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WSOMN Wednesday/Thursday Drama 3/15-16/2017, 17 MARCH

AdminBill in Chat  Wednesday evening

SoBeIt says T​he RV release fell exactly 1 day behind schedule due to East Coast snow GCR/RV Op-Ed "Spokes" , 17 MARCH

​The RV release fell exactly one day behind schedule due to East Coast snow.

British Prime Minister​ Theresa May announced at the Conservative party conference ​back ​in October that Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty will be triggered “no later that the end of March."

It ​was reported that ​M​ay intend​ed to notify the EU of Britain’s intention to withdraw on ​Tuesday ​March 15, triggering two years of negotiations that would end with Brexit in 2019​, but the Royal Assent had not been delivered as of Wednesday morning​.

​So Downing Street​ is now reluctant to comment on specific date​s anymore​.

However, the ​Royal Assent was to arrive on Tuesday evening at midnight, and arrived exactly one day later on Wednesday at midnight due to major weather conditions.

The submission of said document means the end of the European Union and Euro, and the Dark Nobility's remaining faction the House of Rothschild, public surrendered of control of the earth and its inhabitants back to humanity​ (per the Dark Nobility/Hu-Committee negotiations on-going in Beijing).

Thus, the much prophesied apocalyptic "end of the earth" was actually a new beginning for humanity and planet earth, which opposes the core or basic tenant of Christianity as to reverse or lower human vibration so the colored and non-colored alike did not revolt against their Anglo-Saxon/Alien Hybrid slave masters.

For only a complete and sincere surrender to God's Will is universally considered a reliable pathway for individual soul or collective planetary ascension, which is the real truth behind the teachings of Christ, and it does not lead to physical salvation while here on Earth waiting for death and ultimately spiritual ascension to Heaven, it simply reminds the soul of its sacred divinity. 

Everything we have been taught in church, temple and mosques is 100% backwards from God's Will in order to keep humanity enslaved. Thus, we have all been lied to without restraint or limitation, and human nature is to believe what we are told. To trust. Without question, that inherent trait has been abused for millennia. 

Religions are intentional spokes in one big wheel that leads man away from God's Truth, and thus man must now find his way back to the center and unite as One of One. Turns out freedom isn't free. And this historic reversal of fortune, or this return to love, is man's true task at hand, not projects, not sovereign rates, not NDAs or structured payouts.

Soul by soul, all must go, straight back to the loving and waiting arms of God the Father. And only via personal surrender makes His truth our living reality… yet again.



My Intel, Sources, & Reasoning

I had a question posed to me a few days back and I am answering it now. The question was "How Do I Know What I Know?" That is a fair question. Here is the post:

"Question for One Who Knows"

My Dinarland Story

In the early days, which for me was about 4 years ago, I knew nothing about what was going on. Interestingly, I am an expert on how the Universe functions, but, I had no idea about the Cabal, and what was really going on in our World. 

I started searching the web for info on the currencies and of course, I was listening to TNT, reading re-caps, KTFA, and now and again the Big Call & The Real Truth Call. When Yosef showed up, I was drawn to his info immediately and came to Intel Dinar Chronicles because this is where Yosef posted his information. Needless to say, I fell in love with this site and this community and have stayed here ever since.

I Have Inner-Guidance

While studying the Universe and how it functions, I developed my inner-guidance system and use it for any and everything. It is so great to instantly check whether or not something is true. There are two main questions I check, Truth yes or no, and my actions/decisions yes or no. So this is the first of my main sources of intel. Without going into detail, I will tell you who I trust and follow and who I do not, all based on my inner guidance system.

My Top Sources

Yosef, The Big Call, Fisher, Zorra, Tank, Sheldon Nidle, to name the main ones. If I were to add in another "Source" it might be the Real Truth Call, except they are not an intel source, exactly, but they do bring in and discuss a lot of information that is not talked about anywhere else.

My Qualifications For A Source

My qualification for these sources is "Truth" in the moment. In this fast moving and ever changing World Change event, the only thing that is true, is what is true in the moment, since it can and often does change and evolve as needed. So, as long as I get a YES that the info is true "Now" I like the source. Importantly it can change, as it usually does, but importantly, it was true when it was conveyed.

Intentional Deception

I allow for deception. On these sources, there is deception from time to time as needed to thwart the bad guys. The only way to fake out the Cabal, is to give us a direct message and fake us out as well. I accept this as a very important part of the Cabal take down plan and am pleased to be able to contribute in this way. There have been many fake go times that netted some big cabal and stopped some terrible things from being done, like blowing up cities etc. IT WAS ALL GOOD, and frankly exactly what was needed. I don’t care if the information is EXACTLY true or not as long as it is the "Right" thing to say and do at this moment in the plan. Would I like to get perfect, inside information? Sure, but this is a multi thousand year old war that is in its final battle, and I would not trade a final win, just to have inside intel that could harm the plan. All I care about, is the final result, and whatever it takes to get there, I am good with that.


The main "Test" for me is agenda. Knowing that the truth in one moment may be different in the very next moment, and that sometimes the intel is completely false for very good reasons, my criteria is "Agenda." What is the agenda of the people I follow? Is it good and benevolent for the benefit of all, or is it a cabal agenda meant to harm us? My answer to that MAIN QUESTION for all those I listed above is "VERY GOOD AGENDA." I "get" that whatever they do and say, is for the best reasons to help us all get through this World change as quickly and safely as possible. That is all that matters to me.

My No Follow List

Bearing in mind that my main "Test" is agenda, I do not follow these sources and am not interested in the least, about what they have to say. Mountain Goat, Dr. Clark, TNT, KTFA, Veterans Today, and Dinar recaps, to name a few. In short, they may have actual intel, but it is slanted in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned.

If you follow any of these people or sites, that is your business as it is not my place to say who you should or should not follow. I am just making it clear that NONE of the information I get is from these sources. Frankly, I don’t even know what they are saying since I DO NOT read or listen to ANYTHING they put out. To be clear, this is my opinion, and each of us has to decide for ourselves, who we listen to, and who we do not. In that regard, this is my personal do not pay attention to list.

"Other" Sources

I have other VERY HIGH UP in the process contacts and information sources that I will not mention or list here. Needless to say, that they want to remain unnamed for security and safety reasons. These higher sources contacted me and have indicated that they appreciate my posts, and want to assist me in bringing important and valuable information to you. I have the utmost confidence in their intel and have been given permission and authority to release the information I give you.


Regarding the topic of disinformation and misinformation, interestingly, I have been told in certain cases, it serves the greater good. "They" are the ones who have consulted me to allow the fear mongering information to continue for good reasons, but, agree with my sense that harmful information must be confronted. For the record, I will NOT create nor promote disinformation, through my posts. That being said, in many cases, I won’t confront it either, for very good strategy reasons. This has been the hardest thing for me since I want to stamp out disinformation the moment it raises its ugly head, but, for the good of the overall plan, I do not. I guess nothing wakes up the sleeping public like the threat of radiation and nuclear war.

Manifesting Information

When it comes to information on manifesting and how the Universe works, in that regard, I claim EXPERT status as that is my strongest area of knowledge. Any posts of mine in that area of information comes as a result of more than 20,000 hours of study and research in every aspect of manifestation and the nature and Function of the Universe. I am currently writing my next book which promises to be the most advanced information available anywhere on this subject. 

The Nay Sayers

Clearly, no matter what is shared, there will be those who do not agree or demand proof of which there is none, and that is perfectly O.K. Say nay all you want. I am at peace with what I am posting and sharing in this community and in my own writings. It is not my work to change anyone, but instead to make available to the World important and valuable information. It is then up to those seeking that information to find it and decide for themselves. In the end, no matter if people agree with it or not, has no bearing what so ever on its truth. In that regard, I only post what I believe and/or know is true.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I draw from many sources for my dinarland intel, much of which is already available from other posts. In cases where it is already been shared in Dinarland, I bring perspective and reminders of where we are and what is next. When it comes to information and intel from my higher sources, you will just have to decide for yourself if it resonates with you or not. My only mission is to get it out into the World for those who are seeking it. It is up to them to receive it or not. Since it always works out in the end, it doesn't bother me in the least if my information is believed or not, as each of us has our own path to travel. I will continue to post not because I have to, but because I want to and love doing so. I feel compelled to share what I have learned and it gives me great joy in doing so. 

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



Sundancer:  Why this has to go down soon maybe this weekend!!!!!

So I read this article and it got me thinking: 

So I went to the Treasury Dept website and researched it myself here:    https://www.fms.treas.gov/dts/index.html

So the articles premise is true for the last 4 months the Treasury has not been storing Cash reserves in it's normal manner but spending down Cash fast and it is accelerating.

And todays report shows it in a nutshell: 

It basically says that today’s Cash reserves 23 BILLION Yesterdays 76 Billion, This past months starting reserves 189 Billion and this Fiscal years (that starts in Oct) was 353 billion. You can go back to previous years and track this! it NEVER happens. This is SERIOUS!
it is cut by over 80% in the last 4 months.so in an emergency when we cannot spend on credit like we do most of the time they have been spending that cash emergency money.

It is Stupid and it began back in October and continued till the inauguration and still afterward I was asking who in the Treasury Dept started that policy (that they have never been before) continues it and basically if it continues we will be broke in days if the budget does not pass the house/Senate within those days.

Remember last time this happened of holding budget hostage at least they had the cash reserves to spend till it passed that is not able to happen this time. That is because the borrowing limit is used up yesterday and unless the congress and Senate pass something that says we can borrow above that we have to use the cash and there is so little left considering how fast it went down this past month.

 It is the weekend have not heard a peep in the news about it like last time we hit the debt ceiling.

So what it says to me is either they GCR or the country is up the creek without a paddle!


Sundancer: if you know the past you would know they always keep big reserves in case it gets stalled so they have a few weeks to splash all over the news that they need to up the debt ceiling

Dedar:  sundancer wouldn't it be wonderful if this is the catalyst to let it go?

Sundancer:  This year not a peep and also the Senate and House are usually in session late for weeks ahead arguing on it…..No one in session I know and news NADA

Vicabig:  Interesting analysis sundancer! They can only up load the debt limit with a congressional vote the Wizard is behind the curtain

Sundancer:  either they pass the debt ceiling like by Monday or poof

Bearfoot:  sun yes I read a couple articles that says they will run out of cash by mid summer

Sundancer:  I think before that if the Treasury report is correct…..Someone in Treasury is backing them into a corner.   Well they must have more creative accounting than I know about for it to last till summer if my research is correct

Vicabig:  hmmm maybe our new Sec of Treasury and POTUS

Dedar:  Maybe that is also important with the meeting with Abadi.

Sundancer:  Yes I think maybe why Abadi meeting now

Dedar:  The meeting with Abadi was the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned the debt ceiling.



Bruce:  I want to welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are thrilled you are here. We have been doing this call for 6 years now. I am into my 13th year in some interest in currency that we are involved with now. I am excited to continue and to offer what we are going to. A shout out to all who listening to us in New York City, and any other cities as well. Thank you all who are tuned in throughout Big Call Country all over the world.

Bruce:  We are in a situation now we are so close to the blessing to fruition.  There is very little active Intel out there. There are a few things here and there and some things are too sensitive to go into. We have been asked not to do very much Intel at all. What I am thinking is to tell you we are at a position from what I have heard that we are so close that we don’t want to say anything to jeopardize our position in this. When we are asked not to say much then from our perspective many things are done.
Bruce:  There may be some announcement coming in near future we are looking for. Over all a lot has happened behind the scenes and we are in the right place at the right time. Trust me to believe we are in a really good position right now to stay virtually quiet.
I am going to tell you things everyone may have heard before.

Bruce:  Our humanitarian projects, I want to start with our veterans are committing suicide between 20 to 22 veterans a day. That is sad. We have a plan to help mediate that and get that number right down. That is part of our Veteran Retreat Network program.  It has a component that I stated called “Streets to Retreat”.  This is the concept to try to take the homeless veterans off the streets to offer them housing, medical help, job training, and rehab a number of these motels apartment house buildings. We want to take veterans and graduate them from coming off the streets to housing and get them back to some sense of normalcy of life.

Bruce:  Them we want to take them from those housing to our retreats to give them more job training. These will be decent wage earning jobs at our retreats. We want to offer them PTSD counseling and for their families. Make it a family situation as needed. Then employ as many veterans as we can. We will be the largest employer of vets in the country. We have various retreat sites picked out. Right now we have 85 different people from the Big Call that have talked about buying land and ranches that we would use a portion of for the retreats. We will work with those people in those areas.

Bruce:  With the ability of the ZIM to be worth so much with private negotiable rates, it gives us more opportunity to purchase these properties and have them owned out right by the Veteran program. We want to offer the veterans a really nice program and vacation time as well in these retreats.  Too, offer equine therapy, canine therapy, we probably need some help with from the Big Call to work with us in that area. We want to have full fledged retreats that offer all the recreation venues except golf. We want them to play on golf courses no more than 30 minutes away. We plan to have a golf practice facility on a number of our retreats.

Bruce:  We want to entertain the concept of a lot of sports as fishing and hunting on some of our retreats. Also offer a serene pastoral type atmosphere for our veterans and families to enjoy vacation time. Too, the same concept with our Pastoral Retreat Network that will be for visiting pastors and missionaries to come in off the field to give them a place to get some R and R and place to do planning for the next year. A place of refuge they can come with their families and have a vacation on us. So far we have had 16 to 20 pastoral retreats throughout the United States and some in the Caribbean that would give us that opportunity. We will expand on that area as well.

Bruce:  Ministers we want to separate. We will support many but some we are fond of Jerusalem Pray Team and Voice of Asia. When it comes to other types of humanitarian projects we talked a lot about offering food and water as basic necessities. There are a lot of places around the world that don’t have good drinking water and sewer around the world and the United States.
Bruce:  Also the idea of raising food using aquaponics, fish farming, gardening to raise vegetables in green house atmosphere and fish tanks to supply the fertilization for the vegetables. Also community gardens using normal types of seasonal gardening in the inner city and plan to do that in as many cities we can set up. That would be part of our Rebuild America. That would be one part of it. We want to involve the local neighborhoods, communities to build these with help so the people get educated on what we are trying to do so when we leave that area in terms of the garden, we have responsible people to manage that and keep it working.

Bruce:  We want to be there for the local people. Rebuild America is another project in making America great again. We can do that with help from our listeners from the Big Call. To have over 5000 people work with us, 100 people per state. The concept is to start with that many people and expand it as we grow into more and more cities in the United States. To adopt a city, town, community depending on how you want to scale it. The larger the city the more there will be to do.

Bruce:  Some of the areas need help with housing. That is important to me to raise the level of housing throughout the country. Build with great systems that will withstand tornados and other storms.  I know we have the technology and know how to build energy efficient homes. We do have the concept coming of free energy. I am looking forward going into that in more detail soon.

Bruce:  Rebuild American can include picking up vacant lots, building out neighborhoods that are low employment. Create in these areas for people to learn certain trades. Have them learn by apprenticeship, and mentoring. We plan on offering these for the youths and veterans. We can employ a lot of people in these areas.

Bruce:  In order to not only to stay with building homes we want to build out the infrastructure. That could mean new roads, bridges, meglove railways, schools, additional buildings for schools that already have the land.  We can add gymnasiums, art centers, anything to improve the lives of the children that go there. Also clinics and adding wings onto hospitals. We will have tremendous opportunities. We can have a can do attitude.

Bruce:   I am not going to ask for any money. I am going to do what I am going to do in building the Veterans Retreat Program. Rebuild America. You can take a look of the template we are going to design and you can communicate with us and pick a city or area you want to live. You can communicate with us and not reinvent the wheel, You say I like that architecture, etc. and you can be in touch with us with our new website, and podcast.

Bruce:  Everybody out there that is hearing my voice make sure you get the latest smart phone, laptop, or at least a tablet you can communicate with us in the future. We will be putting up a new site pretty soon. I will be in touch with you how that is going to work. You can go to our website: thebigcall.net for any update for the next call we plan to do. Check the site for information about the 800 numbers or anything else we can put on the web site. You have the basic concept of rebuild America for the 50 states, 100 people per state, 100 cities, towns or communities per state. That would make a dent.

Bruce:  Then I came up with infrastructure bonds. That is a concept our banking partners can come into play. I want to create a partner for those of us who are blessed can purchase infrastructure bonds to help rebuild America. We can use this technique to help cities. Maybe we can employ a lot of people in these areas.
Bruce:  In order to not only to stay with building homes we want to build out the infrastructure. That could mean new roads, bridges, meglove railways, schools, additional buildings for schools.  We can add gymnasiums, art centers.   Anything to improve the lives of the children that go there. Also clinics and adding wings on to hospitals.

Bruce:  We can have a can do attitude. I am not going to ask for any money. I am going to do what I am going to do in building the Veteran Retreat Program.  For Rebuild America take a look of the template we are going to design and you can communicate with us and pick a city or area you want to live, you can communicate with us and not reinvent the wheel. You say I like that architecture, etc. and you can be in touch with us with our new website, and podcast.

Bruce:  Everybody out there that is hearing my voice make sure you get the latest smart phone, laptop, or at least a tablet you can communicate with us in the future. We will be putting up a new site pretty soon. I will be in touch with you how that is going to work. You can go to our website: the bigcall.net for any update for the next call we plan to do. Check the site for information about the 800 numbers or anything else we can put on the web site.
Bruce:  You have the basic concept of Rebuild America in the 50 states, 100 people per state, 100 cities, towns or communities per state. That would make a dent. Then I came up with infrastructure bonds. That is a concept our banking partners can come into play. I want to create a partner for those of us who are blessed can purchase infrastructure bonds to help rebuild America. We can use this technique to help cities.

Bruce:  Maybe have the rare tax exempt, state tax exempt. That would be cool to have the opportunity to make 3 percent on tax exempt bond. It can be for large amounts. Any of us can pick up bond offering ourselves. The budget is 1.5 trillion set aside for infrastructure. We are talking about tens of trillions of dollars we can support. I am asking the administration and the solid banking community as partner working very close with Steven Mnuchin to put a plan like this together. I think it has merit. Something to this.

Bruce:  You guys are the expert. You know what the bond offerings can be like and incentive wise. Don’t have to be just for us who going to be super blessed but for anybody who wants to be partners with us.  This can be all throughout the United States and internationally also. If Iraq can offer 1 trillion in bonds, and get 5 or 6 countries to bite to pick up portion of those bonds, why can’t we do the same thing? Why can’t we offer trillion dollars in bonds? We don’t want to limit ourselves here. We can make real improvements the next 5 to 10 years and get started right away.

Bruce:  You bank guys and wealth management department of these banks who are listening in, think about it and see if it is something or maybe you already thought of it. I am encouraged that it could be something we can do with our structure payout with our quarterly payments we earn and use a portion of it. Now you don’t touch the principle making that interest earning money for them and for us. Then we are really partners in that sense.

Bruce:  We don’t want one red cent from the government.  It is not a program but a private program from the Big Call. I am not asking for any money from my listeners. We can do it to help. I want to put that out there something we are doing from a humanitarian point of view. I am excited to build leadership teams that would lead in these areas. I am one person but I am not going to be over all these projects. We will hire leaders that will be over these projects.
Bruce:  We are being told to lay low right now. The Intel has been light the last couple of days, but things are being done behind the scenes. Stay in faith and get ready for what is coming. What we will do is should we get the toll free number, the 800 number between now and the next scheduled call on Tuesday, we will put a prerecorded call on our website. Check back occasionally for the recorded call and the 800 number that will be on our website.

Bruce:  Thank you all for coming in for the first time and those from the financial community and listen to some of the plans we plan on doing. We plant to partner with those doing our exchanges and wealth management teams. We want to thank HSBC and Wells Fargo, AIIB, People Bank of China, and in Canada, TD Bank Royal Bank of Canada, and Scotia Bank, ANZ Bank, Moca Pocia Bank, and Scotia Bank in the Caribbean. We are excited to work with all of you. Also Bank of America that will be changing their name over as HSBC makes their move to assimilate them. Also Citi Bank, Chase Bank, our Tier 2 Banks and Tier 3 Banks, and our neighborhood banks.

Bruce:  I am not a CPA, or Attorney, but use the resources the banks will give you to get you started in building out your team. Have at least 5 to 10 names for your trusts, LLCs, foundation names. All these things are going to be by trial to see what is available and taken to get your EIN. Get started with your trust before you leave and then you can always go back and modify to get exactly the trust you want in place of your skeleton trust of your first appointment.  I am going to do only one bank wire. You will have the ability to get over $10,000 in cash, in packs of $2500.  Also you will have a temporary debit card which you can charge up to $100,000 dollars to get you started and then access to your funds of your mother lode account depending on the day of the week the exchange transpires.

Bruce:  Make sure you have your presentation down to no more than two to three pages in bulletin outline. Something you can talk about for a minute or two. If you don’t have a project of your own, you can always jump in with Rebuild America. Tell them you plan on being part of that. We will Rebuild America. You can help rebuild anywhere in the world. You can ask and negotiate that ZIM rate well about that screen rate and go way up to a 5 figure rate to fund these projects. Not only you will benefit, the people will, but also the banks will benefit with a higher rate. That is all we need to say tonight. I don’t have the number to give you tonight, but hopefully soon before Tuesday. All have a great rest of the week and weekend and see if it comes through to us as we hope. Enjoy tomorrow, and thank you all for coming into the Big Call.

Bruce:  Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent for all of you do. Thank you all Big Call listeners, we appreciate you coming in tonight and being part of our call. Good night everybody.



3-16-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru loop    Article:  "Alheims: the government was forced to borrow because of the external costs of the war effort Banks"   Quote:  "...he pointed to the achievement of the proportion of the profits of the bank increased by 300%, confirmed go half to the Treasury the public."  TBI increased it's profits by 300%! It's amazing how profits soar when people are not stealing the money!  This little article speaks volumes on how effective the monitoring of the banking system is. A 300% increase in profits under normal economic conditions is beyond huge. Folks Iraq is at war and the TBI saw a 300% increase in profits. That is simply unheard of.

3-16-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
    Here's a weird tidbit - just happened this AM ...they changed the way they list the currency auctions - this AM...no rate - they took out the 1182 part. NADA. MIA.

3-16-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
  Donald Trump wants security across the entire region...We know Abadi will see Trump on the 19th...and I said earlier...maybe even like tomorrow [Thursday].  IMO...after they are done talking... (several days possible)...then Abadi will leave and will go to the Arabic Summit Meeting. Do you think that Abadi will tell Trump that Mosul is liberated?  Will he tell the whole Middle East that terrorism and Daesh is gone?  Did you know that about 3 days ago on Iraqi TV...they told the citizens that they are 100% liberated?  Could this be why Abadi is coming to America to meet with Trump?  I believe we will see things after Abadi visits with Donald Trump. In my strong opinion...I believe Abadi will need to be in Iraq when the announcement happens to lift the value.
[post 2 of 2]

3-16-2017   Intel Guru Frank26  Abadi said in January 2017...Iraq will be an international nation...lifting the value of their currency...BUT...the Governor of the CBI was told to postpone it...which brings us right to where we are...right now. The private sectors have met with the IMF...the first 4 days of this 2 week meeting...that is unheard of.  Starting about now (IMF meetings with the CBI)...they will talk about their exchange rate, and monetary policy. That’s why Saleh came out and said that the financial crisis will be behind them...deficit will be lifted...HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DO THAT?  ...about 6 days ago...the finance committee hosted Allaq (CBI Governor)...wanted to know if they could talk about the exchange rate.  At the start of 2017...we were told they were going to lift the 3 zeros...but it looks like they were given a VARIANCE ...it appears that we are at the end of that VARIANCE right now.  They are more than ready to lift the value...as far as the technology, mechanism...the CBI is ready.  Yes...Iraq’s leaders feel they are ready.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


3-16-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "(Reuters) Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the government offensive to recapture the city of Mosul from Islamic State militants was in its final stages."   Mosul moving to an end soon.  Boom.  [Whats your thoughts...that an rv happen could happen before april or during april. Being info. out of Iraq is usually already happened so mosul prob closer to done sooner than later!]  Not sure - but I'm very excited I'm still in this thing!!



MilitiaMan:  I see that they are telling us when and where, (see article below)  as far as they are concerned. Thanks Don,

I realize that this means to me that NR is in the forefront in Amman next week starting around the same time as the 68 countries finish up in Wash  D.C. with Trump.

I see that there are significant amount of articles that are conflicting the when and whereabouts of Abadi. I am going with many are smoke.

One in particular tells the story. Abadi's actual physical location at anytime is a security risk.
 Note the article about Saudis warnings of an attack against the USA. Saudi has been in Iraq recently. Only a fly on the wall could tell us what was said. Actions are our clues.

Those actions are unfolding like a dinner napkin. It won't be long for dinner to be served.. the main course is an international delight!

The Iraq's International new Dinar series of lower denoms that are less the three zeros, imo.. 
Don961:  Aboul Gheit to Mr. Ammar al-Hakim: We congratulate the settlement project and we will put forward at the Arab summit

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Park the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit said during a visit to Baghdad on Wednesday, Chairman of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, the national settlement project in Iraq.

A statement by the Office of the Prime Alliance and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, on Thursday, that the two sides "discussed the Arab League meeting expected in the Jordanian capital , Amman , files , and the challenges facing the Arab consensus and the fight against terrorism intellectually basically class after a military confrontation."

Park and the Secretary General of the Arab League , " the victories achieved by Iraq today on terrorism" , stressing that "Iraq to regain the Arab role."

Mr. Hakim stressed that "Iraq regained its people and everyone became today aware of the size of the risks caused by political conflicts , " adding that " the national reconciliation project put forward by the National Alliance as the biggest bloc stems from the depth of experience and the conviction that there should be reassuring inclusive for all project proboscis country and take it out of crises ".

For his part , Abul Gheit Park "national reconciliation project and promised to put it to the Arab summit meeting" .anth



Don961:  ME will surely take notice of increase in defense spending ... and reduction in international assistance ... IMO

Trump puts the draft budget includes a significant reduction of the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an increase in defense spending

MARCH 16, 2017

WASHINGTON AFP B. The White House announced Wednesday that President Donald Trump Thursday will propose a budget for 2018 requires an increase of nearly 10 percent in the Ministry of defense spending (the Pentagon) and a significant reduction in the money the Foreign Ministry (28 percent).

He said budget director Mick Mulvany, a reduction in the external budget affects especially international assistance, stressing that "the diplomatic core functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" will not be affected. But this presidential proposals are just the beginning of a long battle with Congress, the owner of the final decision in the budgetary issues.



Samson:  Zimbabwe signs infrastructure funding MoU

Financially-crippled Zimbabwe yesterday took a big investment step after signing a memorandum of understanding with a South Korean business delegation, which will unlock financing for infrastructure projects.

The delegation is based in the United States and had representatives from the Rosenthall Group, Global Trade and Finance Inc and Natrabank of Africa.

They are scouting for investment opportunities in financing, development and construction of infrastructure, agriculture and agribusiness, transport and water, mining, energy, manufacturing and power among others.

The MoU will also culminate in the setting up of a bullion bank, which will use the gold as collateral to help secure funding instead of relying on foreign financial institutions, according to Rosenthall Group chief executive officer and president Robert Rosenthall.

Chief secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda, who signed on behalf of Zimbabwe, said engagements with the delegation have been premised on the need to formulate joint venture approaches to investment that were anchored on “financial engineering leveraging on natural resource endowment and human capital which the country has in abundance”.

“Various areas of cooperation have been reached between Zimbabwean enterprises and institutions represented by the delegation,” he said.

Referring to the interest by the delegation, Sibanda said “this form and magnitude of investment will turn around the fortunes of the country within the next few years”.

“Opportunities are also being pursued under the aegis of the special economic zones, which essentially seek to attract both local and foreign investment under favourable monetary, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives including new clean technologies,” he said.

Natrabank chairperson Celeste de Brito told journalists after the signing ceremony that she would be back in Zimbabwe in a week to set up a bank.

Global Trade and Finance president and CEO Kumja Lee said the delegation was open to all projects in infrastructure, adding that work would commence in 90 days.

The interest by the delegation came at a time when government has undertaken a number of reforms, under the ease of doing business, to lure foreign investors.

Foreign investors continue giving the country a wide berth due to unfavourable policies such as the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.

Government sees the economic blueprint, ZimAsset, as the driver of economic growth.
However, economic analysts say policy inconsistences and corruption were the elephants in the living room of the Zimbabwe’s economy.

Mile100:  After reading the notes (link to highlights) I am encouraged but something worried me.

Frank says IF they do lift the 3 zeroes in the first quarter of this year it can be retroactive, now what if they dont?

We have been told numerous times they won’t lift the value in the middle or end of the year they want to do it in the beginning, would our window be gone if they didn’t by end of 1st quarter  and be waiting till beginning of 2018 for a new window? ‘

I appreciate the notes Frosty and Frankk thanks for the Q and A. Hopefully we are drawing near to an end of this venture and a new beginning for Iraq and ALL dinar holders.

Time will only tell. Let’s see what transpires out of those meetings with Trump. 


BigSpringTex:  IMO FIRST, Iraq does not control when their rate will be released Internationally.

SECOND,  Their rate is already live in country and working its way up to be released Internationally.

THIRD, Everything up to June 1st can be retroactive back to Jan. 1st.

AND LASTLY, VARIANCES have been made because of the circumstances surrounding Iraq.....Syria, ISIS, ECT.......I've lost count on how many times Frank has gone over this....

The bottom line is Iraq is going International with their rate by or before June 1st.  The plan is not to waste 2017.  Too many Countries, Companies, and Iraq have everything riding on this.

But EVERYONE has come to far at this point in the game to cut any corners.....HENCE why Trump said get ISIS the heck out of the middle East now so we can get down to business!!!  IMO




Truckerbabe67:  Ok you guys i have to share this with you all.
I had to go into my bank  to take care of something,  that I have been doing business with for years and years, and so has my whole family.   ( not at the teller level but private banker level)   after she was finished helping me with what i needed,  she asked me if there was anything else that she could help me with? 

I replied " yes maybe,  I have been collecting foreign currencies, and i was just wondering if you could possibly check on your screen to see what the rates are for the VND, Indonesian Rupiah & the Iraqi dinar etc??    

She said no shes sorry but they can't access that with her computer at that bank,  the only thing they can do with foreign currencies is to send them off to have them verified etc,  to find out? 
And of course that wasn't ok with me ...so i just said thank you but i will wait,   and she said  funny you mention the Iraqi Dinar?   because a lot of my customers are heavily invested in the Iraqi Dinar.  I said ohh really?!  and she smiled when she said it!   and NEVER once called it a scam!  

I then explained about a lot of banks are now exchanging the iraqi dinar,  even though at a very low rate that its really interesting! and she smiled at me and nodded.

I also explained that i know of someone who had exchanged the Zimbabwe  at 3 cents,   via a private exchange deal.  etc..  and  she smiled real big and her eyes got big!  and as i explained about the private deals that they happen a lot... and she said YES they do!  

And she asked me if she could give my number to theie private banker.    of course i said YES of course by all means!      I was shocked!!!  that she is the one who asked...i never even brought it up!  

My personal feeling is that I have a strong feeling all those she mentioned that are heavily invested are probably on a list to be called in when it happens?  :) 

I also explained that from what im hearing is that WF  is going to be the lead main bank,  and she was just listening very intently to everything i was saying,  and i also explained I've heard about the bank memo's they have been getting  about letting their employees know that this is about to happen and to be prepared when it does.    and she just smiled and nodded like she knew what i was talking about ..but couldn't say.

She also asked me how i was doing with my truck driving etc,  I explained please pray for me because it hasn't been doing too well financially to please pray for me,  and she ..just said  well you hang on to those coins, because they are going to be worth ALLOT!  ( she kept referring to currencies as coins, and i believe that was a code word she was using as she was close to another employees desk  so as to not cause too much attention.  i believe the word coins was to talk about it without mentioning currency ,  like a code word )

She then followed me out to the door,  and we talked about my folks,  she remembers my dad when he was alive etc...  and she asked quietly as we were walking to the door how much are we talking about?? 

I asked her do you mean how much i have?   and she said yes... and I explained  I have a lot,  I didn't give an exact amount,  but  that i was highly invested basically.    She smiled and said good!   and finished walking me to the door as we still talked about the currency and reg family things etc... as to not call too much atten about what we were talking about.

Now this is a very small bank,  not a big four by all means.   But they have been very good to me and my family.  and I explained i would LOVE to continue to do business with them. 
SOOO!  anyways needless to say i walked out of my bank feeling SOO EXCITED!  esp for a very small bank to be this attentive, and her asking if she could give my number to their wealth manager!  
 I believe she knows more than she's saying honestly from how she reacted and esp to her going out of her way to ask if she could give my number to theie WM!   ( I never even asked to speak or talk to the WM at all?  so i was shocked when she asked me that!  but happy!!!)
Anyways you guys if this is already down to the little small banks... at this level... that is a EXTREMELY BIG!  

This thing is about to go down i honestly believe!!! and not long away!

Hang in there everyone!!!!
Dr.MJRandy: Dear truckerbabe67,I respectfully suggest that you acquire some Iranian Rial. The Rial is supposed to revalue March 20th of this year.

Dinara:  I hear people doubting that it's going to happen soon… I would just like them to remember what they believe in and carry it through...We Are Close... Everyone just needs to believe and hold on and quit doubting.

Dallred123:  I think little doubt clouds hit us all. But stay strong we are almost in the bank

JSL:  Mosul is looking good, and Iraq needs it done yesterday, so that should encourage us we are in good company



Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 16 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 16 2017

Compiled 12:26 am EST 16 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. March 15 2017 10:27 pm EST Operation Disclosure Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure Intel Alert: "This is it" - Revaluation News 3-15-17

1. USN's are live. Everywhere. All tiers.

2. Final bank meetings concluded in San Francisco and Reno Nevada today March 15 2017. Final instructions have been activated.
3. 800#s are coming out today March 15.

4. Redemptions start tomorrow March 16.

5. The 2017-2018 budget was passed quietly and prerecorded.

6. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin signed the Republic budget into law today March 15.

7. They will release the news later tonight March 15.

8. This is it.


B. March 15 2017 TNT : I'm not hearing of any holdup. I still expect it this week. If not, then next week.


C. March 15 2017 10:22 pm EST Real Truth Call with Fisher and Yosef: Real Truth Call w/ Fisher ft. Yosef: Recording for March 15, 2017

(Yosef joins Fisher after hour 2.) https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/wall/recorded_audio?



D. March 15 2017 2:22 pm EST Intel Alert Revaluation News:
 Operation Disclosure Intel Alert: Revaluation News 3-15-17

1. The Royal Assent document (regarding Brexit) was delivered to Prime Minister Theresa May's office early on Wed. morning March 15 2017. The announcement that May has triggered Article 50 of Brexit by contacting the EU is what the world is waiting on to release global financial reforms.

2. Wed. March 15 2017 is the line in the sand of who is with us and is also the performance date of the long awaited GCR completion or Revaluation of currencies.

3. ZIM redemptions take off no zeros.

4. ZIM redemptions require no NDA for screen rate exchanges.

5. ZIM redemptions may also fall below screen rates by choice of the redeemers requiring less return.

6. ZIM redemptions have been on going for a week at the T4 level at smaller or teaser rates.

7. ZIM redemptions are being honored by the Chinese Elders via HSBC.

8. Some other US banks can in-take ZIM currency and receive a small handling fee.

9. You may ask for any rate you desire for your ZIM currency, but expect to sign a NDA and have your principal placed into a long-term structured settlement.

10. There is no longer any meaningful push back or danger posed by cabal minions.


E. March 15 2017 1:56 pm EST by One Who Knows: "I Can Confirm Whoof's Intel" - One Who Knows - 3.15.17

1. I can hereby confirm the information in Whoof's post earlier today. It was confirmed to me by sources involved in the process and who has asked to remain unnamed for safety of all involved. "US Republic/RV Intel" by Whoof - 3.15.17

2. The USA Inc. was indeed closed down and the New (Restored) Republic was activated according to international law.

3. USA INC. officially closed down at 11:58 pm EST on March 14 2017.

4. The Republic officially activated into full power at 12:01 am EST on March 15 2017.

5. The time between governments was when many important and official documents were signed by both the outgoing Government Representatives and the Incoming Government Representatives. There were many "Original Copies" to be signed and sent by Currier to the required destinations as mandated by International Law.

6. All went perfectly according to plan. We are now Officially and Legally, The Republic of the United States.

7. The next question is when will the World Be notified of the Change? VERY SOON...

F. March 15 2017 7:38 am EST Whoof: "US Republic/RV Intel" by Whoof - 3.15.17

As per several sources, two important events were scheduled to happen this morning:

1. As of 11:58 PM E­ST March 15th, Corporate United States, Inc. would cease to exist.

2. As of 12:01 AM EST on March 15th, the restored US Republic would become our official government.

3. The US Republic, along with asset and gold-ba­cked currency (USNs), must be­ in place prior to release of the RV.

4. We have been told that the USNs were already in place at US banks.


FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Ok … let’s walk into the 2nd part of our study tonight.

This morning on our website, we had a gentleman and he made a post and it cause a little frustration.  I responded to him in a strong but positive way.  No one knows the date or the rate.
We all know that when you post on a forum, we can’t see each others faces, emotions, body language.  It’s hard to tell what some people need.  This individual called, apologized, didn’t mean to sound confrontational.  I know this man.  He is our brother in Christ.  We love you sir and we respect you.  I also apologized if I sounded too strong.

In our opening prayers, before we start our cc … we ask for God’s spirit to guide us.

To lead you is not easy … it requires a certain form of discipline.  Someday in heaven I plan on asking Moses … “How did you do it?”

Last week we had over 3,500 people on LiveStream – and that’s why it crashed.  That’s why we didn’t get a suitable recording for playback.

Tonight will be a little different.

Last Monday, we ran out of time.

Last Monday we talked about FINAL ARTICLE #37
We talked about what we called VARIANCES … IMO these have been applied to the monetary reform.

They (IMF) are taking extraordinary measures with Iraq – especially in the 1st quarter of this year.

BTW … if I say “IMF” … who else does that represent?  (The USA)

What are the goals of the IMF?  MilitiaMan broke them down for you.  He did a wonderful job.  That is about the closest you will get to seeing what is going on in the IMF right now.

In the 1st quarter this year … the Mookla … because of the VARIANCES that happened in January.

January 16th … may not be in effect any longer

Family until they tell you something different … IMO … they were given VARIANCES from January 16th by President Trump.

So much has changed … has it not?

It’s not like Saleh didn’t know what he was talking about.  Look at FINAL ARTICLE #37

He didn’t talk about debt or the budget.  Things are different now.

A lot of socks are being put on right now … we’re just looking for the shoe that fits.

Saleh was not carelessly … he said they can REMOVE their DEFICIT.  That is extremely powerful.

The CBI can cover their currency too.

15 Trillion Dinars in debt.  (That’s 15 Billion USD).  They use more than that a month to run their country.  That doesn’t make sense, does it?

What did I say about the next 2 weeks?

They have the key to the deficit and the budget … that’s a lot of NOT making sense … unless you raise the value of your currency.

This week … we told you … there wouldn’t really be any news.  Even Mosul is boring to the media.

Security and stability is HOT … and Abadi is ready to tell Trump how hot it is.

The credit rating companies … took Iraq’s credit rating from a C- to a +B.

We know Abadi will see Trump on the 19th … and I said earlier … maybe even like tomorrow.

IMO … after they are done talking … (several days possible) … then Abadi will leave and will go to the Arabic Summit Meeting.

Do you think that Abadi will tell Trump that Mosul is liberated?

Will he tell the whole Middle East that terrorism and Daesh is gone?

Did you know that about 3 days ago on Iraqi TV … they told the citizens that they are 100% liberated?

Again … this whole CC is in my opinion.

I do not have intel … this is just a study of the IQD as it progresses.
The private sectors have met with the IMF … the first 4 days of this 2 week meeting … that is unheard of.

Starting about now (IMF meetings with the CBI) … they will talk about their exchange rate, and monetary policy.

That’s why Saleh came out and said that the financial crisis will be behind them … deficit will be lifted … HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DO THAT?

Do you see them getting any loans/money from anybody?

Last time was like June of last year … and that was 3 separate payments of chump-change.
It was about 6 days ago … the finance committee hosted Allaq (CBI Governor) … wanted to know if they could talk about the exchange rate.

Come on Allaq … can you tell us what you are doing?

Did he?

Did you read the articles?

At the start of 2017 … we were told they were going to lift the 3 zeros … but it looks like they were given a VARIANCE … at it appears that we are at the end of that VARIANCE right now.    That’s not a cop-out … do you see me running?

The MOOKLA … (start of 2017) … was postponed by the governor of the CBI (Allaq) on January the 16th.

Saleh said in 2012 … he said they were going to do this at the beginning on 2017.


Are we not bombing in Raqqa, Syria?

Is that what we are waiting for … for Raqqa to be secured … before they tell you about Mosul?

So … today we see an article come out … “decision … move country forward”

What decisions?

Private sector … IMF (USA) … at the CBI meeting.  Why did they start with the private sector?

Because they are angry because they haven’t implemented the 2017 budget yet … and haven’t been paid for over 3 months now.

So … who is the IMF (USA) meeting with?  The CBI, COM, Financial Minister.

These people have been bragging a LOT!  They wanted to raise the value at the beginning of 2017.

Bragging … postponed … (oh … I like that).

They are more than ready to lift the value … as far as the technology, mechanism … the CBI is ready.

The process of lifting the 3 zeros … they are very eager to do it.

On January 16th (the IMF, USA) … told them to postpone their bragging.

KTFA has all of the FINAL ARTICLES posted … why postpone?

Donald Trump wants security across the entire region … reaching across borders … even into Turkey.  Ok

Yes … Iraq’s leaders feel they are ready.

Could this be why Abadi is coming to America to meet with Trump?

BTW … Delta has dual-citizenship in the USA and the Middle East.  He is of Caledonia – he interrupts articles very precisely.

Abadi said in January 2017 … Iraq will be an international nation … lifting the value of their currency … BUT … the Governor of the CBI was told to postpone it … which brings us right to where we are … right now.

I said give us MOSUL … and you’ll see the process of the MR at lightning speed.

Without SECURITY … no … but I believe they’ve got this.

37 ARTICLE they bragged about the start of 2017 … then suddenly … out of nowhere … at the starting of 2017 (first 2 week) … the Governor of the CBI comes out and says … “oops!”

Do you understand why I said that on MONDAY we are at the end of this January 16th delay?

IMO … Trump will talk to Abadi … will get a wonderful report on the entire Middle East region … the MCP … their currency … money laundering … corruption … terrorism … this has been dealt with.

The USA is in control of the process for Iraq to lift the 3 zeros.

That is a very powerful thing to say.

BTW … Mosul and Raqqa … I believe you will see them give them to you as one package … at the same time.

Abadi and Trump … somewhere around the 19th … Arab Summit 23-27th

Today … once again … Jubari from Parliament tells Abadi … “I want to discuss the IMPLEMENTATION of the 2017 budget”
Not until you lift the 3 zeros.

Iraq has really never had a budget … they’ve had it prepared … but never really opened it … just rolls from year to year.  Why?  Because they are on a program rate.  Hopefully that makes sense.

I can just see Abadi saying to Jubari … you know the plan … you know I’m busy.

I believe we will see things after Abadi visits with Donald Trump.

In my strong opinion … I believe Abadi will need to be in Iraq when the announcement happens to lift the value.

So Jubari … as much as you want to talk about implementing the budget … all of these things are done … and that is why you see them in the media.

I would like for you to write on a big piece of paper … very big … Abadi’s financial advisor (Saleh 2012 vs. 2017 Gov of CBI postpone).

The financial advisor showed everyone what they were going to do … and the Governor of the CBI also said they were going to postpone.

Circle those … and call the circle VARIANCES.
Frank26:   It’s been 3 months family … and no one is getting paid.

Parliament is challenging parts of the budget … still not implemented … for a good reason.
Postponed until Donald Trump is satisfied.

QiCards are now going into Mosul citizens hands.

Look … the best thing to do is to implement the budget … because you would implement the new rate.

Let’s see what happens with Trump and Abadi.

When Abadi comes back … slide in the new rate in the budget … anytime!
The only file my Teams are bringing in tonight.

The IMF (USA) is in control of EVERYTHING we are seeing right now.

All of steps (delays) are due to the USA / IMF.

The IMF arrived early last year … remember that?

They bridged them 2 measly loans.

The moment the IMF came in … we (USA) started to control everything … we control the monetary reform.  We are in charge!

The IMF is sending the CBI the numbers because we control their monetary reform.  WE ARE IN CHARGE.

If you go to the IMF’s website … you will see that several counties are not listed … no Iran … no Vietnam.  That’s because the IMF is controlling the monetary reform of their currency.

You can see all of the exchange rates on the IMF website … all numbers, auction numbers.

The CBI has sent the numbers to the IMF yet.

We have changed our files.

We believe the reason you don’t see the numbers yet … is because the IMF hasn’t sent the CBI the number yet.

This is the first number that you actually saw … then all of the sudden … Delta sends email … and within 27 hours … boom … there was the number.

Everything is ready … ready for the MR project … we’re just waiting for the RIGHT TIME … says Allaq.

They are waiting for the numbers to come in from the IMF.

It’s not the CBI that will give the DATE or the RATE … because they are not responsible for their INTERNATIONAL numbers.

In the early part of 2016 … the IMF came into Iraq … they pushed everything … push out terrorism, push out Maliki.  They took over.
The big companies in the long-line … they need the freedom of capital to move into the country.

The CBI does NOT know the date family.

Ok … let’s take the next 30 minutes to do some Q & A.

I pray that you will take what I’ve had to share with you to God in prayer.

DoodleBug … please post the 1st question.

**** Sorry family … I couldn’t see most of the questions on LiveStream, and they were not verbally repeated.  Doing my best.  Frosty ****


FRANK – Yeah … there are 2 words or definitions to lifting the value.  They have been trying to get the 3 zeros out of the citizens hands … but the citizens are not familiar with electronic mechanisms (like eDinars, etc).

The citizens keep their currency rolled up in a pouch-like manner in front of them.  The CBI has tried many ways to get the citizens to come into the banks.  That hasn’t worked too well.

Another way to lift the exchange rate … you would take .000859 … the exchange rate requires you to move the decimal point over 3 spaces.  That would equal 86 cents.

Right now, all you have is 9/10th of a penny … but when they move it … look out!

FRANK – whether one or the other … I think it would qualify … maybe if we see the timelines from New York … I guess it’s possible … but I think he will go home.


FRANK – I believe they do.  The expectation in 2017 is to go international.  Just waiting for conditions to be just right (Security / Stability / Mosul ).  If they do it in the 1st quarter … it can be retroactive.


FRANK – I don’t understand.  When the dollar crashes?  When?  Our country will not be digital for quite a while … and IMO … Iraq is a long ways off from us in the USA.  The citizens understand paper currency.


FRANK – Yes … some of my friends think that the Dong could come out before the IQD … but I DO NOT think that is possible.  I think maybe more towards the end of the year.  Based on the studies that we have been seeing … in our opinion … we think 30 cents when they first move it.  I think the IQD is a completely different animal.


FRANK – Trump is a businessman … he sees Iraq as an investment.  We have invested trillions.  He doesn’t care how the Middle East is used to doing business.  Who’s in charge?  Who’s going to be a democracy?   Who is building embassies?  Business is business.  This demands a strong leader who knows how to make deals.  IMO … Trump looks at Iraq as a business deal that MUST be successful – unlike his predecessor over the last 8 years.  Remember, O wasn’t even allowed to go into the Middle East because he was an embarrassment.   You don’t do a business deal if you plan to fail.


FRANK – Yes of course they are selling oil.  Some to communist countries.  SDR’s because fear of being sued.  Iraq is filthy rich.


FRANK – They can raise them whenever they want.


FRANK – No … you don’t need a whole platoon to move things.  You won’t see a massive amounts of citizens pouring into the bank.  You on the other hand … will.  Iraq will go about its business with all of the new electronic tech … to do international transactions … that’s where I agree with our 3 Musketeers.


FRANK – we are studying the IQD.  I believe (IMO) that we may see a decrease of the USD by 40% but not for a while.  The USD is very strong.  A redistribution of wealth … is actually happening right now.


FRANK – he is campaigning … no one is supporting him … not even Iran or dogs in the street.  He is a marked man … who does not go out into public.  Time will catch up with him.  If he was causing problems of any significance … well … he is useless for the future of Iraq.


FRANK – it was a rumor … I would say this … Trump is like a country in himself … a multi-billion dollar success … almost like a government.  He has advisors.   Would he not have a nice selection of currency from many countries?  Logically … wouldn’t it make sense to have a nice collection of IQD?

FRANK – What about them?  Too general of a question.  Syria doesn’t have a working government or Army … they are willing to help the USA with terrorism … and they know what is going to happen with Iraq.  If America is “with-you” … look out!!!!!  Look at Dubai.  Iran … they are just stubborn & arrogant .

I like what Japan did … they sent their largest carrier to the Pacific Rim.  China has been building islands where they shouldn’t.


FRANK – yes

*** LiveStream shut-down at this point … no more questions ***


FRANK -  I didn’t say that … I’m waiting to see what Abadi does after he meets with Trump and visits the Arab Summit.

Thank you for coming tonight family.

I pray that you enjoyed your time with us.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

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