Monday, March 6, 2017

Central Bank of Iraq - Deleting Zeros Early 2017 - Strategic Plan Documents, 6 MARCH


ScottiG - Voice From the Past - Post Emailed To Dinar Recaps

​3-6-2017   ScottiG  ...  It seems like forever since last I shared anything with my Dinar Family...part of my distancing was due to the state of affairs in Iraq. 

I have kept in the loop of information coming out of Iraq and DC and my best description of the state of affairs was that we would have to see whole scale change in many arenas.
Now I can state that we have and are seeing those changes unfold before our eyes. Regardless of your political preference, the change that transpired in Washington January is the best thing that could happen for us to see the launch of a new exchange rate for the IQD. 

dear friend of long standing...‘The Banker’...whose specialty is foreign currency, stated that until ISIS was removed from Iraq, we would not see the RV. 

I noticed in a recent post from...[Guru] Randy Koonce (LINK)  that he as well has commented to this stability factor. He remains a steady beacon in the night.

ScottiG   A recent text I received from a fellow minister and friend indicated an across the board change in the value of the dollar in Iraq. One source in Kuwait and one in England had mentioned recent activity in the banking industry related to a change of value to the Dinar and I must believe the information was quite positive.
 One other source had stated emphatically that as of the end of last year, that it is done. Now I know this source is truly connected and so I questioned just how could it be completely done and yet we do not see the manifestation of the change in value?

If we look at this under the perspective that often in America, something has been approved or voted into law and we may not see it implemented for months. Looking at the information in this light gives it a whole new light of possibility.  


BGG  Article:  "Central bank: Iraq overcome the financial crisis and the coming days bode well"  Quote:  "...Iraq will become a country of foreign investment as a result of competing foreign international companies to invest in the reconstruction of liberated cities..." 

None of this can happen...without a serious shift in economic and currency policy.  Just can't happen.

 They are back to "forecasting" as they were in late 2016...this time - the timeline isn't months or a part of the year...but it's "days" in their own words...NOT weeks, months or years.

Slow Roll" - Intel SITREP, 6 MARCH

Slow Roll" - Intel SITREP - 02:00 EST - Monday - March 6, 2017

What a slow roll out the RV is. Even HSBC NYC is bored sitting by their phones. Like I have to tell any of you about boredom.
Zimbabwe is now holding off putting out its $10, 20 bond notes on street till after the RV.
$1,2,5 notes are already on the street and losing value because the currency is not yet international.
The current international trading rate of of the ZIM is now 1:2 with no NDA. Higher sovereign rates still available with NDA.

A   big bank meeting in NYC broke up about 8pm Sunday might. We think final redemption instructions were given. Were waiting for formal release now early on Monday morning.
Also, Monday morning will see all USN accounts live worldwide. That's amazing btw. Miraculous actually. And not a single word in the media.
What GCR/RV?
The new $20 bill with Harriet Tubman was pulled back from exchange center circulation by Elders. Expect to see it in 2020.
New gold backed currency hit the streets in 2013, after the quiet bankruptcy of the USD. So there will be no currency specific announcement from the Trump administration.
All ZIM exchanges will be done on military bases. US banks lost all privileges due to theft.
To say were right there is an understatement. So let's just say it's a slow but certain and steady roll out at this very late juncture.

God is with us.


I have just made a call to the HSBC Cape Town branch. I was informed that HSBC South Africa as a whole does not do any exchanges or private banking. Their only focus is on corporate business clientele. 

HSBC only has 3 satellite offices in three different provinces/states in South Africa, no bank branches. http://www.hsbc.co.za/Contact.aspx

Cape Town
1st Floor, Court Chambers 
Mandela Rhodes Place 
Corner of Wale And Burg Streets 
Cape Town 
8001 HSBC Bank plc - Johannesburg Branch 
(Cape Town Office)
P O Box 51037 

Tel: [url=tel:+27 21 405 6500]+27 21 405 6500[/url]Fax: [url=tel:+27 21 424 8745]+27 21 424 8745[/url]

It seems only North America and Asia is ready for the RV... unless we get numbers directly to a military base then. 

I am another yourself.

Mayan guy.





AdonisMale:  Mangelo are  we anticipating something big tonight?

Mangelo: tomorrow should be a very exciting day..... confirming updates..

Lilypad:  05-03-2017 02:18 PM  US President Donald Trump plans on Monday to sign a new executive order on immigration; Officials at Trump 's management said that the president will sign the executive order at the headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security,

Lilypad:  Iraq's forces control governmental complex in Mosul March 05 2017 07:4​0 PM Breaking Iraq's Federal Police and Rapid Response Forces cont​rolled on Sunday the governmental complex in the right bank of the Mos​ul city of Nineveh governorate. The forces are currently chasing ISIS ​terrorists. More details will be reported soon.http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/7779/Iraq-s-forces-control-gove​rnmental-complex-in-Mosul

SaBickford:  This RV is like Breeding Elephants - Done with ALOT of Roaring and Screaming and takes A Long Time to get things done


Ralph:  Regardless of what any intel provider or Guru is saying, it is more than obvious that the Iraqi Dinar has re-valued their currency, as they are selling sovereign bonds ( only to other sovereign nations)

Many countries have been and continue to grant them enormous loans for rebuilding their country, and many worldwide corporations have been and will continue to invest in Iraq as they are receiving an enormous return on investment.

As one can readily see, this is business as usual.......THE HOGS GET FEED FIRST. But, do not despair, all of us currency holder piglets will also be slopped at the trough.