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2-24-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Abadi Votal discuss the battle of Mosul and international support for Iraq"   I don't expect the CBI to "flip" a switch the day after liberalization of Mosul.  It will take some time to stabilize the area and begin the clean up, return citizens to their homes etc.  So we could be waiting a few months after before the CBI decides to begin currency reform.  Especially with the spread still not close to 2%.

2-24-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 
  Article:  "After Mosul: Certainties and Uncertainties"   ...the US position in Iraq post DAASH is becoming clearer by the day IMO...Keep the peace between the various political factions...build those bases and staff them to further kick some DAASH butt in nearby Syria...and don't lose sight of that GIGANTIC pool of oil...we may not own it...but we want first dibs to it...Plus have Iraq stepping out on the world stage for the first time....being the ones who get to introduce her to the world...oh buddy...good times are coming...because....the BEST is coming...I'm looking to Sunday maybe into Monday to be quite interesting.

2-24-2017   Intel Guru Bruce 
  My understanding is that President Trump is actually doing everything in his power which is substantial as we know to move this thing through and get it done now.  We heard 3 days ago now actually that the banks in Mosul were up and running. I believe the Mosul airport is up and running now. I don’t know how much work the city needs in terms of infrastructure. I believe it needs a whole lot. At least in the day to day operations from what I understand are back in place.   There have been a few little announcements in main stream news here about the restoration of Mosul being taken back which is very positive.   I just got a call...that approximately at 9pm EST [Thursday]...that Iraq began their monetary reform on their CBI website. So what they are doing now in trying to update and possibly put out new rates I hope essentially is the trigger for...the RV for the dinar...   Looks like Iraq has begun their process of economic monetary reform through their CBI website.   I am excited...I think that is a good sign. ...we are in really good shape for this to roll out...

2-24-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Iraq joined the Convention on the transparency of the arbitration between investors and states"  Quote:  "This agreement is an important message and clear to the world that Iraq is a major hub in the Middle East for investment and reconstruction and construction," noting that "this agreement adopted by the United Nations to save the rights transparently in the event of a conflict between investors and states."   Dispute resolution is critical.  A good sign.

2-24-2017   Newshound Guru loop   Article:  "Parliamentary oil suggest the presence of 300 billion barrels of undiscovered"  Quote:  "...said the oil profanity by Mehdi al-Hafez, Tuesday, that there is a plan of action will begin to explore more than 300 billion barrels of oil, Iraq added to the reserve. If Hafiz is correct Iraq will have the largest reserves in the world.  What we do know for sure is that they just add 10 billion to their reserves last week.  Iraq is currently 5th in the world as far as oil reserves go. Much of their country has yet to be explored for oil. I would be surprised if they do not find much more.

2-24-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  Keep in mind, there are several things that could effect the reserves.  Oil prices could skyrocket to $100 +, they could officially get out of UN Chapter 7 and get some funds that are being held released, etc.  But it seems like the IMF has a plan with the CBI.  We all have seen the efforts the last 12 months or so to improve the banking system.  So despite these possibilities, I believe the reason is more in line with improving Iraq's economy, putting people to work, rebuilding post ISIL and opening the banking system to the world for investment...at least we can hope anyway.   [post 2 of 2]

2-24-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  Article:  "IMF confirms the stability of Iraq's reserves of hard currency"  Quote:  "the IMF said in his study, that Iraq reserves will arrive in 2018 to $ 62 billion , and then rise to $ 91 billion in 2020 due to improved conditions of the Iraqi economy and oil exports and its derivatives and the sufficiency of electricity imported to some provinces and gas export and promotion of tourism, industry and all economic resources bode well"   I think the important thing here is that something pretty substantial must occur this year for this forecast to be true.  As we all should know by now, Iraqi oil is not enough at the current prices to increase reserves because they spend more than they make.  So I expect them to transition to a market economy this year in order to improve the reserves by $50 billion over the next two years or so.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-24-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   The IMF doesn’t want them to float...but IMO...I think they are going to float There is a compression of a lot of DEAL going on as the fat lady gets out of the way to show the liberation of Mosul.  Once you have Mosul...you’ll see the reason for the negotiations...which you wouldn’t see happening with a program rate.  The DEALS are across the board...creating fairness in trade and currencies.  This is VERY historical.  I like how Abadi told everyone at the meeting in Germany...“we’re open for business...come on in!”  Germany did tell Abadi...“ok”...and they did...quickly.   Abadi received today a German delegation...Merkel says they are there to help with the economic reforms. Didn’t take them long to show up.  No country is in this for an 1186 program rate!


TNT Beethovan:

The banker who had notarized my gifting letters a long time ago stopped me the other day as I was passing to give a REAL cheery hello. He mentioned that he got into conversation when he went to pick up his son from a play date. The friend's father is a money manager at a Manhattan hedge fund and talked about the dinar. I'm sure the kid's father doesn't know any more than us, but all of a sudden I'm not so crazy asking for gifting letters to be notarized. I'm surprised he remembered me. I coyly asked the banker if he was going to buy any dinar. He replied, "So did my sister."


Member News Excerpts & Highlights 2-23-17

Post From Currency Chatter
Member News Excerpts & Highlights 2-23-17

Goldnugget:   For two, 20 February 2017 (00:0-GMT)

 Raise The Price Of The Iraqi Dinar To The Fore Again

Some Iraqi Government economists raising the dinar against the dollar until rising purchasing power and increasing confidence as a rule Iraq, as demanded by the need to stop «dollarization» economy by preventing deal internally and make local transactions are limited to use of the Iraqi dinar only.

It must be noted that 70 percent of currency in circulation was covered in gold and foreign currencies until 1981, the remaining Iraqi Government bonds (currency code), and then Iraq was leftover gold base system. In order to maintain the cover, successive Governments have been linking financial policy, especially current and investment expenditure, the balance of payments situation, and the latter was determined by the Government's revenue from oil exports.
And to make this link administrative restrictions applied to both external conversion, trade in goods and services and the movement of capital. Thus followed the conservative monetary and fiscal policies that kept the stability of the Iraqi dinar is installed by the Central Bank at 3.2 dollars to the dinar.

I shall abide by the lid easily dinar monetary authority in the exercise of their duties where he fomented maintain a stable currency, but it achieved at the expense of economic development that is not spending enough fear that increased spending on the stability of the currency.

But during the Iran-Iraq war, which caused huge Iraq reserves faded of foreign currency, the Government abandoned the currency Act and Ina started spending on war without quantitative restrictions, what caused a continuous decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar and other major currencies, because of the increasing gap between the supply and demand of Iraqi currency. And increased economic embargo imposed on Iraq in 1991 it worse.

Despite the Government's adherence to the official exchange rate (3.2 dollars) for official transactions, resulted from continued growing imbalance between volume of currency in circulation and demand another rate for the dinar is parallel or black market, market price, sometimes to 4000 dinars to the dollar.     LINK Below to read entire article


KJWayne:            " the price may be 1.2 dinars to the dollar or dinar against the dollar is the right price. " 1 USD divided by 1.2 Dinars means one dinarwould be equal to $.83 USD! Not a bad rate but I don't believe Iraq can survive at that LOW of a rate.

G-Lin:    goldnugget thanks again. {hug} KJ good to see you again in the forums. You are missed. :) I think that $.83 would be a sensible starting place.

After the success of regaining Mosul, I believe the world will have a great deal of confidence added towards Iraq and that rate may start upward with the progress they are making in their infrastructure.

They really do want to become independent through agriculture and much more and that process has already begun. At this stage we are looking for security and stability and that is rapidly approaching. Now if they can just find a very uncomfortable padded cell for Maliki, we might get this done.

DreamWeaver:    Thanks, all.  At this point, majority of us would be ecstatic to see starting rate of $.83.  Speaking strictly for me, I'd cash out and put all things Iraqi in the rear view mirror.  Couldn't hit that gas pedal fast enough.  :P ~ DW

Tom:      Has anyone heard from Randy Koonce? I hope he is in good health, just thought by now with a new administration he would have a update.

Bubba Bud:   G-Lin,No need for a padded cell, ou can't beat him to death if pads are in the way.  I'd hang him inside of a cell hanging from an old Saddan statue and let the people take care of him any way they would like. I'm pretty sure they have some good ideas on punishment.  Bubba Bud

Skylimit:    Everyone who has followed this thing is now on alert and has been since January 1st, Mosul is now the supposed holdup but we really don't know for sure. Comments have been made by Abadi, the US and Britain that ISIS is almost gone from Iraq, the propaganda on the major networks is almost useless.

Yesterday Fox News reported that the offensive for Mosul had started meaning that it probably started a couple of weeks ago. You never let your enemy know what's going on and that means us too. We are in a great window right now folks, just how far does Mosul have to be cleared is a question but everything else they need to address, has been. I can smell the barbecue!

HandOverFist:    Everything is sounding great!  I can't wait for all this to be over.

Rockstar:    Wow I hereby nominate this the BEST Thread of the Year!! Great to hear from you Tlar and yes I know Randy probably has just been biding his time as well because not much to say! Koonce has been correct for a long time that Obama was the hold up and he got bashed for that many years ago but guess what he was Correct!!

I fully believe this was the case but who am I and yes that's just my opinion which is worth about as much as the Dinar right now a 1/10 of a penny..lol... great to see some old posters on this thread thank you everyone for a great end to the day?? Peace

PieClam:  TLAR, your perspective is very much appreciated by me, and based on the responses in this thread, many others here as well.  You are truly gifted in your ability to assemble the seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces of Iraqi news, describe what this combined picture looks like for others, and make educated guesses as to where we might be heading.  Thank you again for sharing your thoughts!

Bubba Bud:   Thank you Pie Clam, love the name, likely taste great.

Thanks Tlar,  All information is important, all that use their own time, their own resources for free to assist all the others on this site is a wonderful expression of commonallity and giveness.

I don't know if and when this investment happens, if ever how anyone could thank or express enough how much we should thank, appreciate and admire the persons who give.  Thanks again to all, 8)  Bubba Bud

Aloha Alex:   Yippy ay yay yippy ay yo, call the limo company cuz I'm ready to go! Thanks Tlar, you make everyone feel warm and fuzzy with your insightful analysis and communication skills. Looking forward to a great 4th of July BBQ

JC May:   Ain't happening anytime soon guys

Skylimit:   Sorry JC but the markets are telling you that you're wrong. Money talks and bullshit walks. No one at our level knows the date or rate but the money surrounding this thing is picking up speed every day

from the ISX volume explosion in the financials, to the quick expansion of available credit, to large Western Banks communicating that they will exchange dinars again after several years of denials and a US President who understands money enough to send the Treasury Secretary to read the riot act to Christine Lagard.

We are in the best window since 2012 and only (we guess) Mosul needs to be finished. This thing is boiling over right now and could go at anytime. (I promise after this is over I will never use the term anytime again)

hi-five:     JC May, Can you back up your statement with some reasons?

JC May:    This investment has a tendency to inject hopiem from any positive angle the gurus can SPIN and it's always wrong period.

I've made my statements numerous times, all the rest just give dates and windows and are 100% constantly incorrect.

Read between the lines and stop listening to these so called nice informative people, who u think have ur best interests at hand.

HandOverFist:   JC May,  What, then, is your own time period for revaluation of the currency to happen, if ever.

JC May:   This is not meant to be negative but the first thing people forget is that this is a highly speculative investment.

Without rewriting everything I’ve stated many times prior, in summary:

That being said this particular one is low risk/high reward, so, imo from everything studied, this can go both ways but alot of individuals in these forums refuse to take the negative into account for their own selfish gains and only spin the positive as most generally do the way this was portrayed to us..

 The realistic person studies the whole and all its parts then factors them in when making a decision to invest and/or monitoring the potential during.

Iraq is still a disaster and anyone who tells you different is lying or just nonrealistic. I do not believe we’ll see a rate increase at .83/better as stated by many but much smaller, again, many reasons for this as I’ve mentioned before but can still have the potential for a decent gain.

The people who keep giving dates, rates, etc need to stop! and they know who they are as it's been proven time and time again how wrong they are, and it's conterproductive at that, and at this point question their real motives as it’s not hard to piece the puzzle together, but report all the facts both negative and positive.

HandOverFist:   Thank you for your response, JC May.

Schízz:    I can write randy on facebook if you like but i expect he may be waiting for isis to be gone, he is just living his life and trying to be happy. good to hear from tlar again, i like that 2 rate but im with DW on this, 80 sure sounds good to me and i will be gone!!
Good to see everyone again. I myself will return when that dang isis are gone. hope everyone is well

Skylimit:    JC none of us know for sure what they'll do (concerning the rate) but big global money has 2 main questions; #1 is the situation improving and #2 are the expected returns worth the risks?

 Iraq has very positive scores on both of these counts because the money flows are telling us that. You don't have to guess, follow the money in this deal and name me one other country where the US and coalition, the IMF, WB, UN, etc. is supplying so much money and manpower to see it succeed.

There is a reason for this and it's not charity, it's the payoff. In today's world of endless credit and fractional reserve monetary systems Iraq if backed by the major players can justify placing any value they want on the dinar within reason. $2 bucks is chump change for a country with very little dinar in circulation in country based on their assets and growth expectations.

Using old metrics that existed before 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window is like using an IBM Selectric typewriter today in the information age of supercomputers.

The major risk in this speculation has always been political as we saw with the Obama clown show, that risk has no been reduced considerably because of Trump being elected. All roads now quickly lead to MR if you follow the money, very rarely do you see a setup so clearly like this. Go Mosul!
Aloha Alex:    Yes Skylimit, sounds logical. Add to that...just recently how Abadi and Shabibi are FINALLY calling out Malaki and his corrupt cronies...means that Abadi and some others have accepted a deal not to get prosecuted for their part in the corruption.

​Which means they have just leveraged their ability to govern with the only country that can make Iraq work - the USA!

Our politicians are just corrupt, Iraqis' are corrupt and stupid. Time to pay up for all your years of stupidity.

HandOverFist:    Love your post, Sky.  What you say is very reasonable, regarding Iraq.

HandOverFist:   I wrote this post on Kaperoni's board earlier today. This could very well be the case:

 "I'm pretty sure Maliki is in the custody of Interpol already, for Abadi and Shabibi to be speaking out this way, day after day, without fear."


INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Deep Intel" 2/23/17

Latest Intel reveals that the Hercules Master Computer had 10 early currency exchanges in the last 24 hours as a trap to catch cabal bad guys with counterfeit or stolen dinar which led to shoot outs and arrests.

They lost.

2000 cabal arrested or shot in the last week.

Hundreds were from the Clinton Foundation.

The cleanup continues to dethrone those who have profited from ill gotten gains and eliminate the financial scam of the past hundreds of years.

Don't look on Main Stream Media (MSM) "Fake News" for any of this information



Everyone in the world pinned to the U.S.D. is waiting on the U.S.

We were told tonight that we're just waiting on Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin to officially announce the Gold standard, or release the 800#s.

Secretary Mnuchin is probably waiting on General Joseph Dunford to give the all clear on the status of the Military.

General Joseph Dunford could be waiting on the Go Ahead from the Elders. 

The Elders are probably just waiting on the Green Light from the Galactics.

The Galactics are surely just waiting on permission to move forward from God.

God is just waiting on you and I to be ready. So he's waiting on US too.

So I wanted to announce this officially if I could be so bold as to invoke the spirit of US for a moment:

We are ready to move forward. Go ahead and announce the Gold Standard, it's all clear, you can release the 800#s and free humanity from generations of slavery, abuse, and oppression.

I make no promises as to what we will do with that freedom, but I can assure you we will not experiment any further on humanity to see how they respond to their children being kidnapped, raped and abused. We will not oppress man's most natural ability to create, explore, and think. We will not endeavor to wipe out 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. We will not try to control the minds of everything on the planet so that we can create the illusion of freedom while we snatch and destroy any truly innovative concept, idea, and motivation.

In all seriousness, how could we possibly do anything worse than what you have already done and still allow to this day. If you are truly waiting on God, then this is him putting you on notice. It's time to demonstrate a truly peaceful transition of power.

It's time to transfer power, back to the people.



This is a Chinese symbol for walk or go. And also the authorization Fighting Joe was waiting on.

It came in.

Now even the Trump Administration doesn't know when General Dunford will release 800 numbers, but he controls all the assets with Grandfather's blessing to begin.

18 other markets also received this same blessing today, at different times, with similar release meanings.

Several rumored release windows came and went today. So patiently we wait. And wait. And wait. Until we never wait again.

This is the business we have chosen.

It's been a great honor to serve this community. Enjoy your life.

God is with us.