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2-5-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Iraq confirms his efforts to join the World Trade Organization"  I have never really cared much about the WTO except for that fact it motivates Iraq to currency reform.  Once the CBI reform starts,  we all will decide the appropriate time to sell our dinar.

2-5-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
  CBI has not doubled their reserves...Quite frankly...They had to borrow/bonds 1 billion from the USA just to keep them from further depleting the reserves...which had citizens in panic that the IQD would devalue more...So the CBI says...everything is good, dinar is strong...NO PROBLEM HERE...The main income for Iraq is oil and that is WAY LESS THAN IN PAST YEARS...IMPOSSIBLE that the CBI could double there reserves...[If that is the case why would the WB name them as the richest country in the world?]   "ONE" of the richest countries in the world...Because they have large oil deposits...rich soil for agriculture...and a huge potential for mineral mining... Resources is what the WB was eluding to...because resources are assets...

2-5-2017   Newshound Guru firefly   The WB clearly stated that Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world folks!  Now why would they say that!  Not to mention that Iraq has been Basel 3 compliant for a while now.  Why did Iraq double their reserves is what you should be looking at.

2-5-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
  ...I hope conditions remain on the gain so the CBI and the GOI can get started with the economic and currency reform program in the first part of 2017 (as they have already forecasted). I doubt Trump has much to do with this.  In fact, if he will have anything to do with it - he will obviously want Iraq pulling their own weight and at a real currency rate. He has plainly said he is not OK with countries operating at artificially low currency rates. If we haven't learned anything about Trump - we should have learned that he speaks plainly and pretty much is going to move ahead on the things he has said he would. One of these items is "world currency parity" - he's harped and harped and HARPED on this. There isn't a single authority on the subject who doesn't agree that Iraq's currency value is vastly undervalued. They want this fixed. So relax. This in on the way...



Naphtali:  Wow!!!  Wowie.  This is the thing IMO.  There seems to me that Iraq has jumped and done all the items that were needed to be completed on the check sheet that was provided by Frank on the CC's last week.  I am thinking Iraq is ready to lift the rate.....

Then I go to the US of A  and we have President Trump being bold and confident to take the steps needed to move us in the right direction.

I have scratched my head trying to think of what is the needed "ingredient" to get us the LIFT off that would take us to the final stage.  IT appears to me that the corruption in the CBI was needing to be dealt with.

If I am correct in understanding  this was written in PAST tense.  So with my dinar goggles fixed on tightly.... I would say this has been taken care of to the degree that is necessary for us to see the final answer.

THIS IS ALL JUST MY OPINION.....  I think we are ready for this coming week to put a cherry on

Love to you all Family.... Blessings!  Naphtali


Walkingstick:  Iraq is witnessing eclipse of the moon penumbra

testifies Iraq, next week 's eclipse of the moon semi - shade.

Said air forecaster, Atiya sincere in his page on the social networking site [Facebook], that the moon will penumbra lunar eclipse, on Saturday , February 11 In this event the moon will not disappear, but only appears dimmed and will be visible in Iraq, Africa and most parts of Europe and the West East Asia and South America and eastern Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. "

He pointed out that" cases of different types of lunar eclipse does not occur only when the moon is full. "



Apmcrx:  Progress for Reform and Development Institute will hold a panel discussion on monetary policy in the country 

Economy News / special.

Institute for the progress of the policies of development systems in Baghdad on Saturday, a seminar titled (monetary policy challenges) in the presence of the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords and representatives of the financial and banking sectors of the economy including the Association of private banks.

And accept the central bank governor at the beginning of the seminar functions and powers of the bank in the field of monetary policy, which is to maintain the Sarabv by selling the currency and achieving balance and Alastaqraralnkadi window, preventing money washed and financing of terrorism, smuggling crimes.

 Noting the need for the independence of the central bank, which vary from state to state depending on the fiscal policy of the country.

In answering to the intervention Alkhbayralaguetsada Bassem Jamil Antoine about the reasons for not granting loans to the industrial sector, similar to the commercial banking sector into financing large and medium enterprise initiative, Keywords that the central bank stressed launched this $ 5 trillion Danarda'm initiative and the financing of these projects despite the current financial crisis, noting that the stop happening now in this area is not due to the central bank, but the government apparatus.

For its part called on the Iraqi private banks association to involve members of the financial and economic parliamentary committees in seminars devoted to discuss the challenges faced by the private monetary policy, the banking sector in the country in general

He said the Association adviser Samir Alnasiri Speaking at a seminar hosted by the progress the Institute for Development Policy in the presence of Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords under the challenges of monetary policy title on Saturday that the private banking sector faces a real big challenges, including the reluctance of a large segment of citizens deposit their savings in banks and withdraw another department Adaathm not for reasons of reputation risks  

He pointed out that banks Kasso faces other challenges of the acquisition Government banks to 86 percent of the total deposits, as well as the effects of the financial crisis and its impact on the size of deposits in banks

Alnasiri and touched on the problems and challenges of other private banks are still exposed, including the theft of the terrorist organization Daesh $ 9 trillion dinars from 126 of its branches in the provinces occupied,

He also pointed to the detention of more than 7 trillion dinars back to private banks in the Kurdistan region represent deposits citizens



Samson:  Iran's Eximbank Opens Credit Lines for 3 Countries

 Sunday, February 05, 2017

The EDBI is holding negotiations with the Export-Import Bank of India, Eximbank of Russia and another unnamed Russian bank

The Export Development Bank of Iran will soon grant credit lines to banks in South Korea, Turkey and Iraq, announced the bank's chief executive.

"Two credit lines collectively worth €175 million will soon be approved for two South Korean and Turkish banks," Ali Salehabadi was quoted as saying by IBENA.

He added that €100 million have been considered for the Export-Import Bank of Korea or Korea Eximbank, while Turk Eximbank will receive €75 million.

The official stressed that the credit lines are not in US dollar and will be issued either "in euro or currencies of the target countries".

Salehabadi also announced that an $18 million credit line will be opened with an Iraqi bank, saying the credit line aims to expand Iran's exports to the neighboring Arab country and "if other Iraqi banks meet the capital adequacy ratio, we are ready to allocate more lines of credit to that country".

"This way, Iranian exporters can cash in their exports through this credit line and the Iraqi bank will repay it over a period of two years," Salehabadi said. "All the best exporters, namely 82% of top-notch exporters in the country, are our clients."

He further noted that EDBI is holding negotiations with Export-Import Bank of India, Eximbank of Russia and another unnamed Russian bank.

"We are now in the phase of doing the paperwork," he added.

According to the official, the bank has also signed memorandums of understanding with the Indonesia Eximbank and the Eximbank of Hungary.

Loan Performance

Salehabadi said EDBI's financing of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) has been one of the main focuses of the Central Bank of Iran during the current fiscal year.

"During the first 10 months of the year (March 20-Janaury 19), 198 of the ailing SMEs received 3.884 trillion rials ($100.4 million) in capital from the bank," he said.

During the same period, he added, the exim bank allocated 4 trillion rials ($104.6 million) to "various export-oriented manufacturing sectors with a 5% interest subsidy" following an agreement with the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade.

Based on the agreement, the bank will also dole out "loans worth 10 billion rials ($261,500) and 20 billion rials ($523,000) to these industries to meet their working capital needs"
As reported by Salehabadi, EDBI has allocated 38.433 trillion rials ($1 billion) worth of loans in the 10 months to Jan. 19, which registers a 10% rise in working capital loans.

"But loans allocated to certain schemes have declined because one of the policies approved in the shareholders' meeting of the bank was to increase working capital loans," he said.

"The remaining foreign exchange deposits of EDBI equal $1.320 billion, which marks a 150% increase when put up against the corresponding period of last year."

Salehabadi noted that the remaining rial deposits of the bank have reached 16.908 trillion rials ($442.1 million), marking a rise of 84%.

According to the official, the bank's letters of credit stood at 2.95 trillion rials ($77.14 million) by the end of the 10th month, registering another considerable rise of 587%.

In conclusion, Salehabadi put the total value of credit lines opened at EDBI at "about $500 million" and payment orders at $2.7 billion.



The No FEAR Exchange

I read a post today that expressed fear about the upcoming Exchange procedure (Link Below). I remember back in the day when we were told to get a burner phone, drive a rented car, stay at a hotel overnight.. etc. While there may have been good reasons for those "Safety Moves," THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. There will be NO problems with the Exchange itself what so ever. The Bad guys have NO CHANCE to set up 800#s and fake locations and all of that. THERE IS NO WAY THAT WILL HAPPEN.

What is a Bad Guy To Do?

This is a simple answer. Since they have no chance to set up a fake exchange center, and no chance to get your money once it is in the new Financial system, they have only one option left to rob you.... get your currency BEFORE you exchange it.... Thus all the group scams that have showed up lately. 

Those Who Want To Steal Your Money

Yes, there are those who want to actually STEAL money from you, but they are VERY FEW in numbers. I would say that is the LEAST Threat you Face. Why? Because they can buy a ZIM from the Internet way easier than stealing yours. So what ARE the ACTUAL Threats you face? 

The CABAL Agenda

The Actual threat is the Cabal agenda of keeping your poor, or getting control of your money in some way. From what I can tell, it was a threefold plan: 

#1) Keep you from buying currency in the first place. This was achieved by having the Banks and various media outlets continually call the DINAR and other currency revaluations a Scam. This kept people from buying currencies in the first place and is still working on many. But, over time this phase of the plan began to lose effectiveness.

#2) The Group Scam. This was a ploy to both get control of your currency and even just steal it outright. In both these cases, those who got into one of these bogus groups, would not find out about their big mistake until after the GCR when they could no longer buy currency. Either their money would be totally gone, or their payments would be severely reduced and/or delayed indefinitely. In the end, these people who fell for this Scam, would be unable to get more currency because it would be too late, and would have no control of their money what so ever. However, this plan has run its course, even though I still see people promoting these Groups as the only way to get the better rates and some have the nerve to claim, that it is the only way to get exchanged. We are now in the final Phase of the CABAL agenda.

#3) The Bank Exchange vs. The Exchange Centers. This is the CABAL's last great effort to keep you down. At this point they were unable to stop you from buying currencies and believing in the GCR and they were unable to gain control of the currencies you purchased through a Group Scam. That leaves only one option to reduce what money you get at Exchange time. They only have on trick left and that is to get you to exchange with the General Everyday Public, at your local Bank on the Corner instead of going to an Offsite Exchange center. As we know, the Retail Bank location will only offer street rates and no special rate negotiations. 

Remember that post that said "Stop paying attention to the net for information and just go to your local bank to exchange when it is time?" NO DOUBT IN MY BOOK THAT WAS THE CABAL AGENDA. But we know better don't we? We know that the Offsite locations are the ones that are authorized to offer the higher Sovereign Rates for humanitarian Projects etc. So the CABAL have no chance to stops us from going to the Exchange centers to get the special treatment and extra high rates.... or do they?

The FEAR Plan

Their VERY, VERY, Last play is to spread FEAR that you might lose your money if you don’t go to a regular Bank location. That is actually a good move for the CABAL. Because if you go to a regular Bank, you WILL GET less and they keep you down, well as down as they can. But is this FEAR justified? No, not really.

The No FEAR Exchange

First let me say that those who are posting and spreading this fear are probably NOT Cabal, but have been affected by the CABAL Fear agenda. There is actually nothing to Fear. Let's think about the whole process and see just how safe it really is.

#1) You are going to get the First 800# to call. This number is so easy to verify because it will be EVERYWHERE, on every Dinar related website. All you have to do is go to Bruce's Big Call website Banking Tab: http://www.thebigcall.net/Banking.html , and then go to Dinar Chronicles site: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/ then maybe you can check The Real Truth Call site:http://www.therealtruthcall2.com/ just to name a few and they should all have THE SAME EXACT NUMBER. There is NO WAY that the bad guys could change the phone number in all these places. The moment something like that happened, if it could happen, the SWAT team would swarm those who did it and they would be taken down so fast that it would make your head spin. So your first phone number to call will be VERY SAFE.

Once you call the first number, you will tell them if you have Zim (NOT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE) just that you have the currencies and especially if you have ZIM. Then you will tell them your Zip code. You will then be given a couple of option locations where you can exchange. I imagine that you will be given "GENERAL" areas and not exact addresses. You select the Location/City you want to exchange in and they give you the "Second Number" to call.

Special Note: As I understand this process, this second number will be your personal number to call. NO ONE ELSE WILL BE GIVEN THIS EXACT NUMBER. My guess is that when they give you the number, it is then programmed to go to the location you chose. DO NOT GIVE THIS NUMBER TO ANYONE. If this is set up the way I have explained it, when you call this number they will know it is you. If you give this to anyone else, the exchange center will think it is you and that could screw up your exchange. In short, tell everyone you know about the first number, but the second number is for your eyes only.

#2) The Second 800# to call. Once you call this second specially coded number, you will be connected to the Exchange center in the area you chose. You will then give them your information, set an appointment time and then given the EXACT address where the secret offsite exchange center is. KEEP THIS SECRET. Ask all the questions you want, so that you feel comfortable and so that you know what to bring, how to get there, who you can bring with you, and whatever else you want to know. By the time you finish this call, you should feel totally comfortable about the whole process and what you need to do next. 

You have two levels of safety here. First, if the first number was the correct one, and if it is in several well known places on the web, that makes the second number they gave you safe as well. how could it not be? Then after calling the second location, you should have asked all the questions you had and feel comfortable that this is a valid exchange center. Then comes the next stage... The appointment.

#3) The Appointment. When you are arrive at the secret offsite location, you should see military types around fully armed who are protecting the location from the bad guys. When you go into the location, you should feel very safe by #1) what you see around you, #2) the fact that they know who you are and are expecting you, and #3) By the process you experience.

In short, if the First number is right and checks out, that means the second number is safe as well, which means that the appointment location is valid, and then when you get there, you will know you are safe. 

The Argument Against Bad Exchange Centers

It is so easy to debunk the Evil Exchange center idea. #1) It is easier for the bad guys to buy their own Zim than it is to set up this elaborate exchange center scam. #2) If they did set up the fake offsite exchange center, it would only be running for a few minutes before the Good Guys swooped in and took them out. This could NEVER happen, it is just too dangerous for the bad guys. Frankly, the bad guys could just spend $100 on one zim note and become Trillianaires. So why would they go to all this trouble to set something up that would be stopped in a matter of hours if not minutes? So in my opinion, the Bad Exchange center idea just doesn't make any sense to me.

No Worries

If you have enough money, and most all of us will, you will be on some sort of Interest payment plan. You will get big money payments every 90 days for years. You could get totally wiped out of everything you have from the exchange, and be flat broke. BUT, that would only last 90 days until your next interest payment. Then you would be rich again. You could lose it all again, and still be rich again in 90 days. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. The Benevolent Elders have set it up so that you can't fail. The only catch is, all this protection comes AFTER the exchange. If you give away your currency to some fake group, or give control of your money to some group, there is nothing that the Benevolent Elders can do about that. But, if you hold on to your currency and get to the offsite exchange center, you have it made for life.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is nothing to fear. Every step of the Exchange process is built for safety. The only real threat you face is loss of your currency to Group scams, or reduced exchange rate due to missing out on the 800#/Exchange center plan. However, that is not too bad, as even the General Public will be getting very good street rates. Not what we will be getting, but way better than nothing. If you pay attention to the Net for the 800#s, check them out on a few different websites, and then just follow the instructions, you cannot go wrong. Importantly, once the 800#s come out, they will come with a special set of very Detailed and EXACT instructions on what to do next. Tick Tock, my Friends, for our time is near.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

Reference Link:
"Off-site Redemption Centers"

RECAP: Phoenix - How Iraq Will Pay for the RV (12/8/11), 5 FEB

This was taken from the blog Going Global - East Meets West which is Phoenix' wife Lakehouse's blog.

I would like to explain a couple of things.
First the removal of zeros.
This is NOT a standard LOP!

This is a novel solution to a novel situation.
When they say "remove the 3 zeros" They are talking about the removal of the larger denominations the 25,000 the 10,000, the 5,000, the 1,000.

Now at the exact same time that they introduce the new currency which is nothing more than the lower denominations that they have had printed for years and in storage they will also revalue the Iraqi Dinar to at or just above the dollar.

So I understand why people are having a hard time grasping what is about to happen.

People are trying to use past economic events in other nations as a guide but the problem is what we are about to see happen is unprecedented and without historical reference.

So the doubt and confusion is to be expected.

Now the next topic.

Iraq the RV and the Dinar

Ok I would like to address something that I see brought up all of the time.

And that is the question: "How will Iraq cover the exchange?

How can they pay for this?"

Now what people seem to not understand is that the Iraqi Dinar is the currency of Iraq.

The Iraqi Dinar is not a "claim ticket" or "raffle ticket" that will be redeemed for cash.

The Iraqi Dinar IS CASH. It is CASH MONEY!

The real deal. Just like the Euro...just like the Dollar.

So when the revaluation takes place Iraq is not going to turn into a giant currency exchange!

Nor would any other nation!

People seem to wrongly think that after the RV all of the Iraqi Dinar will be sent back to Iraq and a that Iraqi will be required to exchange their own currency for some other nations currency.

That is total BS and not how the world works!

The Iraqi Dinar will be it's OWN value! Backed by the wealth of Iraq.

Lets say for example that if after the RV you were to walk into an Iraqi bank

with 20 million IQD that post RV was worth $20,000,000 USD you will have 2 choices,.

1. Deposit that IQD into an IQD account with strict withdrawl/conversion restrictions.


2. Leave the bank and go buy something with your IQD in Iraq.

Sure...they may exchange a small amount needed for travel but even that is up to them if they chose to do so.

Iraq nor any other nation is not required or expected to exchange their own legal currency for any other currency and that is solely up to their own discretion.

Yes Iraq has a lot of currency out side of Iraq....big freaking deal...so does every other nation on earth.

The United States has over 2/3rd's of all of our currency spread all over the world.

Now lets imagine for a moment that for some reason the United States announced that they were going to RV the USD up to say the Euro rate.

What do you think would happen?

Do you think the US banks would be flooded with USD from all over the world demanding Euros in exchange?

What do you think would happen if you were to walk into a US bank with a suit case full of dollars and demanded they exchange it for Euros?

First off they would give you the same two options mentioned above.

1. Deposit those dollars into the bank in a USD account again with strict withdrawl/conversion restrictions.


2. Leave and go buy something!

There is no law or requirement that any nation do currency exchange and for good reason...it would destabilize the markets and would drain that nations foreign reserves.

So all of the talk of "How will Iraqi pay for this" is based upon the lack of understanding of the basic functions and properties of currency itself.

So what backs the IQD? The wealth of Iraq itself plain and simple.

So there is nothing "to pay for" the IQD itself is the wealth.

Hope that helps.


Okay, first Phoenix says that the new lower denoms have already been printed and are being stored somewhere awaiting the RV.  He offers no proof for this claim.  We're just supposed to accept it on his word I suppose.  This prompts a couple of questions from skeptics and/or cynics such as myself.  If they have these LDs in storage, why were they talking about introducing a new 50?  Whether they introduce one or not, the fact that they were even contemplating it suggests that the "LDs are already printed" theory is BS.  Additionally, why are they now discussing including three languages on the new currency?  Why don't they just say "oh well, we've already designed the new currency"?  The fact that they're discussing a new design suggests to me that they in fact have not already printed the new currency.   

Second, Phoenix says that what is going to happen in Iraq is unprecedented and without historical reference.  Well then why is the CBI studying previous redenominations in Turkey, Romania, and Brazil to determine a course of action for the dinar?  Apparently Shabibi didn't consult with Phoenix, because he does see precedence in what other countries have encountered.

And third, Phoenix says that the dinar will be backed by the wealth of Iraq. My response to that is simply .... what wealth? Their GDP? It's lower than that of Bangladesh!?!! (Iraq - $81 billion vs. Bangladesh - $105 billion) Remember Bangladesh?  The poor country next to India that George Harrison did a benefit concert for 40 years ago to feed their poor, starving people?  That's right, a poor country like that has a higher GDP than Iraq.  Iraq's GDP per capita is around $3,000 or about 1/10th that of their neighbors in Kuwait. Sure, Iraq has great potential. But potential wealth and actual wealth are two entirely different things.

Steve Jobs had potential wealth when he was a struggling entrepreneur building personal computers in a garage, but he was flat broke until Mike Markkula came along and provided the much needed venture capital to help Apple Computers become a well funded, thriving enterprise.  What if the young Steve Jobs who was a struggling, piss poor entrepreneur walked into a bank and demanded a few million dollars because he had the potential for great wealth?  How long do you think it would it have been before they showed him the door?  Sure, years later he could raise all of the money he wanted because he had produced something, but until he produced it that wealth was not real and tangible.   In order to create that wealth he had a lot of work to do.  He had to sell his ideas, raise the venture capital, hire quality people to work for him, obtain the facilities for his company, handle the legal paperwork, develop the products, oversee the marketing and distribution .... etc. 

Iraq has the natural resources to become as wealthy or possibly wealthier than their Kuwaiti neighbors, but they have many social and political problems to overcome before that will be the case. And changes like that don't occur overnight. They take decades. And Iraq might have the second largest oil reserves in the world, but at the rate that they're going it will take over 150 years to make all of that oil available, and even if they quadruple their production you're still looking at 2050 at the earliest. Maybe in forty or fifty years Iraq will be able to say that they're one of the wealthiest nations on earth, but that's an absurd statement to make at the moment.

Okay, now for my explanation of how Iraq will pay for the RV.  As our dear friend Breitling says, it's very simple.  They will either lop or RV very low at a rate that they can support.  In my opinion that means a penny tops.

The price of the Iraqi dinar against the Arab and international currencies on Feb. 042 017

The price of the Iraqi dinar against the Arab and international currencies on Feb. 042 017

04-02-2017 01:52 PM

East News -
US dollar of 

US $ 1 = 1,175.9000 Iraqi dinars 

one Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0009 


1 euro = 1,268.5005 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0008 euros


£ 1 = 1,468.0400 Iraqi dinars , 

IQD 1 = 0.0007 pounds

Canadian Dollar 

1 CAD = 903.0103 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0011 Canadian dollars

Australian Dollar 

1 AUD = 901.2109 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0011 Australian dollars

Japanese Yen 

1 JPY = 10.4480 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0957 Japanese yen

Swiss Franc 

CHF 1 = 1,184.6665 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0008 Swiss Franc

Turkish Lira 

1 Turkish lira = 318.2064 dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0031 Turkish lira

Chinese Yuan 

1 Chinese yuan = 171.2792 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0058 Chinese yuan

Thai Baht 

1 THB = 33.5780 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0298 Thai Baht

Malaysian Ringgit 

1 Malaysian Ringgit = 265.7101 dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0038 Malaysian Ringgit

Indian Rupee 

1 Indian Rupee = 17.4999 dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0571 Indian Rupee

Iranian rial 

1 Iranian Rial = 0.0363 Iraqi Dinar 

IQD 1 = 27.5328 Iranian Rial

Egyptian Pound 

1 EGP = 62.8538 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0159 Egyptian pounds

Saudi Riyal 

1 SAR = 313.8914 dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0032 SAR

UAE Dirham 

1 AED = 320.2255 dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0031 AED

Sudanese Pound 

one Sudanese pounds = 184.0372 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0054 Sudanese pounds

Algerian dinar 

1 dinar = 10.7358 Algerian dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0931 DA

Bahraini dinar 

1 BD = 3,142.4372 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0003 BD

Jordanian dinar 

1 JD = 1,665.8167 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0006 JD

Kuwaiti dinar 

1 KD = 3,860.4728 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0003 Kuwaiti dinars

Lebanese pound 

one ll = 0.7777 Iraqi dinars , 

IQD 1 = 1.2858 LP

Israeli Shekel 

one Israeli shekels = 313.7407 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0032 Israeli Shekel

Libyan dinar 

1 LD = 848.1679 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0012 LD

Moroccan Dirham 

1 Dirham = 117.6942 dinars 

IQD 1 = 0.0085 Moroccan dirhams

Mauritanian ounce 

1 UM = 3.2925 Iraqi dinars , 

IQD 1 = 0.3037 UM

Syrian lira 

1 SYP = 5.4858 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.1823 LS

Somali shilling 

1 Somali Shilling = 2.0204 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.4949 Somali Shilling

Omani Rial 

1 RO = 3,054.6824 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0003 RO

Qatari Riyal 

QR 1 = 323.1205 Iraqi Dinar 

IQD 1 = 0.0031 QR

Tunisian dinar 

TND 1 = 515.5647 dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0019 Tunisian dinars

Yemeni riyal 

1 YR = 4.7012 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.2127 YR

Djiboutian franc 

1 Djibouti francs = 6.5777 Iraqi dinars 

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.1520 Djibouti francs




Authorsamoliver:  Indonesia has began to implement economic reforms – IMF
Indonesia: Resilient Economy Can Benefit from Stronger Reforms

February 3, 2017

Indonesia’s growth at 5 percent highest in large emerging market economies in 2016
External risks, like China’s rebalancing, pose challenges to favorable outlook
Government to continue with reforms to boost investment, growth
Indonesia’s economy continues to register strong growth, thanks in large part to solid economic policies and increased household consumption, says the IMF in its latest report. The country’s growth at 5 percent for 2016—up from 4.8 percent in 2015—remains among the highest in large emerging market economies.

Household consumption—one of the main drivers of growth for Indonesia—is strengthening due to people's improving purchasing power amid low inflation and a stronger rupiah. Still, while strong household consumption should continue to support growth, Indonesia needs more investment to sustain and even accelerate the pace over the medium term.

Continuing with reforms

The government has already started to implement reforms to improve the investment climate and boost growth. These include expanding investment in public infrastructure, reducing the layers of government regulations, and opening up new areas of the economy to private investment. The government’s strategy to strengthen tax collection and broaden the tax base through tax reform will also generate additional revenues to pay for priority government investment.

Indonesia’s youthful workforce has the potential to be one of the country’s most powerful economic levers. Reforms that can help narrow the skills gaps between what employers need and what employees have—such as expanding vocational training opportunities—can help strengthen the economy’s productivity.
Current shifts in the global economy
Indonesia’s positive economic outlook, however, is challenged by global uncertainties, including around policies from the new United States administration, and the possible impact from China’s rebalancing and expected economic slowdown. To best adapt to this new environment, the country needs to stand ready to manage short-term risks and, at the same time, ramp up economic reforms to increase potential growth.



Tank:  I posted this before, but wanted to take a moment to post it once again...to point out a few things that did not dawn on me when I read it last month.
United Nations S/RES/2335 (2016)
Security Council Distr.: General
30 December 2016
16-23176 (E)
Resolution 2335 (2016)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 7854th meeting, on
30 December 2016
The Security Council,
Recalling its resolution 1958 (2010),
Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

1. Reaffirms its call in paragraph 2 of resolution 1958 (2010) for the
Government of Iraq to provide without delay payments referred to therein;
2. Authorizes the Secretary-General to continue to maintain the escrow
accounts authorized in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 of resolution 1958 (2010) and to retain
the funds in those accounts until 30 June 2017, at which time all remaining funds
are to be transferred to the Government of Iraq;

3. Requests the Secretary-General to continue to pursue implementation of
paragraph 7 and other relevant aspects of resolution 1958 (2010);

4. Requests the Secretary-General to report on implementation of this
resolution no later than 30 March 2017 and with a final report three months after the
transfer of any remaining funds pursuant to paragraph 2 to the Government of Iraq,
unless otherwise authorized by the Security Council;

5. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.
Paragraphs 4 & 5 of Resolution of 1958 talks about a total of $151M USD being held in escrow account that were to be released 31Dec2016. And THAT in my opinion was the rush to get the Kuwaiti PM up to Iraq to sign off on this amendment (basically extending the funds being held in escrow for another 6mo).

In my opinion, we could possibly be seeing Iraq under U.N.'s Chapter 7 for another 2-5 months. Understand, this is MY opinion. I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong.

I am only speculating what is being said in this UN Security Council Report from the 30 Dec 16 meeting (This was After meeting with Kuwait).

Now if you ask me, I'm not exactly sure why the funds will remain into escrow until 30Jun17. Maybe, that's when Iraq will be done with their repatriation payments to Kuwait.

Paragraph 4 goes on to speak about reporting implementation of this resolution NO LATER THAN 30March17 and with a final report three months after the transfer of any remaining funds.  <<== THIS is where the wording (IMO) gets a bit sliippery. What I gather, is that Iraq has until 30March to tie up the lose ends on payments with paying Kuwait back. And then a final report will be given around the 30Sept17 time frame, stating that they (Iraq) have made payments back to Kuwait according to this Resolutions 2335.


GEM:  So post 199 is saying that The U.N still hasn't made a decision on officially lifting Iraq out of Chapter 7 yet, interesting

Dusti:  IMO....can happen in the blink of an eye!!!

PappaJ:  FOR ALL OUR SAKE BEST PRAY THEY DON'T UNTIL IRAQ RV'S!!!!!! TRUST IRAQ NOT NO BUT NOOOOOOO!!!! REMEMBER TIME AND TIME AGAIN IRAQ WAS GIVEN THINGS BASED ON THEIR PROMISES AND THEY NEVER DELIVER/ AS FAR AS ABADI HE IS A POLITICIAN NO DIFFERENT THAN THE REST/ TRUST IS EARNED SO EARN IT IRAQ ,YOUR STEALING AND MISAPPROPRIATION DAYS ARE OVER SO GET ON WITH IT!!!! remember Iraq is sovereign if you give them their get out of jail free card they could leave the rate at 1182 ,great for the Gov. of Iraq's politicians but the citizens of Iraq remain where they are in the hole and so does the rest of the world!!!PJ

BigSpringsTex:  EXACTLY!!!!  We DO NOT want Iraq out of chapter 7 until they get off their butt and RV their Currency or We're all screwed..   Sorry, but that's the truth. ..All IMO


Aggiedad77:  We do know that currently Iraq is in arrears to Kuwait for war reparations for roughly $4.6 billion still owed.....this was to have been paid a few years ago in full at the rate they had been doing up to that time....then DAASH happened in 2014 plus oil prices took a nose dive and put a big hurt on them.....so Iraq went to Kuwait...and presumably to the UN and got a breather, at least from Kuwait, to cease payments until the end of 2016 I believe.....what I can't remember and this might be where WalkingStick or Don has some light to shed for us, did they again get a deferral on this payment balance until the end of 2017...

I seem to remember something shaking out of the tree on this but can't exactly remember.  When the original grace period was granted by Kuwait to Iraq I do not recall seeing any news article coming from the UN that would have said the same.....so not sure who all was in the loop for needing a hand in the approval process for that at the time.....not sure if this plays into what you have shared here Tank....just thought I would share what I know has happened over the past couple of years.  Aloha  Randy

Walkingstick:  Final tranche, deferred, too..... Jan 1st 2017 ..

Aggiedad77:  Thanks WalkingStick......do we know where things stand with their payment now since we are beyond that date.....I'm guessing we've seen nothing or you would have posted a link here with it......thanks again.

Walkingstick:  Unknown, myself.... I would have expected a line item ( allocation ) in the 2017 budget.. Although, a snippet from.... states (below)

interest on deferred payment agreements, interest on the restructuring of external debt structure of the Paris Club countries , interest on the restructuring of external debt structure on countries outside the Paris Club

Aggiedad77:  Thank you sir for this follow up.  Perhaps that snippet is pointing in that direction, as I believe the amount owed to Kuwait would fall outside the Paris Club agreement.....will be interesting to see what comes of this.


The ProfessorIsIn:  If I recollect correctly, in...December?...there was a photo out after a meeting between Ministers from Kuwait and Iraq to resolve this reparations issue. In that photo, the two Ministers were shaking hands and the Kuwaiti Minister looked like he had eaten an entire truckload of canaries; that was not a fake politician's smile.

So let's play Hewlett Packard for a moment:  "What If" Kuwait received a truckload of Dinar instead of canaries for their reparations, and now they simply await the same event we do?

That solves a lot of problems, methinks. Doc / Prof


Zap Update: 2-4-17 :  The rumors we are all hearing about how imminent everything is, is pretty close to the truth. There are many events about to start now that Trump has changed the financial landscape to ease the burden for many, get funds flowing, and allow important industry loans to be available again.

Obama stopped this a few years ago of course and industry fled the USA in another exodus of bright people out of the country. Trump has reset this error in judgment (or deliberate tactic) and paved the way for prosperity. Oh, and today I met a really great guy from Pakistan.

We talked for many hours, and he is climbing on board. It turns out he is a Muslim, and believes the idiots that are doing the extremist things should go the way of the dodo. He is also a brilliant Professional Engineer (Mechanical). Amazing the caliber of the people that are being attracted to what we do.

So in my past messages I have advised everybody to be ready and I am not kidding. We are about to have the turnaround.

Love and Light  in Our service    Zap

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 5 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 5 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 5 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Feb. 4 2017 4:15 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Mnuchin Sworn in" - Sat. PM WSOMN Chat w/ AdminBill 4:15 PM EST

1. After a very active day of info gathering there seems to be a general consensus that we should look forward to a RV/GCR starting sometime the first part of the week (Tues. Feb. 7?) with continued movement through the week.

2. Do not look for the weekend, although was said that it was done and still could go.

3. It has been reported that Mnuchin has been sworn in, or has the necessary keys to the US Treasury office. I do not have direct contact at the US Treasury, but a few of my contacts do.

4. My understanding is that all the currencies including the Zim will be exchangeable, though their rates are unknown. I would advise to report all the currencies you hold when calling for your appointment. The RV/GCR should be inclusive of all currencies - Dinar, Dong, etc. activity with a coinciding Zim redemption.

5. To this point there has been no mention of taxation on your exchange, but be prepared.

6. There are two reasons you are blessed as a participant no matter the amount of currency you own - to spend your money wisely to rebuild the world economies quickly and to rebuild the world with Humanitarian funds.

7. Unlike the Kuwaiti Dinar RV during Clinton's term that he used to "magically" balance the budget and where only a few elite benefited, in this RV there are millions who support a renewal of the American spirit, with the same in other nations as well.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 4, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 3, 2017

B. Feb. 4 2017 11:26 am EST FBI Insider: FBI Insider: Over 70 Pedophile Arrests are Coming . An FBI/DOJ Insider claims over 70 arrests will be made once Jeff Sessions assumes command of the Department of Justice. This is why the DemonRats are fighting him so hard and delaying! Panic Time

FBI Insider: Over 70 Pedophile Arrests are Coming http://www.project.nsearch.com/profil...


Blinkster:  Just thinking out loud here...either the article about President Trump refusing to meet Abadi is smoke, or perhaps the President told PM Abadi "Don't come see me until the job is done."..this could very well be the case, and it wouldn't surprise me.  Again, just thinking out loud.

BayouBoy:  imo, Trump is tuff with no fluff... only cares about results...I think  you are correct in your way of thinking.

OldManRiver:  I saw earlier on Fox that there's a problem with someone on the inside (staff holdover maybe?) That is leaking inacurate news to the media. This looks like more of that.

Don961:  Washington: what appeared in the news media about Trump refused to receive Abadi untrue

Sunday February 5, 2017 11:41

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

announced that the US embassy in Baghdad, Sunday, that what some media outlets for US President Donald Trump refused to receive Iraqi Riaas Minister Haider al - Abadi is untrue.
Information Office of the Embassy said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of the "what some of the media recently about informed US Ambassador Douglas Silliman, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi President Donald Trump 's decision not to receive him are false and baseless news."

The bureau said that " the two sides discussed during their meeting , which was held earlier in the achievements of the security forces in the city of Mosul, in addition to continued US support for Iraq in its war against Daesh."

He was Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in a telephone conversation with US President - elect Donald Trump, in the November 18, 2016, Iraq 's desire to expand the prospects for the relationship between Baghdad and Washington, and in the face of Trump 's invitation to Ebadi to visit the United States and his meeting "soon", promised a "strong and firm support" for Iraq.



Samson:  Trump Targets Regulations on Big Banks

 Sunday, February 05, 2017

US President Donald Trump has launched his long-promised attack on banking rules that were rushed into law after the nation’s economic crisis, signing new orders after meeting with business and investment chiefs and pledging further action to free big banks from restrictions. Wall Street cheered him on, but Trump risks disillusioning his working-class voters.

On Friday he directed his treasury secretary to review the complex 2010 Dodd-Frank financial oversight law, which was signed by President Barack Obama to overhaul regulations after the financial and housing crisis of the past decade. It aimed to restrain banks from misdeeds that many blamed for the crisis, AP reported.

The new president also signed a memorandum instructing the Labor Department to delay an Obama-era rule that requires financial professionals who charge commissions to put their clients’ best interests first when giving advice on retirement investments.

While the order on Dodd-Frank, named after its Democratic sponsors, won’t have an immediate impact, Trump’s intent is clear. The law has been a disaster in restricting banks’ activities, he said earlier this week. “We’re going to be doing a big number on Dodd-Frank.”

During a meeting Friday with business leaders, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, he said, “Frankly, I have so many people, friends of mine that have nice businesses that can’t borrow money. They just can’t get any money because the banks just won’t let ’em borrow because of the rules and regulations of Dodd-Frank.”

Those regulations unnecessarily cramp the US economy and job creation, he declared. But many Democrats see it differently, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was behind the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, formed as part of the Dodd-Frank law.
“Donald Trump talked a big game about Wall Street during his campaign—but as president, we’re finding out whose side he’s really on,” Warren said in a statement.



Tehran Currency Market Unfazed by Trump’s Actions

  Sunday, February 05, 2017

The currency market has been stable in recent days, ignoring a deluge of news stories that should have conventionally rocked the boat.

In fact, the domestic market has been mostly indifferent to US President Donald Trump’s recent controversial actions and statements, including ordering an entry ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran.

The rial was traded at 38,100-38,300 to the US dollar on Saturday in Tehran’s market, quite unchanged compared with the previous working day’s close. However, the Association of Bureaux de Change Operators of Iran put the greenback’s exchange rate at 38,000 rials on Saturday.

“I don’t care about what Trump says … Currency rates are unchanged or lower today,” Tehran Chamber of Commerce’s news service quoted a street currency dealer as saying on Monday.

Euro was exchanged for 42,210 rials, marking a 250-rial or 0.6% growth compared with the previous working day. British pound’s exchange rate dropped by 0.23% on Monday and was traded at 48,520 rials, according to Tehran Gold and Jewelry Union’s website.

However, several moneychangers recorded no change in exchange rates for euro and pound on Monday.

Turkish lira was exchanged for 10,720 rials, according to TGJU, up by 60 rials. Emirati dirham was slightly down against the rial with the Iranian currency at 10,670 to the lira on Monday.

Hossein Salimi, a member of Tehran Chamber Commerce, believes that Trump’s decisions are not necessarily practical.

“He addresses issues in general, but his measures prove to be impractical when it comes to details, like the visa ban that was reversed by a federal court. Such comments have no impact on markets,” he added.

Valiollah Seif, governor of the Central Bank of Iran, also said Trump’s measures will have no effect on Iran’s banking relations, mainly because Iran has no direct commercial relations with the US.

“Not concerned about the travel ban; we keep working on improving the economy and our ties with foreign banks,” he was quoted as saying on Wednesday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

The CBI fixed the official exchange rate for the US dollar at 32,367 rials on Monday, up by 4 rials compared with Thursday’s rate.


Samson:  Iraq-Jordan highway to be opened

  4th February, 2017

Anbar governor Eid Amash al-Karboul stated that the security of  Iraqi highway will be invested by a US company, with expectations to re-open Trebeil borders.

The contract will cover the area from the east northern side of Fallujah city to the border outlet with Jordan.

On 26 December, 2016, Anbar provincial council announced offering the highway for investment by the security companies.

On the other hand, it was announced that the debris in the highway shall be removed and the bridges will be rehabilitated for this project.

It is expected that the cleaning of the highway will take much time, the sources added.