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BGG    CBI still hasn't updated the indicative rates (since 1/4/17) on the CBI - something is going on. What that change means?  Hard to say...but the flip side is - to say it means nothing is a little arrogant. 

Member: [its never been this long before...]

BGG:  Shoot - never been more than several days.



Four2atous:  Zimbabweans remained glued on their television sets; envying the Americans for their mature democracy and the willingness of leaders to transfer power from one leader to another every eight years.=

Four2atous:  Zimbabwe....Where has all the money gone?=


NWMontana:   Vietnam Is Accelerating Economic Reforms - Prime Minister

HANOI, Jan 19 (Bernama) -- Vietnam is focusing on completing economic reforms and building a consistent, synchronous and modern administrative regime to enhance governance efficiency, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.
The prime minister made the statement during a reception for the Head of Switzerland's Malik Research Institute, Professor Fredmund Malik, whilst in Davos to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum on Wednesday.
Phuc applauded the institute for its active cooperation with Vietnamese bodies and localities.
He called on the Malik Institute to continue effectively working on agreements signed with Vietnam, share experience and knowledge and help improve management capabilities and skills for Vietnamese officials.
In the meantime, Professor Malik detailed the institute's cooperation activities in Vietnam, expressing his wish for accelerated implementation of cooperation programmes and projects with Vietnam's ministries, sectors and research institutes.
The Malik Research Institute, founded by Professor Fredmund Malik in 1984, is one of the world's leading organisations for holistic general management, leadership and governance solutions.
In Vietnam, the institute is implementing joint projects with the Ho Chi Minh National Administrative Institute and Hai Phong City on applying the systems thinking-based management model to urban development.-- BERNAMA



-27-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Secretary General of the Council of Ministers attending the first meeting of the initiative (Take a Baghdad)"  I like the tone of this article, but when I look at where Iraq is holistically, it's just more of the same rhetoric we've heard before. The first sentence says it all:  "the initiative to discuss the projects and the stages of work, and move on to the preparation of drawings and bills of quantities and implementation programs."  Iraq is borrowing money, in order for lenders to feel confident, they have to know, or at least believe, that Iraq has a plan to enable their ability to repay it.  They're hoping the chatter will remove doubts and fears about repayment.  It's not enough, they need to actually pass the laws and implement the changes that they "talk" about in committee.  My sincerest hopes are that this isn't like the hundreds of other articles that the GOI put out that talk about change and progress, the time for actual implementation has been passed a long time ago.  Your move Abadi...   

1-27-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98
  37 banking institutions have now been reported to us from the field that are now actively buying and selling Iraqi dinar.  I think that number will change dramatically in the coming days – plus three credit unions and 5-6 exchange companies.  We had a member who shared that $100 was wired to a person in Iraq a few days ago...that person received 129 IQD...it was to Rafi Bank in Baghdad.  I know some things that I am hearing...I do believe them because of the sources I hear them from...they have been pretty much on the money. Dates may be off because they don’t control it, they just report...I can tell you that if everything stays on track, this is my last Friday – if everything goes according to design.  I feel like this is upon us.  The rate is going to be very decent/attractive... 

1-27-2017  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Secretary General of the Council of Ministers attending the first meeting of the initiative (Take a Baghdad)"    This looks like a pretty big deal...The CBI is meeting..."to discuss the projects and the stages of work, and move on to the preparation of drawings and bills of quantities and implementation programs."

1-27-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru BGG    CBI still hasn't updated the indicative rates (since 1/4/17) on the CBI - something is going on. What that change means?  Hard to say...but the flip side is - to say it means nothing is a little arrogant.  [its never been this long before...]  Shoot - never been more than several days.

1-27-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goa
t   Article:  "Rafidain Bank opens new branch in southern Iraq"   Why is this article so important?  It shows us the banks are expanding and not contracting. As money is beginning to flow this is exactly what we would expect. This is a good sign the Iraqi economy is beginning to move in the right direction.

1-27-2017   Intel Guru Bruce
   I really don’t know anything specifically different about rates. I just know the rates are all great. We know...about the Qi cards being international with a rate of $4.84 spendable on those cards all over the world.   I am looking for Abadi talking about the take back of Mosul and talk about the Sovereignty of Iraq in the fact they have a tradable currency with world markets and ready for business. He may not talk about the currency per say.  I am excited where we are. We are getting very close the end of the ride.   I am hearing by way of text very positive things that are pointing to tomorrow [Friday] and into the weekend. 

Islandg1211 UPDATE, 27 JAN



  Allak and Shabibi both stated that they need security and stability, so that's the date.

 It's very reasonable to assume that the RV needs ISIS gone and a deal with the Kurds, that's security and stability.

  Allak is saying exactly that, he is waiting for security from ISIS and also political stability. 

So, we don't need to look for the RV before both of those things happen. Both events will be public. We will all see the celebration of the defeat of ISIS, and the Kurds making a deal with Baghdad.

 It would appear that Jan 1 wasn't realistic, three more months is a bit optimistic, and, IMO, six more months looks spot on.

  For these reasons, I'm expecting an RV mid-summer at the high range of the appraisal, just over the USD... perhaps $1.10-$1.13 would be reasonable.

 After the Dinar is on Forex, the country itself is using it, and the massive imports needed for re-construction, the demand of the Dinar will increase its exchange rate pushing it back up closer to Kuwait's in the couple of years following the RV. 

BRUCE UPDATE :Iraqi Qi card has a rate of $4.64 Today at 11:00 am, 27 JAN

- Iraqi Qi card has a rate of $4.64   Today at 11:00 am


 ...Iraq has had a new rate in back of their screens in our banks since January 2?

  Today I understand, they have a debit card, Qi card, for the Iraq people, and globally wherever this card is held, today the rate is $4.64.

That is a new rate. What is interesting is it appears to be a rate that might be available today and used around the world today. I think there is a greater rate coming.

The first part of that rate, the $4, should increase quite a bit with a change of rate by the CBI.
Concerning Iraq, just when we think everything is done with Iraq, we found there were 4 more laws to be passed this morning [Tuesday].

One of those laws was the National banking law. The law the rate would be held in.  ...At 10am Iraq time this morning, this occurred and...all 4 laws were passed. ...those need to show up in the Gazette to make it official
.   My understanding is the rate is in the law and the budget.

Both the budget and the rate will be visible very shortly. 

I am hearing everything is done now...In the way of true Intel right now as it stands, we are at a precipice of this going any day...it looks like everything I have heard and more recently in a text, we should be there before Saturday or even Friday. We are in a great position for this week.  


Wait, here's some more hard truth… with regards to the relevance of being in a ZIM group, the sad reality is there is no advantage to being in a group if you hold ZIM. In fact, there's big negative associated to it.

You see all the early ZIM, VND or IQD groups were either just a cheap way of in-taking a lot of currency off the streets for Chinese Elders, or a complete scam. Actually,

The individual currency holder sits in the best possible position when the RV is released, because they have complete autonomy, can exchange at sovereign rates (highest rates) and don't have to wait for paymasters to perform (and/or refresh any bank paperwork).

So anyone involved in an early group or thinking about getting involved with a late group, you're either going to have to wait to get paid a much lower rate or be shit out of luck less your currency. Neither scenario is optimal IMO, but 100% your call boss.

-------- End Quote ---------

You couldn't be in a better position than you are right now!

Signed: One Who Knows


Subject: RayRat Call 1/27/17   Today at 3:48 pm

RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Fantabulous Friday, January 27, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  I started off thanking the members who told me the lines are up, since I started this call without realizing the recorder was not on. Thanks to DaretoDream, IdahoUSA, Gman, and many others [didn’t catch them all] and others who have helped along the way.  Thanks also to everyone who has had to do with keeping this site operating, all the mods and support people who have come and gone, not to mention others in the background who have helped keep this ride as smooth as possible.  Thanks to the members who have kept up, and even the quiet ones who never say anything, and especially to all the information people.  Thanks to our core team, and your tireless efforts to bring in all the information you can bring, however bizarre it might have seemed at the time.  Thanks to the  members who also bring in information from the people you know in the banks or on the streets. It kept us in the game, helping people win this game and go on to other games we have yet to play.  Some have been able to use this information to increase our financial positions through leveraging.  It looked like there was an opportunity yesterday but it didn’t pan out.  I think that it’s too late to leverage anything now.  If there is anyone I missed, please don’t charge it to my heart, there are just so many.  It’s been a long ride…

What else is there to tell you?  Nothing, really, because we’ve already told you everything even though it may not have materialized.  I don’t’ think there is more new information.  The bank step we have now:  37 banking institutions have now been reported to us from the field that are now actively buying and selling Iraqi dinar.  I think that number will change dramatically in the coming days – plus three credit unions and 5-6 exchange companies.

We had a member who shared that $100 was wired to a person in Iraq a few days ago, can that person received 129 IQD.  After receiving that information we tried to find out what province that was in… it was to Rafi Bank in Baghdad.  Hmmm.  That was reported to us a few days ago, and we got the final details this morning.  Since then, guess what has happened?  We learned all the banks are in sync – I don’t know if that is a different level as we heard a few months ago, or if there is a difference.

Some folks have initiated exchanges and were told their banks were looking to be live today, so that they could be funded.  That’s part of what delayed this call, and we haven’t heard definitively yet.  I will keep checking the texts, but it hasn’t come in, not yet.

Of course I know some things that I am hearing, although I do believe them because of the sources I hear them from, and they have been pretty much on the money. Dates may be off because they don’t control it, they just report. I cannot tell you details, but I can tell you that if everything stays on track, this is my last Friday – if everything goes according to design. The rate is going to be very decent/attractive – not $16, because I know someone will ask, but we’re going to like it just the same.  I’m dancing around trying to tell you something without actually saying it.
Let’s look at questions on the site:

First one is an appreciation, not a question, so I’ll move on.

Questions from the TNT forum
Q:  Do we need to be in a group to get the best rate and so how to get in one?   A:  No. You don’t need to be in a group to get the best rate, and some of those group rates are going to be ugly, but that is what they agreed to in advance.

Q:  W Most of us have held currency for several years.  Long-term capital gains has been a possibility on these currencies. Considering the taxes if any, If we are able to leverage our currency at the bank and purchase more after, won’t this void any long term capital gains that would have come from the currency we originally bought.  A:  Yes – but would it matter?  When the dust settles, after the taxes, and you end up with two million dollars, but because you leveraged, and now you would have short-term capital gains, but you wind up with seven million dollars rather then two million, wouldn’t that be worth it?  Do the numbers and you will see;  taxes might be a bite, but it doesn’t take all of your money.  I’d rather end up with seven than two, and if that means I pay more taxes but I still end up with more after taxes, that’s not a bad deal.

Q:  1.  With regards to the memos that arrived on bankers desks on Monday, was there any follow through or fulfillment with regards to those?  [RR:  Nothing more has been said on that.]  2.  Are we going to be back here again next Friday or will we be done?  [RR:  I have answered that.]  3.  Is the US being on the gold standard a requirement for the release of our 800 numbers?  A:  I haven’t heard that is necessary.

Q:  Do you believe the CBI site will go into Feb. without changing the rate on their site?  A:  I don’t think so.

Q:  On Wednesday you said you had some information on the 800# but it was not official yet. Has that changed and can you say if the “official ” word is coming from the banks? In times past the 800 # has been rumor which is why you have said to do our home work in case there wasn’t one so I felt it was HUGE you said you even had unofficial word regarding the number.   A:  No official word has come to me yet – and I have said before that I had that unofficially, I just don’t talk about it every week until I get official word.

Q:  RayRen, just trying to wrap my head around your great idea of owning a loaded foreign Debit Card account to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Wed you shared an idea of opening an account in another country with their currency and returning with a world-wide usability Bank Debit card. When traveling to the USA you can carry any amount you want.  However, the requirement is to declare any amount over $10,000 (US value). Does the said foreign country have the same requirements when we enter their country to deposit 1 million worth of Dinars?  A:  I don’t know;  I imagine it depends on the specific country.  Ask before you go.  I don’t think it would be a problem, because it’s yours.  If they ask if you have something to declare, tell them you have one million dinar and carry on.

Q1:  Let’s say that I get what I want in rates and it comes out to be 10 Billion dollars. I have a trust for the mother lode that I want to put it in.  Can I wire from it to other banks and use that same trust name?  A:  So long as those other accounts are in the name of the trust, then Yes – or ask your bank.  The trust can have more than one account.

Q:  What’s the latest rate you’ve heard for the Zim?  A:  A dollar and change.

Q:  The text you are looking for will it create a leveraging opportunity for us? or an exchange opportunity?  A:  I was expecting one yesterday;  not sure about tomorrow.

Q:  I am going to be going to several banks this weekend seeing if any of them will let me open up an account for me to deposit my IQD and VND into, thereby digitizing it.  In order to make the most of my time, is there a list of banks that currently deal with the IQD?  If not, I will do it the old fashioned way.  A:  I don’t know why you would do that… but ask in your area.  I would save yourself the trouble and just wait

Q:  Ray, since you are dancing around… what song are you dancing to? Just play us a song to say what you can’t.  A:  Okay.

Q + A Callers

865/404 caller:  I like to hear this is the last Friday.  What do your sources say about the Gazette;  did it surface on Wednesday?  [RR:  No.]  Where is Abadi – in Iraq or DC?
RayRen:  I have not asked and my sources have not said, but the information I have suggests that it doesn’t matter where Abadi is.

Caller:  Have you heard anything from the mosques?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything, but also don’t think they are relevant any more.

Next caller:  What’s the difference between the internet group and public groups?  I was reading something that was so emphatic that if we were not in a group, we would have to submit all our zim, etc.  I don’t believe what I read, only what you say.
RayRen:  The public group doesn’t know what is going on, and they are wating for someone to tell them to go to the bank. The internet group is watching this like a hawk and will be at the bank before the bank is ready to open their doors.  We are informed;  the public group is not informed.

301 caller:  do you know whether all the currencies will go live at the same time?
RayRen:  It is believed that all the ones we have interest in will go at the same time, although personally I hope they don’t because I want to be a trillionaire so frickin’ bad.  Maybe they are listening and maybe they will separate them out. That would be the greatest thing that could possibly happen.

352 caller:  I’m having a ****ens of a time finding banks that do this in Florida.  Some do currency exchanges, but no bank that does dinar yet.  I’m waiting on a bank to call me back about dong.  My new father-in-law has dinar, dong and zim, nobody in the family believed him, then I started tuning in to your show.  You make more sense than anyone out there apart from Frank.  So throw me a bone!
RayRen:  You will be okay, sir.  It’s just a timing thing.  I know of a bank in Florida that I know of that deals in dinar.  You just have to find it, and at the appropriate time we will tell you where you can exchange.  If we don’t get the 800 numbers, this list will be made available to all members.  We will present all that information – we will post it on the public site of the site, the part that anyone can get access to:  www.tntsuperfantastic.com

513 caller:  Can we go back to the difference between buy and sell rates.  Don’t the banks make money either way? Is the international price before or after exchange, or is it somewhere in the middle?
RayRen:  It depends on their fee structure.  Some banks charge a processing fee as well.  However, if they offer it as a service, they’ll make their money if you bring back the currency and sell it back to them.

704 caller:  I was interested in what you said about 1:1 last Friday.  I don’t intend to be the first mouse.

951 caller:  I hope this is our last Friday call!  I wish this had happened a long time ago, but then I wouldn’t have colleagues, and I wouldn’t have these other currencies I have now.  It’s going to be worth it because of all that knowledge.  [Appreciation]

239 caller:  You seem being a bit more positive about this happening – what has happened to give you the impression of the new window?
RayRen:  I can’t answer that question for you at this time.

Caller:  How do you determine what to say or not to say?  Do they tell you not to say some things, or is it your own judgment.
RayRen:  It’s a combination of both.  I share what I believe in 100%.

406 caller:   It sounds like you think we are going to RV be Wednesday…  What about Trump – will he have any impact on this?
RayRen:  That could happen.  This looks like my last pre-RV call for a Friday, anyway.  I haven’t heard anything about the new President having an impact on this.

Next caller:  Will lack of a Secretary of the Treasury have any effect on this situation?  Also, I checked with Region’s Bank, and they charge $5 per exchange.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything about SecTreas – and if that is relevant, then they’d better hurry up and install the new one.

510 caller:  You mention your website often, and I wonder if there is something on financial literacy?  Like how to pay tax only once, where to invest, etc.?  The real high-level investors obviously know things that we don’t know.
RayRen:  Possibly on the website.  We will be having live seminars in the US.  We will have that information available in one form or another, and avenues for you to learn about that type of activity.

951 caller:  About contract rates, is there still a China rate?  And is that supporting China?
RayRen:  From what I’m hearing, yes.  I guess in a way that’s supporting China, but not in a way that hurts the US, because the US would not allow that.

618 caller:  Are you expecting a call on Monday?
RayRen:  All I’m saying is that I don’t expect to have one next Friday.

941 caller:  Everyone sounds concerned about capital gains, but I’m not.  If we go in and say “I want to exchange this foreign currency”.  None of the earlier exchangers seems to have paid taxes, and we were told at the beginning that there would be no taxes on the dinar.  That’s always been specified, and that’s why they want us to put it in a different account. I can see taxes on the dong and other tradable currencies.  That’s what my contacts have all said.  Worrying is pointless;  if it happens, it happens.

601 caller:  Do you think there’s a possibility we’ll be in the bank on Wednesday?
RayRen:  There’s a possibility of exchange any day.

918 caller:  I think you are telling us “This is done, rest in the faith, don’t worry about the timing.”  I have done a lot of homework, and the intel I head agrees with you:  it’s done. What Ray is saying is the truth, so stop trying to tie him down.

Closing Statement

RayRen:  To you members who jokingly talk about me as ‘Slick Willy’, you are probing so deep to get me to say what you want to hear, that you missed what I did say.  There is a tremendous amount of information in this call, you just want me to say it a specific way.  There are some things I cannot tell you openly;  go back to the beginning and listen again, because it’s there.

I also want to say ‘thank you very much’ to those who faithfully donate to keep the site going and the bills paid. You play a vital part in this process.  There are some who wanted to donate and couldn’t, and that’s okay.  Even those who only send in two dollars, well, every little bit helps, and it spoke volumes to me.  If a thousand people did that, it would be $2,000.  The little bit helped, and the mere fact that you wanted to contribute, that speaks volumes.  Thank you.

I feel like this is upon us. Until then, in the meantime, believe this ride is over.  [Music:  Pomp and Circumstance]  Until this happens, just know this.  You are ready.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the call. We know things are really happening out there behind the scenes. Some of it we can see and some of it we can’t see. I will just try to paint a picture what I can tell you what is happening in the world of our investment, our blessing is how we refer to it most of the time.

Bruce:  Here President has been inaugurated for a week, since last Friday. His first week has so much going on with that perspective alone. I don’t know if you saw his speech he gave today out of Philadelphia. I thought it was quite good. He stated in his agenda the next few months with what he plans on getting done and do, and asking congress to do in that area to get things rolling.  Quite a list of things, and getting his positions for his Cabinet together, to get his guys in place. I know he made a comment that he is looking for his 

Commerce Secretary to be installed so he starting doing deals with trades around the world. He said with Theresa May being here he wants to do some trades, some deal situations with United Kingdom. He might have to do it himself.  I am sure he went for it what he needs to do with the Prime Minister of United Kingdom while Theresa May being here. 

There were a few clues of what we were looking for. I didn’t get an actual transcript yet, but you guys might have seen it. It was interesting it was mentioned several times the term Bretton Woods and references to the constitution government and to the people was mentioned.  It was a beautiful speech and sort of mirrored what President Trump said in his Inaugural Address.  I thought it was very appropriate.  It was very well responded by the audience. She is going from here to Iraq to meet with the Prime Minister, Abadi there. I didn’t know Great Britain and Iraq have a relationship in Iraq with power plants going in there. I think that is fantastic. Quite a bit going on with that aspect.

Bruce:  It is interesting Prime Minister Abadi planning on heading back by Saturday his time. He is to go back and maybe go back and make an announcement of Iraq and Mosul. That is something we can look forward to, getting wind of. I don’t think there be an immediate black out from Iraq. We have had that for months. I think it is different now as far as getting news out of Iraq.

Bruce:  Where are we in terms of other aspects of this?  It seemed we were getting a lot of info yesterday. Today it was light. Yesterday we were looking for redemption centers to go from standby status to active status. Once they did that then we would be set to get the toll free number. We didn’t get confirmation that we got that last night.

Word was early this morning they are working hard to reconnect everything to the call centers and the redemption centers in North America. Actually we found out through ATT’s connection with this the satellites they are using not only the United States and Canada be connected with those sites for the toll free number but also Mexico and Puerto Rico will also be connected so people in those jurisdictions can call in as well and get directed to a redemption center in their particular area. Same thing true for Canada and those in the United States. That understanding was being reactivated and tested early this morning.  My thinking is that is moving along nicely now. We may have that active status possibly by lunch time tomorrow. We will see. Hopefully so.

Bruce:   As far as the banks are concerned, we understood the banks were on conference call yesterday afternoon getting synchronized.  I think getting them Basil 3 compliance. All the banks have until the end of the month, January 31st to be Basil 3 compliant.  I have a feeling that call was about a lot of things because the major banks in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and San Francisco were on a call together for that purpose. I think they were just getting their Ts cross and Is dotted. That is my impression I was getting.

Bruce:   Activity out west moving quickly and streamlined and flowing beautifully right now with people getting hydrated actually on SKRS and other Tier 3 transactions.  The liquidity that they are receiving is right there.  Many times people have SKRS and can see their block accounts but have no access. That is starting to go away. Now we are seeing a lot more movement in terms of the funding out west.

The other thing is the Petchili bonds, these gold back Chinese historical bonds being transacted strongly yesterday. A lot of flow in the bond transactions to provide liquidity. These transactions are taking place and moving through in amounts we have not seen before to take place for humanitarian funding source. We know some humanitarian funding source in South Africa have received their money and are ready to go. Hopefully not too much longer it will pop for us here too.

Bruce:  The Treasury was sending out information to all State Treasurers to get in touch with them about the new USN, digital currency being live and them receiving that information about the new dollar and what that entailed.  They had until 5pmyesterday to respond back. Our understanding is the States responded. Don’t know if 100 percent was confirmed, but I believe it was. That is why we are moving along now with the rest of the process.
Bruce:  I really don’t know anything specifically different about rates. I just know the rates are all great. We know everything we had about the Qi cards being international with a rate of $4.84 spendable on those cards all over the world. I don’t think that will be the final rate. I think the dinar can support in excess of $16.  I think we will be in that type of range when this is final. I am looking for Abadi talking about the take back of Mosul and talk about the Sovereignty of Iraq in the fact they have a tradable currency with world markets and ready for business. He may not talk about the currency per say.  He is returning to Iraq some time Saturday his time.

Bruce:  As far as anything else, I just have a feeling that what China wants done is they want this blessing to come through for us before their Chinese New Year starts. It might be close, might be very close. There is a 12 hour difference between Hong Kong and the East coast. Something that would happen at noon time here on the East coast would be midnight on the 28th in China. That is something that gives us a time frame that we might want to look at if that is what we are hoping to happen. Even if it doesn’t come through for us tomorrow, we should be in good shape Saturday and Sunday. The ideal days have been Wednesdayand Saturday for the RV we understood.  Either way whenever it comes, it will be welcome for all of us.

Bruce:  When we are able to get toll free numbers, in some circles we are hours away getting that, we will put that information out to our listeners on our website. The redemption centers are well prepared. They want to pull the ZIM holders in first.  I am excited where we are. We are getting very close the end of the ride. We are not calling it. I, having been in it for 12 years, I am ready sort of moving to go forward with our humanitarian projects. With the Intel right now that is really what I got.

Bruce:  What we can do is put a celebration call out in a recorded fashion between now and Tuesday. I am excited about that possibility.  In terms of the redemption itself, I have talked about how to respond after getting the toll free number. Getting directed to another number to call based on if you have ZIM or not. Setting your appointment by your zip code in area not too far to you. We believe no one has to drive more than 80 miles. That maybe different out west where the distances are greater. It shouldn’t be hard to get to a redemption center.

Bruce:  I have to thank HSBC and Wells Fargo in training their people and working with Abbott Downing with training their people as well. We are partners in a sense with our Canadian banks as well.  Thank you to TD bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank.  Also thank you to Moca Pocia bank in South America.  Thank you to Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and all the regional banks, Tier two banks such as 5th Third Bank, Bank Trust Bank, US Bank. So many banks will be able to handle this.

Bruce:   Decide how you want to do your initial exchange. My plan is to use the redemption center and negotiate higher rates especially on the ZIM because I have multiple projects with the program to Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat. We will partner in a way with the agenda the president has put out to adopt a city, town, community to help infrastructure. We will do a lot with infrastructure beyond a billion or trillion dollars. I would be surprise if the money comes out of the budget. Not saying it couldn’t. 

The Vice President talked in terms of private involvement, private sector to back up those funds and to work with the government in those areas. I have an idea how that might work. We are planning to Rebuild America and working with infrastructure, with towns, municipals, housing, new hospitals, clinics, schools, quite a bit we can do. We need higher rates on the ZIM.  So don’t be scared to ask for higher rates if you plan to work with us in Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat.

Bruce:  We are not asking for money for the projects, but you go forward in your community or town and city to take the template we are putting together for the country to Rebuild America and communicate with us in a portal. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. So when we get the 5000 plus people who want to participate in the projects, we can go forward unilateral with that. We will communicate with our new website. So consider in your heart and mind if you want to be part of such a plan and what part of the country you want to work in. That will be really cool and fun to do that.
Bruce:  Watch this project. This is a long term plan and not done in one or two years. It will be fun to see change before your eyes the next ten or twenty years. Some may go longer some shorter than that. It will be possible if we get the right rates on the ZIM so we can be involved in high tech such as in a high tech railway system that is going to take a lot of money to put together. Or maybe space ships to Mars, and to other planets.  Set your sights high, aim high. I am excited where this group will be used, the Big Call universe.

That is it right now as far as Intel.

Bruce:   I am hearing by way of text very positive things that are pointing to tomorrow and into the weekend. So I am hoping to look into that information in a little bit. I am telling you everything is starting to open up for us. I believe our redemption draws nigh if you will. I am excited where we are.  My intention is to do a short celebration type call with toll free numbers when we get them and put them out on thebigcall.net web site as a link on our web page. 

Of course we will have the recording put out on some sites online so you can see it in normal sites as Dinar Recaps and other places.  Let us hope that is the case and that happens. Should that happen before Tuesday, we will probably not do a call Tuesday night call. We will get the website up with the portal so we can communicate with the projects we plan to do together. We might take a little bit of time off, but we will have the call schedule for the Big Call on the website, thebigcall.net. We will keep these phone numbers until we get away using phone service and start using podcasting on the website.

Bruce:  Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. We have to thank the listeners coming into the Big Call. We appreciate your faithfulness in listening to the call. I appreciate you, I really do. I look forward to looking with you guys, 5,000 listeners to Rebuild America.  Thank all of you, the Canadian listeners and all listeners around the world.  I am thrilled and excited where we are, guys. Good Night, everybody, and have a beautiful night tonight.  I am looking forward to a great weekend startingtomorrow.


Blinkster:  Family...what if PM Abadi comes to the US to meet with President Trump (and a few other entities), and goes back home very quietly, without any fanfare, media coverage or public knowledge?  I'm thinking it might be the case.  I'm not banking on that, but hey, it's possible, isn't it?


Samson:  Iranian Forex Rate Unification in 2 Months

 Thursday, January 26, 2017

It will take two months for the Central Bank of Iran to implement plans for unification of foreign exchange rates, said Valiollah Seif, CBI’s governor.

He noted that plans will start once the central bank “feels it is the right time to do so,” banker.ir quoted him as saying on Wednesday. Central Bank of Iran and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance had announced that forex rates will be unified by the end of the current fiscal year (March 20, 2017) but currency market fluctuations seem to have delayed the process. Seif noted that normalization of banking relations with foreign countries is the prerequisite for adopting a single foreign exchange regime.

He was optimistic about Iranian banks’ reintegration into international banking network, considering “all the measures taken for promoting banks’ operations in line with international standards.”


Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 27 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 27 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 27 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Jan. 26 2017 2 pm EST Geopolitical Overview:
"Harakiri" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - 20:00 EST - Thursday - January 26, 2017

1. Our exchange center banking mechanism here in the restored Republic was complete.

2. Right now the actual 800#s were with senior level bankers and bank board members, but not activated, awaiting release codes to give out to clients and the public at large.

3. Back of the house technical architecture with respect to call centers has long been completed, tested, and humming like a bird on meth. Yet at this hour, the 800# system was not active.
4. Deactivating these 800#s from the back of the house was how the New Powers That Be would turn off the 800#s when the initial rush of redemption appointments were made and call volume died down--genius!

5. The second number the call center gave you depended on which currencies you held, and it would also serve as a personal identification number throughout your entire redemption process. Meaning, just like a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the NPTB could trace when you called (in terms of appointment set in the overall process), where you called from, what currencies you were redeeming, where you would be redeeming them - all by the last six numbers of the second phone/personal identification number they gave you.

6. We were told they were confident they only needed 48 hours to process 85% of all currency holders, and 12 hours to process all ZIM holders (if they're all called at the same time).

7. Today President Trump toured an exchange center in Philadelphia and was chomping at the bit to release the RV. After all, he'd be the one taking all the credit for America's big financial and business turnaround. Poor Obama.

8. The Chinese were slow playing the RV peace negotiations between Palestine & Syria with hard core Khzarian governments like Germany (Merkel) and Israel (Netanyahu). Thankfully, the USA is out of those negotiations. General Dunford and General "Mad Dog" Mattis made sure of that Sat. when they bombed like half of Syria and a third of Iraq. Trump (Chinese & Russians) have finally given US commanding forces the green light to eradicate the "Radical Islamic Terrorist" problem once and for all.

9. Now must the US/Israel/Germany/Palestinian/Syria/Iraq harakiri sword really go that deep before we get our 800# call center release codes? I believe so, yes. Hey you wanted the cold hard truth. This was a global currency reset which meant all 209 nations must proceed in peace together, simultaneously.

10. The Chinese New Year, which would begin at 12:00:01 pm EST Friday afternoon, was the front wall for our new GCR/RV beginnings (which was also the exact time the earth left Mercury Retrograde's post-shadow completely). http://www.astrologyhoroscopereadings.com/2017-mercury-retrograde-calendar.html

And historically in Asia, they like to get all old business off the books before starting new contracts


11. With regard to the relevance of being in a ZIM group, the sad reality was there was no advantage to being in a group if you held ZIM. In fact, there was big negative associated to it. All the early ZIM, VND or IQD groups were either just a cheap way of in-taking a lot of currency off the streets for Chinese Elders, or a complete scam.

12. The individual currency holder sat in the best possible position when the RV was released because they had complete autonomy, could exchange at sovereign rates (highest rates) and didn't have to wait for paymasters to perform (and/or refresh any bank paperwork).

13. Anyone involved in an early grou, or thinking about getting involved with a late group, you're either going to have to wait to get paid a much lower rate, or be out of luck less your currency. Neither scenario was optimal IMO, but 100% your call boss.

14. Sat. morning Jan. 28 2017 marked the start of the 2017 New Year in China (Year of the Fire Rooster). But since China was 13 hours ahead of NYC, it might be wise to remain alert on the blogs anytime after lunch Friday Jan. 27 (more likely after the markets close at 4pm EST) here in the USA and then through the weekend, especially later Jan. 28 Sat. night 8pm-2am when all the banks and markets were closed worldwide. God is with us.


B. Jan. 26 2017 Bruce's The Big Call: Thebigcall.net

1. Iraq's PM Abadi will be going back to Iraq to make the announcement about their liberation from ISIS.

2. We are looking for the redemption centers to go to active status at any time.

3. US, Peurto Rico, Mexico and Canada will all be connected by the 800#s. This system was sucessfully tested by AT&T this morning Jan. 26 2017.

4. Banks were on a conference call together this afternoon to be compliant by next Tues. Jan. 31 2017.

5. SKRs are being made liquid, funding is moving out West.

6. Chinese Historic gold bonds are being transacted as of yesterday Jan. 25 2017.

7. Some of the funding sources for Humanitarian have been funded including in South Africa.

8. Yesterday the states responded to the live new US gold backed currency.

9. The rates are great.

10. A $4.84 Dinar rate is live on Iraqi Q cards in and out of country. The rate could go up to $16.00.

11. Bruce believes they want us to be exchanging prior to noon EST Sat. Jan. 28, the Chinese New Year.

12. The 800#s could be just hours away.

13. The GCR should happen between now and next Tues. Jan. 31 2017.

14. If you have Humanitarian projects that warrant it, don't be afraid to negotiate higher rates on your Zim.


C. Jan. 26 2017 2:25 am EST GCR/RV Overview: "Aligned" - GCR/RV Overview - 02:00 EST - Thursday - January 26, 2017

1. The 2015 Paris Agreement (which contained the Global Currency Reset Agreement) was entered into force on Nov. 4, 2016, 30 days after the date on which at least 55 nations deposited their ratification, acceptance, approval or accession with the UN.

2. Per GESARA compliance regulations, new elections and asset backed currency must be publicly presented by each nation to be in good standing compliance with the Paris Agreement within 120 days of its implementing day, or by Thurs. Feb. 2, 2017.

3. The international law "back wall" date is Thurs. Jan. 26, 2017.

4. Today is also conveniently placed just before the Chinese New Year (Sat. Jan. 28, 2017) and Basel lll implementation day Feb. 1, 2017 (that is financially retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017).

5. Translated: The New Powers That Be had long planned this week to be the GCR/RV release period, and why the Dow was allowed to cross the 20,000 point threshold (for the first time in it's history) on Wed. Jan. 25, 2017.
D. Jan. 26 2017 12:01 am RV Update: "Blind Faith" - RV Update - 00:00 EST - Thursday - January 26, 2017

1. When the Dow crossed the 20,000 threshold the morning of Wed. Jan. 25 2017, that was the international business signal that our revaluation had indeed begun in earnest and that the new financial system was in fact, permanent.

2. To better summarize: the final buzzer has sounded, the game is over and we are victorious.

3. Soon the contact numbers we've been waiting for, praying for, living and dying for, will "appear" with unprecedented ease and within visible sight for all to see.

4. Enjoy your miracle, Dinarland. You have walked the path of blind faith loyally, and earned your divine blessing abundantly. God is with us.


E. Jan. 26 2017 10:08 am EST TNT SheperdGirl: "Next 24 Hours" - Intel from TNT SheperdGirl 1-26-17 My brother has a contact who is high up in a well-known group who said that they will begin exchanges by 4:00 pm EST, or within the next 24 hrs. He also said that the Dong would go first.

F. Jan. 26 2017 6:44 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Still Hearing it is Coming" - Thurs. PM WSOMN Chat w/ AdminBill I have not yet received a package with instructions and the 800#s, but still hear it is coming.

G. Jan. 26 2017 3:50 pm EST Info on the Zim by One Who Knows: "ZIM Question: Is It Revaluating?" - One Who Knows - 1.26.17 Re: "Question for One Who Knows"

1. Zimbabwe is the richest nation on the planet in natural resources. It's currency value will be based on the in-ground assets of the entire continent of Africa, not just Zimbabwe.

2. It's Currency has been reinstated in country and is now in circulation

3. It will become the "Reserve Currency" for the Continent of Africa

4. The currency will NOT have any zeros removed so says: Bruce, Yosef, Fisher, Zorra, Tank, and VERITAS.

5. It is such high value, that your signature on a Non Disclosure Agreement will be required no matter the rate you get.

6. It is so valuable, that there are over 1000 Exchange centers set up JUST FOR THE ZIM.

7. It is so valuable, that those who hold Zim, will be given the earliest appointment times because they want that money in the bank as soon as possible.

8. A single $100T Zimbabwe note is more valuable that any corporation, or asset on the planet.

9. The Zim Notes were printed on Bond paper, and actually considered Partial ownership of Africa. It is both a Currency and An extremely valuable Bond as well.

10. The GCR is NOT going to happen without the ZIM front and center. Some even say that it has to go first. If you have ZIM, you have got it made.

11. For more information: "RE: Questions on ZIM" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

H. Jan. 26 2017 GCR Update: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of January 26, 2017

I. Jan. 26 2017 11:08 am EST Chinese Central Bank Completes Trial Run on digital currency system: 

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has completed a successful trial run of a digital bank acceptance exchange, moving it closer to becoming the first central bank in the world to research and test its own digital currency, according to media agency Caixin. Citing sources from the PBOC, Caixin says on Dec. 15 2016 the central bank completed the trial in transactions and settlements of bank acceptance bills using a digital currency it developed.