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3-4-2017   Newshound Guru loop   Quote:  Article quote:  "The local market has seen a marked decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100."   marked decline by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100.  That is all it is saying. Not that the exchange rate 5000 dinar to 100 dollars. This is right in line with the CBI's statement made on Wednesday.  [so what does that mean...?]  It means that the CBI has put a system into place that allows them...control of the stability of the dinar in the market place. This systems removes the middlemen and gives them end to end transparency for all transactions. This is exactly what the IMF wants them to do. Very important move on their part.

3-4-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat
   ...March is still within range of “Early 2017” and we have been told by the CBI that the project to delete the zeros will resume in EARLY 2017.  It is a fact that part of this project is connected with bringing in a new rate to the Iraqi dinar. This is the tie in to the project.   [post 3 of 3]

3-4-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat    ...there is an urgent necessity for Iraq to get off the program rate if Iraq is to see any real potential for economic growth, as they are telling us they plan for... We can also see the need for a steady rate of the dinar and more purchasing power. Having the dinar at a REAL rate and the rate gauged off the GLOBAL currency exchanges helps to ensure this stability of the currency.  So does this mean regions must be fully liberated from ISIS?  Yes, of course as this is not me alone telling you this. The CBI itself has told us this many times.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned] 

3-4-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat    IS THE IRAQI DINAR INTERNATIONAL Contrary to what many...are telling you the Iraqi dinar is not yet international.  Many...believe it is already international simply because some banks are now once again selling and buying dinar...   But is this really at the international level? NO!  It is not.  So the Iraqi dinar is NOT yet trading on the international exchanges at any rate nor will it until there is a reasonable level of SECURITY and STABILITY in the region. They can not and will not be allowed to list the currency on the international exchanges until certain factors apply.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

3-4-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   In ADDITION, to this APRIL 1 date for Iraq, we believe, there will also be THIS:  APRIL 1st - 10th. Vietnam could substantially raise the value of the Dong...   [reference Guru Dr. Clarke post 3-3-2017]

3-4-2017  Newshound Guru Revbo   Article:  "IS Checkpoints Disappear in Hours in West of Mosul"   Quote:   "The disappearance of the checkpoints reflects the internal collapse of the extremist group, that started to appear obviously with the start of the battle to liberate western Mosul,”...    I wouldn't be surprised to see Trump and Abadi together in Baghdad by the end of the month celebrating the liberation of Iraq. The difference will be, this time it sticks. 



HSBC NYC - HK - Zurich have all informed my group us they have the global call center numbers and are just waiting to be given the final go ahead from HDQ as to when they may "release the hounds."

Keep refreshing the Dinar Chronicles website for updates throughout the day Saturday and into Sunday morning if need be.

As for my comments this week regarding the white race being the root of all suffering, I stand by it. And I add this caveat, not only were Anglo-Saxon's intentionally bred for world domination, it's only half the story as to why. 

I was shown in spirit that you all needed to hear this truth pre-RV, uncomfortable as it may have been to some, so that it alerted or jump started your subconsciousness mind to begin preparation for deeper truths of human genetic manipulation across all races and colors--which is a far less pleasant reveal I can assure you.

In response to all the negative feedback, please keep your opinions and rants coming. At least I know you're awake, even if you're angry.

FYI: Good coaches know when to piss off their best players, so they get optimum performance in the biggest games.

God is with us.


Iraqi TV reports USA Delta Force & Navy Seals arriving in Mosul.
Other reports indicate that the Reconciliation is complete and ready for immediate implementation at the final liberation maneuvers for  Mosul



DR. CLARKE: Well, Well, we’re on the MOVE! This “Perfect Storm” has an ending in sight. We’re going to lay a few things out for you, with some dates, projections, predictions, and Guess-timates……We Love to “BOLDLY GO, Where No One has Gone Before”…….and at the Very End of this post, we’re going to give you Exactly WHERE & HOW, we get our information (Don’t jump down there now, just yet! READ your way there). Woo hoo, this is a long one (post)…..with lots to piece together, in terms of dates & activities. LOTS. 

Those of you that, read our information, and look for things that are BAD, NEGATIVE, WRONG, or to rip it apart to your delight…….We love you, but we suggest, you just pass up the rest of this blog post Today, because there is NONE of that (thing you do) located here, and going forward……You’ll just be Disappointed. So, we’d just save yourself the trouble & the time, and skip to the next article, written by someone else.…
Let us be CLEAR. We are NOT in some race or competition with anyone, to gain the prize of predicting some idea about an RV of currency or currencies, or Iraq, or Vietnam or any other currency or event……even though we Love to Forecast. We’re here, merely to Assist, as we see things…. As WE see things, from OUR view….and because we CAN. That’s it. No other reason…….well, except perhaps to ENTERTAIN some, and then NOT Entertain Others. (It’s fascinating how there’s over 7 billion types of perceived Entertainment on this planet)…“We’re ALL in this Together”.

There are SO MANY pieces to this “Perfect Storm” flying together, like Magic, as we speak, and it’s picking up Momentum…..you can see it, just from the scanty little bit of military information being shared publicly, on Iraq & Syria…..like we always say, there’s much more, and especially now, under the Pres. Trump admin., that’s purposely being “Silenced” on what’s MOST Important, for the Good of All……but what IS being shared, is very very deliberate……and Iraq, now being admitted for travel into the U.S., as “cleared & normal”, apart from the “Original 7 country ban”…..should give you a Happy hint…..U.S. Stock Markets are being “Surged” historically, for a little while longer….Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister visits Baghdad & meets with PM Abadi for special talks, of which the first time a Saudi high-level diplomat has visited Iraq, since 2003, AND agreed to send support against ISIS, in cooperation with the U.S…..the #1 (Saudi Arabia) & #2 (Iraq) Middle East OIL production companies “in The REGION”, joining together, after all these years….Remember, Saudi Arabia previously had a problem with Iraq, primarily because of their relationship with Iran, which Saudi & Iran have always had problems…..so what has changed? EVERYTHING…..

One other small item to mention: The Value of the U.S. Dollar in Iraq, is noticeably dropping southward, as in “DOWN”…..and the Value of the Dinar in Iraq, is noticeably pushing Northward….as in “UP”. Nice little “perk”, in the thick of things….

HERE IT IS, FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017. So, remember our last post last week (LINK), when we talked about the NEW Safety & Security shift, to the Middle East “REGION”, and extending beyond that of just Iraq’s Safety & Security alone? You heard, what Pres. Trump said in his Congressional Address Tues. night, when he addressed the 6 Trillion spent by the U.S…where? Iraq? NO, he said the “Middle East”…the “REGION”. He said NOTHING specifically about Iraq, the battle with ISIS….or Syria, except of course that “the U.S. would wipe them (ISIS) off the face of the earth”. He DID mention, gaining support with other countries against Iran, with regard to the ban on nuclear weapons (Saudi for one. What?). He also, mentioned strong U.S. support for Israel, and a very close partnership with them. Those were the only 2 countries (Israel & Iran) that he mentioned, within the Middle East “REGION”…..ON PURPOSE. Why? Because, there’s a BIG CHANGE there, concerning some countries, that HE DID NOT MENTION and their alliances, partnerships, commonalities, and …….MONEY. (No Broadcasting in Advance - YET)

We’re Now, going to outline a TIMELINE. This is our View, as it stands today, given ALL THE FACTORS, we have at our disposal, as of right now. 

FIRST, let us say, that Conditions are such, that there is a LOW Probability, of a new, substantially Higher Dinar Rate, presenting itself publicly, from Iraq country-wide (meaning in the entire country of Iraq), anytime during the next 10 days……and the same goes for Vietnam’s Dong, China’s Yuan, and Japan’s Yen. We said LOW probability over the next 10 days. Not impossible - just LOW. What’s our LOW Probability? 10% Chance. 

A much much HIGHER Probability, exists AFTER the next 10 days, which is after March 13th. What’s a much HIGHER Probability? 90% Chance. Quite a Difference. Who picks these percentages? We do. WHY? Because we’re having Fun. WHY do we say the Probability significantly increases, AFTER the next 10 days?….

HERE’S WHY: The following, IN PART, explains the WHY, for those of you who always say, “Well I think it could be Right Now, any time, any minute - UNLESS, you give me Solid Reasons or Facts, as to WHY you think it’s anytime other than NOW, any moment.”

WE AGREE WITH YOU, EXCEPT……there are Probabilities to things happening “NOW”, and Probabilities of things happening “LATER”. SO, to pinpoint your Exact question as to the “WHY” it has a Much Higher Probability of happening, AFTER the next 10 days…Here’s a few of the “WHY’s”: (We really don’t have to explain this, but we will just this Once)
WHY?: THEY need a little MORE TIME. How much TIME? About 28 Days from Today…..and the Probability progressively gets much GREATER, as we approach the end of those 28 days. For What? FOR THIS NECESSARY OCCURRENCE: The advances in Coalition military are happening BIG, FAST, WITH URGENCY, WITH PURPOSE, and will increase over the next few days, to a MUCH MORE complete status for the “REGION”, which is MANDATORY, given some of the other players there, that impact this Currency Change event. THERE ARE MANY COUNTRIES WITH TROOPS IN “THE REGION”, right now, with the U.S. taking the lead (or is Iraq taking the lead?). They’ve ALL been spending Big Money & sacrificing valuable Lives. - Remember, as Pres. Trump just said, “U.S. has spent 6 Trillion in the Middle East”……and for What? When ISIS “In the REGION”, is secured to an AGREED UPON SAFE LEVEL, WHICH IS THE 1ST TRIGGER POINT (not just Mosul any longer. This Changed last weekend), FOR OFFICIAL RATES TO CHANGE, then many different AVENUES OF MONEY will be Released, pushed forward, enacted, launched…… in a number of Ways, including a substantial currency (Dinar) Rate increase PUBLICLY & OFFICIALLY, particularly within Iraq. 

They could do it NOW, Right? COULD…..but why didn’t they do it yesterday? Why not 3 days ago? Last week? 2 weeks ago? Last month? 6 months ago? Last year? 2 years ago? 6 years ago?…..and every Past Day, you’ve been Waiting for it? WHY? If they can do it NOW, then why haven’t they?…..or ANY Previous to NOW? Because, of what was just explained above, and what’s explained NEXT: 

HERE’S MORE on “WHY” at least 10 more days are needed, and the Probability continues to go up, toward the END of the 28 days:

The Laws in Iraq, are being Changed with URGENCY, and many have already, (the necessary ones) which haven’t been publicly announced. (just a guess) 
The National Reconciliation, is being negotiated a little more, but not quite where they want it - YET….FYI, they already have the HCL figured out BIG TIME….like the last 2 years to seriously play with this thing. (another guess) 
There are a FEW more questionable politicians being removed & replaced (wink), WITH URGENCY….(believe it or not….they’re really not that stupid)
The Currency Auction must CHANGE. (It’s Current Form. Can happen QUICK. Planned)
There are also a few key “MEETINGS” scheduled, scheduled, scheduled, within our timelines, as well….scheduled……scheduled. Did you catch that?……scheduled.
Friends, THIS is the culmination and the ENDING, to “The PERFECT STORM”.

The question is WHEN? Here are some Possible “WHEN” dates, in our view, speculation and glorified “Guess-Work”:

March 10th - 13th. Could see a Big SURGE Forward in Positive Developments. Not just Words, but seeable Action. (Announcements)
15th - 18th. Could see, what appears to be a HALT, a BUMP, a scary DOWNER, but passes quickly. Don’t be too alarmed. It’s Necessary.
20th - 31st. (especially 20-27th), Could see, very Positive, Progressive, Accelerated, Forward Developments, one right after the other, and At Least ONE Major Diversion, probably 29-30th, then Comes……………..

APRIL 1st. When IRAQ could Officially - Publicly - Substantially, increase the value of the Dinar country-wide, meaning in every province, territory (the Whole of Iraq). 1st week of April, the Dinar could be Exchangeable worldwide, as an Internationally accepted currency OFFICIALLY. This date marks the BEGINNING of the 2nd Quarter. The 1st Quarter is now over, and for all practical purposes, Iraq did what they said they were going to do, by deleting the 3-0’s, in the 1st Quarter 2017, but made it official April 1. We really believe, we’ll see the emergence of a New, substantially increased Dinar Rate, on this date.

*** Friends, You See, the Big Difference here NOW, with this date, is that Iraq finally is ABLE, to bring the Dinar Rate significantly HIGHER IN VALUE, WITHIN THE WHOLE COUNTRY OF IRAQ……and this is the Most Important Piece - “FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ”….ALL 33 MILLION OF THEM TO BENEFIT…….not just using different increased rates, from an internal government standpoint, and for their selected USE, HIDING IT, as they’ve been doing since 2nd half of 2016, last year (with the approval of the UN, IMF of course - secretly, because they were at war). HIDING IT, (these increased rates) while using it, has been a valuable protection, that needed to be in place. No Longer necessary. APRIL 1, 2017

In ADDITION, to this APRIL 1 date for Iraq, we believe, there will also be THIS:

APRIL 1st - 10th. Vietnam could substantially raise the value of the Dong, along with China’s Yuan & Japan’s Yen….and perhaps a few others in the “Asian REGION”, as mentioned publicly by Pres. Trump 2 weeks ago. 
WHY? Because, as we’ve always stated many times, ISIS (Middle Eastern based, with Tentacles stretching Worldwide), will be in the “SAFE ZONE”, for such things to advance forward, and on a WORLDWIDE scale. However, in the midst of THAT, there will probably be some “Rubble”….. 

During this same time period, there could also be the Beginning of a SUBSTANTIAL U.S. STOCK & BOND MARKET CORRECTION, in the 10 -15% range, DECREASE in value. This correction and volatility, could continue to stay in a much lower trading range (than it is today), until Mid-MAY, when it slowly begins a less volatile rebound, but really won’t begin to get back a Full Head of Steam, similar to today’s higher trading levels on a consistent basis, until after JUNE 10th (mid June), and could progressively get better, heading toward the END OF JUNE 30th
We mention this cycle, because this period COULD be an OPPORTUNITY time, in these markets, including Currency, as well as, Precious Metals…..Maybe even a BIG OPPORTUNITY. 
Toward the End of the Year 2017, and perhaps into SEPTEMBER, we could see a Much More SERIOUS BIGGER & DEEPER CORRECTION, in Stock Markets, Bond Markets, Currency Markets, Derivative Markets, which could deeply affect the Banking industry, and especially in the U.S……not to mention worldwide economic markets……And We Must Say - THIS IS BY NO MEANS A COMPLETE COLLAPSE OF THE WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL SYSTEM, AS SOME HAVE PREDICTED……But, you may want to pay Extra “ILLOGICAL” attention to Everything Financial, this Fall. 
Oh, almost forgot……did we mention the HUGE political & economic mess in Europe & S. America, raging like a wildfire right now?………and also, the complete economic devastation & deterioration happening RIGHT NOW, in S. Africa, as well?…..these BIG PICTURE scenerio’s, affect the UN & IMF, Friends……and major Currency Markets, Economics & movements globally.

*** We DO NOT SEE the currency increase & RV events that you all are waiting on, taking until September or Later, AT ALL - thus, our projections listed above (April 1), happening much Sooner, NOT Later.

THEY (Especially the U.S.), want ALL this Money, TO MOVE & EXCHANGE HANDS ASAP……and especially because of what happens around March 15th……It will accelerate things, right after this date…..things that you want to happen.

POSITIVE LONG-TERM OUTCOME: This is not a Gloom & Doom Forecast. There is some major cleaning up to do, so that OLD PLATFORMS are eliminated & reworked, bringing NEW IMPROVED PLATFORMS that will be much more of a SOLID BENEFIT, FOR A MUCH LARGER SEGMENT OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION, FAR INTO THE FUTURE. There’s a boomerang in the air, as the U.S. is still internally reeling from the 17 Trillion (amount publicly disclosed in 2009), that it injected into the system out of thin air, in 2007, to temporarily rescue the economy, from complete financial collapse. It’s getting DEEP into it, THIS YEAR, with a Major Start….BEGINNING this SPRING, even as we speak. There are Major Opportunities, within these Changes, if you pay attention.

REMEMBER THIS POWERFUL, 3 LETTER WORD: "OIL".....as we watch worldwide events unfold.

EVERYONE will be affected by these Changes & Adjustments. Nobody will be left out. The QUESTION is, “How Much” will I be affected? The ANSWER is: “Depends on your TIMING”. 
DIVERSIFICATION of Funds = More SAFETY …….with your Money. 

Spreading your assets out into many things, is the best, most complete Safety, we know of. We’re talking about this NOW, because everyone should be thinking “SAFETY” 1st, RIGHT NOW……Have a Plan for Financial Safety NOW..…BECAUSE, it’s going to be an issue, right away, for EVERYONE….kinda like we’ve been seeing over in the Middle East, the past year or so - it’s been about Safety & Security. 

“THERE’S NOT ENOUGH INTEREST in the World, that you can make, on something that evaporates, into thin air, and is GONE. Interest suddenly becomes IRRELEVANT.” 
We’ve talked a little bit about our views on this Diversification idea, in our previous posts, over the past year, (mentioned it, maybe around mid-year 2016, last year), of which you can reference our opinions, here in Recaps Archives.

There are some more key dates, that you might want to watch…..for instance, in MAY, that we can perhaps, talk about later…….even AFTER you may have POSSIBLY CHOSEN, to exchange some of your currency, previous to May.

Everything you read from us on ALL these blog posts, is 100% in our Opinion. Our View. Our Belief. Our Speculation. Our Guess. You get to decide what is Fact, Truth, of Value or Real. Our information is “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”. You’re 100% On Your Own. Don’t you just Love the World we Live in? 

We’re NOT, Professional or Licensed Financial, Tax, Stock, Bond, Precious Metals, Banking, Investment or any other kind of Valid or Licensed Advisors, Consultants, Salespersons, Pedaler’s or “Guru’s” OF ANY KIND. Do Not make ANY of your Financial decisions, based on ANY of our information. We’re only a blogger with no credibility in the real world, and just having FUN, writing a lot of Fiction & Entertainment…….seek out Real Professionals, for ALL your financial industry decisions. This is a Blast.

We get our information from MANY DIVERSIFIED SOURCES. 
For instance, our most valid, reliable, most accurate and dependable information RIGHT NOW, comes “Straight out of the AIR”….. in fact, right now, we’re communicating regularly, with the “Hummingbirds”. 
Yes, Hummingbirds. These little guys are SO Accurate, and Tell Us so much……and are packed FULL OF VALUABLE INFORMATION….especially the past 4 weeks. For instance, these powerhouses, of over 340 Species, are the ONLY bird that can fly Forward AND Backward - ONLY bird on the Planet! They’re the Most Feared, by all other birds, even though they are the world’s SMALLEST bird…….because they’re so Fast, they can pluck the eyeballs out of an Eagle, before they even know it. They have NO FEAR. Their wings beat at up to 200 times per SECOND, they can migrate up to 3,000 miles every winter, and reach an altitude of 30,000 ft. (catching the Jet Stream) with NO electronic GPS or Radar system to guide them, sometimes 1,000 miles Non-Stop over the Gulf of Mexico or Ocean for days, Never Loosing their Direction, understanding to Rely on “Higher Forces” to COMPLETE THEIR JOURNEY, Sleep overnight standing up, and eat over 60 meals a day…..indulging in SWEETNESS to the Max! … allowing them to live up to 12 years (No Stress). These little guys (smallest of all birds), are SO Informative, SO Courageous, SO Fearless, SO Trusting, SO Magical, and especially a tremendous source of Intel, LATELY.

IN ADDITION, lately, the Bald Eagle, has shared some super valuable Intel & Information with us, from the HIGHEST levels……and talk about Diversified, they can hunt Fish in the Water, as well as, hunt food on the Ground, with Pinpoint accuracy. In fact, they’re Leading the way, over All other birds, when it comes to expertise in “Diversified & Successful Hunting”. They ALWAYS work together, and ALWAYS WIN BIG! 

OTHER KEY SOURCES of information for us, include People. Humans in various places. Weather Reports, Financial charts, graphs, historical records. Politics. Google. Planets, Stars, Comets, Asteroids, Galaxies & Nebula in the sky (Universe). Invisible, Non-physical mentors, guides & personalities. God. Higher Power. Johnny Carson. Source Energy. Creator. Wind. Higher Self. Mountains. Inner Being. Soul. Insects. Jesus Christ. Heart. Movies. Clouds. Numbers. Enemies. Green Grass. Animals. Music. Buddha. Mother Earth. Dinar Recaps. Mother Theresa. Sports. Pleiadians. Grandparents. Michael Jackson. Children Age 2 to 120…..and ONE more.

If you read what we’re saying here, from a very broad spectrum, by Standing Back quite a bit, from a Distance……you’ll see that we’re entering a VERY IMPORTANT period, not only for the Dinar and/or Dong currencies to perhaps, do what you’ve been waiting for……but much MORE.
This period from March 13 - July 1, could be (big smile) PACKED FULL OF MAJOR FINANCIAL CHANGES WORLDWIDE. We’re focusing on this 4 MONTH PERIOD, as a whole, and Not just ONE EVENT.

AGAIN, THEY (Especially the U.S.), want ALL this Money, TO MOVE & EXCHANGE HANDS ASAP……and especially because of what happens around March 15th……it will accelerate things, right after this date……things that you want to happen.

We hope you see tremendous value in our Entertainment, as stated Today. STAND WAY BACK!

We COULD be completely WRONG. We think there’s that ONE time, back once, where we were wrong about something. It’s a little foggy. Yes it’s there faintly…. That ONE time, was……..yes, it was once…but…so long ago…..it’s really vague……so, we think we could be wrong maybe again, PERHAPS, before this lifetime is up…it IS Possible.…Maybe, and chances are, that we will be Wrong about SOME THINGS……..so, we just want to give you a heads up, to perhaps realize, our Fallibility, our Human-ness, our ABILITY to NOT BE 100% RIGHT All the Time..…Or PERFECT…. 
Our “ILLOGICAL-NESS-ABILITY” though, is Unmatched!…….Hey, a new Word! Always something NEW…..
To US, it’s FUNNER-EST, ….wow, another New Word, a hybrid mix between “Funner” & “Funnest”…..
It’s FUNNEREST, as we go along, to see what we got RIGHT, and what we got WRONG….pure “Entertainment”, according to US.

However, with all that being said…….We’re just……PRETTY DAMN GOOD!……most of the time.

So, take your time, read this over a few times, digest the information, FEEL IT, KNOW IT, remove ALL your DOUBTS…….and like the “Hummingbird”, follow your internal Guidance System, your GPS System, relying on “Higher Forces”, to COMPLETE THE JOURNEY…..It’s taking you right where you want to go. 
Remember awhile back in an earlier post, when we made that Small, Little Statement, of a 1% Chance, regarding APRIL?…….Well.

We ARE, the REAL…..DR. CLARKE, and not some imposter.
And NO, we DO NOT do YouTube Video’s or any other kind of video’s, interviews, pictures, cartoons, commercials, street vending, airplane signs on the beach etc., EVER…..for that would be WAY TOO REVEALING, Shocking, Credible, Personal, Stupid, Exciting, Real, Sexy and…..LOGICAL. 

FOR NOW, we remain…OUR Intention & LOVE, with the Very BEST for ALL,

P.S. Watch Your Calendars……very closely. “TIMING” in Life, is EVERYTHING!
Ya know, the 2nd HALF OF JUNE, could be a really really good time, for a Summer Party! You’re Invited.

MORE P.S. It is our Sincerest Hope & Wish, that we are 100% WRONG, and that by the time you’re finished reading this, your Investments will have significantly increased in value, Beyond what you ever expected…….Truly. That would “TRUMP”, everything else


Tman23   "Kurdistan region,— Masoud Barzani said the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament and presidential elections will be held in September this year." “There will be two elections in September: parliament and presidential,” Barzani said during an interview ...I won’t be a candidate myself."







Aggidad77:  Can you say UUUUGGGGGEEEEEE......more of the same noise we have been hearing and seeing.....oh how sweet the sound.....bring on the BEST....it be coming....how many ways and times can they say it.   Aloha   Randy

Bondservant888:  WOW WS!  close to the "level of equilibrium - sounds like close to 1:1 to me.

Jazzy:  WOW... looks like purchasing power for the Iraqis!!!

Walkingstick:  A significant decline in the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar

Central applied a new system to take foreign currency sale

BAGHDAD / Mustafa Hashimi

witnessing the markets these days , a decline in the dollar 's exchange rate against thedinar after it reached record levels during the past two years due to determine the year 'sbudget law of 2015 the central bank to sell the amount of dollars less than about one -third of the demand has led the high price of the dollar until the last of the month ofFebruary , which began experiencing significant declines week.

Economic academic Imad Rashid sees the need for a guarantee to be of the same coin value of close economic and acceptable in the official and free markets.

Rashid pointed out in his speech for the "morning" to be re - dinar exchange in the market price to the previous rates coincided with the intervention of the Central Bank of the enforcement of the monetary policy of devaluation of the dollar with the organization of the offer him tools, explaining that these actions of would achieve a balance in demand purchase of foreign currency.

The central bank said the decline in the US dollar exchange rate of the dinar in the local markets, came after the new system applied to window selling foreign currency, confirming its intention to take additional measures to reach the target price.

Rashid said coordination between the central bank and private banks , and added a significant role in maintaining the stability of the foreign currency exchange rate against the local, calling for greater between the two rates convergence (official market) by restoring control in the exchange rate represented the government supervises through the adoption of a deliberate mechanisms by the Central .

He pointed out that the stability of the currency exchange rates to protect against market risk volatility between decline or sudden and rapid rise in turn affect the general inflation rate.

Under Maishdh country, the intervention policy to adjust the exchange rate towards the achievement of stability helps to report the exchange rate equals the supply and demand for foreign currency, explaining the need to install the official exchange rate close to the level of equilibrium which would put maximum ranges and minimum exchange rate and be allowed to fluctuate between those limits and therefore reflected the stability of the markets.

The central bank said in a statement that " the implementation of the new system applied to a window sale of foreign currency led to a marked decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar , " noting that " the new system removed the middlemen and hackers by changing requirements and actions toward simplification and transparency in selling foreign currency window operations, as the new system of window competition between banks believe on the basis of the extent of compliance with the rules to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. "

The bank added that " the success of the new system are encouraged to take additional measures that the legitimate demand for the dollar up to the target price by applying programs and new standards and rules to achieve a clear and transparent cover those operations."

The bank noted that "control over the exchange rates in light of the challenges of economic, financial and security situations are recorded monetary policy success in absorbing large shocks to Iraq , " stressing that " the improvement in oil prices and the elimination of the " Daesh "terrorist will be Mata significant impact in supporting the situation financial of the country, thus relieving the pressure on monetary policy and to allow them the opportunity to achieve greater monetary stability to this country. "

The local market has seen a marked decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100.



Aggiedad77:  Maybe it's just me Family but I'm thinking for a Friday that is an Iraqi holy day, we've seen a fair share of good news today as well as good moves on their part, especially with regard to Mosul and the progress being made there.....plans of actions.....actions put into play.....we are moving forward...I think we've seen further confirmation of their intent post Mosul....post DAASH....in the right direction.....the BEST is coming.  Aloha  Randy

GFulcher66:  I have a gut feeling about next week... Its the 3 rd mo, tues 7th Mnuchin making announcement, I bet Mosul is announced, all the positive press in the lame stream about Iraq. Come on 3-7-17 RV. 8th new beginnings! All the debt ceiling, derivative payment, Feds raising int rates taking place mid march, and all the currency changes the 3 musketeers have stated coming in march...


MilitiaMan:  What we have here below that Frank has been speaking about to us in CC and Final Articles, when broke out is very compelling information that suggests we have nothing to worry about..

We have witnessed all day relatively productive good news on Mosul, etc.. They are telling us that Daesh has no will to fight left, no money, no supply lines and it sounds like that goes for not only in Mosul, but, Al Raqqah in Syria as well. I am not sure that "raqqa" is a concern or not. Our teacher says adamantly it is not in his opinion going to be part of a delay.

Iraq says the Iraq Dinar is still safe despite the on goings in country and is expected to return to it's former glory while in the next breathe get National Reconciliation completed too, post Daesh.

Note that they also speak of discontinuing the MCPs, as they will no longer need to use the USD for local transactions. They are telling us they are going to be using what appears to be previous rates. Let that sink in. Previous rates! Former Glory? See the pattern there.. SNAP! lol

They go on to tell us they are going to use and intervention policy to adjust the exchange rate. That speaks loudly of a Orbiting Float. Which tells me they are going to intervene in the currency market when and if necessary.

They want to at least bring it in at or within an equilibrium for to create a level of stability for the IQD.. Very positive information in my book.. Nothing to worry about! ~ MM

"Yes … you will get Raqqa! Please understand Raqqa and Mosul are one … they are NOT separated operations.  That airport was VERY important. Why is Raqqa important? Will this delay the monetary reform?   IMO … NO!!! I am very adamant about that family!"~ Frank26

"the Iraqi dinar is still safe despite the decrease in the reserve, is expected to return to its former glory after the end of the war on Daesh" #25

"The draft is now under consideration and discussions which Thoudy UN support, but in the event was a consensus on them, after the liberation of Mosul and Daesh expelled permanently from Iraq, will go officially as a document (national reconciliation) in Iraq." #26

"He appealed to the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Osama Ibrahim Chalabi, the current governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords revitalization of the domestic market of the Iraqi currency after the liberation of the left coast of the city of Mosul." #29

"The government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of military operations. If the monetary reform is successful, there will no longer need to use the US dollar in local transactions. " #30

"That we're interested in all of this is what are (the vision for economic reform after liberation and the expulsion of terrorism Nhayaa) in terms of coordination between the two policies, monetary and financial" #31

"And Izzat Ibrahim, the reasons for the postponement of the project to the security situation and the unwillingness of the relevant authorities to apply at the moment, but denied knowing in advance of starting the project." #32

WS#281  03/03/2017 4:04 pm

"Rashid pointed out in his speech for the "morning" to be re - dinar exchange in the market price to the previous rates coincided with the intervention of the Central Bank of the enforcement of the monetary policy of devaluation of the dollar with the organization of the offer him tools, explaining that these actions of would achieve a balance in demand purchase of foreign currency."

"Under Maishdh country, the intervention policy to adjust the exchange rate towards the achievement of stability helps to report the exchange rate equals the supply and demand for foreign currency, explaining the need to install the official exchange rate close to the level of equilibrium which would put maximum ranges and minimum exchange rate and be allowed to fluctuate between those limits and therefore reflected the stability of the markets."


Iggy:  A man goes into a pet shop and sees a beautiful parrot with a red string tied to its left leg and a green string tied to its right leg. "What are those strings for?", he asks the store owner. "This is a highly trained creature," the owner explains. "If you pull the red string, he speaks Spanish and if you pull the green string he speaks French.""What happens if you pull both strings at the same time?" the man asks. "I fall off my perch, you idiot!" squawks the parrot.

Iggy:  A man rushes into drugstore and asks the pharmacist for something guaranteed to stop hiccups. The pharmacist slowly poured a glass of water and when it was full he picked it up, suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs, and threw the water into the man's face. "Why did you do that?" the man yelled angrily. "Well you don't have hiccups now do you?" replied the pharmacist. "NO!" shouted the man. "But my wife in the car still does!"



ADMINBILL:  FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017 (1720)





Can you see the difference as in the future there is an urgent necessity for Iraq to get off the program rate if Iraq is to see any real potential for economic growth, as they are telling us they plan for? We can also see the need for a steady rate of the dinar and more purchasing power. Having the dinar at a REAL rate and the rate gauged off the GLOBAL currency exchanges helps to ensure this stability of the currency. 

We also know the likelihood of sanctions ending will not take place until war reparations are completed or a deal is struck with Kuwait. But this is only my opinion from the many articles I presented to you in this topic in the past. There is also the necessity to prevent funding of the current terrorist organizations operating in Iraq. So all these issue still plaque the decision for currency reform.
I will say it again and again and I hope you are listening to me this time – THEY WILL NOT LIFT THE Iraqi CURRENCY SANCTIONS UNTIL THE REASON WHY THEY PUT THEM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE NO LONGER EXISTS! Get it?

So does this mean regions must be fully liberated from ISIS?

Yes, of course as this is not me alone telling you this. The CBI itself has told us this many times.

There is no magic to it. It is that simple. So the Iraqi dinar is NOT yet trading on the international exchanges at any rate nor will it until there is a reasonable level of SECURITY and STABILITY in the region. They can not and will not be allowed to list the currency on the international exchanges until certain factors apply. Yes- I said region and not just in Iraq. Could this may also mean on the border with Syria.  
Specialists: fluctuation of inflation confuses the living conditions of citizens

03/02/2017 (0:01 pm) 

Baghdad / Zahra al - Jassem

Like many other employees, as well as the vast majority of people, you may not realize desert Hamid, employed in one of the state departments, meaning high or low inflation index which you read about in the newspapers or hear on the radio and television, but they are complaining about and concerned about how they can out to establish a stable budget for the family as charged and her husband, an employee is also, of salaries began to drop due to several deductions.

The Ministry of Planning revealed in the latest report of the Central Bureau of Statistics for the low annual inflation index for 2016 by (0.9%), but this year opened up slightly in the month of January last rate (0.1%), after it was up by 0.2% during the month December last year, on the other hand the base rate of inflation rose 0.3% from the previous month, with a mention in the report that the price survey did not include the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar, because of the security situation as it is known.

Parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi considers it natural that the volatility in the inflation index is happening in the absence of real productivity of the state in general, and emphasizes the importance of strengthening the value of the Dinar through attention to the private sector.

He adds Tamimi, saying in an interview (to the extent): to recover our economy will need a good market movement, reflected this development on the ability of the Iraqi dinar and the high value against foreign currencies, (have to get the rate of the US dollar down against the dinar) and adds: So everyone is counting on the private sector because the economy strength comes from the activation of agriculture and industry, afterthought: but the reality is that there is a recession in the market and unemployment, we can almost rely at all on imports from abroad. (have to stop relying so much on imports and strengthen the local economy with in-country goods and services)

Confirms al-Tamimi: that the rise in the inflation index, even though it was slightly It affects low-income citizens, because Mdjulath not enough to buy the same goods or services that were bought before, and therefore the purchasing power decline, which means more poverty and rising poverty rates. (by a significant change in the value of the dinar this will raise the purchasing power of the dinar and slowly force out the lower denominations on the streets as the necessity for them will be realized greater and greater as time goes on. The movement out of the “closed economy” will then become a necessity and the use of the IQD dinar globally will be in high demand, thus driving the rate yet even more upwards) 

A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a media statement that the number of job categories recorded a rise in prices, including the Department of Housing rose (1.1%) to contribute by (169.2%) in the monthly rate of change due to the high standard figures for a rent rate (0.1% ) and a maintenance and Services housing rate (0.8%, and the range of water and electricity supplies by (10.1% and record the health department is also increased by (0.1) to contribute by 2.1% in the monthly rate of change, noting that the Department of transportation prices rose (0.1) to contribute by (8.0%) in the monthly rate of change, as the Department of miscellaneous goods and services recorded an increase of (0.5%) to contribute by 11.7% in the monthly rate of change..

For his part, sees economist Dergham Mohammed said the high and low as long as inflation indicators are not based on the foundations of development, it is not an indication of the recovery of the Iraqi economy, as some believe, being still mainly depends on the only oil supplier.

He says in an interview for "(to the extent) that it is by working to adjust the price of the dollar in the domestic market and expansion in the housing sector, and other factors, including increased demand for real estate market, which will raise the allowances rentals, noting that the areas adjacent to military operations in Nineveh attest exodus can increase the demand for relatively rents may raise their prices.

And continues to-date: that any rise in the dollar exchange rate in the domestic market rises with the consumer exchange rate, which is fueling inflation and exchange rate depreciation, pointing out that it leads to a decline in consumer exchange rate, he adds, so the rise in the inflation index in the country be subject to multiple factors, notably the dollar exchange rate, which is determined by which the price of imported goods prices, the fact that the Iraqi citizen today is almost entirely dependent on imports.  

Iraq is witnessing crises successive and interrelated strain the economy and finances and public resources, while not offset by temporary solutions, where the spread of financial and administrative corruption in most of the corridors of the state, and the inability of regulators to prosecute the corrupt and take legal action against them, made public money vulnerable to pillaging by members of different groups to the lack of adequate laws and strict action taken against them, which is reflected clearly through the development of new projects and the fragility of material and human failure.
Change has accused "influential" hide corruption files in the Ministry of Finance through the "political deals"

Treasures Media  - accused of mass change in Parliament, on Friday, "influential figures" hide the corrupted files in the Ministry of Finance through the "political deals , " pointing to the existence of "ambiguity" on the assignment of Deputy Finance Minister Fadhil Nabi to retirement, while calling for an integrated government program to fight corruption .

The MP for the Bloc Serwa Abdul Wahid in an interview with local media, and I followed the agency [Treasures Media, said that "the files of corruption within the Ministry of Finance were hidden on the grounds that Undersecretary Fadel prophet belongs to the same party, which belongs to the Minister of Finance article Hoshyar Zebari."

She said Abdul Wahid, that "there Amodha swirling around the subject of the assignment Fadel prophet of retirement," pointing out that "influential figures hide behind the Ministry of Finance Files".

She said "there is collusion to end the corruption within the Ministry of Finance through political deals," asserting that "the fight against corruption needs to complete a government program."


Chalabi calls on reviving the local market Keywords Iraqi currency after the liberation of the left coast of the connect

He appealed to the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Osama Ibrahim Chalabi, the current governor of the central bank on the local market Keywords reviving the Iraqi currency after the liberation of the left coast of the city of Mosul. (does this mean an instant RV once Mosul is done? NO! It is a start but since many other factors are still at play such as getting rid of the Iranian influence and securing the boarders of Iraq with Syria. The National Reconciliation Law will drive the efforts to peace and less violence but it must be implemented and this will take time. There is no gauge on what level of implementation that will be necessary but rather just a level of overall STABILITY and SECURITY.)

The Chalabi said in a statement that this stage requires recovery of the economic and financial situation after the looting of the organization Daesh terrorist is among the citizens of cash and seized local and foreign cash balances of government and private banks, calling the Iraqi Central Bank to take exceptional and unconventional measures is to open headquarters alternative to the central bank on the left side editor the lending government and private banks with the necessary cash to meet the local need as well as directing specialist banks Kalmsrv real estate and the agricultural Bank to take its role in such circumstances to deal with money looted by the terrorist organization legally in order to maintain the return to normal, according to the statement.
Financial operations of the Central Bank of the economy News window sell the currency does not deal with people 

Economy News / Baghdad ...

The Director General of the Department of financial operations at the central
 bank Alaracay Mahmoud Dagher, to sell the currency window does not deal
with people, stressing that the central bank took control on inflation.

Said Dagher in an interview for "Economy News", the sale of foreign currency, of
course window is to conduct my time due to the adoption of Iraq on a single supplier
 to enter the hard currency the dollar into Iraq from oil sales, and the central bank
is working on this basis for the Horn demands of customers of the dollar. 

Dagher and between that sell the currency at the central bank window does not deal
with people, but with the institutions licensed by the Bank in accordance with the
mechanisms and control of severe, indicating that the window today operates
under a new system in turn helped to reduce the sale price of the dinar
against the dollar.  

He added that the Bank has developed standards for banks that enter into currency
window and on this basis will meet the demands of the dollar and is a global
standards of operation in secure banking practices.

A marked decline in the dollar to dinar

Baghdad/Mostafa Hashemi
Nowadays the market is experiencing a decline in the dollar to dinar after reaching record levels in the past two years because balancing act 2015 for the Central Bank to sell dollars less than one third of the demand led to the dollar until the last week of February last year began experiencing significant decline.

Academic finds Imad Rashid, economic necessity of a guarantee that the coin itself convergent value and economically acceptable in the free and informal markets.
Rashid pointed out in his speech to "morning" that the dinar in the market to previous rates coincided with Central Bank intervention to enforce monetary policy tools to reduce the dollar's value with supply management, explaining that these actions would achieve a balance in order to buy foreign currency.
The Central Bank had reduced the US dollar exchange rate for the dinar in local markets, came after the new system for window sale of foreign currency, asserting its intention to take further action to target price.

Rashid added that coordination between the Central Bank and private banks played a significant role in maintaining the stability of local versus foreign exchange,calling for greater convergence between the two prices (a market and informal) by re-intervention exchange rate control Government oversightthrough deliberate mechanisms by Central.

He pointed out that stability in the currency market volatility risk assess between sudden and rapid rise or decline affects the general inflation rates.

Under the country's speeding the exchange adjustment intervention policy towards stability help determining the exchange rate even has a supply and demand for foreign currency, explaining the need to install the official exchange rate closer to the equilibrium level which would establish minimum and maximum extent of exchange rate is allowed to fluctuate between those boundaries and therefore reflects on the stability of markets.
The Central Bank said in a statement that the "implementation of the new system for window selling foreign currency led to a marked decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar", noting that "the new system shoveled intermediaries and hackers by changing requirements and procedures towards simplification and transparency in foreign currency sale window operations, the new system also provides window competition between banks on the basis of compliance with the rules against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Bank added that "the success of the new system encourages further action that will cover the demand for the dollar down to target price by applying new standards and norms and programs achieve clarity and transparency of those processes.

The Bank noted that "controlling exchange rates under challenges and economic and financial conditions and monetary policy success recorded security in large shocks suffered by Iraq", adding that "the improvement in oil prices and the elimination of the terrorist organization" ISIS "would be with significant impact in supporting the country's financial situation and thus ease pressure on monetary policy and allow them to achieve greater monetary stability to this country." (this is the best part of the article- pay attention and re-read it)

The local market has seen a marked decline in the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and five thousand dinars for $100 bills. The local market has seen a marked decline in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and by five thousand dinars to the category of $ 100. (so this is article if proof that the new system replacing the currency auctions is working…..finally! )
Massoud Barzani: We support al-Sadr’s efforts to cut off the hands of al-Maliki

Wednesday February 15, 2017

Follow-up / Sky Press:

Announced the presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, on Wednesday, expressed support for the movements of the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the last to change the electoral commission, noting that al-Sadr seeks to “amputation of the hand,” Vice President Nouri al-Maliki and his aides.
The head of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, Fuad Hussein, he followed in the “Sky Press,” that “the existing differences between the Shiites much larger than the subject of changing the Electoral Commission, and the differences between them may reach the level of a war.”

Hussein added that “al-Maliki is now doing all it can in order to return to power, and the return of al-Maliki, Iraq is heading toward a dark era, and the differences between the Shiites and the Kurds will be exacerbated.”

He pointed out that Hussein “Moqtada al-Sadr, wanted to amputate the hand of al-Maliki and his aides from now by changing the Electoral Commission, and this is not just about him, but that the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the strongest political party in the Kurdistan Region, bless these attempts chest.”

Ayman total liberation of Mosul operations within 72 hours
Nineveh - Iraq Press - February 21
According to security sources in Nineveh province, on Tuesday, that Armored Division ninth and pieces of federal police and rapid reaction popular and the crowd continued to install point operations and equal to the three military axis, which was launched by 72 hours to edit the right side of Mosul. (so it this now all liberated? Today is March 3rd so I would imagine it is all done. We await the final announcement by Abadi to be official) 

He continued, "The engineering effort Operations Brigade 26 in the southern hub southwest of Mosul, continued for the second day in a row to build defensive fortifications in the vicinity (village Alshaji) Add to clear roads and homes of booby-trapping caused by the elements of the criminal organization," adding that "the goals achieved so now since the start editing right side operations of the conductor managed to free the villages and hills (Alshaji and Tel Kisom and experts) and isolate east of Tal Afar regions for the right coast and cracking down on elements of the organization and control of the knot transportation between the right side and the roads leading to the hand Mahlbah and Tal Afar in addition to control of the gate right coast from the southwest and west of the city. (recent news on Feb 25th told us ISIS is dug in greater than anticipated but the outcome will still be the same. It might just take a few more days than planned. Today is 6 days beyond this last article so is Mosul now “fully” liberated? We wait to hear the new…..

Parliamentary Finance’s “approach” to postpone the project to delete the zeros until further notice

BAGHDAD / .. Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced the postponement of the project to delete the zeros that was planned years ago to apply until further notice. (note that this is the finance committee and not the CBI speaking)
She said a committee member from the Kurdistan Democratic Party Najiba Najib Ibrahim’s “approach” to the project to delete the zeros based but delayed until further notice. (this could mean once Mosul is fully liberated along with other issues I list below)

And Izzat Ibrahim, the reasons for the postponement of the project to the security situation and the unwillingness of the relevant authorities to apply at the moment(relevant authorities =  the CBI) but denied knowing in advance of starting the project. (So the finance committee does not know the starting date? How can they say it is postponed until further notice? sounds to me that they had a target date and missed it. How else could they decide to postpone it if they did not miss a target? We wait for news of a new target.)

Other issues:
·       Liberating Mosul and “fully” securing the regions involved.
·       Securing the boarder with Syria
·       Implementation of the National Reconciliation Law (to what extent?)
·       Limiting Iranian influence in governmental matters
·       Preventing the Iraqi political figures responsible for bringing Iraq to the mess in the first place must be neutralized.
·       Full execution of the Iraqi constitution (this means article 140 and HCL)

(please reference the many articles I presented in my previous news letters.  (LINK) I can not list all the articles again and again to substantiate these statements. You must keep up with the news and the reading. There is a saying…..”you sleep, you weep”)
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat