Tuesday, February 21, 2017


RayRen98 Iraqi TV is reportedly referencing economic reform with officials discussing raising the dinar to 1.20 to the US dollar.

  Time Will Tell!

 Up to 45 banks now (handling the dinar).    Banks are openly accepting the Iraqi Dinar.  As far as I’m concerned that makes it International.  Even if not International, all we want is for banks over here to accept it.  Other currencies started fluctuating this last week and we put that out there.  I knew from past experience these are short windows.

 We are looking good, and feeling good. ...we wait for the ultimate trip to the bank...I believe we are very close.   We are looking for things to unfold any time. We are close enough to know this rodeo is coming to an end, we just don’t know when.



TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 20-February-2017
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Monday February 20, 2017, Presidents Day, with yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  Guess what?  All is quiet, maybe a little too quiet.  There hasn’t been much new information, nor a sense of direction of where we are heading.  All weekend, information has been pouring in, all about Mosul, and the news that the first phase was completed on the first day!  We don’t know how many phases there are, and then it all went silent.  We’re still waiting on an update on the Mosul initiative.

Over the weekend bank folks were excited, and some specialized training took place.  Some bank people were called into work on Sunday for training.  Of course, today is a holiday and most banks are closed, but some are open, much to our surprise.  Could they be anticipating something?

That is all the information we have to share, so it should be a short call.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  In recent days President Trump has spoken on two occasions of the need to establish a “level playing field” with regard to global trade. What is your interpretation of these statements within the context of the RV/GCR?   A:  I’m not seeing it.  Both this and past Presidents have made comments about China playing with the value of the currency.  I don’t see this as a direct message to us, in terms of what we are looking for. There are other currency manipulations that might relate to a level playing field;  I don’t think we are big enough for it to be a message to us.

Q:  After we exchange. If we have the funds to pay off all our bills would it be best to pay then all off at once or stretch it out over time and pay off one a month?  I do not want to raise any red flags or mess with my credit.  A:  Where have you been for the last six months?  I guess you have been missing all of those, because that has been the focus of our conversation.  Do the math, look at your opportunities, including ones you might miss if you pay those bills all at once, and let that make the decision for you.

Q:  Lately, there have been fluctuations on the Dong in the forex system. Is this a result of the possible New Tariffs that may be applied to trade between the US and China in the near future to test the system?   [RR:  I have no idea.]  And, will the new tariffs cause the Vietnamese Dong to raise their value with or without an RV?  [RR:  No idea.]  About a month or two ago, an article came out that Vietnam could handle a currency revalued at 3 to 5 cents on Vietnam Express’s Website.  Do you see this happening before our RV on the Dinar for a possible leveraging opportunity?  [RR:  Sure, that could happen;  we’ve already had some leveraging opportunities on the dong.]  Or, have you already received The Prosperity Package Okie used to talk about?  A:  No, and I’ve had no reports of anyone receiving that.  I’ve heard reports of some being sent out by courier, but nothing has arrived yet.

Q:  Same question as the last three Mondays:  do you think we will exchanging this week?  If so, why?  A:  Same answer as the last three weeks.

Q:  1) I have never purchased any Indonesia Rupiah;  are there certain features, such as currency year or size of note we should only purchase for exchange at bank?  [RR:  Not that I know of;  If you’re not already in that game… well, I guess you still have a little time to buy more.]  2) Per the liberation of western Mosul, are you aware of any banks in Mosul open for local or international banking business?  [RR:  No, I am not.]  3) Selling or buying dinar, how many banks and credits unions are you up to now?  A:  We are up to 45 now.

Q:  Could you explain what you talk about in these meetings such as the one coming up in Chicago?  Is it like a wealth management talk or a larger overview of what to expect?  A:  Planning, strategies, more detail than in a one-hour phone call.

Q:  Last week you said that someone said that there was a rate of .12 on the Zim was reported, but NOT confirmed; has that been confirmed yet?  A:  No, it has not been confirmed.  I haven’t heard anything further about that rate.

Q:  Ray, you mentioned on Friday something about the currency dates before 2005.  Which currencies?  Can you further elaborate?  A:  I have no idea what you are referring to;  I’d have to listen to the replay from Friday.

Q:  Months ago I mentioned that a friend from China indicated no RV till second quarter 2017 – my comment elicited a “no way” How do you feel today?  A:  How does he feel?  Why did he say ‘second quarter’?  What is the substance banking that?  I’m not hearing anyone saying that.  My sources says “It’s done, done, done.”  That’s the substance I’m running on.

Also, Q+A is for questions;  if you don’t have a question, please don’t post there.

Q:  Do the banks have a designed massive exchange control?  Will private numbers be the only way to get in and get exchanged?  A:  Where are you guys getting these questions from??  I haven’t heard of any ‘massive exchange control’, and private numbers are not the only way to get exchanged.  People are exchanging today, just not at the rate we want.

Q:  Will you be doing any training Seminars in the Dallas area post RV?  A:  May 1st.

Q + A Callers

716 caller:  Should a gift letter be notarized?  How does that work?
RayRen:  Call 800-829-1040, and ask the IRS directly;  ask for the ‘gift tax department’.

865/470/404 caller:  One quick question:  we are always referring to the GCR;  how likely is it we will hear anything from the BIS, IMF, UN, or wherever – or will they leave it up to each country?
RayRen:  My sources talk about Iraq and what they see;  sources over here talk about banking and what they are up to.  The GCR itself has not been a topic of discussion, especially as to whether there will be an announcement about that.

512 caller:  I’ve heard lots of things about the dong – is the Vietnamese dong still in the first basket, and does it have a contract rate, and is that still available?
Ray:  Yes, yes, and yes.

Caller:  I bought a bit more dong the other day, and the banker said the screen rate is the ‘golden rate’ and I will get a bit less when we exchange.  Will they do the math, or do we have to figure it out and negotiate from there?
RayRen:  They will do the math.  If you say, “I have X dong, what will you give me for that.”  If you know the screen rate, you can see if that is a good rate;  if not, your negotiating skills will show how much you can close that gap, or even go over that rate. That does tap into their future profit.  If you want to buy a new car, and you take  your existing car to the dealer, you know that your trade-in value will be less than what you might sell it for privately.  The dealer has to make a profit, and so do the banks.  Your negotiation is how close you will get to the higher rate.

Caller:  So that is the spread – what is the 2% fee Tony used to talk about?
RayRen:  That is what we were being told 2-3 years ago;  things change all the time.  We haven’t received any new information to supersede that, but things have changed over time, and no one has mentioned that 2% flat fee for anything.  Those who have exchanged haven’t mentioned that flat fee.  Some banks charge a flat fee to do any exchange if you’re not already a customer, but not a percentage.  I don’t think they can change the rules on us because we have more currency to exchange.  People who exchanged last week walked out with money in hand, without any extra fees or lots of IDs, etc.  If that changes, there has to be a good legal reason for that.

Caller:  You have told us over and over to have a plan and be prepared.  I had a really nice conversation with the banker, but I was feeling emotional and not thinking as clearly  as I usually do, and that gave me a warning.  The bank had a sign saying that they are open today, and the banker said it is because the all the banks are only closed on the major holidays, and branches got to choose on the minor holidays.

610 caller:  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click on the red DONATE button.

904 caller:  I realized that when I quit my job, I will no longer have health insurance.  Will health insurance be covered in your seminars?  Others might want to be careful about quitting, unless they also consider this same question.
RayRen:  Not the seminar I presently do.  In the future, there will be things (systems) put together for our benefit, in areas of concern to us, so that we can take advantage of them.  We are going to have the advantage in considering the best insurance, rather than the cheapest insurance.  Most people don’t know what that reality is like, having the best. When money is not an issue, when the insurance company is not focusing on the dollar bill, that can be entirely different.  We will have the numbers to demand better terms, as well.  It’s a whole different deal.

TX caller:  We keep missing so many deadlines… the last one was trump talking about the economy, and we all expected this today… and my concern is that [can’t hear]  What do you think about the influence of the Rothschild family?  David Rothschild is a trillion-aire, maybe as much as half the world’s wealth, and he doesn’t want this going down.  They own so much, and some say they don’t want this to happen.  Can you check?  Because it seems like this is not happening. How many times has this gone to the very brink and then it gets cancelled.  What are we going to do?
RayRen:  They were giving you information based on what they were being told.  About Rothschild, that is speculation – I’ve never heard him make such a proclamation.  And even if that is so, what is the solution?  There are two choices:  either believe that, give up and walk away, or we can focus on each day and see what happens until it happens. You have to decide if you are an optimist or a pessimist.  Is the glass half-full or half-empty.  I don’t think you are right, but what is more important is what I do along the way – what did I take with me on the journey.  You can get off the journey, or you can ride it out.  For those riding it out, what are you doing along the way?  You may be right – what did you do in the interim?  There are TNT members who are thousands of dollars to the good;  if it if turns our you are right, they made a profit.  For them, this is a good journey even if it runs into a dead end.  I believe 100% that it is going to happen;  what do we do along the way.  That will be a supplement to what happens at the end.  That’s better than giving up and walking in the other direction.  We can debate if your information is right or not, but that doesn’t get us anywhere.  I’m about things that keep you going while we wait, and in some cases make you better in the long term.

Caller:  In the news, they said WF declined by 34%;  will that affect us?
RayRen:  I don’t think any one bank will throw off the RV/GCR.  We keep seeing new ways to get things done.

406 caller:  Throughout Dinarland, people are saying trump is the one who will let it go…
RayRen:  I don’t have an opinion on that. We’ve been through 3-4 presidents now.  I’ve never put much weight on the president in question.  Sure, the president has an influence, but I don’t have the time or energy to put into that question.  Who really knows?  Those that do are not going to tell us.

909 caller:  I know you say Iraq is key to this;  I saw on the news that Mosul is being freed, but that it might take 3-5 months.  Do you believe it will take that long for the RV to happen?  Does Mosul need to be completely free?
RayRen:  No, I don’t think that Mosul needs to be completely liberated before this happens.  Remember, the news always lags behind what’s actually happening.

Closing Statement

RayRen:  I am talking to my  members now, to all those who listen even if they don’t have access to the board.  I firmly believe that we are at the stage in this process that all we can do is wait.  We can also look for opportunities and resolve to keep going or elevate ourselves while we wait.  Tony asked if I would do a call this morning, and I said Yes, even if we don’t have much intel – at least that gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you might not have addressed otherwise.  It’s too danged quiet on the intel front.  Your questions are okay, for the most part;  some need to focus more on questions where the answer will make a difference to you, or to the group.  If the answer doesn’t make a difference, either today or in the future, then that’s not a good use of our time.  Political questions don’t actually tell us anything because we don’t know what will come of someone being on a plane to another country.  We can only wait and react to what is said and done, when we see the results.  There are many people who want to debate and give you their opinions, but at the end of the day there is nothing you can do with that information.  I am about results, and I prefer questions where you can do something with the answer.  That is how I want to help you, with answers that can make a difference to your back pocket, now or in the future, when you go to the bank.  I don’t know when that day is, and until that day, let’s focus on what we can do in the meantime.  It’s like being at a funeral, and the person refers to the date of birth and the date of death.  What’s important is the dash in the middle – what did that person do with that time in between.  What’s important to us is what we did between the date when you bought the currency and the day you exchange.  What did you do to learn how to manage that money, to make it last for generations?  That’s what is important to the membership, and that’s why I am still doing these calls:  to help you.  I hope that if this information is important to you, you will support this call.  There are other places to get other information.  Plenty are saying “this is happening tomorrow!”  If it does, are you ready?

That’s what I believe, and if you are still here, I imagine you believe the same.  If not, get on the call or text me, and let me know.  I watch the numbers, and if they fall away, I guess that is not what they want to hear.  The end is already set;  we just haven’t got there yet.  We are still dealing with the dash in between;  this is your dash, so what are you going to do with it?  If the RV public release doesn’t happen by Wednesday, we will have another call, and see how we can move our preparation further until we do have the public release of the RV.  That’s what I believe.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



 [...if the market rate drops is that a good thing?] 

 The market rate, or street, dropping is a good thing. As of today the street rate is 1270-$1. The official rate is 1182-$1, so there's a spread between the two is 88 dinars, or roughly 7.5%.

That's not good enough for the IMF, they want the MCP, or spread, to be 2% or less and hold it for at least 90 days before Iraq can move to Article VIII compliance.

 In a nutshell, the market rate dropping is a good thing.

[You can see the Official CBI Dinar rate and the CBI reported Market Rate in the Dinar Guru Resource bar on the left side of this page]



  Article:  "Parliamentary Finance: The government withdrew its $ 48 billion cash reserve" 

 Now we're down to $40 billion in reserves and essentially, nothing's changed. 

 I don't see oil prices surging back to $100 a barrel and terrorism is never going away.  Iraq needs to course correct now, there's no more time to waste.


 Article:  "Parliamentary Finance: Iraq's debt exceeded $ 100 billion"

  Quote:   "Iraq's debt exceeded $ 100 billion, and divided by $ 35 billion internal debts and $ 70 billion in foreign debt, and came because of the government's borrowing to fill the budget deficit during the past three years".   ...the $35 billion is part of the bonds that the CBI bought from the GOI, it was a workaround for the law preventing the CBI from loaning directly to the government.

  I've been watching these guys flounder around for the past two years, all the while the reserves are eroding.

 And still, no movement on the open market economy... 

 News flash, Iraq, building your economy and creating trust in your banks takes years to get off the ground, you've wasted enough time.

Iraq's credit rating will never improve with this type of financial performance. 

Your move, Abadi









The price of the Iraqi dinar against the Arab and international currencies on February 20, 2017

The price of the Iraqi dinar against the Arab and international currencies on February 20, 2017

20-02-2017 01:17 PM

East News -

U.S. dollar

US $ 1 = 1,179.3400 Iraqi dinars

1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0008



1 euro = Iraqi dinars 1,251.8204

IQD 1 = 0.0008 euros

Sterling pound

£ 1 = 1,464.4729 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0007 pounds

Canadian Dollar

1 CAD = 901.0161 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0011 Canadian dollars

Australian Dollar

1 AUD = 905.2349 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0011 Australian dollars

Japanese Yen

1 Japanese Yen = 10.4260 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0959 Japanese yen

Swiss Franc 1

Swiss Franc = 1,175.6953 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0009 Swiss Franc

Turkish lira

1 Turkish lira = 325.6406 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0031 Turkish lira

Chinese yuan

1 Chinese yuan = 171.7727 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0058 Chinese yuan

Thai Baht

1 Thai Baht = 33.6916 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0297 Thai Baht

Malaysian Ringgit

1 Malaysian Ringgit = 264.6931 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0038 Malaysian Ringgit

Indian Rupee

1 Indian Rupee = 17.6021 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0568 Indian Rupee

Iranian Rial

1 IRR = 0.0364 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 27.4884 Iranian Rial

Egyptian Pound

1 Egyptian Pound = 71.7840 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0139 Egyptian pounds

Saudi riyal

1 SAR = 314.9021 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0032 SAR

UAE dirham

1 AED = 321.1798 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0031 AED

Sudanese Pound

1 SDG = 183.1475 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0055 Sudanese pounds

Algerian dinar

1 DA = 10.7247 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0932 DA

Bahraini Dinar

1 BD = 3,224.0022 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0003 BD

Jordanian Dinar

JD 1 = 1,668.7986 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0006 JD

Kuwaiti dinar

1 KD = 3,864.1547 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0003 Kuwaiti dinars

Lebanese Pound

1 LP = 0.7993 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 1.2510 LP

Israeli Shekel

1 Israeli Shekel = 319.0423 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0031 Israeli Shekel

Libyan dinar

1 LD = 840.2850 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0012 LD

Moroccan dirham

MAD 1 = 117.0085 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0085 Moroccan dirhams

Mauritanian ounce

1 UM = 3.2761 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.3052 UM

Syrian Lira

1 SYP = 5.5020 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.1818 LS

Somali shilling

1 Somali Shilling = 2.0325 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.4920 Somali Shilling

Omani Rial

RO 1 = 3,061.1535 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0003 RO

Qatari Riyal

QR 1 = 324.0568 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0031 QR

Tunisian Dinar

1 TND = 516.2355 dinars

IQD 1 = 0.0019 Tunisian dinars

Yemeni riyal

1 YR = 4.7164 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.2120 YR

Djiboutian franc

1 Djibouti francs = 6.5914 Iraqi dinars

IQD 1 = 0.1517 Djibouti francs




 Up to 45 banks now (handling the dinar).    Banks are openly accepting the Iraqi Dinar.  As far as I’m concerned that makes it International.  Even if not International, all we want is for banks over here to accept it.  Other currencies started fluctuating this last week and we put that out there.  I knew from past experience these are short windows.

 We are looking good, and feeling good. ...we wait for the ultimate trip to the bank...I believe we are very close.   We are looking for things to unfold any time. We are close enough to know this rodeo is coming to an end, we just don’t know when.

Intel Situation Report: "Golden" - Intel SITREP - 20:00 EST - Monday - February 20, 2017, 21 FEB

Intel Situation Report: "Golden" - Intel SITREP - 20:00 EST - Monday - February 20, 2017

1. This is a transition of power from west to east. Western civilization has very little gold in relationship to the Eastern world. As Eastern gold owners are making not only new financial rules via their enormous gold leverage, but creating an entirely new, moral and expansive reality right before our very eyes.

2. The RV is here.

3. All major banks worldwide are at this very moment scrambling to get their people and final policies in place to process 30 million plus currency redeemers.

4. Once powerful governmental leaders of North Korea, Israel and Ukraine chose otherwise, and are paying the ultimate price tonight. Their nations have been financially cut off from the rest of the world pre-RV until said leaders publicly surrender. Their nation's will not be participating in new financial system post-RV until they are removed, as the system is set up in such a way that it can freeze out their national economies and banks--meaning no gold backed monies in or out of their countries or banks.

5. General Dunford is just waiting on their go ahead. Trump is a non factor. So is Mnuchin.

6. In response of the decision to move forward exactly one month after Trump's faux inauguration, Mossad decided to high lowered dart murder the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations today as well as turn off the water supply to Palestines in the West Bank. Mossad will be removed with the Netanyahu Administration.

7. All three nations are rapidly collapsing financially without any future economic prospects for rehydration.

8. Israel has no funding to continue funding in their military budget without the US Congress, who has demanded that Netanyahu resign, and if not he'll be indicted by his own Knesset (like our Congress) in order to collect on their $38 Billion, 10 year military package.

9. Ukraine has no coal or oil to heat their population come March. And has no incoming Russian pipeline revenue to mount a serious military defense. Their leader Poroshenko must sign the Minsk Agreement which ends his government on the spot. There is no other option for Ukraine to move forward.

10. North Korea lost their primary income stream this week when China stopped buying their coal. And sadly, they we're destitute financially to begin with. Meaning, North Korea's economy is collapsing no matter what, and Kim Jong Un will be removed by special forces--with China and South Korea splitting up that nation's assets and population responsibilities long term.

11. This is really, really it kids. The adults have laid down the golden rules for all to follow per the GESARA Treaty (aka 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change).

12. Expect the final diplomatic shoe to drop and 800 numbers to be made available at anytime now, day or night.


C. Feb. 20 2017 12:21 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Major Action" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 9:15 AM MT 2-20-17

1. I expect a major action Tues-Thurs. Feb. 21-23.

2. When it occurs, we are there.

3. This week I'm looking for exciting things to happen in Mosul and with our own currency.


D. Feb. 20 2017 11:24 pm EST Prosperity Packages being prepared for distribution Beny Wilson: "Prosperity Packages are Being Prepared to be Distributed" - Beny Intel Update 2-20-17

At the 11 minute and 30 second mark, Beny Wilson, says his banking contacts are reviewing, verifying and readying the distribution of the always "out of reach" prosperity packages/prosperity programs. These may be the programs that people bought into decades ago in hopes of receiving a high rate of return.




McDan:  FYI. A $3.20 exchange rate would equal to a $2.37 SDR Holding Rate on the IMF charts for SDR Holding Rates approx. IMO

Aggiedad77:  ALL IMO.....there has to have been some agreements reached....BIG AGREEMENTS.....they wouldn't talking "new" loans if they haven't given the IMF what they want.....in the strongest of opinions here.....their GAME has to be UP....IMO......oh buddy.....what will you do next....what was agreed upon this past weekend......winds of change.....they be blowing.....OUR WAY....IMO.....the BEST is COMING.
Aloha    Randy  



FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, February the 20th, 2017.

NOTE:  THIS ENTIRE CONFERENCE CALL (and comments made on KTFAlways.com) ARE IN MY OPINION!!!

It’s time!

At the beginning of our conference call I showed you 7 files (note pads) full of info.

I apologize if this gets a little long tonight.

We are dealing with a speculative investment.
Please take our CC to God in prayer – it helps us as a Team … and they send their love.

All honor to our Heavenly Father … let’s begin.

A lot has happened since last Thursday.

Yesterday … I made a post on our forum … ask you to join us tonight … and I was looking for a word that began with the letter “D” … which will start our conference call.  Hundreds posted as to what they thought the “D” was.

FreddyC guessed it on TeamChat … (BTW Friday’s TeamChat was amazing) … the word was “DEAL”

On the early dawn on Sunday, something dramatic happened for our investment.

DEALS are going on … happening so fast … I don’t know what other word to say than … dramatic!

On Friday’s TeamChat … one Team member asked about “BackDoc” – he said BD post were “interesting” concerning DIGITAL CURRENCY … as in the USD (not necessarily the TRN) – that’s for down the road.

Can I sit next to you … and be in the audience with you tonight?

I too hold the American Dollar.

We are asking the currencies around the world to PLAY FAIR!

It appears that somewhere, somehow … something is creating DEALS to blossom.

For example:  Iran sent the Oil Minister to Iraq … after something happened.

The UK is being put in position of recognition … just like that.

China is saying that they know about “FAIR PLAY” … and now they are willing to negotiate with Trump.

Even North Korea … is willing to negotiate.

Remember Kim Clement said back in 2014 … the DOW would reach 20k … and Trump will be President.

Amazing … North Korea hasn’t really talked to the US for 5 years.

Out of nowhere … all of these countries want to MAKE DEALS.

Security and stability is really the key all over the world right now … and it all starts in IRAQ.

If people want to make DEALS … to include China and North Korea … so that things are FAIR … that is astonishing.

All we are doing is waiting for the rate to go up.

MEDIA of the USA  <<< GROW UP!!!

Why did the Iraq Stock Exchange rise 308% last week?
Because of stability / security.

The IMF recently said … “Iraq … we have a DEAL for you … LOANS for you.”    Fascinating.

Investors have sacrificed so much to be in Iraq.

DEALS are being made for everyone that’s in the LONG-LINE … those that want to play on an even playing field … equal and fair trade.

Did you see the article where Iran took over one of Iraq oil fields?  Why didn’t anyone protest?  (DEALS)

Iraq and her banks … they know that digital currency is coming and has come to them.

ELECTRICITY … “hey Iran! … can you supply?  (DEALS)

TIME IS UP!!!  And that’s why we have DEALS that are being made.

DEALS will fatten Iraq’s reserves … fuel their future.

That that you see MOSUL coming around … DEALS are being made.

Do you see any rates on the CBI’s website?  January, February … now March.

Why didn’t the rate appear this week?

IMO … over the weekend … these DEALS were triggered off … all from a phone call.
The call … Trump to Abadi.

Trump says to Abadi … “go to Germany … talk to those in the long-line … tell them to invest in your country.
Tell you citizens that the “full assault” on Mosul will begin this Sunday.”

Seven … American bases in Iraq … we (USA) are not going anywhere!

This is the FULL-ON ASSAULT for the MR.

President Trump wants all of Mosul!

This is the beginning to the end of ALL OF MOSUL … and IMO … in ABOUT 2 weeks … it could be less … it could be ABOUT 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over 30 villages … liberated … including an airport.

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finish ALL of Mosul … and President Trump will tell us more in a few weeks.
Is it Iraq’s choice to wait for Mosul for the RV?

No … that’s our prerogative.

We (USA) are not the only players in Iraq.  IMF, UN, BIS, WB, etc.  It’s not Iraq’s choice.

Abadi is good … but IMO … it’s not his choice.

Iraq has its feet being held to the fire by those involved in the MR.

We are NEVER leaving Iraq!  IMO … well over 100,000 troops in Iraq.

The NRL … it will give you this.  Mosul = stability / security for ALL of the Middle East AND Europe!

BTW … when they give you Mosul … IMO … you’re going to get a BONUS.  You will also get Racca!  Why?  That would take another conference call.

Mosul is being completed at a much faster pace!

DEALS outside of Iraq with the UK … with China … they are willing to play fair with their currencies.

DEALS … over the weekend with TURKEY … who said they wanted to annihilate Iraq.  Unbelievable.

DEALS with Vietnam.  Oh my goodness!!!   Wait a minute … didn’t Obama put sanctions on Vietnam?  Yes … they got caught manipulating their currency.

But those sanctions … in about 2 weeks are going to be lifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEALS with Indonesia … SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A large amount of movement … DEALS … with currencies.

I don’t believe in baskets, GCR’s … I’m sorry.

DEALS are being made … while the value of the IQD is low … with countries who are waiting for the IQD to come out.

President Trump also has some DEALS on TAX REFORMS … not a coincidence.


This need MOSUL to be fully finished … right after Abadi talked in Germany.

The NRL (National Reconciliation Law)  is the closest thing to peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

Vice President Pence also talked to many in Iraq.

Many others are talking to Iraq RIGHT NOW!

The evidence … these talks … are the EVIDENCE of a turn that happened with President Trump called Abadi in Iraq.  Make them do it!  We will also start the assault on Sunday.

BTW – we are sending more troops … building more bases … so that this concept never, ever goes away.

Why is EGYPT … (wink, smile) … why is EGYPT … (wink, smile) … why is EGYPT not on the terrorist list?  OH SNAP!!!  They’re not … are they?  Because they are now in union … they are working with pro-western leaders to clean up their country.  The terrorists of EGYPT are no longer there.

For 10 years Iraq has been trying to clean up their terrorists … and that’s why we’re there.

IRAQ … and the Middle East … UNIFY and let’s make money with the rest of the world.

The USA … we reward countries when then eradicate terrorism.  HOORAH!!!!

IMO … much more was transferred into Iraqi banks just for the dinar.

DEALS with many countries … in many currencies … to PLAY FAIR!

Why is President Trump going to the UN this week?

BTW … Vietnam sanctions … are only on their currency.  They got caught just like China for manipulating their rate … and will come off in 2 weeks.

Their revaluations … will not be like Iraq … IMO … smaller increments … in about 6 phases.

Indonesia … NOT BAD!   Congratulations!  They stopped their MCP’s last year … and dug out of a deep hole.  IMO … Indonesia will be also done in phases.

There are many DEALS … because I believe that Mosul is being leveraged.
What currencies have I asked my broker (in the last 6 years) to bring us?  TA-DA!!!

I only brought you the ZIM because many of you asked for it … but only as a novelty currency.

IMO … there are many DEALS … that you will not know about.

Again … this is a SPECULATIVE investment.

Last week a document was signed by the USA and China … which has been around for a while … but I believe in has to deal with a FAIR PLAYING FIELD.  For China to be willing to go along with this … that’s impressive.

Since the 20th of January … more alliances have been make … more DEALS … that has created a lot of ASSET BACK CURRENCIES … and our 3 Musketeers are probably cheering right now!

IMO … in ABOUT … ABOUT … ABOUT … 2 weeks should be about right for finalizing everything.

We are in a phase from months … to weeks … to days for MOSUL!

Because of military issues … I will not give my opinion about the Iranian currency.

DEALS … examples … why did the US Defense Minister feel he needed to be in Iraq right now?  How about other leaders like John McCain?  DEALS?

VP Pence … why are you there?
Maddis … well … we understand why you’re there.

Leaders from all over … flying over to IRAQ … unannounced meeting with Abadi to Barzani … WHY?
Are they making DEALS?  (no comment)

Family … I’m 100% convinced … many NEW DEALS … outside of Iraq and their monetary process are going on … to create a level of fairness to all coalition countries.

You saw the articles of Trump and Abadi talking on the phone.  A NEW DEAL was born.  And that’s probably why we haven’t see the MR yet.

Not too much time has gone by for anyone to panic.

Trump is a master negotiator … and as a holder of IQD … you should be thrilled about that!

DEALS … whatever you want to call them … was slipped into the formula for the release date of the RV of the IQD.

Something is up … because TIME IS UP.

UK?  You OK?  (yes)

The UK is neck-deep into Iraq … just like the USA.

Interesting … how it is reported that the USA is not at the front of fighting of ISIS … but it’s being reported that the UK is.
Frank26:  The USA is giving the UK credit for training of Iraqi’s?

Was this a DEAL … military = finances.

You might want to listen to this conference call two or three times … words well calculated.
The USA is now taking a back-seat to the UK … just as we do with the Iraqi army.

The USA is in the fight … and we are in the thick-of-it.  Yes, the Iraqi army will get credit for it.

So why is the UK now getting credit?  (DEALS)

Very quick advances … with urban advances (help of the USA) could be done within 2 weeks.;)

This is why you see Senator McCain go to Turkey.  Really?

Then Senator Bob Crocker meets with Barzani.


Think about it … Turkey wanted to annihilate Kurdistan.  So what caused them to back-down?  NEW DEALS.

North Korea?  … backing down?

The leader of the free world … President Trump is an incredible negotiator.

Amazing evidence that blossomed over the weekend.

President Trump wants the US Dollar to rule once again!

Any currency that wants to play fairly … LETS MAKE A DEAL!

These DEALS that we don’t know about yet … may concern some … BUT NOT TO ME AND MY TEAMS!!!

Our Teams … knew … and you know … that the CBI met with the IMF last week.   You saw the articles, didn’t you?

There were bank meetings a few days ago with the CBI.

IMO – in these meetings (CBI/IMF/IRAQI BANKS) … they are not talking about a time line … they are still talking about the MOOKLA … the 1st quarter of 2017.  I believe those meetings were about DEALS.  Example:  $1 … $1.50 … $3.22 … and you saw that article … didn’t you?  (ARTICLE #30).  We didn’t expect to see that.

After these bank meetings … in ABOUT TWO WEEKS … IMO … we’re going to have the RV … so LET’S MAKE A DEAL … OK???!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta get this done in the 1st quarter because then we can go RETRO to January 1st.

ARTICLE #30 … you should sleep with that under your pillow!
One of my Team members said … “Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe we’ve done all of this work, and now they’re telling everybody!”
Time and time again … what have we told you … WHEN the battle of MOSUL is done … they’ll DO THIS!!!

Let me tell you something … their former “GLORY DAYS” … was $2.48.    NOT $3.22 like the article said – they need to stop it!

Their negotiations with the IQD in the past week … have been impressive.

The CBI may have the rate … Abadi may have it … but the economists DO NOT … but they do have the right to express their opinions.

A lot of MOSUL … IMO … has to do with the MR and the reconciliation.

These things are HOT … RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   All to be done in the 1st quarter of 2017!

The USA is pushing very hard … Trump is pushing the state zones in Syria … and they will pay for these zones.  Syria is rich.  They have a lot of money … and they can pay to improve their own stability and security.  They will comply with the request to be fair in the Middle East.

POST # 248 … by WS … they talk about the GLORY DAYS … but NO, NO, NO … those were back in the Saddam days.

When the USD dropped … Saddam didn’t drop the IQD rate.

This article … it’s trying to tell you about the natural value … $2+ to $2.48 … because the coalition forces took them down to the program rate.

These economists in Iraq … they are pretty brilliant.

I have a present from one of our Team members … write this down … http://www.coadec.uobaghdad.edu.iq

This website … you will need this so you can understand what I’m going to share with you.

The economists are calling on Abadi to lift the value … once we have Mosul.

This website is by economists … very intelligent … it’s like a “think-tank” – (which we have been using for quite a while).

These articles come from the economists and also the IMF, UST, etc.

Last year … you saw the article … “The Science of the Iraqi Dinar”  <<< they know what’s going on.

This article … it’s NOT a guess … it’s a process of the monetary reform.  Use this gift to your advantage.

Mosul … is ABOUT … 2 weeks … it’s ABOUT … 2 weeks.

Releasing of the rate … is very possible … IMO.

Mosul … was slowed-down to allow the USA to mark / target with the Iraqi Army.

President Trump is pushing Abadi to announce that final assault on Mosul has begun.

President Trump was to make sure Abadi … and all those in the LL (long line)  … and those in Germany (meeting) to ever allow Maliki or ISIS or any form of terrorism to hurt Iraq again.

Maliki was the cause of Mosul and the MR to be delayed.

Why didn’t Dr. Shabibi pull the trigger in 2014?  Because things in the VAULT of the CBI may not be there the next day.  Oh my goodness … how it so turned out to be that way.

A lot of the reserves were frozen … but Maliki couldn’t steal all of Iraqi’s money.  It he was allowed to, he would have stolen the money from a baby’s pocket.

We protect them … and even more now.

We are blowing Mosul up … and tonight we are hopefully blowing you out of the water.

Another article that is important (POST #313) talks about corruption.  Basically how it’s ending very quickly.
The winds of change are coming … you got that Maliki?

Maliki … TIME’S UP BOZO!!!  No one fears you anymore!
We are in the MOOKLA of 2017 … with no rate … no budget … no RV … (COME ON!!!) … but in ABOUT 2 WEEKS … we just might need that rate once Mosul is done.  Deal?  DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again … this is in MY OPINION.

This is President Trumps demand … level playing field!

eDinars … Digital Currencies … that is the invitation from Abadi to the world … in Germany … to come in and invest and in Iraq … a SAFE and SECURE Iraq.

Something happened in Germany called DEALS!
Remember … the US Treasury met with the CBI last week … and then the CBI met with the private banks of IRAQ!  COME ON!!!

John McCain also met with many in Germany … and others including Abadi.

Turkey … a “wild card” was made a DEAL.

I don’t care much for John McCain … but he cannot be denied because he is part of the arms committee – we just don’t know what he said in those private meetings.

Give me Mosul … Give me DEALS … and we have the RV.

Trump said that he is going to break the back of ISIS … which started Sunday.
Give me ALL of Mosul … ok Mr. Trump!

Isn’t it good enough Mr. Trump?  He wants everything EQUAL for the DEALS … and the window of opportunity is closing quick … everyone must get on board.


BTW … IMF … loans to Iraq … “can I get in on some of these deals?”

Did you buy the IQD?  (yes)

The IQD is (like) a STOCK that you purchased from a (like) company called Iraq … for a (like) dividend called an RV … in about 2 weeks).   I think it’s going to be a lot faster than that!


Iraqi Army … is Hakim (officer of interior) … what does he say about Mosul?

“ … Mosul will be recaptured very, very quickly.”

Is that good enough with you family?

It’s good to study with you … please take this to prayer.

Urban warfare … going door-to-door … finishing up … ISIS is on the run.

BTW … this is a very deep question.  Why is the UN also fighting in Iraq right now … and WHY is President Trump going to talk to the UN next week?

Russians … DEAL or NO DEAL?

Very specific markings have been done in old-side of Mosul.

Citizens are told to stay in their homes.

This won’t take too long.

IOO … ISIS won’t be too difficult … not as difficult as once thought.

It’s been raining in Mosul for days … tunnels … dam … RAIN MEANS BLESSINGS … I wonder if it’s going to rain in 2 weeks.  FREE REIGN is being given in Iraq.

Mosul … seems to be back into the heart of our study … and nothing wrong with that.

The LONG LINE that met with Abadi in Germany … is basically telling all of these investors … you no what is happening … we are starting on Sunday.  Investors of the IQD … how about you?   Any complaints?
We are NOT giving you a DATE or RATE … but the article sure implied it.

The key to this whole thing … the meeting in Germany … what was it called?

The Munich Security Conference … “SECURITY Conference” – for the love of the RV!

What caused the rose to unfold?  Security

Abadi and his cabinet … IMO … are doing things that don’t involve parliament … because they don’t have anything to do with the MR.

Pay attention that the USA and Iraq are in a PARTNERSHIP DEAL.

We are as close to this monetary reform as your breath to your lungs.

Yes … IMO … we are as close as your breath is to your lungs … now breathe deeply for me.

WS article … significant international cooperation after Daesh … this article came out after the meeting in Germany.

I hope you enjoyed your conference call.

I’m proud of our Teams.

POST #193 … put up by Tank … who offered a checklist of his opinion on the RV of the IQD.  Pay attention to that and ask yourself … is this list complete?  In about 2 weeks.

Be strong … and then be stronger … because very soon, you’ll have to become stronger than you can imagine as you deal with the burden of the finances you’ll have stewardship over.

Take this blessing and demonstrate to our Heavenly Father that you have a willing heart to do things for His kingdom.  Be worthy of his blessings.   We know what God wants of us …
act accordingly.  Do not become lottery-winners.  Do not demand “give me my money.”  It is not yours!  It is a blessing from God.  Be responsible!  Find the path back to God.  Learn to love, forgive and live.  Learn of the love of God.  Share it with others.  Give of your testimony.

We are stepping on rice-paper … which is already ripped.  Prepare yourself to walk on lava of this lava-flow that we have been deeply studying.

Join with me in prayer.

CC ended in prayer