Tuesday, March 7, 2017


HSBC currency exchange divisions overseas have been performing since the weekend at the T4 level with actual revalued screen rates.

Sunday - Asia
Monday - Europe
Tuesday - ?

Paul Ryan's healthcare replacement bill for Obamacare came out tonight. This will absorb American media attention on Tuesday.

Infamous "Vault 7" Wikileaks material is coming out Tuesday morning at 3am EST which brings sudden attention to the French Presidential election. This will absorb European media attention on Tuesday.

Clearly they're not worried about absorbing Canadian or Mexican media. LOL. Just not that many currency redeemers in those countries obviously.

Opening Screen Rates:

IQD 16+
VND 12+
IDR 5+
ZIM 2+
AFA 1+

No NDAs required for screen rate redemptions (or less).

No structured payout programs required for screen rate redemptions (or less, but still available for any number, and recommended).

It's amazing getting to the end of this RV journey, and seeing so such abundance bestowed upon humanity, so freely, is just jaw dropping to me. Humbling.

Thank you Grandfather. Thank you Elders. We are most grateful for your historic sacrifice, patience and wisdom. It's an honor to be given responsibilities in this next phase of our transition journey together.

The whole experience makes me wonder how long the construct of commerce and/or physical money will last in human consciousness.

The Admiral in Reno has completed his banking requirements today, including hydrating and releasing his sub-group paymasters.

Did you know former Nuclear Submarine Commander Bob (aka the Admiral) was offered to become the first restored Republic's Treasury Secretary and turned it down? True story.

The Trump Administration is in its own death spiral. I kinda feel bad for Donna. She's worked so hard to create a brand that's about to be destroyed, globally.

Sure in the end she wins ultimately due to the raw publicity of a campaign and Presidency, but there will be political blood let this month and Trump will be forced to leave as quickly as she came.

When does all this RV nonsense end? When the future is ready to begin I suppose.

Truly an ouroboros moment will be shared by all currency redeemers, eternally.

God is with us.







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3-7-2017   Newshound Guru tlm724   Article:   "Adviser at the Central Bank of Iraq overcome the financial crisis and will become the country's foreign investment"   Things are progressing nicely for Iraq. Stability is close at hand! IMO the currency reform is on the horizon.  The CBI keeps on keeping on, making the needed adjustment to policy to make things right to go forward.

3-7-2017   Newshound Guru Shredd   Article:  "Central Bank: the financial crisis behind us and the next few days are promising"  Quote:  "Iraq will become a country of foreign investment as a result of competing foreign international companies to invest in the reconstruction after the devastating cities recovered from Daesh."   This is a great reminder of the wealth Iraq has and the interest from foreign investment. "Iraq will become a country of foreign investment" -- that is for sure and as note, that will become a huge part in the rebuilding of the country.  In this same period of time, the stability that is sought by the CBI for their currency reform can then move forward.   ...this is not an "If" but a "When" regarding the legal tender, globally accepted dinar to become the primarily used currency of Iraq.  The immense amount of progress in the banking and investment laws, the protections for investors, the banking customer vetting via KYC, the project to remove the zeros and so many more accomplishments all still stand.  None of the progress the CBI and the GOI have made to mature from their past dictatorship have been repealed. Progress has been and continues to be forward.

3-7-2017  Intel Guru Frank26   Last week...they made a FINAL decision on their economic reform and monetary reform...and I believe the strike in Syria had a big impact with that. We are AT THE END of this postponement of this! The IQD is about to become an INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY.. You saw the market rate...down to 2%...that’s in compliance...! They are to improve their exchange rate...and remove the usage of foreign currency...THIS IS A SOLID EXAMPLE of what is happening.   Their need for a policy to RV is NOT a theory...it is a plan...which they are doing right in front of your eyes.  All the financial articles from the CBI are coming to life NOW!   [post 2 of 2]

3-7-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   I’ve told you before...a flag in the heart of Mosul, planted by Abadi...then you will see the monetary reform.  Iraq continues to advance into Mosul...and...a bonus...“Raqqa – which is in Syria”.  Iraq can offer a VALUE of security and stability.  This value is represented by that INTERNATIONAL strike within Syria.  Today...the WORTH of Iraq is more realistic...that’s what the world is watching/wanting.  The strike on Syria was BIG news!  In January 2017...we had an announcement from the CBI...where they claimed that once the battle in Mosul was complete...they would advance in their monetary reform...but then he went on the say that it was being postponed.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-7-2017   Newshound Guru Islandg1211   Many of us were hoping that Trump would speed up the RV.  He may not have done that, but rest assure he isn't going to let it be delayed. He's put pressure on getting rid of ISIS both in Mosul and in Raqqa. The RV needs, IMO, in this order:  1) Mosul (and then Raqqa)  2) National Reconciliation Law  3) Day of Celebration for getting rid of ISIS and coming together politically  4) HCL  5) RV with no announcement nor fanfare.   Trump certainly could try to push a settlement politically quicker and get the RV done sooner.  But, for right now, it looks to me like my prediction of mid-summer with my list of things getting done prior still stands.  In January, I posted these same thoughts, and I don't see anything new to amend my opinion on the RV date of mid-summer with a rate just above the USD, around $1.13 (the high end of the original Ernst and Young appraisal of the Dinar.)  [reference Guru  Islandg1211 1-26-2017]

3-7-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017"   Currency reform should start well before end of year IMO.  [reference Guru Kaperoni post 3-5-2017]

3-7-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   Article quotes:  "...Iraq received 18 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on installments...9 billions of this figure was paid to Kuwait for 1990 war compensations. ...she added that Iraq signed an agreement with the IMF to reform the financial system in the country. Iraq will receive this amount on three future installments."   ...Iraq still owed just about  9 billion in war reparations...  I believe this concludes the payments “in full” to Kuwait for war reparations.  This is huge news!  I believe it brings us that much closer to getting out of sanctions for Iraq...much closer to the RV. They will need this to conclude the CURRENCY REFORM process.



If Iraq had re valued their currency why would they want to hide it from us? It would make no sense to have an in country reinstatement without a public re value due to trade and such! The lower denominations would be out and our currency dealers would stop selling at the current rate! Let's be clear that nothing has happened yet in Iraq! 



I agree. Most in this community think that Iraq is trying to keep "it" from us and the world. It is just the opposite. They will want all to know so their country will open up to the world for help in rebuilding and trading. No one is trying to hide, no cabal, no mystery...just a country trying to regain their place and work towards a better future for their people. 


Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.
It’s time to ask Mnt Goat questions again!

So once again I want to give everyone reading this news letter the opportunity to bring questions.  But remember I am not playing catch up with you. So either you have been reading all my news letters and have been following the ongoing saga or you are now playing catch up. I will not play catch up with you. Go back and do your homework first, then ask intelligent questions. Try to limit to 1 question each to give everyone a turn. 

I will try to address only intelligent questions about intelligent issues. This means no GCR, no Nesara, no Restored Republic stuff. This is all phony intel anyhow and there is nothing of substance to address. Many of you have been blindsided by these charlatans and so don’t bring this nonsense into the mix.    
This news letter today is chock-full of WOW news. I mean really BIG news. This is one of these news letters you don’t want to miss and if I were you I would read it carefully. I hope you read my last news letter dated 3/4 as this news today is a followup on many of the issues I talked about at that time.
Yes – Mnt Goat has been right about Nori al-Maliki. Go back and re-read my many news letters when I stated the need for the Iranian influence being neutralized in Iraq (including the ring leader Maliki and his goons) and this being a priority prior to any RV. (See news letter dated 2/14/17). This is all coming about now as we are witnessing events taking place in Iraq and moving closer to the currency reform.   
More news…..
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Britain agreed on Sunday to arrange 10 billion pounds ($12.3 billion) in loans to finance infrastructure projects in Iraq over a 10 year period, a program that would only benefit British companies, an Iraqi minister said in Baghdad. (So we now see the result off all the meetings with the UK as of lately…Did you read all these artcles? I am still waiting to hear about the USA TRUMP investment strategy for Iraq. What is the USA waiting for?)
Iraqi Parliamentary Economy and Investment Commission disclosed that Iraq received 18 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on installments. Member of the Commission Najeeba Najeeb added that 9 billions of this figure was paid to Kuwait for 1990 war compensations(WOW! WOW! WOW!) On the other hand, she added that Iraq signed an agreement with the IMF to reform the financial system in the country. Iraq will receive this amount on three future installments.  (We can do the math from a former article about these reparations payments. As a result we can figure out that Iraq still owed just about  9 billion in war reparations (see article below from May 2013). I believe this concludes the payments “in full” to Kuwait for war reparations.
What does this mean to us for the RV?
This is huge news! I believe it brings us that much closer to getting out of sanctions for Iraq. This much closer to the RV. They will need this to conclude the CURRENCY REFORM process. I have told everyone over and over again. I researched this topic and I told you a month ago that the parliamentary finance committee has made the conclusion of these payments became a very high priority. Why?
They were trying to work out some  kind of deal with Kuwait to get this concluded to get sign off for the RV. I reported to you many of the proposals to Kuwait in order to get this done. Apparently, this loan is the solution. So all you so called intel “gurus” who bashed me about this issue…..I am right once again…sorry! You better get some better intel….laugh out loud…laugh out loud..)
Update on the effort to liberate Mosul:
Sunday 5 March 2017   

Nearly three weeks into the last phase of the battle for Mosul, Iraqi forces have started pushing into the most heavily fortified and lethal corners of the crumbling city. This weekend the battles in the city,the Islamic State’s last urban stronghold in Iraqwere some of the most intensive yet. Maj Gen Haider al-Maturi, of the federal police commandos division, said ISIS  militants had dispatched at least six suicide car bombs, which were all destroyed before reaching troops. He said the militants were moving from house to house and deploying snipers. (I am told the final ISIS resistance could crumble within a few days)
More very good news…. 

Articles Begin
Source: Al-Maliki away from the leadership of the party invitation list and give it to “Abadi”
(looks like the secretary-general of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki, announced he is turning over the leadership of the electoral list of the party to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Folks do you know just how good this  news is? It is super fantastic! Can you see the ramifications?)

Follow-up / Sky Press … Political source revealed, Sunday, away from the secretary-general of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki for the leadership of the electoral list of the party and Tukelha Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi because of his deteriorating health.

The source said in an interview I followed “Sky Press,” that “the secretary-general of the Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki in poor health is likely that he will be out of the leadership of the electoral list to call, while Point out that entrusted leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in case he became their kind of compatibility.

The source added that “Nuri al-Maliki in poor health, according to advice from doctors he must stay away from all Maysbb him tension and stress, noting that” al-Maliki in the process of making a decision to stay away from the noise of the coming elections and appoint these tasks to Linda in the call and was succeeded by the party in the Prime Minister Haider Abadi. ” 
(I believe this is really Maliki’s graceful way of gracefully stepping down. This also shows signs of defeat. Iran too now is denouncing him. There is nowhere for him to go. He will not be allowed back into Iraqi politics. Do you think someone had a talk with him? Do you think there was pressure from the USA?
 I want to thank everyone who took the time to write their Congressmen, Senators and local district representatives requesting his removal. Can you now see now how your input does matter and you can make a difference? You can complain and complain or you can step up and put pressure on the government to finally take action on all matters of concern. When thousands and then millions rise up the government has to listen.   
You do have a say in the government but you have to speak up. Did you read the article in my last news letter titled - “ Massoud Barzani: We support al-Sadr’s efforts to cut off the hands of al-Maliki dated 2/15/17.” Do you get it now? Do I have to explain it any further?)

Kuwait says $11.2b in Iraq war reparations due
Kuwait has so far received about $30b in war reparations out of about $41b owed

Published: 13:01 May 1, 2013

Kuwait City: Kuwait has received $2.43 billion (Dh8.92 billion) in war reparations from Iraq since the start of the year and 
is still owed another $11.2 billion, a senior official in the Gulf nation said on Tuesday.

“Kuwait received $1.3 billion in January and $1.13 billion on April 25,” the official Kuna news agency cited Compensation Claims Commission chief Khalid Al Mudhaf as saying.

Speaking before the Geneva-based UN Compensation Commission, Al Mudhaf called on Baghdad to continue to deposit five per cent of its oil revenues into the fund to ensure regular payments.

Kuwait has so far received about $30 billion in war reparations out of about $41 billion decided by the UN compensation body established after Iraqi troops were driven out of Kuwait in 1991 following a seven-month occupation. 
(remember this article goes back to May 2013, so I believe the payment of any more war reparations to Kuwait is now completed with the recent March 2017 payment of 9 billion. This is such very good news for us….!!! I am excited. One more obstacle cleared for the RV! )
Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji, on Sunday, a new strategy to maintain security
He said in a speech during the opening of the security and defense exhibition in Baghdad, said that 'there are concerted efforts to restore security and stability in the general areas of Iraq, and we have a new strategy to maintain security we're working on now.'

Araji said, that 'strategy involves serious steps to combat terrorism and organized crime and operations of theft and robbery.'

Central bank: Iraq overcome the financial crisis and in the coming days ahead we will rise 
The Central Bank of Iraq adviser Walid Idi, that Iraq exceeded the financial crisis, pointing out that the coming days Iraq will rise ahead.
He Idi said in a statement that the crisis austerity and fiscal deficit as a result of lower oil prices in the last period has ended, adding that, Iraq will become a country of foreign investment as a result of competing foreign international companies to invest in the reconstruction of liberated cities, and pointed Idi that the entry of foreign Iraq's companies reflect a positive outlook. It will contribute to attracting major countries to rebuild the liberated areas and the holding of joint agreements for investment as well as trade exchange and activate tourism and oil industry.
(However this economist in the next article does not agree that the private sector activation is happening as planned and moving ahead fast enough…)

Investment wealth (is still) deactivated 

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Yasser incumbent 
(an economist’s opinion)

Within the trends of economic reform, 
which the government adopted the targeting of companies and public and government institutions which have become stalled high-mandated production without any mention.

At a time when the government is 
seeking to activate the productive sectors and the adoption of domestic production to reduce dependence on imports and reduce the hard currency out of the country, you find on the other hand a significant decline in the performance of institutions and companies that are not of an economic feasibility but only consumer of government revenues. (He is saying the country is still operating on a government dependent economy and they must turn it around and active the private sector. They need to produce within the country and move away from an import dependency for goods and services. If they continue on the govt dependent economy it will only continue to reduce the reserves [US Dollars in the CBI reserves] leaving the country to pay for the imports [via the currency auctions].) 

What is the solution about this phenomenon?

The truth is that 
the solution lies in giving the Iraqi private sector interest and full support for the promotion of productive sectors, and is known for the private sector that he does not accept the loss but to turn a profit is his business to achieve this production abundance and quality in the market balance and give breathing room to the CBI.

As part of the government's attention to this aspect and in order to activate the productive sectors across the Iraqi private sector seminars and foreign year budget has ensured 2017 
in Article 14 of the 2017 budget mentioned law the following: ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry is working on the expansion of open your door for investment and partnership with the private sector up to its terms of reference, coupled with approval of the Council of Ministers.

This gesture included in 
the budget year 2017 is a golden opportunity for the private sector to prove his worth and his ability to manage the economic file next production to the fullest.(So they have the legal incentive to do it. They have told us they fully intend to do it in the past articles)

This article is also no 14 of the General Budget Law allow for the investment of vast fortunes of
represented public companies that surpass the 200 companies in various disciplines can by investing its production capacity and human make a quantum leap in domestic production, which in turn will address the multiple in the national economy imbalances through moving the market, and the absorption of part of the deadly unemployment, reduce dependence on imports and maintain foreign currency reserves, which goes mostly for the purposes of importation.

Here we have 
to be concerned authorities begin invoking Article 14 of the general budget for 2017, as they have a significant role in addressing the financial crisis faced by the country's law.

By contrast, the 
Iraqi private sector has to move very hard to put pressure on the relevant authorities to invest in these companies in addition to carrying out any private sector partners to creating and attracting foreign investment to ensure the success of the transformation required.

Otherwise there is no solution in sight to the problem of companies that have become a working pressure and weight on the budget for not utilize them the solution lies in either converted into joint stock companies or privatized so economists believe the best solution to it.
(So what is the catalyst that is needed to trigger the private sector? I believe it is a true value to the dinar. Else what is the incentive?)

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat


A few day ago, while I was in my bank taking care of a return check situation, I asked the bank Assistant Manager, about the revaluation of the Dinar, and he responded saying that it will never happen, he said it was because Iraq, is now using the petro dollar and he added why would they switch back to the USD. What is your view on this point. By the way, I got my 36 dollars back for the penalty of the check been returned. 

3/6/2017 06:39:13 pm


Article:  "Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017" 

 Currency reform should start well before end of year IMO.



The spread in Iraq is dropping. Good news! 1250.



 Article:   "Consultant Abadi: Cancel the foreign exchange control department of the Central Bank of the need for the new system"   Quotes:   "...a "need" a new political system based on a market economy..."  "...in the democratic systems that rely policy of market economy, it gives freedom of movement of money..." 

  I believe Saleh is calling for the transition to a market economy.

 This would then end the daily auctions as the CBI would move to IMF Article VIII, get off the peg and float the dinar.


From Island1211

Many of us were hoping that Trump would speed up the RV. He may not have done that, but rest assure he isn't going to let it be delayed. He's put pressure on getting rid of ISIS both in Mosul and in Raqqa. I see the Trump effect particularly in Raqqa and in Yemen. However, he hasn't sped up the RV yet.

The RV needs, IMO, in this order:

1) Mosul (and then Raqqa)

2) National Reconciliation Law

3) Day of Celebration for getting rid of ISIS and coming together politically
4) HCL

5) RV with no announcement nor fanfare

With the above, there's no way all of that is going to get done in March, but Mosul can be gotten done by May 1, and significant gains have been made the last couple of days, as they got back the second bridge and some government buildings, along with gains towards Tel Afar.

Three more weeks at this pace, and ISIS is no longer in power in Mosul. Then it's de-Bombing and clean up, house to house security, Round up time. May 1 is reasonable.

The NATIONAL RECONCILIATION LAW and HCL law will follow closely to the announcement of Mosul. Everyone knows this and they are working on these political agreements.

Raqqa will take longer, into summer/Fall, but WON'T hold up the RV once it's secure enough to not fund terrorism.

Trump has written Barzani today. Trump called Abadi to come visit. That's very good and it's time for a sit down as Mosul's full liberation is in sight.

Let's see what comes out of Abadi's visit with Trump.

Trump certainly could try to push a settlement politically quicker and get the RV done sooner. But, for right now, it looks to me like my prediction of mid-summer with my list of things getting done prior still stands.

In January, I posted these same thoughts, and I don't see anything new to amend my opinion on the RV date of mid-summer with a rate just above the USD, around $1.13 (the high end of the original Ernst and Young appraisal of the Dinar.)

I haven't been posting because I feel pretty confident of my analysis, regardless if others keep thinking the RV will happen in the first quarter of 2017. I see what needs to get done, and announced, and still think it needs a few more months.