

On April 14-15th a financial meeting will take place in Iraq.

The agenda tells you what their goals are … a whole lot more than Abadi told us today.

The time-line for me goes back to 2011 … in 2012, they were within an inch of raising the value.  Then in 2014, Obama removed our troops.  He and Maliki didn’t sign the sofa agreement.  Beyond stupidity.  Our generals retired and quit over this colossal mistake by Obama.

I’m grateful for BlueStar.

Many great things continue to happen.

Nothing substantial has been release to us yet.

No reason to be discouraged!

Abadi is not talking to Donald Trump … nor Trump to Abadi about an RV.  That‘s OLD NEWS!

Deep in my heart … today’s meetings … between Abadi and Trump … and the World Bank and the IMF showed up.

These were the final stages for the MR.

Maybe in April … look for some high-powered meetings … like in London.  For whom does the bell toll?

There will be more meetings.  I’m sorry, there are no date here … but I believe we are in the final stages.

Maybe the 3rd or 4th of April … HELLO?  Do I like those dates?

IMO … we are finally ending these dead-periods.

Wasn’t Iran supposed to RV their currency today?

The 26th of March … until the end of March 31st … that’s when they will start to tell you what they are doing now.  Everything right now is under-cover.

I believe this period will end … and then the SPEED will INCREASE DRAMATICALLY!

This week … IMO … may be so dead with info … you may be very bored.

I don’t think these meeting going on right now, I don’t think they have anything to do with military.

I believe these are all on the levels of INTERNATIONALISM.

Kuwait … are you happy?  They don’t even have their final payments yet … is it ok to lift the sanctions off of Iraq?  Yes … who doesn’t want to make money with them?

IMO … military actions are done under the “MARSHALL PLAN” – which is internationalism!

Internationalism is the MAIN TOPIC right now … IMO … about what Donald Trump is talking about right now … and you can’t become international until sanctions come off and you release the value of your currency.

There’s no need to loan Iraq any more money … because they are about to raise the value of their currency.

They are at the FINALIZATION of the MOSUL … and the MARSHALL PLAN.

The USA is not the only nation that is going to rebuild Iraq.

Why do we want them to pay on the contracts?  OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Abadi brings his huge delegation with him … meeting with everyone to the final elements of the Marshall Plan.

The Marshall Plan has strings attached … “RAISE THE VALUE OF YOUR DAMN CURRENCY!!!!!!!!!!!”

This was supposed to happen when?

Look at all of the FINAL ARTICLES.

POST – DAESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They aren’t asking for money … they are here to make a business deal called INTERNATIONALISM!

Inside of Iraq … we have a lot of STABILITY and SECURITY … and the SOFA AGREEMENT is in FULL EFFECT!

We (USA) troops … we ain’t going nowhere!

Donald Trump and Abadi may talk about the United Nations … and maybe the USA wants to talk to the UN about releasing them from sanctions.  Wouldn’t that been a good thing to look for?
And Donald Trump’s administration has big players too.

The UN cannot pull the trigger on the RV … but they hold the key to remove the sanctions … the “international handcuffs” on Iraq.

The UN is the guardians of the sanctions.

What is the sanction?  Chapter VII

About 5% of that requirement is all that is left … basically “lifting the value” of their currency.

The UN is reactive … not proactive.
Coalition forces … Marshall Plan reconstruction forces … “DEALS” made with Trump.

This is why Trump called all of Iraq to DC.

Let the UN see what is happening in DC with all of Iraq’s decisions makers.

NOTE:  the CBI met with the UN BEFORE Abadi met with Trump!

FoxNews said this afternoon … that Iraq’s prosperity will move forward based on Trump and Abadi’s decisions made together.

Do you know what “PROSPERITY” means?

It means freakin’ MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CBI … needs to shut-up.

Watch for the smoke to clear … you already know who will leak the info about the monetary, economic reforms.

How do you get PROSPERITY at a PROGRAM RATE?

Don’t jump to conclusions about the info we have from today.

Note … this level … the topic of PROSPERITY is not just for the soil of Iraq … it is also in the soil of the USA … you as an investor … the world leaders … NEED PROSPERITY.  Two completely different animals.

It’s all good to me and my Teams!

We may not have the same opinion … you and I … but we work hard at what we bring you.
These meetings are extremely important.

Nations … and you … made DEALS!

These meetings are NOT for loans … like they were in the old days.

They are not instructing them for long-term investments … these are short-term to rebuild Iraq.  That is what the Marshall Plan is all about.

Also on the 23rd there will be an Arabic Summit that Abadi will be attending.

Please read … ARTICLE #196
Oh my gosh!  Isn’t that what we were just talking about?

POST # 277 … Frosty put this out … it’s a picture of Obama and Abadi … about 2 years ago … that was a horrible day.  That is when Obama turned his back on Abadi.  Such an embarrassing situation compared to today.
A bunch of companies/banks etc. are at these meetings with Trump and Abadi.
POST 285 … pictures of a woman’s fashion show in Baghdad.

Tell me this country is not ready for a revaluation of its country and its currency?
POST #273 – Markets are open in Mosul … citizens speak in “past-tense” … normal life AFTER ISIL.
Article … Donald Trump talks to Abadi … IMO … says “why did Obama pull the troops out?”
Reconstruction of Iraq by WS

President Trump … IMO … talks to Abadi about INTERNATIONALISM … about “DEALS” that he made … (CONTRACTS) … raise the value of your currency … and then we can bring in the Marshall Plan and REBUILD IRAQ.  The SOFA agreement was the BIG DEAL for Donald Trump.

No nation would think about dealing with Obama.  Amazing to see what’s happened in 2 months.

NUMBERS missing from the Market Rate.  Why?

The IMF meetings starting with the private sectors … “you’re going to get your money” … DEALS about the MR … can only come by increasing the value of their currency.

This money was due 2-3 years … now the IMF says PAY THE CONTRACTORS!!!!

HOW????  RAISE THE VALUE OF YOUR CURRENCY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Not through a series of payments ……….. NO!!!!!

The IMF visited with Abadi … BEFORE he met with Donald Trump.

IMO … the monetary reform is in a speed of light that is unseen right now.

Mosul is done … IMO … and the MR is coming at a speed that is unknown to you.
Exchange rate restrictions?

We are in the 50/50 of March … aren’t we?

If Mosul was an issue … Abadi would NOT be in DC right now!

For him to leave right now ………………… they have STABILITY / SECURITY in Iraq right now!

Let’s see what comes out of these meetings
CBI would be dead silent … haven’t heard from them have you?

Also … tomorrow is an official holiday in Iraq.

You won’t see any auctions tomorrow … don’t panic.

Again … the ATM machines … there are thousands more.  The citizens believe in CASH … and that’s all there is too it.

There are articles are out that there are NEW NEGOTIATIONS that are out between Iraq and the IMF, and the World Bank, etc.

If they already have negotiations … why meet in April?

IMO … a change in the rate should come before these meetings in April.

The budget hasn’t even been opened up yet.

I have another file I will save for Wednesday … and it may be outdated by then.

Please take this CC to God in prayer.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK:  https://fccdl.in/vMkLJAZ79

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 21 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 21 2017

Compiled 12:50 am EST 21 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. Mon. March 20 6:40 pm EST Revaluation News: "Last is First" - Revaluation News - Monday - 3.20.17

1. Existing clients were being called for in-bank redemptions as of noon Mon. March 20 2017, and being made liquid on the spot at screen rates and below.

2. Zim exchanges appeared to be going last, not first, and only by third party military appointment in order to redeem with the highest possible safety.

3. Zim exchanges were treated more like a one time sovereign bond experience with table top protocols given their asset class and value.

4. This morning Mon. March 20 to business close, Zim front screen rates were exceeding $2.30 USN.

5. Other non-Zim currencies were being treated more like normal redemptions and handled just like a standard foreign currency exchange.

6. This week some Non Disclosure Agreement packages went out to key Internet gurus to prepare a possible March 20 Mon. pm or March 21 Tues. am release.

7. Each will have a different 800# number to track their volume.

8. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was back from China with an Elder, schedule, non performance warning and final performance instructions for the US RV.


B. March 20 2017 Trump's Mon. schedule: .News, Rumors and Opinions Monday Morning 3-20-17 On Mon. March 20 (5:00 pm EST) President Trump met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in preparation for a Wed. March 22summit meeting.


C. March 20 2017 8:02 pm EST TNT RayRen98: Monday Update from TNT  and More 3-20-17 Iraqi TV reported that they are awaiting release of the new budget said to supercede all previous Iraqi budgets (no indication of a time frame yet).


D. March 20 2017 4:10 pm EST Revaluation News: "Harmony" - Revaluation News - Monday - March 20, 2017

1. The entire global financial system, its primary value collateral and fiscal compliance rules were permanently changed in the US before Mon. March 20 9am EST.

2. Event contact information such as final introductory bank redemption 800#s, emails and texts were to be released at a moment's notice anytime on Mon March 20.

3. The New Powers That Be's mission was to complete all converting of the old financial system assets to the new financial system before the start of second quarter 2017, or by April 1, 2017.

4. All world currencies will now be reported with correct values that cannot be artificially manipulated.


E. March 20 2017 3:18 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Alert Level Red" - WSOMN AdminBill Update 3-20-17 Alert level has been upgraded to red (high) for the week of March 19.


F. March 20 2017 1:05 pm EST Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report: "USA Republic Accepts Shared Human Destiny" -- March 20, 2017

1. Last week the Satan-worshipping Cabal suffered crushing defeats on all fronts, multiple sources agreed.

2. US President Donald Trump announced that the Cabal owned the United States Corporation founded in 1861, and that last week US Corp was replaced with the Republic of the United States of America founded in 1776. For details on this see: http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.jp/

3. That is why the talk of US government functions shutting down on March 15th as the US $20 trillion debt limit was reached failed to materialize. The debt belonged to the Corporation, not the Republic.

4. Multiple sources have agreed that the US Corp. has been declared bankrupt and it's debt made null and void.

5. Asian secret society sources say that the United States Corp. Secretary of State and slave to Corp. top shareholder David Rockefeller Jr., Rex Tillerson, failed in his effort to get funding for the US Corp. in Asia last week.

6. Last week Trump refused to take a bribe offered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to not go after Rothschild flunkies like John McCain and Hillary Clinton, the sources continued. That was what was behind Trump’s public refusal to shake Merkel’s hand.

7. Pentagon sources said, “pressure may be applied on France or special forces and CIA operatives inserted to rendition Obama [another Rothschild servant] from Tahiti to face drugs, wiretapping, sedition, and other charges.”

8. CIA sources said that Anthony Weiner and other pedophile criminals were “singing like canaries” and providing the FBI with plenty of evidence about high profile pedophilia and related black-mail rings at the top of the Western power structure.

9. The Trump regime was determined to finish off the illegal drugs industry in South America. That was why the US Coast Guard “not only survived budget cuts, but may even get more money, naval, intelligence and military assistance to bust the Bushes’ Colombian and Mexican cartels,” the sources said.

10. Last week the Republic of the United States of America agreed to support a Chinese concept of a “human community with a shared destiny,” an idea that was accepted by unanimous vote at the United Nations Security Council. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2017-03/18/c_136139045.htm

11. The Chinese have been given a green light to go ahead with massive infrastructure planets aimed at making the world more inter-connected. The Republic of the USA is ending all support for military activities in places like Africa and the Middle East aimed at disrupting Chinese infrastructure work, Pentagon sources say.

12. Western power centers began to endorse the WDS (White Dragon Society)  proposal to set up a Western future planning agency to organize major projects to improve world living standards as well as restore and enhance natural eco-systems. This would mean replenishing the oceans with fish, restoring rain-forests, turning deserts and arctic regions green and expanding out into the universe.

13. There would soon be announcements to this effect accompanied by the release of massive funds to make it possible.

14. There were preliminary negotiations underway to mark the new golden age with a new calendar system to replace the Western based Gregorian calendar. This would mean a reset to the year zero under a new world calendar. The system would be based on both the movements of the Sun and those of the Moon. A committee of experts would work out the details. http://benjaminfulford.net/


G. March 19 2017 Intelligence Alert Revaluation News:

1. The RV start needs a credible start flash bang and on-going propaganda campaign to deflect attention consistently from the monetary transition.

2. There's going to be a lot of news in a very tight window first thing in the morning right after the Spring Vernal Equinox at 6:28 am EDT Mon. March 20. (Astrology matters to China. It should matter to you if you're wise.)

a. Watch markets for a possible temporary overnight collapse tomorrow morning Mon. March 20 in order to absorb wee hours and early morning news cycle. Even an opening bell down few hundred points would get everyone's attention.

b. At 10 am EDT Mon. March 20 FBI Director Comey will be testifying before Congress about Russia election influence and Trump's claims of Obama wire taps.

c. At 11 am EDT Mon. March 20 Neil Gorsuch will be answering questions for his Supreme Court nomination for the Senate.

3. Trump disappeared since dinner in Florida Sat. March 18 7:30pm EDT and wasen't scheduled to resurface till Mon. March 20 7:30 pm EDT in Kentucky. That's a casual weekend 48 hour window for protection purposes in order to bunker down Trump and start the RV.

4. Israel surrendered this week and bought in. Saudi Arabia surrendered last week and bought in. Both went to China and took multi billion dollar buyouts before the RV fired so their country's and populations could participate.

5. The Ukraine is the last holdout and they have no money to run their nation nor maintain order, so it's just a matter of time. Ukraine is the territorial home of the Cabal and thus its surrender matters to Russia and China greatly--and why they are putting up the greatest fight.

6. Trump was told by China to throw Merkel under the buss on NATO during their first meeting on Fri. March 17.

8. China is now ripping apart the Europe Union country-by-country in a draw-and-quarter strategy until it's all gone. Brexit's article 50 looms March 29, 2017. France is next. Germany will be last in the fall when Merkel is disposed.

9. It's been fun sharing - yet no longer is necessary. Enjoy your life.


H. March 20 2017 12:12 am EDT ZAP: "Two Worlds" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 3.19.17

1. Now that the formal releases are here and about to be let out into the economies, expectations have risen.

2. The releases are meant for Humanity projects, even with the big mother boxes of Historic Bonds.

3. I have witnessed standard banking practices change to make room for the large funds from the old Trusts and Foundations.

4. Rothschild's absolute control of the system is almost over and the real work can begin with agency activity. Protecting what is happening with these releases coincides with a few other global events that are happening simultaneously.

5. The boys and girls of the armed forces are very hard at work and various police forces and intelligence communities are a bit overburdened I hear.

6. The political crap swirling about and efforts of the bad guys against humanity and prevention of the releases would tax anybody's endurance, but we have been patient because everything has to be done correctly to the last detail. The paperwork has to be in legal compliance, the approvals must be correct including details that go into anything that resembles complexity of a multiple nation treaty process.

7. The funds have to first hit the receiving accounts around the world and that will complete the final requirement of this structure to deliver good service.

8. Next week will be busy we were told and we believe it.


I. March 20 2017 Gary Larabee & Philip Tilton:

1. Trump must make the announcement that we are returning the US dollar to the gold standard or asset-backed currency before we are allowed to exchange.

A man in Switzerland claimed he exchanged at the humanitarian rates:

A man in Bagdad said they are exchanging the Iraqi Dinar at a street rate of $5.60.



GJHHonor:  GM to all no change of rates for Iraq today , still no rates for Canada yet.

Australian Dollar AUD 910.378 909.922 Gold Ounces Gold 1,455,846.400 1,453,387.200 CURRENCY CODE SELL BUY US dollar USD 1184.000 1182.000 Euro EUR 1271.261 1270.625 British pound GBP 1463.306 1462.574 Canadian dollar CAD ----- ----- Swiss franc CHF 1187.444 1186.850 Swedish krona SEK 134.374 134.307 Norwegian krone NOK 139.664 139.594 Danish krone DKK 170.999 170.914 Japanese yen JPY 10.436 10.431 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1606.475 1605.672 Indicative rates - 20.03.2017

And they did not update at all still is March 20th

JSL:  After listening to PM Abadi is was a confirmation for me that he is a Highly intelliigent man with Great movtivation to encourage Iraq to be a Stable and solid country for the future generations to live in. especially as he spoke of more abundance coming to all the people of Iraq…. Looks like things are aligning as we speak here to Give Iraq a Huge Pat on the Back!

What better way than to say We recognize your currency globally now. Amen to that!!!

Freeway2:   In case yu missed it. Abadi Speaks today at The Institute of Peace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDeMxEerz10

DeBritt:  He wants the people in Iraq to feel some sort of economical prosperity after dash. Another point I got

Skipper2:  I am so proud of PM Haider al Abadhi, truly a gentleman, a CIVIL Engineer, an excellent leader of dipomacy, defending peace, supporting unity in the Mid-East… His meeting with Saudi Arabia, POTUS, finally the US Institute of Peace - Let this set the stage for long-awaited Blessings; Peace, and Economic Vitality in the World..



Whatever: (Late Monday Night)  Backdoc, I would not ever want to burden you but today is 3/20 and am wondering about Iraq's Shia brothers report? thanks!