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Darky:  AdminBill - any official notice of 800s sent directly to you with instructions?



NWMontana:  Meet the New Gold ETF, Designed to Mitigate a Strong Dollar

Gold bugs have yet one more tool to add to their toolbox. The New York Stock Exchange welcomed officials of the World Gold Council and State Street Global Advisors on Monday, January 30, 2017, to highlight the new listing of SPDR Long Dollar Gold Trust (NYSEMKT: GLDW). This is said to be the first U.S.-listed exchange traded fund that is gold-backed and is designed for a strong U.S. dollar.

What matters here is that this ETF aims to counter the historically negative correlation between the price of gold and a strengthening U.S. dollar. It seeks to track the performance of the Solactive GLD Long USD Gold Index, less fund expenses. Its net and gross expense ratio is 0.50%. This combines both a long position in physical gold and long dollar exposure against a basket of non-U.S. currencies.

How this ETF trades based on gold prices and dollar changes matters. Monday’s release showed that from the period of December 31, 2013, to December 30, 2016, gold priced in U.S. dollars actually fell about 5% (from $1,205 per ounce to $1,146). When the effect of a strengthening U.S. dollar is considered, gold priced in non-U.S. currencies was up 25% The price of gold in euros increased from €873 per ounce to €1,096.

SPDR Long Dollar Gold Trust holds physical gold in the form of 400-ounce London Good Delivery bars stored in the custodian’s London vault, except when the ETF’s physical gold has been allocated in the vault of a subcustodian solely for temporary custody and safekeeping.

In November 2004, the World Gold Council, through a U.S. subsidiary, and State Street Global Advisors launched SPDR Gold Shares Trust (NYSEMKT: GLD), the first U.S.-traded gold ETF and the first U.S.-listed ETF backed by a physical asset. After having attracted over $1 billion in assets in its first three trading days alone, it remains the largest gold ETF, with approximately $30.6 billion in assets under management backed by physical gold bullion.

Nick Good, co-head of the Global SPDR business at State Street Global Advisors, said:

The price of gold and the US dollar have historically tended to move in opposite directions. By lessening the dollar’s potential impact on gold, GLDW seeks to provide investors the opportunity to realize the potential benefits of using gold as a strategic portfolio diversifier, while offering the ability to buffer against the potential adverse effects of a strong dollar on gold.

Joseph Cavatoni of the World Gold Council, said:

GLDW is the first ETF listed in the US backed by physical gold that is designed to hedge the movement of gold against the U.S. dollar. … For investors and advisors incorporating currency movements into their investment thesis, the SPDR® Long Dollar Gold Trust provides a convenient vehicle to lessen the potential impact of the dollar on gold prices by creating the economic effect of owning gold with a basket of non-US currencies. Together, GLDW and GLD® may allow investors to enjoy the diversification benefits of holding gold in either strong or weak dollar environments

Calcat:  NW: do you understand how this ETF would work if all currencies are gold backed. Need some understand here. Thanks


An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. ETFs typically have higher daily liquidity and lower fees than mutual fund shares, making them an attractive alternative for individual investors   http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/etf.asp


TNT CC Caller/Member :  I have a little information from two of my contacts, if I may. 

For four years, I had a pretty good relationship with a wealth manager.  With another contact who is a part of the new administration, and I asked about the immigration developments.

A wealth manager has told me in the past, "Don't worry about it." After Friday's call I received a call from this wealth manager and got excited.  On Friday she told me,  'I have been told to disburse wealth managers in my office to bank redemption centers starting next week.' That got me excited. 

I haven't heard anything today but another contact I've kept up with for over 30 years . . . happens now to be a part of our new administration. 

When I saw what was going on with the immigration ban, I wondered if this was going to have an effect.  In my phone call to them I asked the question and they said, 'Absolutely not! This will have no effect at all.  Things will be happening soon.' 

I just wanted to pass that along and each one of these people, like I said the wealth manager for four years and the one in the administration for over 30 years. 

Neither one of them have ever misdirected me whether it be in four years or 30 years.  I just wanted to pass this on to give a little hope to the call.


"Blast Off" - Intel SITREP - Sunday - January 29, 2017
11:11:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP   

Received via email at 11:11 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Prosperity Packages to be delivered this weekend by military order, they cannot travel more than 4 hours to their destination.

Heritage funds and other unsettled accounts have been honored and settled to make all banks BASEL 3 Compliant.

Gold standard completed and live as of midnight Saturday, rate changeover taking place right now on Forex.

Instructions, 800#s, and transaction codes expected to release at any moment on Monday after midnight.

All Admiral's sub group paymasters started redeeming @ 2am Sunday and have just finished -- ready for individual client release.

Iraq released a joint statement this past morning Sunday saying US/Iraq are in financial agreement on monetary reforms.

President Trump and Vice President Pence have been holed up in bunkers all weekend.

GESARA compliance has forced all national government leaders to accept new international treaty terms or fail to move forward in the new banking system.

Germany, Israel, Ukraine and Yemenhad to resolve their "transition of leadership" issues over weekend (as that's what we were told the RV was waiting on).

So at midnight tonight, the rocket ship known as GESARA will take off. Those nations on board will experience unprecedented peace and prosperity. Those nations not on board will be left behind in the old cabal reality to die an isolated death.

The power of free will has never been more on display.

We understand all 209 nations are at this hour legally on board WITH GESARA per their own elected government's free will decision making, and less the leaders who refused to accept GESARA terms.

All check listed items on the GCR are scheduled to be considered completed as of midnight, and thus global financial reforms (RV) may now begin in earnest and without limitation.

The Chinese Elders waited untill the last possible moment in order to allow all family members of nations onto the their rocket ship. They gave everyone an equal opportunity to surrender to the Mandate of Heaven, as this was their Mandate from Heaven.

The first full banking week of February 2017 (which is legally retroactive to January 1, 2017) was front door (or back wall) we desired, which ends the global financial reset and begins or releases the global revaluation of currencies.

There's a great lesson in waiting to gain consensus for all humanitarian project leaders. The bigger the project, the stronger consensus is truly needed before commencing funding.

All it takes is everyone living harmoniously in the now -- to make a better world for generations to come.

God is with us.


1-30-2017   Newshound Guru wmawhite  Article quote: "the Iraqi dinar is still safe despite the decrease in the reserve, is expected to return to its former glory after the end of the war on Daesh."   It is coming from the CBI.   You have heard before about Iraq saying that their currency would be great and powerful.  ...the CBI is again telling the world that the Iraq Dinar is going to be great, strong and return to its glory days.  The CBI owns the IQD...it determines its value.

1-30-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
   [Is Basnews a credible and reliable site?]  Basnews has been around for YEARS...It is one of the most reliable reporting in Iraq...The server is located in San Francisco...The news editing had been done over the past 2 months out of England...There had been strange events to this during that time... The new website format came up in the middle of the day...Saturday...an observer of the rate would deem it a mistake...BUT...I will say this...That part of the site is not manually entered, it is a direct link to another site that does currency rates...just like the weather on the site, nobody manually enters 9 celcius today and cloudy...

1-30-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Fatlawi directed questions verbally to the Governor of the Central Bank"   Quote:  "He noted that the central bank through the Reserve pumped money to prevent the devaluation of the local currency, noting that the reserve consists of state revenues received in dollars of oil by 95% and the remaining local revenues and the Ministry of Finance relies on the Iraqi dinar, stressing that the dollar selling process is very important to maintain the value Iraqi dinar and the balance in the local economy as the work of the dinar to float an incorrect status for Iraq and the fact that the central bank only source to sell the dollar."  Sounds to me he is saying we cannot float the dinar right now and so our only solution is to continue the auctions...which is nothing new to us since we know they have not passed the laws to create a market economy and the spread is over 10%.

1-30-2017   Newshound Guru wmawhite   [What is the feeling in here about the US ban on people coming from Iraq affecting the Dinar?]  When Iraq (CBI/GOI) decides to add value to the IQD it will have nothing/absolutely nothing to do with US immigration policy, or the price of pizza in New York, nor whether Maliki is still in the palace. Nothing.  Iraq will make the necessary changes when they are ready.   My point is this...all of these concerns have zero effect upon this investment...and why?  Because this investment is not about a country's immigration policy. Instead, it is about the value of a country's currency and whatever we do concerning immigration has no affect upon the wealth of Iraq.

1-30-2017   Intel Guru Delta   BasNews is an independent and multilingual news agency based in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  [...do you think this is for real or a misprint...?]   I HAVE A Q FOR YOU:  WHY news agency based in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq  show another currency?

1-30-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  ...they don’t need to be in the beginning of the year to change the value of their currency.  It would probably be the most efficient if they did something at the beginning of the year but that’s never been an issue.  They can just move the decimal over anytime they want.  They can move the decimal over on their currency or they can move the decimal over on the books.  They are reducing the note count in order to do that. 

1-30-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
  Lets just say this...WE the USA just put a ban on ME travel Visa's... The POTUS just spoke with 5 world leaders today...AND he had the PM from England Friday... AND WE ARE AT THE END OF JANUARY... SO THINGS ARE MOVING FAST...AND THE GOP NEEDS BIG MONEY TO EXECUTE SOME MAJOR PLANS...SO I WOULD REMAIN GROUNDED BUT A VERY POSITIVE OUTLOOK HEADING OUT OF THIS WEEKEND.

1-30-2017   Intel Guru ADMINBILL   [...are we going to the bank today?]   NOT TODAY...I AM THINKING TOMORROW IT WILL START...AND MOVE THROUGH THE WEEK. [Are your sources credible?]  I BELIEVE THEY ARE. I CERTAINLY HOPE SO.

1-30-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  [Any idea on Basnews this morning?]  They've (BASNews) already said - it's a mistake... [reference Guru tman23 post 1-29-2017  Did you know Basnews (Kurdistan) updated their website today...]

1-30-22017   Newshound Guru wmawhite    [Letter from BasNews Agency:]  Dear White, I would like to firstly thank you for following BasNews.  As you may have notices, Our new Website was launched on 27th January and the section showing currency exchange rates into IQD may sometimes fail to function accurately. We are working and will fix it very soon. Here I send you the exchange rate in Erbil according to the local stock markets this evening: $1 = 1284 Iraqi Dinar  €1 = 1360 Iraqi Dinar...  Regards, Sardar Sattar...BasNews Agency.   [reference Guru tman23 post 1-29-2017  Did you know Basnews (Kurdistan) updated their website today...]


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Grandma wrote 
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GM Admin are we going to the bank today??????

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AB: Are your sources credible?

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drl wrote 
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Admin Bill, those who are part of the former generals 64 now Wells Fargo Chyna private placement group will receive an email at the appropriate time with an 800 number to call. I cannot speak to any other 800 numbers because I have no knowledge of such.

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Bill. Just a thought Trumps 90 days will keep people from traveling here to exchange at an out of country rate

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I believe we have had posts before that have come from sources that are not credible. Can only hope that those sources begin to be deleted from the origin of subsequent posts.

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CRUISER I'm confused (shocker). Why would someone come here to exchange, because regardless of that 90 day thingy, they couldn't bring that much currency into the currenc without declarin it anyway. Or am I missing something?

dpchamp wrote 
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Could it be they might want to come here to exchange if our rate is higher?

dpchamp wrote 
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*i hear different points of view...1 is we will be at parity and all will be similar...the other is that we will have a higher exchange rate than in Iraq...time will tell
Blondie wrote 
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DP On a serious note, it doesn't make sense to me, that we would have a higher exchange rates than anywhere else, unless you are in a private transaction. I would appreciate you thoughts.

dpchamp wrote 
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But, hearing current info, on the asset-backed status, feel now we will be more at parity   
dpchamp wrote 
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I'm just going back to previous things we were told...different countries getting rates depending on their participation in the war

Avon Lady wrote 
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Rc , so I read Admin's part this morning...... so am I right to believe we'll start exchanging tomorrow ?


BenBlessed1:  It is better than we think...obviously; they have not come forth with the planned rate yet--but they will- soon and very soon IMO!
My expectation or at least HOPE is it will come on or before the 4th of February- which is the maximum time they can withhold a rate from the CBI site...30 days is what they have according to the fact shared by DELTA.

Now; can they come back with a program rate? Sure. But that makes absolutely zero sense to do that; and I expect they have used the 30 days (IF big IF they do indeed use all 30 days) the IMF allows to get things in order and wait for the "time" they are instructed to use.

They are not happenstance- we know ALL is planned and will be carried out accordingly! IMO- soon.
Aggiedad77:  Some of these politicians should learn it is better just to be seen and not heard.......

I am of the opinion that something big is coming.....just watch for it......keep your mouths closed tho so the flies don't get it.......

Abadi appears to be undisturbed by the actions of Trump and is ok with just waiting......he knows I think more than he is allowing out.....more is coming to the reserve.....it's going to grow fat again.......who remembers what it was before ISIS struck......somewhere north of $80 billion.....it appears headed there again or maybe bigger.....what it swell.....the BEST is yet to come....Aloha   Randy

Alusi: I'm glad to see that the families of Iraqi politicians expelled from America
According to a member of the parliamentary committee on foreign relations, Mithal al-Alusi, Sunday, that the American President Donald Trump's decision to ban the entry of Iraqis into the United States for citizens Aa_khas It is a clear message to the politicians in Iraq.
He said al-Alusi SMC / balances News /, said that "the decision to Aa_khas the Iraqi people because the Iraqi, he can not travel to the United States easily," asserting that "involved in this decision are the politicians of Iraq, traders, most of them accused of stealing public money."

"The decision gives a clear message that (Beware Aasash Iraq Build your country and be truly sovereign independent state and cleansed territory of Daesh enough to steal enough lie and a fraud)," adding that "Iraq is no longer a state, even if well as for the disposal of Trump such a figure." .

Completed Alusi, "I am happy with this political meanings deep and sad at the same time the message that I hear some tattoo even raises the street and laughing at the electoral chins."

He pointed out, saying, "Enough is enough laughter to the people and let's build the country," suggesting that "all the speeches about Americans silly output process."

He pointed out that "it is the first for us to demand that removing all of the neighboring countries that exported our terrorism and imitate resolution Trump and prevent the entry of citizens of these countries," adding that "the Foreign Relations Committee did not fully meet even give a decision in this regard and any other statement is a personal opinion ".

He argued, "the Commission can not oblige foreign or government and the Ministry of such a decision (reciprocate the decision), and I call on my colleagues in the committee because we help the government to make a decision not to receive any citizen of the neighboring countries, and to consider the arms smuggling crime superpower and betrayal."

Alusi and ended his speech by saying, "I will write to US President to exclude from this decision of innocent citizens," he said. "I'm glad to see that the families of politicians expelled from America."

It is said that US President Donald Trump issued an order preventing the flow of refugees and migrants from Iraq and six countries Akhary.anthy 29


Iraq and the United Nations ESTABLISH "economic reform fund"
The United Nations announced on Sunday, has signed an agreement with the Iraqi Prime Minister's Office, to establish "economic reform fund", usually because it provides an opportunity to "speed up" the government's reform plan and diversify the Iraqi economy and increase national income.

The special United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "the United Nations Development Programme and the Office of President of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, signed today in Baghdad, an agreement to establish economic reform fund", noting that "UNDP will support the government through this fund to address the head of economic challenges and promote the reform agenda, with a focus on diversifying the economy and increase national income and improve national asset management."

The statement quoted the deputy director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Nawfal al-Hassan, as saying, "The Iraqi government appreciates the support of the United Nations Development Programme to implement the reform agenda, announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as part of a series of measures taken by the government to boost the economy."

For his part, the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq director, Mounir Tabet, said that "significant economic challenges in the past for years, burdened Iraq, and increased burdens on the financial budget, affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people," returned to "launch economic reform fund provides an opportunity to speed up the government's reform plan. "

UNAMI stressed that "the fund will employ the expertise to support the implementation of priority reform initiatives, under the leadership of the Prime Minister's Office."

The United Nations and the United States, and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have declared repeatedly expressed their support for reforms in Iraq, and the prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, pledged to implement the reform program, but the steps in this area is still below the level of the aspirations of the broad sectors of society. LINK

Abadi: we will not deal Likewise, there will be no counter-measures with Trump's position
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Sunday, during ameeting with Rivers Center for Strategic Studies and Research, to treat the Iraqi government would not be similarly there will be no counter - measures with US President Donald Trump 's latest position, which stipulates prevent Iraqis from entering America.

The MP said the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Rinas Gano, who was present at the meeting, told the network Roudao media: "the Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, during his meeting with the Iraq Center for Strategic Studies and Research, about preventing Iraqis from entering the United States, pointing out that we must deal calmly, and that there are no counter - measures with Trump 's position. "

Jano said, "that the al - Abadi has said that he should not make the American people our enemy because of a decision issued by Trump."

On the question of the bombing of the Peshmerga forces by one of the factions of the popular crowd at the Sinjar area, Gano said, that the Iraqi prime minister, has declared concern about the incident, saying that he would try to prevent Tkarmthel such incidents in the future. "
The United States of America, have recognized , Sunday, banned for seven countries, including Iraq and prevent the entry of its territory to 90 days.


Walkingstick:  Iraq intends to pay the salaries of state employees electronically and why !! 

Rafidain Bank, announced Monday, all heading for the disbursement of salaries of state employees electronically to reduce theft and robbery.

A statement by the Information Office of the bank, said that 'the bank has a tendency to convert the salaries of state employees through the exchange of electronic payment tools to reduce manual trading currency and the reduction of theft and robbery on the salaries of staff operations'.

The statement added, that 'smart card version (Ki-Card) to the staff of the Directorate-General for the production of electrical energy / Salah al-Din, one of the formations and the Ministry of Electricity', pointing out that he 'has been more than a thousand and 224 smart card to the staff of the Directorate-mentioned issue to receive their monthly salaries instead of cash manual '.


Doodlebug:  Notorious ISIS executioner is shot dead in Mosul

Kurdish media has reported that an infamous ISIS executioner named Abu Sayyaf has been shot dead in West Mosul in northern Iraq.

"Abu Sayyaf was one of the scariest executioners in Nineveh... He was a reflection of the brutality of this terrorist group," Muhammad Yawar, an Iraqi journalist, told ARA News.
"He was known for his huge body and heavy arms. He was one of the notorious faces in the ISIS propaganda videos."

Local media activist Abdullah al-Mallah, a local media activist, has said that a group of unknown gunmen shot at Sayyaf's car, killing him and another terrorist who accompanied him. 

"He was found dead in the Dawassah district west of Mosul city in Nineveh Governorate on Sunday evening. The Isis-led Hisba Police was unable to identify the perpetrators," al-Mallah added.  LINK

Notorious ISIS executioner Abu Sayyaf who decapitated hundreds of victims 'gunned down by mystery hit squad'
Isis chief executioner Abu Sayyaf 'shot dead' in Mosul


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 30 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 30 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 30 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Jan. 29 2017 11:11 pm EST Intel Situation Report: "Blast Off" - Intel SITREP - Sunday - January 29, 2017

1. Prosperity Packages to be delivered this weekend by military order. They cannot travel more than 4 hours to their destination.

2. Heritage funds and other unsettled accounts have been honored and settled to make all banks BASEL 3 Compliant.

3. Gold standard completed and live as of midnight Sat. Jan. 28 2017.

4. Rate changeover taking place right now on Forex.

5. Instructions, 800#s, and transaction codes expected to release at any moment on Monday Jan. 31 after midnight EST.

6. All Admiral's sub group paymasters started redeeming @ 2am Sunday Jan. 29 and have just finished - ready for individual client release.

7. Iraq released a joint statement this past morning Sunday Jan. 29 saying US/Iraq are in financial agreement on monetary reforms.

8. President Trump and Vice President Pence have been holed up in bunkers all weekend.

9. GESARA compliance has forced all national government leaders to accept new international treaty terms or fail to move forward in the new banking system.

10. Germany, Israel, Ukraine and Yemen had to resolve their "transition of leadership" issues over weekend (as that's what we were told the RV was waiting on).

11. At midnight tonight Jan. 29, the rocket ship known as GESARA will take off. Those nations on board will experience unprecedented peace and prosperity. Those nations not on board will be left behind in the old cabal reality to die an isolated death.The power of free will has never been more on display. We understand all 209 nations are at this hour legally on board WITH GESARA per their own elected government's free will decision making, and less the leaders who refused to accept GESARA terms.

12. All check listed items on the GCR are scheduled to be considered completed as of midnight tonight Jan. 29, and thus global financial reforms (RV) may now begin in earnest and without limitation.

13. The first full banking week of February 2017 (which is legally retroactive to January 1, 2017) was front door (or back wall) we desired, which ends the global financial reset and begins or releases the global revaluation of currencies.

14. There's a great lesson in waiting to gain consensus for all humanitarian project leaders. The bigger the project, the stronger consensus is truly needed before commencing funding. All it takes is everyone living harmoniously in the now -- to make a better world for generations to come. God is with us.


B. Jan. 29 2017 Exchange Info from Yosef: Questions & Answers w/ Yosef - January 28, 2017 - Part 1 Questions & Answers w/ Yosef - January 29, 2017 - Part 2 Questions & Answers w/ Yosef - January 29, 2017 - Part 3

C. Background:

1. Yosef: I speak with military, agency, banking and white hat contacts almost daily. I have a solid source on the decision making committee that speaks to the Elders, but not Grandfather per se.

2. There are many colors of the Dragon Family, or original Chinese or Asian race. They don't all live in China either. I believe there are 26 factions of the Dragon if I'm not mistaken. However the Keepers are specially chosen to protect humanity, and come from one color - Red.

3. The whole system of finance is now gold backed, not just a portion.

4. The first window is for the bigger currency holders and ZIM holders.

5. T1 (Central Banking System); T2 (Governments); T3 (Private Banks) all needed to be hydrated so T4-T7 (Public Banks) can redeem. It has to do with creating an up and down trading stream to process all this new money that's being entered into the money supply. Very solid macroeconomic reasons I assure you.

6. Why does T4 need to wait for an 800#? A: T4 are the global retail banks and they deal with the public, the most volume and need a contact pathway that everyone can access.

7. T1-T3 money flow is much smaller and the players are known and part of the silent diplomatic endeavor.

8. Some of the group paymasters have been hydrated and will start paying out on Monday at 12:01pm EST.

9. Tiers 1,2,3 and T4 paymasters are already hydrated, so no it won't be a shotgun start.

10. Liquidity will be a shotgunned approach world wide, whereby all currencies can move (or be in taken for redemption) at the same time or in a shot gun fashion.

D. Your Exchange:

11. Ten steps of the exchange:

a. See the 800# off a trusted Internet site

b. Call and state the currencies you hold, and where you live by zip code or postal code.

c. (The first 800# will direct you to a second 800# that is specific to your name and exchange center). Make your appointment.

d. Drive to said appointment with anyone you desire to be there (less than two people).

e. Hand in your currency, identification, receipts, gift letters, trusts, LLC's, 501c3's and anything else they request.

f. Negotiate an sovereign exchange rate, structured payout and NDA (if so desired); otherwise take the screen rate or something less.

g. Have all cashiers checks cut (5 or less) and any wires sent (5 or less).

h. Leave the exchange facility.

i. Drive home safely.

j. Follow the terms of the NDA agreement (if one was signed).

12. Can we take an attorney and or security/body guard to our exchange appointment? A: Yes you can, just make sure you properly prep the professional (accountant,tax specialist, estate planner, wealth manager, mom, cousin, brother, neighbor, etc.). This is your exchange experience, not theirs so don't let anyone muddy the waters. If you're not prepared by now, don't expect them to be either.

13. What are the most important things for me to convey when I go to my currency meeting? A: Speak from the heart. Share what you love. Don't get too deep into your story - only that you have plans to do great works and specific passion in mind. Brevity wins the day, not volumes of tear-filled sentences about how you're going to save the world.

14. If you only have a few notes of IQD or VND, you can go in anytime.

15. Take everything into the exchange with you, and present to them only what is asked for. Don't offer anything that is not asked for.

16. What currencies are in the first basket? (Is there a second basket?) A: Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar, Afghanistan Afghani, Iran Rial, Iraq Dinar, Indonesian Rupiah. There is no second basket now, that's my understanding.

17. Everything will go at once and soon.

18. All ZIM accounts and sovereign accounts will be placed into a skeleton trust, as I believe nearly all private exchanges will be. This is to keep your redemption a tax free event per international treaty, and keep such large volumes of money off the public record for the banks. All skeleton trusts will be revocable and thus temporary (i.e. skeleton or bare bones).

19. Will there be any exchange fees charged? A: Yes, but those will be built into your rate and be very small.

E. Exchange Rates:

20. Have you personally seen the grey screens for ZIM sovereign values? A: I have. Blue screens too for government transactions. I've seen both authentic bank documentation and tear sheets for the global collateral accounts in every major central bank.

21. Chances are the banker won't hassle with you on your rate. The exchangers are there to get you whatever you need, they just don't want to over or under burden you depending on your state of mind and aspiration. So just be honest with them about the sovereign rates, let them know you know about them, but I wouldn't go into specific values right away. Just throw it out there, see what they say. See where they are at intellectually on how the world really works.

22. In terms of negotiating, it's pretty simple - there's a screen rate and there's a negotiated sovereign rate.

23. If you take less than the screen rate, you won't need to sign an NDA.

24. If you take more than the screen rate, the NDA's will be more severe but the numbers will go very high, especially for those prepared with humanitarian projects that create jobs (and they go super high if you're looking to do such things in third world countries).

25. Will our exchange rate be based on the present value of a dollar or the new (devalued) rate? A: The dollar has already been devalued globally, as have all Western currencies. You just didn't notice.

26. Very soon all currencies are going to be valued against the spot price of gold in Shanghai, China.

27. Will exchange rates be mostly judged by humanitarian projects and the qualifications of the person with the currency? A: Yes and no. They'll evaluate the client on a grading system, and whether you have direct humanitarian projects or not, they'll try and place each client with an appropriate amount for their capacity level. They don't want to over burden people who are not ready for massive sums of money.

28. Regarding currency exchange, there's no sovereign option or lower rate, just a straight across exchange, right? Meaning, $1 USN = $1 ZIM? A:

a. There are Sovereign Rates which are the highest but in need of humanitarian and job creating projects to justify.

b. There's a contract rate that many group leaders negotiated.

c. There's a market rate, that is like a privately negotiated rate less any humanitarian or job creating project.

d. There's the international rate which is the screen rate.

e. You can go even lower than the screen rate if you desire, and some will, especially with the ZIM.

29. I believe the sovereign rates will only be available for those paying close attention, and thus only available for those making an appointment in the first 48 hours after the 800 numbers are released to the Internet public.

30. Does the 80/20 rule still apply, meaning should 80% go to my humanitarian projects and 20% goes to me personally? A: ZIM holders should think about 99% / 1%. The money is that big. I'm doing 99.999% to 00.001%, but that's me. It's your call. If you have other currencies not named ZIM, 80/20 could be a fine percentage and morally accurate.

31. Screen rates are normal everyday values for currency if you were to walk into any bank and the world and attempt to buy or sell currency.

32. Privately Negotiated Rates are basically sovereign rates, that are higher than cash and coin screen rates, as they exist on a higher tier in the banking system. We understand those to be much higher for all currencies, not just the ZIM.

33. How high of a rate is determined by how you can handle it mentally, emotionally, psychologically, structurally in terms of your humanitarian experience and project plans. Good bankers listen to their clients and feel out what their true needs are versus what they think their true needs are. You might be surprised they take you higher than the screen rate if that's all you ask for or feel you need.

34. If there were no sovereign rates the screen rate on the ZIM is enough to give someone a heart attack if they were unaware of the GCR/RV - so put some perspective on the negotiation

35. No zeros will be taken off on any currency in terms of conversion.

36. Where the zeros come off is at the FOREX level. For instance, where the Dinar is at 1,170. I see the reality of the IQD being valued at $11.70 after the revaluation, and thus two zeros have been reduced. But the actual face note of what your holding would then be redeemed at $11.70 USD.

F. Interest Rates:

37. Take the longer structured payout and Will-over the remaining years to your family or to institutions. (Advantage of doing so?: Banker may give you higher interest rates on the money you leave at the bank.)

38. Interest rates will vary (2%-8%.

39. Are the exchange officers authorized to grant an 6-8% interest on the ZIM via structured payout? A: As we understand it from Wells Fargo exchange center personal that did the training, yes, they will have that authority on site.

G. Taxes:

40. There's no taxes as it's both a sovereign event governed by international treaty and a currency exchange.

41. Are there going to be state taxes accessed on our exchange? A: No state or federal taxes. But any income you receive from interest earned will be taxed - say on structured payouts.

42. How soon will the tax laws be changed governing gifting? A: Tax laws internationally have already changed they just haven't told the world yet. As for the USA, that's coming in the second quarter if I'm hearing Paul Ryan and the Congress correctly as it relates to tax reforms. It will be simpler and better in terms of percentage.

H. Non Disclosure Agreements and Structured Payouts:

43. Structured payouts and NDAs will accompany all sovereign rate transactions.

44. Structured earnings are paid out quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

45. Most NDA's are like 2.5 pages, some 8 pages. I've even seen one that was 22 pages long. It will depend on what kind of asset you hold, which currency to redeem and what rate you negotiate.

46. As for structured payouts, they will vary depending also on what you negotiate. Some are just for 18 months while others can be for 100 years. It is totally between you and your exchange banker.

47. Screen rates can be received without an NDA.

48. All ZIM exchanges will have some form of NDAs given their sheer volume - it's just how detailed the NDA will be.

49. You can avoid NDA's even on ZIM exchanges if you are willing to take far less than the screen rate, and settle more on a final lump sum number. We believe more than 75% will do so because they just don't need or want as much money as even one ZIM note qualifies them for.

I. Zim:

50. Will the ZIM be redeemed outside of the redemption centers in local Basel III compliant banks to the general public and late comers from the Internet Group who were not paying attention enough to go to a Redemption Center during the first 6 to 9 days after the 800 number is released? A: Yes, but not at sovereign rates or higher contract rates. Those exchanges will be at screen rates and slightly higher.

51.Do you think they can just go to a teller at a bank a couple weeks later with ZIM with just a note or two for the screen rates, or won't ZIM be redeemed in banks at all? A: If you bring in ZIM, they will direct you to another redemption facility, or bank potentially. But for the VND, IQD, AFA, IRR and IDR… yes. They'll be happy to help you.

52. I believe they will have ZIM exchange centers open for some time after the initial wave of first redeemers.

53. In terms of the ZIM specifically, we understand the audited value of the continent of Africa, including Zimbabwe whose currency will be used as the regional reserve currency for the entire African content and eventually placed in the IMF's Basket of Currencies -determining the global reserve currency value at $125,000.00 USD per $1.00 ZIM.

54. The $50,000 USD top end price of the Zim awards both the redeemer with an incredibly high sovereign rate, while still leaving some arbitrage for the bank in-taking the currency.

55. The Zim screen rate we are told is 1:1 or 1 ZIM per 1 USD. That's a par value.

56. No matter what sized note they hold, the face value will be honored at a 1:1 ration, which means a 100 Trillion note would be worth 100 Trillion dollars.

57. On the Zim expect a minimum of 1:1 exchange with upwards negotiating mobility beyond anything you can imagine.

58. All Zim notes will be accepted as long as they are authentic ZIM currency.

59. No zeros taken off the face value or rate of the ZIM.

J. When do we get the 800#s?

60. I believe we are complete in terms of geopolitical, military, financial and political regime change. Now it's just a matter of release.

61. I know exchanges are happening before the month of January will end. The question is when will the 800#s come out.

62. Is this TRULY happening this weekend Yosef? A: So the evidence would suggest.

63. We're told the initial 800#s will be turned off within six days of their issue, and then to redeem currency you'll have to call the traditional 800# numbers for branch banks (unless you have ZIM as some of those off site locations will be kept upon). Again, they want to reward people for paying attention all these years, but not drag out an event they worked very hard to conceal for the masses.

64. Do you truly believe the back wall day is February 1st? A: I believe the front door is Monday at 12:01pm EST.

K. Safety Precautions:

65. Burner phones were never necessary.

66. Renting a car is only necessary if you have no other form of transportation.

67. Your travel will will be monitored using your mobile phone and vehicle once it's on site at the location center.

68. They're very shrewd and high tech in how they are monitoring our movements.


L. Jan. 29 2017 7:35 pm EST TNT Update: 1-29-17 It is being reported to me that Iraq TV is broadcasting that Iraq and the UN have signed an agreement to fund the economic reforms!

M. Jan. 29 2017 ZAP: By mid-week I figure that when Hong Kong re-opens, many changes will begin. We will receive some first funds to get the enterprise underway. I anticipate a very busy time ahead in the next months as we get things set up and operational.