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KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call, 22 FEB

KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call

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In tonights CC:

Cole:  This article... are you kidding me??? Wow.... HUGE

LoneStarCowboy:  ~~Ta Da~~

Don961:   Ayman total liberation of Mosul operations within 72 hours

Nineveh - Iraq Press - February 21: According to security sources in Nineveh province, on Tuesday, that Armored Division ninth and pieces of federal police and rapid reaction popular and the crowd continued to install point operations and equal to the three military axis, which was launched by 72 hours to edit the right side of Mosul .. 

He continued, "The engineering effort Operations Brigade 26 in the southern hub southwest of Mosul, continued for the second day in a row to build defensive fortifications in the vicinity (village Alshaji) Add to clear roads and homes of booby-trapping caused by the elements of the criminal organization," adding that "the goals achieved so now since the start editing right side operations of the conductor managed to free the villages and hills (Alshaji and Tel Kisom and experts) and isolate east of Tal Afar regions for the right coast and cracking down on elements of the organization and control of the knot transportation between the right side and the roads leading to the hand Mahlbah and Tal Afar in addition to control of the gate right coast from the southwest and west of the city. ", ended A.h



MilitiaMAn:  Frank26 is going to talk about this again..

#30    Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again

Version: paper - International Monday, February 20, 2017 (00: 0 - GMT)

Some Iraqi economist calls for the government to lift the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar until the rising purchasing power and increasing confidence it represents the sovereignty of Iraq, and calling for the need to stop the «dollarization» economy by preventing the deal internally by making local transactions are limited to the use of the Iraqi dinar only.

It must be pointed out that 70 percent of the currency in circulation was covered in gold and foreign currencies until 1981, and the remaining bonds Iraqi government (currency) Act, and Iraq was then applied to the remnants of the gold standard system. In order to maintain the cover, successive governments have continued to link fiscal policy, especially current spending and investment, the status of the balance of payments, and the latter was determined by the government's revenue from oil exports.

But the success of this linkage administrative restrictions applied to the outside, both the conversion, trade in goods, services and movement of capital. Thus followed the monetary and fiscal policies the province has maintained the stability of the Iraqi dinar is installed by the Central Bank of $ 3.2 dinar.

And it gave a commitment to cover the dinar ease monetary authority in the exercise of its duties, where he was only concerned with maintaining the stability of the currency, but that check on economic development that have not been spending the expense of the adequacy of fear that increased spending affect the stability of the currency. But during the Iraq war - Iran that caused Ptlashi Iraq precautions huge foreign currency, the Iraqi government abandoned the currency law and began to spend on the war without quantitative restrictions, causing a continuous decline in the dinar exchange rate against the dollar and other major foreign currencies, because of the increasing gap between the Iraqi currency supply and demand. And increased the economic embargo imposed on Iraq in 1991 it worse.
Despite holding the government at official exchange rate (US $ 3.2) for official transactions, resulting from the continuation of the growing imbalance between the currency volume in circulation and demand for another rate of the dinar is the parallel market rate or the black market, we arrived at certain times to 4000 dinars to the dollar.

After the occupation of Iraq in 2003, and lift the ban on oil exports and reserves of foreign currency deposits abroad and the resort's central bank to regulate the daily auctions to sell the dollar, which means the withdrawal of part of the local currency, the value of the Iraqi dinar to rise began gradually until it reached 1200 dinars to the dollar, and remained range around this average. And deprived the Iraqi - Iranian war conditions and the economic blockade after the Iraqi dinar many regarded as a store of value and medium of circulation, what caused the shift most transactions at home and especially internal trade in goods and services, to the dollar, and thus has «dollarization» of the Iraqi economy.

From this background on how the Iraqi dinar exchange rate over the last 36 years the price of change, and how it has «dollarization» economy, it is time to discuss the claims of some economists now demanding higher when the dinar exchange rate and stop «dollarization».

Since more than four years and officials in Iraq are talking about a project monetary reform in which to raise the Iraqi currency exchange rate against the dollar so that the new dinar equals 1.2 dinars to the dollar instead of 1200. But the move was postponed to a later date due to the exit of some Iraqi areas under government control after the occupation of «Daesh» her.

Then the military operations began to recover these areas which still exist. The government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of military operations. If the monetary reform is successful, there will no longer need to use the US dollar in local transactions. The latter earned after the completion of daily transactions difficult with the arrival of the dollar value of one thousand dinars to become, making individuals resort to dealing in dollars instead of the dinar, especially in large transactions in the hoarding of currency.

But monetary reform as mentioned above does not mean setting a new official exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar. If under the floating exchange rate as it is currently, the rise or fall according to the relationship between the width of the dinar and demand, the higher the stability of the dinar against the display or low demand, price declines cashed in against the dollar. And it gets the contrary, if the width of the dinar fell against the stability or rising demand. The monetary authority may resort to the installation of the new exchange to the dollar or to a basket of currencies.

But in any case, is not advisable to adopt a high exchange rate, it does not give effect to the economy or raise the value of national sovereignty, as some believe, but have negative effects in the economy. The price of the Iraqi dinar former (US $ 3.2) was exaggerated and will continue to be overrated if has to return to it in the future. It will make imports cheaper, but it hinders improvement of production and export capacity of Iraq, it may be the price of one. 2 dinars to the dollar or dinar against the dollar is a good price.

But on the government to follow the fiscal and monetary policies that help to maintain it. So we can say that the calls that we hear today the lifting of the dinar exchange rate and the abolition of «dollarization» claims the economy is not right for your first or cannot be achieved by the monetary reform for the second.




Don961:  Looks like Iraq wants to protect and use their own manufacturing capabilities .... and their own products .....to help build and strengthen their own economy ...... Made in Iraq .... for Iraqis .... first .... IMO

Don961:  The government obliges the Ministry of Finance not to fund any contract for the import of materials or devices manufactured in Iraq

8 hours ago

Twilight News / announced to the Economic Affairs Committee of the Iraqi Council of Ministers on Wednesday for forcing the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials and devices manufactured in the country.
According to a statement issued by the Committee responded to the Twilight News, he said the committee was chaired by Minister of Planning and Salman Jumaili Chairman of the Committee and the membership of ministers (Oil, Finance, Industry and Minerals) and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the head of the national economic investment to the Prime Minister, agents and ministries of planning, trade and industry and minerals.

The statement added that he has discussed during the meeting a number of topics, files and has taken many decisions of an economic and financial nature, which would move the wheel of the Iraqi economy.

The statement pointed out that he was directed Ministries (Planning and Industry and Minerals and internal) on the prevention of the entry of plastic pipe products and objectionable multi Iraqi specifications, in addition to forcing the Ministry of Health to purchase all their requirements of medicines and medical supplies from the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies as well as to oblige the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials or devices manufactured from the outside as it was manufactured in Iraq.

The statement continued that the committee committed by the General Company for Construction Industries creation of laboratories for the production of the pipes as the Ministry of Electricity Commission has committed to purchase all their needs, from Diyala Company and General Orr.



Article: “Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again”   Quotes:  “Some Iraqi economist calls for the government to lift the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar until the rising purchasing power and increasing confidence it represents the sovereignty of Iraq…”   “…Since more than four years and officials in Iraq are talking about a project monetary reform in which to raise the Iraqi currency exchange rate against the dollar so that the new dinar equals 1.2 dinars…”  “The government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of military operations.”    This is one of the most positive articles I have read in a long time.  The author clearly states that it is not possible to “RV” in the traditional sense and explains why.
Instead, KAP discovered years ago and we have elaborated on many times, a floating currency is the only thing that will work in the real world.  But more importantly, this guy is convinced that a value of somewhere around $1.20 per dinar is economically feasible and desirable.  Furthermore, he implies that this has been in the government’s plan book for over 4 years, as KAP has already explained for the last 4 years!  In other words, he is confirming…the correct view of the situation while at the same time specifically denying that an RV would work.  Finally, as KAP noted, we see that, at least from this writer’s point of view, the only thing now holding up the implementation of the float is the ISIS situation.  It is anyone’s guess what will be necessary to convince the government to move forward, but it is possible that recovery of Mosul might be sufficient.  Only time will tell.

TNT Call notes 22-February-2017

TNT Call notes 22-February-2017

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Wednesday February 22, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  We are halfway through the week, looking for some exictign thing to unfold right before our very eyes.
Guess what?  All is quiet, maybe a little too quiet.  On Monday it was very quiet, and then Tuesday there was a lot and then it’s quiet again.  We had people in Iraq sending intel that the dollar was banned;  we expected that, and good to hear it confirmed. Articles came out about that as well.  Most of us know what that means, as one of the conditions favorable for Iraq to be sovereign, with a currency that is competitive to its neighbors.  The dollar was the only other currency they were using, so there it is.  Now we are on the next morning, we hoped it would be here already and here it comes.  There are also rumors about Maliki being brought to justice, and reports of Rafidain Bank is now preparing its customers to accept deposits in dinar only, no longer in dollars – nationwide.  At least, that is the game plan, to ban the US dollar across all provinces.  Kurdistan is ahead of the curve on that, and their activities should be migrating across the provinces to end up in Baghdad.
There is nothing to report on the US side.  Banks are quiet, but ready.  According to member reports, the banks are more aware of what is coming, and bank managers are saying “I have you on my list to contact first”.  That’s par for the course, and not surprising to me, but about dang time is what I say.  They know things are coming, just don’t know exactly when.
Questions from the TNT forum
Q:  Do you really think we’ll exchange this month?  A:  Today’s February 22nd, and this month ends next Tuesday.  Yes, I do believe we will exchange this month, based on what I have shared with you and things I have not shared with you, no reason to think otherwise.
Q:  Would you speculate on the current rate of 83 cents and if that is the initial rate and we are looking for the “Contract ” rate what we should expect when we go in for our appointments?  Should we still try to negotiate?  Or walk away and look for a higher rate at a later date with no possibility of a contract rate.  A:  That’s a loaded question.  That 83 cents seems to be the in-country rate, probably will grow;  I still look to $3.71 to be the international rate or thereabouts.  I don’t know what to expect for contract rates;  we’ve heard some in the past that are high, and others that seem ‘normal’.  If contract rates are what you want, seek them out.  As for walking away, the only time I’d do that is if I cannot negotiate. Let’s say the rate is $3.50, and you have reason to believe it will go to $8;  I doubt you can walk into the bank and immediately negotiate it up to $8. Sit and wait for it to climb, and then go to the bank.  On the other hand, if you can get  $8 immediately, be sure to let me know!  But if you know there will be a higher rate, then ‘d wait until you have a chance of getting it – or, if there is a leveraging opportunity, that would also be a good idea.
Q:  What’s the best way to find a competent wealth manager?  I’m having difficulty finding a private banker/wealth manager for my current IRA, one who even acts remotely interested in calling me back or putting my interests first.  I have contacted three separate entities to date.  I hope a larger bank balance will generate more interest post RV, but it’s not guaranteed then either.  [RR:  Move on.  If they treat you this way as a nobody, how will they treat you as a somebody?  Go find someone who is more responsive to your wants.]  Do you have any suggestions or advice on where to begin finding someone?  [RR:  I wouldn’t try to force people to do business with me;  find those who want to do business with me.]   And how long a trial period would you say is reasonable?  Waiting a week or two (or month) for a call back just doesn’t seem right. Do you agree or is my premise wrong?  A:  Move on.
Q:  The 1.20 dinar to 1.00 dollar, is that the in-country rate? so about 83 cents?  Still hearing our rate will be above $3?  A:  So far as I know, that was the proposal for this time frame, and it will increase.  Internationally, I think it will be over $3.
Q:  Considering the current economic reality in Iraq,  it’s looking more plausible that the initial rate may be less than we were expecting…which is still an AMAZING return by any standards! However, if it is .83 to 1.20, would you elaborate on some strategies, with these factors? 1.)  The rate mentioned, with a 90 day exchange deadline. 2.)  A contract rate, not  much  higher  than the eventual projected parity rate of $3.70. 3.)  The market pressures driving the rate up for about three weeks Max as expected, then settling back to the initial rate.  A:  First, where are you getting that 90-day exchange deadline from?  And are you talking about the 83 cents rate?  That is in-country.  It’s hard to give hints on strategies when I don’t have you here to be a sounding board.  Sometimes this Q + A is a challenge because I cannot determine what you are looking for.  The same strategy doesn’t fit everyone.
Q:  Do you think the dinar, dong and zim will come out at the same time  A:  Yes.
Q:  China is behind the higher contract rate for the dinar.  Zimbabwe has no money or Reserves.  Who will provide the money to Zimbabwe to pay for the ZIM?  A:  I don’t know and I don’t care, so long as I get USD for my currency exchanges.
Q:  We have been reading from our own forum on TNT that people are concerned about the basket of currencies, do we still have a basket of the four or five currencies or is it just the dinar at this time?  A:  I addressed this before:  Yes, they’re all in the first basket.
Q + A Callers
865/470/404 caller:  There is a presumption that the  in-country rate is 1.20 dinar to the USD… have you heard more about that?  Also, on the www.tntsuperfantastic.com site, it talks about five locations to have seminars/workshops/celebrations.  Any more than that?
RayRen:  That was the proposal;  I don’t know for sure it that has even happened.  The locations were Tony’s idea, and when I took over, I just left those alone.  I’m just here to see this through.  If Tony wants to expand into other areas, that’s up to him. I would support that, though.
610 caller:  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click on the red DONATE button.
704 caller:  I do hope the 1% will give us our chance.
RayRen:  I don’t think that’s anything to worry about.
450 caller:  Should we go through the banks to set up a trust or other entity, now that they are in the know?  Or should we use an outside service?  Is there an advantage or dis-advantage to either?
RayRen:  The plus is that it’s very convenient for you and the bank;  the minus is that not all trusts are equal. You want one that is tailor-made, not cookie-cutter. I doubt that you will get what you want and need from the banks, because they are there to help with your banking and investments, rather than covering your assets regarding litigation.  That’s the  neat thing about being informed – you will know if the bank person can do the right thing for you, or not. Talk to them and see how they respond to what you want.  If they come back with ‘why do you want to do that’, and challenge what you want, then they are not the right people to create those tools for you.
Caller:  I have a dilemma about whether to set something up before or afterwards.  I think I should take 24-48 hours after exchange to consider what is best for me and my family.
972 caller:  Do you know who this rate is coming from, the 1.20 dinar to the USD?  I was reading an article that Iraq would be starting off with that rate after Mosul is liberated.
RayRen:  I understand that is the proposal.  If you do the math, that would mean a dinar is worth 83 cent, to start with.  I read an article on that, but I don’t believe everything I read.  It’s always been communicated that the RI would start low, gradually build, and then become an RV.  That’s what we’ve been hearing for a year now;  it’s just not wides-pread across the country yet.  It will start low in-country, and by the time it reaches inter-national rates, it will be in the $3+ range.  That 1.20 rate doesn’t apply to us anyway. In the USA, it will be an international rate, starting at $3.50 or so, and then upwards.
678 caller:  I have heard Reno mentioned quite a lot, that it is a big source in this exchange. My son happens to be in Reno today with his dong;  where’s a good place to exchange in Reno?
RayRen:  There is no exchange going on in Reno that I know about.  Here’s a secret:  I have some of the best spies living in Reno.  Back when all these heads of state were supposed to flying in privately, I sent him to have a look, and he sent me the tail numbers and such.  Every time someone talks about Reno, I send him out, and every time he has come back empty-handed.  I don’t think there is anything going on in Reno right now, but if something does come up, my spy will get back to me and I’ll let you know.
Closing Statement
RayRen:  We are in the waiting stage.  Everything looks good, but we thought that last week.  Anything we can learn to make our position stronger, we will do to be even more ready when this happens.  This could pop at any time, and all the technical information that has come to us is saying ‘green light – go’ as soon as this is released.  There is something that still prevents us going today, and I don’t know if it’s an issue or part of the original timetable.  Banks are training more people;  all of it looks good, and I don’t see any reason we won’t be finished in February.  They could wrap up between now and Friday!  We don’t know, so we just patiently wait.  If any other opportunity presents itself on the way we will take advantage of that, and make this time as productive as possible. This could be the final week for us, or it may spill over into the first part of next week.  Sooner is better than later, but I can work with either one so long as it becomes reality.
RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


2-22-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:  "German loan gate to move the labor market"   Quote:  "...approaching global economic blocs in Iraq stems from its importance on the world stage and this important global effort perceived by the evolving under international indicators that put Iraq in the lead among the ten richest countries in the world."   ...how can Iraq be placed center stage...on TOP of the world as the richest of the richest 10 countries in the world...how would that be possible...not just in the TOP 10...but at the top of the heap...you know what they have to do...Abadi has been told what he has to do...make it happen #1...the BEST is coming...big time BEST...can 3.22 make that happen?

2-22-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Funding Facility for Economic Reform established to invigorate IraqÂ?s reform initiatives"  Quote:  "...UNDP will support the Government of Iraq to address key economic challenges and invigorate the reform agenda. Diversifying the economy, increasing national income, and improving the management of national assets will be of specific focus."   Very good article.  It appears the UN is helping Iraq push these needed reforms forward.

2-22-2017  Intel Guru Bruce   I believe the Forex will not show a rate change of these currencies until the 28th of February or the 1st of March. 
  ...we do understand Iraq has moved along very nicely. We understand they have the new smart cards, Qi cards.  Their cards have been charged with their new rates.   ...we are looking forward for good news with Iraq about the liberation of Mosul. We might have that in the form of an announcement here. We know that the banks in Iraq are open...even in Mosul the banks are open since 10am yesterday Iraqi time.   The timing of this is very close in terms of what I am hearing.  What we need is some good news come out of Iraq.

2-22-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Backdoc   Article:  "... Treasury Spokesperson of Secretary Mnuchin’s Call with International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde"  Quote: "Secretary Mnuchin also underscored his expectation that the IMF provide frank and candid analysis of the exchange rate policies of IMF member countries."   I THINK IT'S VERY INTERESTING TO SEE "MUNCHKIN MAN" (AS I AFFECTIONATELY CALL HIM WITH ALL DUE RESPECT OF COURSE) MEET TODAY (Tuesday) WITH CHRISTINE LEGARDE FROM THE IMF.  THIS SEQUESTERED GENIUS WILL SOON BE ADORED FOR HIS CREATIVE WORK. "ACTIONS MEAN THINGS."

2-22-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   Instead, KAP [Guru Kaperoni] discovered years ago and we have elaborated on many times, a floating currency is the only thing that will work in the real world.  But more importantly, this guy is convinced that a value of somewhere around $1.20 per dinar is economically feasible and desirable.  Furthermore, he implies that this has been in the government's plan book for over 4 years, as KAP has already explained for the last 4 years!  In other words, he is confirming...the correct view of the situation while at the same time specifically denying that an RV would work.  Finally, as KAP noted, we see that, at least from this writer's point of view, the only thing now holding up the implementation of the float is the ISIS situation.  It is anyone's guess what will be necessary to convince the government to move forward, but it is possible that recovery of Mosul might be sufficient.  Only time will tell.   [post 2 of 2]

2-22-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   Article:  "Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again"   Quotes:  "Some Iraqi economist calls for the government to lift the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar until the rising purchasing power and increasing confidence it represents the sovereignty of Iraq..."   "...Since more than four years and officials in Iraq are talking about a project monetary reform in which to raise the Iraqi currency exchange rate against the dollar so that the new dinar equals 1.2 dinars..."  "The government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of military operations."    This is one of the most positive articles I have read in a long time.  The author clearly states that it is not possible to "RV" in the traditional sense and explains why. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-22-2017   Newshound Guru firefly   Article:  "Include the introduction of modern irrigation systems"  Quote:  "The Ministry of Agriculture to prepare new plans aimed at developing the sector, by increasing production through farmer support modern systems of irrigation legalized. Remember, one of the IMF requirements was to have Iraq diversify their reserves other than just oil.  Agriculture is as great an ASSET as is oil and gold.  Iraq is following the IMF requirements to the TEE.

2-22-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    ...measures need to be in place for the success of the transition from a fixed rate to a float.  Just exactly to what extent is yet to be seen.  That being said, I believe once the dinar is internationally convertible worldwide and the CBI is in Article VIII, demand will increase for the dinar Just the exposure alone to the world financial system should be enough to create some upward movement in the value. 


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 22 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 22 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 22 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Feb. 21 2017 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. The general public will start exchanging Feb. 28 2017.

2. The Forex will not show rate changes until Feb. 28 or March 1.

3. The Zim screen rate is well over $1.00 and under $2.00. ($1.70?). The Dinar and other currencies have good screen rates as well.

4. In Iraq their Q cards are charged and in use.

5. In the US the new US Notes will come out, perhaps by Thurs. Feb. 23 and are at the banks and redemption centers. We should soon have an official announcement about our gold and asset backed currency.

6. Banks started training staff last Thurs Feb. 16 2017At 10 pm EST last night they were given 24 hours to continue their training (ending tonight Feb. 21 at 10 pm EST).

7. Bruce was given a couple of windows for the RV to happen and we are in the midst of those windows right now.

8. Zim holders will go first.

9. The banks will offer screen rates. To get negotiated rates you must redeem at at redemption center.

10. The redemption centers will be open for one week only, then will be closed.

11. Apts. are about an hour long to do your exchange, a bank wire, obtain up to $10,000 (in bundles of $2,500 in $100 bills) and leave with a credit card.

12. The RV/GCR is expected any time between now, Thurs and the weekend.


B. Feb. 21 2017 11:11 am EST Intel Situation Report:
 "New Day" - Intel SITREP - 11:00 EST - Tuesday - February 21, 2017

1. In extended geopolitical and military international circles it's an open secret that the monetary reforms are being implemented.

2. The global rollout of redemptions is being pursued in a shot gun start.

3. The New Powers That Be are including more T5, T6 banks, in more countries, knowing that the RV is here both politically and diplomatically.

4. We're up to over 15,000 currency intake locations in just North America alone via an in-take strategy - volume (Zim), specialty (Dinar), public (other currencies).

5. We are still waiting because these late arriving lower tiered banks are being added.

6. Netanyahu went to Singapore Sunday Feb. 19 2017 to beg the Chinese Elders for mercy as it relates to recognition of a Palestinian state. He was denied.

7. Starting noon EST yesterday Feb. 20 2017 both Israel and Ukraine were given a twenty-four grace period to make their final leadership decisions following the senseless murder of Russia's Ambassador to the UN at his desk, in his own embassy.

8. Know that all transition resistance has been fully broken, and the RV is officially here--which is why you're starting to see the gold standard more widely acknowledged and also publicly hinted at on mass media.

C. Feb. 21 2017 2 am EST RV/Intelligence Alert: READ FULL SITREP

1. Several final death blows were made against the Cabal, leaving them facing total surrender or extermination.

2. China and South Korea are preparing for a flood of refugees from North Korea. Putin has allowed Ukrainian refugees to enter Russia.

3. General Dunford prefers a night time roll out for the RV.


D. Feb. 21 2017 2:00 am EST Intel Situation Report: "Unplugged" - Intel SITREP - 02:00 EST - Tuesday - February 21, 2017

1. The proverbial geopolitical, military, diplomatic and financial plugs were all pulled over the weekend.

2. Over the weekend several decisive death blows were made at the United Nations, Knesset and our own US Congress that left no option but total surrender or full extermination for remaining Cabal leaders in the shortest order possible.

3. "If you want peace, prepare for war" has never been so true given what transpired in just the past few days. That includes the European Union, NATO, Euro and Middle East Peace--as all were clearly chosen without any further discussion. Adapt or die. Sobeit.

5. Putin is now allowing Ukrainian refugees into Russia so they will not die from either hypothermia and starvation because the humanitarian situation in Donetsk and Luhansk will grow so grave the United Nations will be forced to step in and provide aid a la Syria.

6. China and South Korea are busy preparing for millions of refugees to flood out of North Korea after that economy collapses due to China no longer buying North Korean coal--which basically was their economy.

7. North Korea was a Rothschild created nation state broken off from a unified Korea in 1945 which lost WWll (much like Israel was taken from Palestine in 1948) and was used to test national mind control programming theories on an entire population.

8. The first wave of military operations were achieved successful. The Cabal has been fatally wounded and death is immanent. Some real hard core stuff is still going down.

9. Remember this assessment when watching the mass media--it will crystallize your vague conclusions and help separate truth from fiction.

10. As for your currencies, there are 3 redemption strategies: Dinar (volume), ZIM (specialty) and everything else (public).

11. All private and public strategies will be activated and utilized at some point in the month of Feb.

12. National Guard troops have been called up and deployed for the RV release. Drones are being used to monitor the roads and exchange centers.

13. Day and time for the release still sits with General Dunford. We don't know his preferences other than a "night time" roll out.

14. Don't worry about NDAs, unless you request a structured payout settlement (which includes a non disclosure agreement inherently) .

15. They're treating us all like lottery winners. Either take a smaller lump sum payment up front and have complete freedom, or sign up for larger amount with an annuity payout and learn how to live in a more discrete way.

16. There's no initial redemption taxation with either pathway you select.

17. Clawback provisions are only relevant if you use this money to harm others--so most just don't need to worry about clawbacks.

18. As a result of these three strategies, opening rates are coming in very high, with sovereign rates hovering right off the charts--should you know about or want them for your project funding. Most will not--which is fine. But a few will--so go for it!

19. This event really is what the Old Testament spoke of as a "jubilee." http://www.patheos.com/blogs/christiancrier/2014/06/01/what-is-the-meaning-of-jubilee-in-the-bible/

What a bizarre and wondrous journey! God is with us.


Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call.  Welcome all that have been so faithful to listening. We are going to update our website in the near future and have information on it when the next call will be after this blessing comes in. Also then we will take some time off.  We will let you know on our site: thebigcall.net website what our actual plans are moving forward. Be sure to check back to our site to see the possibility of a celebration call, a pre-recorded call if it happens between now and Thursdaynight.  We will have the recorded call instead of the live call if this does happen between now and Thursday night. We will be updating our website and calls to get the calls live and online.

Bruce:  I thank everybody out there for coming in and listening in Big Call universe. We have had quite a bit of requests from the financial world from the US, Canada and all over the globe. Thank you for everyone for tuning in from all over the world. We appreciate you all.
Bruce:  Where we are right now?  When we left you since our last call, we thought we would be going and get this beforetonight. We were optimistic about the timing and a lot occurred. Tonight we got some more information what has been going on and an all over opinion. When we first look at the timing where we are in the month we talked before when the public is to start, the general public the John Q public. Not us who are listening to calls and keeping up on this on a day to day basis. But the John Q public is still looking at a start date of the 28th of this month, a week from today, next Tuesday. That is what I am being told and that is still the plan.

Bruce:  Rate changes? The Forex? I believe the Forex will not show a rate change of these currencies until the 28th of February or the 1st of March. I am being told the Forex would not show the rate changes until that time so the public can see it. The rates? The rates on the ZIM as a non-NDA rate is going up a few cents at a time. It is a very strong rate. Well over a dollar but under two dollars for a non-NDA rate. That is going to appeal to a lot of people that don’t feel they will not be able to handle the NDA concept whether because of too much social media, or it is too much family out there, so on.  Hard to say what that is as far as that goes.

Bruce:  Let me just say that here is where as far as anything else regarding rates. We have heard there is a rate on the back screen on the dinar that is higher than the old rate was when Iraqi’s currency was depressed. So now we hear that rate is available on the back screens of the bank.  However, we don’t know for sure what it is going to be as an internal rate for Iraq. We just don’t know. We think we know what it is, but it would be a guess or estimate at best to figure that out. Realistically though, we do understand Iraq has moved along very nicely. We understand they have the new smart cards, Qi cards.

Their cards have been charged with their new rates. We understand that. We believe what is ironic what is going on there is we are looking forward for good news with Iraq about the liberation of Mosul.  We might have that in the form of an announcement here. We know that the banks in Iraq are open and even in Mosul the banks are open since 10am yesterday Iraqi time.  Things are moving right along and I think even though we not completely seeing that on our news, we should see something optimistic coming out of Iraq soon.

Bruce:  Also we are getting information that is looking good for us with our own currency.  We have our own rainbow currency. We call it that since it is multi colored and has the Treasury on it. They are printing up to a $1000 dollar note. We might have a $10,000 and maybe a $5000 note.   We heard these may come out as early as Thursday in the banks. We need an announcement. We need someone like Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, to announce that since his signature is on the bills.  I think that would be coming post haste.

Bruce:   I understand the new currency is already at the redemption centers.  It needs to be at the redemption centers, offsite exchange locations, for us to go from an active to engage status. I understand that is the situation we are in to go from an active status to engage status to set our appointments and be off and running.  In terms of our own currency, the banks have been training some since last Thursday not only on the new USN, but also the other currencies  they will be exchanging because there will be a lot of people from the public coming into exchange in the first basket. The training was to end last night at the banks on President’s Day at 10pm last night.  They were given another 24 hours to continue that education and it would end at 10pmtonight. That was extended to give additional training for branches or banks that needed more time.

Bruce:  We know that we have certain windows we have used from time to time.  We know when we thought we would be there by now; we have been given a couple of windows the next couple of days. We have been given anther window for this opportunity because of the training given to the banks. When it comes to the end and push comes to shove, there is always last minute information to get out. This is thing is about training on our currency as well, the USN. It is about the banks being familiar with that currency, the USN and foreign currency as well.
Bruce:  The redemption centers are trained and retrained. They are all set and have been trained for months. I don’t think anything is new with them. They are set to go from active status to engage status.  They are still interested in taking ZIM holders in first. It would surprise me if that was not the case. So when we call and set our appointments let them know you have ZIM first so they can give you the right phone number to call so you are directed to the right center in your area.  Even if you bought it at the end or have more dinar or dong. That does not matter. The ZIM is so large.

Bruce:   We are going to be very pleasantly surprised with everything.  The high rates, the programs the banks will have for us as far as structure payouts and the ability to negotiate for higher rates.  The high rates when the public goes will not be available. They are basically looking at the screen rates. The redemption centers. From my understanding, only will be open until the public starts. There might be a few centers that will be open that are next to the actual bank location, bank branches. Some may be opened and may decide to continue to exchange the ZIM holders in those redemption centers.

By and large most redemption centers will be closed from what we understand unless they are open for follow-up meetings with our wealth management people is the only reason they will stay open for over a week.  Most of us will be in and out in a few days. We won’t need a week unless we are on a cruise, or traveling like that, or we are having surgery.  Most of us will set our appointment and get in a couple of days. That will happen as long as appointment times are available for us.

Bruce:   The appointment will only be an hour to an hour and 15 minutes long. It is more just an opportunity to exchange, set up an account or two, get a bank wire or bank checks.  Also have the opportunity to take out $10,000 in bundles of $2500 if you want to take that much. You will be given a debit/credit card until your permanent card comes in.  It will not be the time to set up 15 trusts, 20 LLCs, two foundations, etc.  All that will happen in your follow appointment.

Initially you will have a skeleton trust set up by the bank before we walk out, a bare bones trust which will give us some protection when we leave the bank. When we consult with our attorneys, CPAs, we will transplant that trust with the new version what that trust is designed to be. If you need some sub trusts as well under that main umbrella trust. All of that can come not at first appointment, but down the road in 10 daysor so. Time to breathe, set appointment for follow up and think about a little vacation if you are so inclined before we get started with the rest of your life.

Bruce:  The Paymasters for the groups and for the prepays all of them have been paid and are liquid. One of the largest humanitarian funding sources has received their funds and got their 2nd large tranche and I believe they will have access to it. When those who can see the money in their accounts but not have access, I believe they will have access the same time we, the Internet group gets started with our exchanges at the same time. So in a real sense their accounts are reading pending or admin holding.  We will have basically a shot gun start.  They will have access at the time we are paid.

Bruce:   We could be there anytime now and before the weekend. I hurt myself if I call a time, not literally hurt.  We do not want to call something and not have it come through.  The timing of this is very close in terms of what I am hearing.  What we need is some good news come out of Iraq.  Maybe it will be tomorrow. We need some good news of our own currency. It needs to be on TV, announced and talked about before Thursday if it is going to be available at the banks before Thursday.  The timing is there for it to be talked about, and returning to the Gold standard.  I think that would be part of the announcement that Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin would make.

Bruce:  I am excited about that and where we are going as a team on the Big Call. In terms of our humanitarian projects not only working with the Veterans, but also Rebuild America adopting a city, town, and community based on how much you want to help . I am looking for 5000 listeners from the Big Call to help 100 cities in the 50 states.  The other thing keep in mind is Puerto Rico can use some help too. Don’t forget Puerto Rico is part of the United States and is a beautiful island that can use some help in some parts. For some of our Puerto Rico listeners of the Big Call such as Bluwolf and others, hang in there in that help is coming to your island as well. I know Bluwolf has plans to help Puerto Rico also. Shout out to Bluwolf.

Bruce:  We have everything to move forward, everything set even on a Geo Political stage.  All set to o forward.  If there are some things not quite right, it will be a go around until it is made right. They are not going to hold this up until all is perfect.
Bruce:  Shout out to our banking partners working with us with our humanitarian projects. Two windows now that we are in the midst of now. I am excited and looking forward to do a recording of a celebration call. Hopefully that will come before Thursdaynight regular call time.

Bruce:  All the information I have been given during the call is all positive.  We might not need a Gold standard announcement due to the Basel 3 compliant. We should get an announcement talking about our new currency.  I would look for that very quickly.

Bruce:  Thank you all for being faithful coming in tonight. Thank you to our banking partners being trained and ready. That will be good for the public. Most of us on this call will use the redemption centers and looking forward to getting a toll free number. We will put that out on our web site and on our pre-recorded celebration call that will be 15 to 20 minutes long.
Check back to our website: thebigcall.net to see what the progress is and when our next call will be.

Bruce:  Thank you to Wells Fargo, HSB, and the rest of our banks here in the United States such as Citi Bank, Chase Bank, and Bank of America.  Thank you for the Tier 2 banks we have as well such as Sun Trust, 5th Third Bank, Bank First, and other regional banks such as Regions bank. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our partners from the Far East, AIIB that is huge in this process.  Also People’s Bank of China, that has made the large mega tranches happen.  All that came from China and the Far East as Singapore and other nations that had funds in them for years and years. Thank God that has been released to us to get this done. It is a huge mega event all over the world.

Bruce:  Also thank you to Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Moca Pocia Bank in Central and South America, and HSBC internationally. If you are international, HSBC would be your Go-to-Bank for getting good rates. Our banks will be our partners in this when we go in for our appointments and negotiate for higher rates for our humanitarian projects.  Look to the banks to help you through the process. We will have other partners to Rebuild America such as Lowes, Home Depot, Sutherlands, Menards, and other home improvement stores in your area, stores that will help us regionally throughout the country. It is going to be amazing.  We will partner with businesses in a way not be part the government, but we will mirror what is going on in the project President Trump is putting forth in us making America great with Rebuild America.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody around the world for listening and I am looking forward to this blessing to come in.  Hopefully this timing is right and we will have this for Thursday night’s call.  We will put it out on our website: thebigcall.net.

Bruce:  Thank you to my team Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you Big Call audience and listeners.  We appreciate your faithfulness for listening to the Big Call. Goodnight everybody. We love you.



Aggiedad77:  Family if I may present to you the CC Notes from last night......Frank if I may....in a nutshell.....DEALS made with "ABOUT" two weeks fulfillment to some perhaps in one way....a way we all pray for.....a blessing beyond belief....stand and ready yourself.....enjoy these notes and mine the nuggets from them....for they are mighty and worthy of this Family.....thank you Frank and TEAMS..
Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday 02-20-2017

Frank26:  Family it is time…..it is time….at the beginning of our CC tonight I showed you seven files….it is rather deep and if you get tired and if you are listening to us from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland or places like that….if we get long I am going to apologize…but I am going to do my best to not get too long…also for the benefit of our transcribers that take every word that we use and say on our CC’s and post them on our forum, I humbly apologize because today’s CC may have more words than the English dictionary….
But we have to study together Family and I believe this is what I should do….share in my opinion which is what this whole CC is about….everything I am about to say is strictly in my opinion….because we are dealing with a speculative investment…..I will present things that will obviously be backed up by certain articles….but there are portions of our CC that are speculative….and I want you to be able to accept that….and at the end of our CC I would like for you to take our CC to God in prayer…please…..because it helps us as a TEAM….my TEAMS send you their regards…and they send you their love.

So let’s get started…..all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father and God speed….and thank you for our TEAMS…and thank you to our KTFA Staff….and thank you to our KTFA membership….a lot has happened since we were last together last Thursday Family and I mean a lot…..and that is why I think tonight requires an in depth study….

In fact it was yesterday and I made a post on our forum and I said….please join us on Monday Night’s CC because we have a lot to share with you….and in fact there is a word that starts with the letter “D”…and if you want to try and guess what that is….it might not be the main central theme of our CC but it is going to start our CC out….and many of you made post after post giving me your interpretations and ideas of what you thought that letter “D” was…and it wasn’t until…and it wasn’t until very….very late that night until a member by the name of FreddyC…..

I was on TEAM Chat….and by the way Friday’s TEAM Chat was pretty good wasn’t it…..believe it or not all that we talked about on Friday’s TEAM Chat we aren’t even going to cover that….can you imagine….so stop and think now….from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and now today….what was told to the rose that told it to unfold so beautifully….I wish to share these things IMO tonight.

Now FreddyC was able to guess that the word we were looking for that started with the letter “D” was DEAL….now after Freddy put it up there I congratulated him and many of you went and looked and saw that he said DEAL….and you started to post your opinions about deals…..which I am grateful for by the way….and by the way I like how ToyVP put the song of Tanya Tucker….I think it is dawn Frank….well believe it or not I was actually thinking about that…..because in the early morning dawn of Sunday something dramatic happened…..for our investment….

Family there are deals that are going on…and they are happening so fast….I don’t want to say they are happening in a dramatic way….but I don’t know of any other word to use….in an astonishing way….in an exceptional way….in a very unusual manner…wait until you find out how and why and everything else…..and you know something….on Friday’s TEAM Chat one of my TEAM members said….who is that guy on your forum that talks about digital stuff….we call him Backdoc why…..hmmmm interesting stuff that he is putting up….

I said ok….why….because there are some deals going on right now with digital currency…..I said ok….you mean the American dollar….yeah…you mean the TRN….not necessarily but the American dollar….the TRN is a little bit down the road….fascinating I told them.

Family right now you are looking at the screen looking at me….do you mind if I come through the screen….scoot over would you so I can sit next to you….can I be in the audience with you instead of being so far away from you…..because you see I want to be in your seat for tonight…..for I too hold the American dollar….that is asking the whole world….basically asking the currencies around the world…..play fair….so it appears that somewhere….somehow….something is causing deals in the last oh let’s say the last 4 or 5 days to blossom….hmmm…what do you mean Frank.

Well for example…Iran has sent their Oil Minister over to Iraq….not their militia’s….not their armies….not Maliki to cause troubles….no….Iran is working with the Oil Minister of Iraq over the weekend….just like that….BOOM….after “something” happened.

The United Kingdom is being put in a position of recognition….and we will talk about that tonight…..BOOM just like that.

China…for the love of rice….China….of all people is coming out and saying….look….yeah we understand about fair play with currencies…..and listen Mr. Donald Trump we would like to negotiate with you….are you kidding me….who is making deals with China…..Vietnam, Indonesia, even Kim Jung from North Korea….he comes out and says President Trump I would like to negotiate with you….why….because you are hot….he didn’t say that….but that is obviously why.

In fact Family with the greatest respect to our dear brother who has passed away….Kim Clement….not only did he tell you the dinar would go up in value once the DOW hits 20k and it is being very consistent…oh that is encouraging…but by the way Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States of America…..and he told you that back in 2014….unbelievable…..

I don’t know if you know or not but Kim Clement before he died he said….the Lord is telling me this little dwarf in North Korea…and he said God told him, I am tired of him…wait until he sees that I am sending the man with the stone….the stone is the giant that is emerging….really….yes….well no one understood Kim Clement back then…and I believe it is President Trump….and it has actually motivated a country like North Korea who we haven’t talked with in like 5 years and even 5 years ago we didn’t really talk we just said bad words to each other….but out of nowhere Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, North Korea want to talk and do deals with us….and just in the last few days…..

Security and Stability is really the key all over the world right now….not just in Iraq….but it does start in Iraq….that is where DAASH/ISIS is at….you know something tonight, just for tonight I am going to call  them ISIS, normally I call them DAASH because that is a derogatory term…and I taught you that before….if people want to make deals…and we are trying to become more stable and secure and we are trying our best to move forward as the planet earth….on a level that is fair to everybody….then to include China and North Korea is astonishing.

I told you Family we are so far past the RV….inside of Iraq….right now….our study is outside of Iraq….all we are doing is waiting for the rate to go up.

And by the way….media of the USA….grow up.

Tell me something Family….why did the Iraqi Stock Exchange rise 308% over the last week….because of Security and Stability….even the IMF pops its head out like the Punxsutawney Pete, the ground hog, and says….we haven’t heard very much from the IMF…why….because we are done with everything…all agencies are done….do you hear anything from those agencies anymore…..no….on the Monetary Reform…no….but the IMF pops its head out this past week and says hey Iraq we have a deal for you….oh a deal…on what….would you like some loans….we can start some negotiations with you right now….but we are not capable of having these loans….I know…but we would like to deal with you…..this is fascinating….this is amazing.
FaithPrevails…..a member of our KTFA forum….made a post that I found rather cute….you remember one time I made post and said Iraq to me is like the prettiest girl at the prom….hey guys come on….when we see the prettiest girl at the prom we kind of forget our date don’t we….what you are you looking at….nothing honey nothing….you are looking at her aren’t you….well everyone else is….and it created a Long Line of suitors….excuse me….of investors…..over the years….that have spent so much time….so much money….sacrificed everything to be in Iraq….they are waiting for the rate to go up in order to make profits….

FaithPrevails in right about the third sentence of his post he says….if “Time is Up” then that means also that contracts are done…..yes it does FaithPrevails….if “Time is Up” sir then that does mean contracts are done….but if I decide to go freshen up a bit in the wash room people will stand in line in order to dance with me…..yeah that is called the Long Line.

Deals are being made IMO for those who are in that Long Line right now….because those are the ones that want to play on an even and level playing field….where fairness abounds for everyone….for equal trade….internationally.

Deals Family….do you actually think….I don’t even know if you know this but last week….Iran actually captured one of the Iraqi oil fields…did you see that….did you see Iraq explode and say give it back….did you see the United States saying we are going to bomb you….we are going to threaten you….no….you really think we gave up an oil field without a deal…..unknown to many….for Stability and Security….for National Reconciliation…..deals.

Barzani and our Vice President Mike Pence were talking in Munich just a few days ago….about what….Security and Stability….that are bringing these deals….in just the last few days.

Deals Family….Iraq and her banks….knows that digital currency is coming to them….has come to them….interesting deals.

Hey Iraq you want electricity….yes….hey Iran let’s make a deal….ok….you got enough Security and Stability for us to bring you electricity….of course you know we do….ok….deals…through contracts that I told you to study….I gave you seven countries…..and I told you “Time is Up.”…..and that is why you have all of these deals that are being made….these deals would have never been created if “Time were not up.”

You do these deals Iraq to fatten your pockets….to put some reserves in your pockets….money that was returned to you through the US frozen assets….through the UK frozen assets….to fuel your future….Iraq is but one of many countries that are making deals right now….for fairness in trade and business….and when they saw Mosul and this LL with enough Stability and Security blossoming so quickly….hey….”Let’s Make a Deal.”

The Monetary Reform is done….we simply wait for the revaluation figures to be posted….do you see any rates posted on the CBI website still….January gone…..February gone….March hmmm….are we still in the Mookla of 2017…..yes we are…..why didn’t the dinar rate appear this week…..because IMO due to the movement that is now going on with many deals….IMO over the weekend these deals were triggered off because there was a phone call that was made.

Ring-ding-ding….ring-ding-ding…..answer the phone….Allo….hey how are you doing Abadi…..this is Trump….hey what’s up….we are doing pretty good….tell you what….I still don’t want you to come and see me…..oh come on….I want some of that New York Pizza…..no not yet….here is what you are going to do….go to Germany…..go ahead and brag to everyone that you have Security and Stability….go and beg….no go and plead to all of this LL…..these nations….go ahead and tell them to start investing in your country….then I want you to go home on Saturday…and then the next day tell your citizens the full assault on Mosul is about to start.

SteelyJan just posed Trump = the Wreaking Ball….yes on Sunday the Wreaking Ball started Family.

We are not even talking about the 45,000 troops that are needed….they are for post RV….you know what they are for….for the bases we are opening up in Iraq….we aren’t going anywhere suckers….seven….seven American bases….not for Mosul….but for post RV….we aren’t going anywhere.

The assault is on now….of the last remaining parts that will bring Security and Stability that will bring forth the Monetary Reform….but Frank you said we don’t need any more of Mosul….that we had enough of it for the Monetary Reform….that is my opinion….apparently it is not Donald Trump’s….the assault is now on Family….on the west side….they dropped leaflets left and right…..they told them…..we are coming in suckers….we are coming….military transports….heavy….and when you see these heavy transports it simply means it is the beginning to the end of all of Mosul…and IMO in about two weeks…..

Please look at the definitive word “about”…..in about two weeks…..it could be less….it could be about two weeks….at the rate they are going….it could be about two weeks….but they are capturing cities….the newspaper said 15….well I heard 20….trust me….over 30 villages….about two weeks….we got that much land in less than 24 hours….we got an airport too….about two weeks.

So deals are being made left and right….right now….it is not about the Monetary Reform…..any longer….and the full assault is now on to finish all of Mosul.

Trump said….I’ll tell you a little bit more about Mosul next week….in the speech he just gave…..thank you sir…..let them finish….we don’t need to brag….we don’t need to talk.

Let me ask you something Family….is it Iraq’s choice to wait for Mosul to be done to wait for the RV…..no it is our prerogative….the US is in charge of everything that is done in Iraq….and by the way we, the US of A are not the only players in Iraq….think about that….the BIS, WB, UN, US…many countries, a Long Line of investors….therefore it is not Iraq’s choice….besides with all due respect…..Iraqi’s are a bit of a hothead….if you let them RV of their own free will…..they will argue and shoot at each other before they even consider doing that…..they will waste more time….Abadi is good….IMO it is not his choice when to RV….I believe he has permission to do so….under the guidance of the US of A.

Iraq has its feet IMO right now being held to the fire….by many who are involved in the Monetary Reform of Iraq.

We are never leaving….we will stay in Iraq….and the 45,000 troops they are telling you are coming….no….IMO it will be well over 100,000 troops….this place will become the focus and center of Stability and Security….and that is why we paid attention to the National Reconciliation Law….and really pounded that last week….because it will give you that.
Mosul equals Stability and Security for all of the Middle East…and for Europe….so the NRL is important….but this and other parts of the Monetary Reform are just as important.

And by the way….when they give you Mosul….IMO you are going to get a BONUS….I believe you are also going to get Raqqa….TA-DA...why….that would take another CC.

There are DEALS on the table right now that are being done as Mosul is being completed now at a faster pace….yes “Time if Out”….but it has been out….listen to me…..DEALS outside of Iraq with the UK...and we will talk more about that in a minute….DEALS outside of Iraq with Russia…they are backing off from Raqqa….wow…..DEALS outside of Iraq with China….they are willing to play fair with their currency…are you kidding me….

Donald Trump….that is amazing….listen to this one….it really blew me out of the water…..DEALS over the weekend with Turkey…..Turkey who said they want to annihilate Iraq…..Turkey wants to talk again….unbelievable….I bet the NRL  is smiling like a Cheshire cat….DEALS Family with Vietnam….oh my goodness…..wait a minute….didn’t former President Obama put sanctions on Vietnam….yes…..yes he did last year….why…well Vietnam got caught just like China….manipulating their currency….yeah…but you know those sanctions…..in about….about…two weeks are going to be lifted…..

DEALS with Indonesia….alright…alright….shut the FRONT DOOR….come on…Indonesia…yeah…read about it….there are a large amount of movement of DEALS Family….these countries represent currencies don’t they….I don’t believe in baskets of currencies…..I don’t believe in double-dipping….I don’t believe in a GCR….I’m sorry….and I’m not taking you in that direction….I’m simply trying to point something out to you….that there are many DEALS being done with those who are willing to play fairly right now….while the rate of the Iraqi dinar is eager to come out.

So let’s get these DEALS done….wait a minute….I have some DEALS on tax reform….yes Mr. President Trump…you know I heard you say that…there are no coincidences are there sir….not that I know of.

A one nation state sir in Iraq….you better believe it….you see in order to have the Security and Stability piece in Iraq….they need this Mosul to be done with a full assault right after Abadi talked to that Long Line in Germany….the next day on Sunday at the dawn….this is good for the NRL…this is good for Security and Stability….and this is good for the Monetary Reform….and it is good for all of the investors….that have just been motivated by Abadi.

Let me tell you something Family…the NRL….when it comes….it is the closest thing to peace in Iraq….and all around Iraq….a law to make and keep peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

The Vice President of the US also finds himself talking to many in Iraq….the Defense Minister of the US finds himself talking to many in Iraq….many are talking to Iraq right now….the DEALS are going on in Iraq and outside of Iraq…..right now.

The evidence that you see very clearly of these talks from these articles…are IMO the evidence of a turn that happened when President Trump called Abadi in Iraq….make them do it….and we will also start the assault on Sunday morning…..we need to remove the Arab mindset….we need an NRL atmosphere….by the way we are sending more troops….building more bases….so this concept never ever goes away.

KTFA Family can I ask you a question on this same thought process….why is Egypt (big Cheshire cat grin from Frank)….why is Egypt not on the terrorist list….oh snap they aren’t are they….Egypt has always been a place of five finger discounts….a little bribe….a little shenanigans….why is Egypt not on the terrorist list….because they got right….because they are in union….they are in cooperation….they are now pro-western…well I shouldn’t say that…they now are working with pro-western leaders to clean up their country…..well ok….I like that a lot….you should…the terrorists of Egypt are no longer there.

For 10 years Iraq has been stalling to clean up their terrorism until we come in there and kick everyone’s donkey just to make sure they clean up their act….and change their mindset….don’t argue….don’t shoot each other….unify…and let’s make money with the rest of the world….because you guys are filthy rich…and maybe that arrogance is the cause of your stall for the last 10 years….but now with the Security and Stability that has been born….and now with the full assault that started on Sunday….to finish that little tiny bit that is left in Mosul….just like Egypt that has cleaned up their terrorism with our help…you Iraq are doing the same thing.

You know something KTFA Family the United States of America….a profound statement….we reward countries and theirs….when they eradicate terrorism….hoorah.

You know honestly IMO remember when we talked about these seven countries look at all this money coming in…the 72 hours are up and they transferred a lot of money into….yeah that is why Abadi went to talk to these people in Munich, Germany….IMO much more was transferred into the Iraqi banks than just for the dinars…..DEALS with many countries with many currencies….to play fair.

Can I ask you one more question Family…..why is Donald Trump going to the UN this week…..I’m not going to answer that one….I think you can figure that out.

By the way before I leave the concept of digital currencies…and for that matter the currencies around the world….the Vietnam sanctions are only on their currency….yeah because they got caught just like China manipulating their rate…..and these sanctions are about to end….in about two weeks….and IMO if Vietnam were to revalue their currency because they would be in a position now to do so….IMO their revaluation would not be like Iraq’s….that we will talk about tonight….IMO it would be in small phases at least over a year….maybe about six different phases.

And by the way….I want to leave currencies….but Indonesia…not bad Indonesia Rupee…not bad…..Egypt impressive….Vietnam let’s see if you can impress….and Indonesia are you serious….congratulations….you actually stopped your MCP last year and you proved it….you dug yourself out of a deep hole….just like Vietnam is doing right now….by the way IMO Indonesia….just like Vietnam would be done in phases when they decide to RV their currency.

There are many DEALS right now while Mosul is being finished…..there are many DEALS because I believe Mosul is being leveraged.

What currencies have I asked my broker to bring us in the last six years…TA-DA….oh and by the way….I only brought you the Zimbabwe because many of you requested it….it was a supply and demand so we brought it to you but I tell you we sell the Zimbabwe but only as a novelty currency.

Look there are many DEALS IMO that you are not going to know about….this whole CC is in my opinion….and this is a speculative investment that we are involved with…..IMO a document was signed by the United States and China….you know this document…something, something, something….that we will probably never know about…this document has actually been around for a while….but I believe it has to do with a fair playing field with China….and for them IMO to be willing to go along with this…..a lot of impressive things happened over the weekend.
Since the 20th of January there have been more alliances….more DEALS…that IMO have created more asset backed currencies….I know the 3 Musketeers are going right now woohoo….it has created some currencies IMO now that are on a level playing field….becoming asset backed….we will see some volatility in the markets because of this….and once again no….

No I’m not talking about a currency basket….but it is a DEAL for a level playing field IMO…..and IMO about….about…about two weeks is a pretty good time frame for everything to be finalized including everything (Big smile by Frank)…..because IMO we are in a phase from months to weeks to days for Mosul….yes the Monetary Reform is done IMO….yes Mosul is done enough for me but maybe not for Donald Trump….yes “Time is Out”…..yes the National Reconciliation may be done….but these DEALS are not done….actually they might be done now.

I see your question Hootowl….but because of military issues I will not give my opinion on the Iranian currency….but I think you know what is going on with them….you are students of currency.

DEALS Family….let me give you some examples…..why is it that the US Defense Minister finds himself in Iraq right now….why do we find US Senators who have no real business over there, are over in Iraq, for example McCain from Arizona, Corker from Tennessee….what are you two guys doing over there….ahhh we are working on some DEALS….and Vice President Pence….hey Mike what are you doing over there…well you know…ahh…..hey General Mattis I can imagine what you are doing over ther but you are doing something else too aren’t you….well…I don’t know….ok, it’s ok…it’s cool…I won’t ask any more questions…are you guys even telling anyone…are you just showing up….what is this….Air Force 1 Express or something….

All of you guys are going over there, not asking them to come see you….you are going over there unannounced to Iraq….and you are all meeting with from A to B….from Abadi to Barzani…why…there is no RSVP….you are just showing up….what is it all about….are you guys making DEALS….no comment….come on man….no comment….

Bob Corker come on…..hey you are in charge of the Foreign Relations Committee aren’t you…..yes I am…now why…why are you there…no comment….so you didn’t announce you were going over there and while you are there you aren’t telling anyone why you are there….hey McCain….why are you over there….why did you go to Iraq so fast….from Friday into Sunday.
Frank26:  Family I am 100% convinced that many new DEALS….right now…outside of Iraq….outside of Iraq’s monetary process…are going on….to create an equilibrium of fairness for all countries who have helped.

When President Trump and Abadi talked on the phone a few days ago….you saw the articles….you saw the phones, the photos side by side…when President Trump and Abadi talked a few days ago a new DEAL was born….a new agreement was born…and that is probably why we haven’t seen the Monetary Reform yet IMO.

By the way we are very much alive in the Monetary Reform…not so much time has actually passed by to cause any panic with anybody.

Family Trump is a master negotiator…he will negotiate until there is nothing left to negotiate….as an investor of the Iraqi dinar….we should be thrilled about this.

IMO something….DEALS….whatever you want to call them….was slipped into the formula of the time frame to release the RV date….other currencies….well I don’t know…they are not just negotiations in the revaluation of the IQD….

DEALS that have been born in the last few days outside of Iraq were to give fair play for everybody….from the US dollar to the Iraqi dinar….to many other currencies.
There is a mischief afoot…something is up because IMO the time for the IQD is so UP.

UK how are you….you OK….yes I’m fine….you do know we are neck deep into Iraq just like you United States of America….yes I know.

Interesting in how it is reported that the US is not at the front of fighting ISIS…but it is being reported that the United Kingdom is….with the Iraqi Army….hey I don’t care who gets credit….but really articles are saying that the US is giving credit to UK trainers to train the trainers of the Iraqi troops….Family is the US painting something for us…..for the UK….a DEAL….military usually equals finances.

You know when you listen to our CC you really have to go back and listen to it again…and maybe a third time….because there are so many dynamite nuggets….almost every word is well calculated to be given to you in our opinion Family…..right now the US is taking a back seat to the UK…..as we do with the Iraqi Army…..

IMO the final assault will lead to urban warfare and that is our specialty….that is our boys and girls…..because our guys are experts in this area…..even though it is not being reported….the US is in the fight…..IMO we are in the thick of it….yes the Iraqi Army will get all of the credit….and yes the US will not get any of the credit….but how is it that the UK is now getting credit for being in the front lines with Iraq to bring Security and Stability….and why….do you know how good that is going to make the UK look….DEALS.

Days after President Trump and Abadi talk….days after that call that we told you about….villages….over 30 of them were recaptured….the airport was recaptured….very quick advances….BOOM…BOOM…BOOM….with urban warfare next…..we can get that done in the blink…..well let’s see….”ABOUT” two weeks…..I mean yes intel was gathered for a long time as we’ve been telling you….but many Americans poured into Iraq after this….for our own DEAL….that is why I told you….IMO….it may be around 100,000 by the time it is all done….not for the war….the urban warfare….but to keep what has been gained by the elimination of terrorism in all of Iraq….and the last inches of Mosul…..an equilibrium of fairness with many besides the UK…..after that phone call DEAL.

That is why you see Senator McCain go so quickly to Turkey….Turkey of all countries….yuck….really….I think they may hate us worse than Iran does….this is amazing IMO anyways.

Then Senator Corker meets with Barzani from the Kurdistan….are you kidding me…that is just amazing….I don’t even know if you have those pictures yet Family….but in case you don’t check this out (Frank showed pics of Corker and McCain with ME leaders).

Abadi, Barzani, Turkey, United Kingdom….all in the limelight…yep…a few DEALS IMO.

What was the President who talked about New Deals to take out of….Roosevelt….Trump has more DEALS than…it would make President Roosevelt blush.

I mean think about it….Turkey made it very clear….we will annihilate Kurdistan militia….and here they are talking…what calmed Turkey down in a matter of days…..a new DEAL IMO.

What caused Kim Jung of North Korea to even want to talk to President Trump with his new negotiations….let’s DEAL buddy.

Something is going on in the world stage that we do not know yet Family….and that is why we haven’t seen the trigger pulled IMO….because the leader of the free world….the President of the United States is a great negotiator….when Trump was made President….BANG….business DEALS started….great profitability…..business DEALS exploded…..let me tell you where there is money you attract the living and the dead….wow….

All of this is amazing….but it is unknown about the details….because no one was told about this….what the shadows of these new DEALS is all about….is something we don’t know right now….and we may never know….how are these DEALS working….unknown….IMO they are beneficial to the worldwide fairness….that President Trump wants so badly….

Yeah this is amazing evidence that has blossomed over the weekend….and it is showing us….showing many who are wanting to come into a fairness on the worldwide markets….why…..because President Trump wants the American dollar to rule once again….because the Iraqi dinar wants to go 1 to 1 with it….then we can have the IQD RV….and any other currency that wants to play fairly…

Let’s make a DEAL….now it is not that simple Family….I am simplifying it….what is out there in these DEALS that we do not fully understand may cause you frustrations….but not to me and my TEAMS…..take our CC to God in prayer….time will show us….as quickly as Mosul is being liberated….not just for Iraq but for all of these DEALS outside of Iraq….outside of the Monetary Reform.

Our TEAMS knew and you know that the CBI met with the IMF last week….you saw the article didn’t you….yes you did….there were bank meetings a few days ago that you read about…..with the CBI….that you read about….yes you did….and IMO in these meetings CBI/IMF….CBI/Iraqi banks….they are not talking about a timeline for the RV….because they are still in the Mookla of 2017….still in the first quarter of 2017…..

I believe those meetings were about DEALS….may I give you an example….$1….nah….$1.50….nah…..$2….nah….$3.22 and you saw that article today didn’t you….Family I am sorry that blew us out of the water…..not expecting “Final Article” #30….we did not expect that they were going to tell you what we think IOO what those meetings were about last week.

You know these meetings don’t go around talking about fractional banking currency…but if that were the case 1.5 ok…ok….and after these meetings last week….and after you see the liberation of Mosul in “about” two weeks IMO….yeah we are going to have the RV so let’s make a DEAL ok…..ok….because we got to get this done in the first quarter so it can be retroactive back to the first….ok.

So what do you think….$1…nay….$1.50….nay….$2…….somebody said let’s take it up to $5…..shut up….ok…..our citizens are not ready for that kind of increase right now….let’s just go back to 1 to 1 and the article tells you….BOOM and BOOM….I can’t believe they came out and told you this….I’m going to sleep with this article under my head tonight….all the other articles told you….yeah we are going to lift the value of our currency…..yeah we are in the process…and return back to the glory days and all sorts of stuff….but all of a sudden.

Here let me read you some of these and if you don’t know I believe this is post 370 in yesterdays thread that WalkingStick put out in the late afternoon and it is entitled….”Raise the Price of the Iraqi Dinar to Fore Again….Former Glory”….what’s up….”Iraqi economists call for the government to lift the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar until the raise in purchasing power.”….until it has value….ok…international value….and increasing confidence it represents the sovereignty of Iraq….
You better believe it does….and calling for the need to stop the dedollarization of our economy….you are pretty close to the MCP….not bad….and by preventing the DEAL…..internally  by making local transactions limited to the Iraqi dinar only….well hoorah for you…I can’t believe they did this….our TEAM members….well one of my TEAM members just lost it….exploded….I can’t believe we did all this work and now they are telling everybody….my only comment was thank God they are telling everybody so we can tell everybody….”since more than four years ago”….you mean when Shabibi was kicked out….when Obama didn’t sign the SOFA agreement and Maliki took over everything…yeah….continue…..”about 4 year ago officials in Iraq are talking about a project of Monetary Reform in which to raise the Iraqi dinar currency exchange rate against the dollar…..so that the new dinar equals 1.2 to the dollar…instead of 1200”…..

Look we been working on this ok….what you don’t read those 29 articles in the “Final Articles” thread that Frank puts out to you….we do…..no you don’t…..no I’m just playing…..come on man we been telling you…you’ve got 29 articles telling you exactly….exactly what we are doing with our currency and our exchange rate in the beginning part of 2017…over and over again….in each one or at least in the last 5 or 6 that we put out….what did we tell you….when the battle in Mosul is done…we will do this….so get off my back….

I may be exaggerating this but in real life this is their attitude….leave me alone…..”the government…our government not Parliament…Parliament has not got jack to do with this…it is Abadi and his COM they are the ones doing it….”our government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of the military operation”…..ok….ok with you….”if the Monetary Reform is successful there will no longer be a need for us to use the USD in our local transactions”…..so get off my back….

In “about” two weeks….we will have Mosul….”the monetary authorities may resort to the installation of the new exchange rate to the dollar or a basket of currencies….nah…don’t say that….what we mean is the DEAL we made for the other currencies….well then say it that way…well our translations suck….ok….do you have any closing comments economist of Iraq….yes what….it may be that the price of one or two dinars to the dollar or the dinar against the dollar is a good price…

Maybe we will go $1 or maybe $2.48….not $3.22 like it says right here in this article…..yes you bragged about….about coming back at $3.22 but no you know darn well that is not your rate so stop it….your glory days were $2+….so your negotiations that you’ve been having this past week….with the Iraqi dinar are rather impressive…..well we have a rate we are just talking and bickering about it…..well the CBI may have the rate….Abadi may have the rate….the US Treasury may have the rate….but you economists do not have the rate….but you do have the right to express your opinion.

In Mosul the USA has ramped up much Family to expedite the Security and Stability of Mosul….they are recapturing it…and a lot of Mosul…now pay attention because this is profound…..a lot of Mosul IMO has to do with the Monetary Reform…and the Reconciliation….and these things are hot right now….it is not like they are saying….well we will do this a year from now….we will do this later….no all in the first quarter of 2017.

The US is pushing very hard right now….Trump is pushing the safe zones in Syria right now….why…because they will pay to create these zones….they will….oh yes says President Donald Trump…they have a lot of money and they can pay to increase their own Stability and Security….because we want them to be fair…and by them doing this they will respond to my request to be fair in the Middle East.

So this post that I just told you about….post 370….when it came out right after these meetings….or a day after or two….talking about returning to the glory days….dear God…and by the way….there is another one….I don’t have a copy of it I am sorry…may I suggest that you go back and look at post 248…somewhere in that ballpark…but it is WalkingStick…they talk about the glory days of $3.22…but no…no…no that was what Saddam did….you see he kept lifting and raising the value of the IQD….when it was pegged against the USD….and we gave him permission…

But when the USD value dropped over the bad decade of the 90’s that we went through Saddam did not drop the IQD rate…and this article I am telling you about right now the one with the $3.22 in it….this article is just from last week and we were shocked to see that article released again today…..let me tell you something….this article I am suggesting you go look at….it is trying to tell you about the natural value….$2+….around $2.48….that it used to be before we went in as a coalition force and took that rate off the shelf….and put them in a program rate…..this is a trueness of 1 to 1….or $2+…but not $3.22….and by the way…..these economists from Iraq….they are no dummies.

One of my TEAM members wants to give you a present Family a website….. http://coadec.uobaghdad.edu.iq/

These economists are no strangers…in fact last year…the following of what I am about to share with you refers to the website that I just gave you….these economists that you see their articles….especially on our “Final Articles” thread….they are rather brilliant…and when they come out and say listen government….they know who they are talking to….Abadi and his Cabinet….not the Parliament that has nothing to do with the Iraqi dinar….hey guys we are calling for you to go ahead and lift the value….you should be ready aren’t you….well maybe…maybe not….looks like Donald Trump wants us to get all of Mosul done….and while that is going on there are some DEALS going on that are bringing us an even playing field that is really going to help the NRL once we have the Security and Stability out of Mosul.

So these economists last year….this is a website that I would like for you to go to….you it is a website of economists from Iraq….and they are intellectuals thinkers on their economy, their GDP, on Iraq, about their education…about their universities…it is like a think tank this website…..that we are giving to you that we have been using for quite a while….these articles…when you see “Iraqi economists” that is who these people are….and these articles are not only coming from these economists they are also coming from the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, the US Treasury…and they are very smart thinkers….on the economy of Iraq…..on their banking structure….in fact last year you saw their article….it was a report called “The Science of the Iraqi Dinar”…..remember that article….in fact it may be one of our “Final Articles”….they know what is going on with their currency….with their Monetary Reform….and this article we are talking about right now and bragging about and lifting up….it is not a guess it is a process in the Monetary Reform….so I suggest you take this gift and use it to your advantage.

Mosul is “about”…..(big smile from Frank)….it’s “about” two weeks…and therefore the releasing of the Monetary Reform new rate is very possible….in that same time frame IMO
….and therefore the USA is pouring everything possible into the final assault of west Mosul….Mosul was slowed down to all the US to mark and target….for the Iraqi Army….so when Abadi came back from Germany….he said to the citizens we are starting this Sunday morning….and then you read about it.

President Trump is pushing Abadi to make the announcement that the final assault on Mosul has started…..Abadi has the full support of Trump to say this…..Donald Trump wants to make sure that Abadi can reassure Donald Trump and the Long Line of investors….all those at the Munich convention to never allow Maliki, or ISIS or any form of terrorism to stop any form of progress in Iraq ever again…..no prevention of any kind….to slow any process in Iraq…..Economic Reform….Monetary Reform….NRL Reform.

Maliki is the cause of Mosul…and the Monetary Reform to be delayed….or I should say was the cause.

Why didn’t Dr. Shabibi pull the trigger back in 2012….because things in the vault of the CBI may not be there the next day…..and oh my goodness how it turned out to be that way….a lot of the reserves are held in the US and the UK…..frozen….the money in the CBI was for the citizens of Iraq to reform…and Maliki stole it…but thank God he could not steal all of Iraq’s money….because if allowed to….Maliki would have stolen the money from a baby’s pocket…..we protect them….and we protect even more now.
Another article of extreme importance in this process of DEALS and understanding that you need to know about is post 313 or close to that….it talks about corruption….basically how it is ending very quickly….in fact it actually says….the hour of reckoning is coming….the winds of change are coming very quickly….you got that Maliki.

Family Abadi wants assistance on anybody that is guilty of drawing Iraqi blood…..and Maliki and his militia….they have killed over 599 Iraqi’s…and that is just a recent amount that is being shown….in these amazing documents of criminal actions against Maliki….hey Maliki…the hour of reckoning…the winds of change are coming very quickly….time is up bozo….and that is why there is a full assault on Mosul and that is why DEALS are being made…..because nobody fears you anymore….someone fell out of the tree and took all the branches with them.

We are in the Mookla of 2017 with no rate….come on….with no budget….come on…..with no RV…..come on….but in “about” two weeks we might just need that rate…..once Mosul is done…..DEAL….yeah DEAL.

You do know this CC is on a speculative investment and everything is in my opinion….right….good.

This is Donald Trump’s demand…for an even playing field….level to all….not just in the Middle East but for the whole world.

E-dinars…..digital currency….is the invitation by Abadi….to the world in Munich, Germany….to come in and invest in Iraq….a safe and secure Iraq.

Family IMO something happened in Germany called DEALS.

All of this makes sense to us as a TEAM who study….and remember….oh please remember…the US Treasury met with the CBI last week….and then the CBI met with the private banks of Iraq….come on.

Many met with many….I love how John McCain met also with many in Germany….he met with the President of Norway….with the Defense Minister…with the PM Macovich….with the President of Afghanistan….and then of course with the PM Abadi…..John McCain….come on man….tell us a little something……a US Lt. General met with Turkey…a wild card that was somehow controlled…but how….DEALS Monty…now I don’t put a lot of credence in what John McCain is doing over there because a lot of people are making a lot of DEALS….but the reason I brought him up and put him in our CC is because John McCain can’t be denied….even if he is disrespecting Donald Trump….because he is part of the Armed Forces Committee….but we just don’t know what they said in those little private meetings….of DEALS IMO.

And post 370 that WalkingStick is bringing us basically is saying….Give me Mosul…give me DEALS…and then we have the RV.

Trump said….I am going to break the back of ISIS….it started Sunday….it’s a DEAL sir….give me all of Mosul….ok sir….ok Donald Trump….but don’t you think it is good enough right now sir….I want all fairness across the playing field for everyone….equal Stability and Security….got it….the negotiation windows that we are dealing with right now with these DEALS is closing very quickly with us the United States of America…so you better run to us as quickly as possible….even little Kimmy from North Korea realizes this…..get on board….everyone….and I want all of Mosul….I want all of ISIS….hoorah….kill them all.

By the way IMF….DEALS on loans to Iraq like we said earlier….hot diggety dog….can I get in on some of these DEALS…you have Frank….what do you mean I have….what do you mean….don’t be getting me in trouble…what are you talking about Willis….Frank didn’t you buy the Iraqi dinar….yes….you see the Iraqi dinar is a stock you purchases from a company called Iraq….for a dividend called an RV….in “about” two weeks Mosul….I think…in “about”….I think it will be a lot faster than that.

Is that why we have so many bank stories across the board here in the US….you know banks doing this or doing that….I don’t want to talk about it because they are a dime a dozen.

Tell you what….Iraqi Army can I talk to one of your commanders….yeah who do you want….is….Hakeem Mohammed around….yes he is.

Greetings Hakeem Mohammed you are an officer in the Interior Ministry Responsive Force of Iraq….yes….do you have anything to say about Mosul….well we have elite units that have been trained in urban warfare and we will converge on Mosul….in fact we started on Sunday….and Mosul will be recaptured very quickly….in “about” two weeks….very…very quickly….is that good enough with you Family.

It is good to study with you….please take our CC to God in prayer.

A big exodus is on right now in Mosul and these elite forces of Iraq are now going to start going door to door to finish things up….ok here they come….by the door….ok open it up….inside…where did they go…we had intel they were here….come on quit running….let’s roll.

By the way this is a very deep question which I am not going to answer….why is it the UN is also fighting in Iraq right now….think about that….and why is it that Donald Trump is going to talk to the UN next week…..DEALS….come on man I thought we were shutting the place down.

So then President Trump is going to meet with the UN next week….ok good…..hey Russia….DEAL or no DEAL…..DEAL Donald Trump….ok good it looks like you guys are helping us out too…not bad at all.

Very specific markings have been done in Old Mosul…that is what it is called the west side of Mosul….citizens were told stay inside your homes and don’t come out….this stuff that we started to do on Sunday it is not going to take too long….but urban warfare is not easy…..IOO ISIS will not be as difficult as one thought…..we are freeing the last inches of Stability and Security that Iraq and the whole outside world wants right now….hoorah.

By the way Family it has been raining in Iraq for days….I’ve talked to you about the tunnels and the dam….but rain means blessing….I wonder if it is going to rain in “about” two weeks….it has been raining for about a week already….in fact US troops are about to be given free rein in Iraq….let’s see what happens.

Yes Family negotiations and DEALS with President Trump that is fine…but Mosul seems to be back in the heart of our study…and there is nothing wrong with that either….no.

So the Long Line that met with Abadi in Munich, Germany is basically telling all of these investors…..hey you know what is happening now don’t you….and we start this Sunday….investors in the IQD how about you….yeah we are happy….we bought a stock in a company called Iraq for future dividends that are called an RV once we have Mosul….is that correct….yes….is that a DEAL with you….yeah….any complaints…..no one is complaining sounds good to me.

We aren’t giving you a date or rate….no…..and the articles certainly didn’t talk about a rate did it….no we don’t know how much longer it will be taking….your commander said “about” two weeks.

Here is the key to this whole thing that is really explosive IMO….the Munich, Germany meetings where all these people went and all these DEALS are being made and Abadi is begging them to come in….do you know what that was called….it was called the Munich Security Conference…for the love of the RV come on.

So what was told to the rose to make it unfold…..Security and Stability that was told to you international world….so please come on in…and please read “Final Article” #30 that is now at KTFA…..isn’t that amazing Family….at least I think it is.

Abadi and his Cabinet IMO are doing things that do not involve the Parliament….because Parliament has nothing to do regarding the Monetary Reform…..they are doing some other impressive things outside of Iraq.

I want you to pay close attention to the fact that the US and Iraq….they are in a partnership DEAL.

So…this post from WalkingStick post #370 it does say post Mosul…because IMO Mosul is done enough to tell you this…again…profound.

There is a member on our forum by the name of BayouBoy….he had post 441…and you found it interesting that me as a respiratory therapist in the medical field and you found it interesting that I would say we are as close to this Monetary Reform as your breath is to your lungs….I am glad you took notice of that sir….but I want to tell you one more thing to add to that….yes BayouBoy….yes KTFA Family IMO….we are as close as your breath is to your lungs…now breath in deeply for me.

Post #477 where WalkingStick put out an article that says….”Significant International Cooperation with Iraq After the Elimination of DAASH”….and this came out after that Munich Security Conference….that article also said….”and the international community listened with great interest to the words of Iraq.”…..oh man that must have been on nice conference in Munich.

I’m proud of all of you because when I ask you to post or to think deeper….you do…..I appreciate the camaraderie we have in our forum….I appreciate that many of you pray for each other.

We have a member who is in Iraq right now….his name is Tank…he put out a post #193…..and I like it because this man went out of his way to give you a long checklist of things he felt he needed to see in order to see the revaluation of the currency of Iraq….I would like for you to pay attention to Tank’s post….look at what he wrote…and then ask yourself….is this list complete…..in “about” two weeks.

Be strong…then be stronger….because very soon IMO you are going to have become way so much ever stronger than you’ve ever imagined….the responsibility which is actually the burden of the finances you are going to be involved with are serious….and we as a Christian group at KTFA know the need for stewardship as it is taught to us in the New Testament of the full Bible….

It is an honor and a privilege to take this blessing and demonstrate to our Heavenly Father that we are of willing hearts to do things for God’s Kingdom….so God is worthy to worship….as we strive to be worthy to him….we are not trying to buy our way into Heaven…our good is from our faith and our heart…it comes from the depth of our spirit and our soul….we know what God wants of us….act accordingly….do not become lottery winners….do not go out there and explode with your money…and for that matter do not demand….give me my money…for it is not yours IMO….it is a blessing from God….as your children are blessings from God…..our children are not ours….they belong to God….they are our responsibility to raise them in the way of the Lord so they if they find themselves one day lost from the Lord they would know the path back to him…..

Learn to love….learn to give….learn to forgive….learn the agape love that Jesus is….bathe in it….drink it….but don’t keep it for yourself….because that would be so selfish….share it with others…give your testimony….be of willing hearts….be one that is called and chosen…because you will be.

We are right now stepping on rice paper that IMO is already ripped….prepare yourselves to walk on lava of this lava flow that we have been deeply studying….God Bless you.

Dismissed with a prayer.