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Tbucknor:  Question: how can US banks exchange on the lower denoms, which have not yet been released to the Iraqi public?   Also, if this is so, then how well does this bode for the large denomination currency which most of us hold?

Ecubucs:  tbucknor. Consider this: Maybe that's the whole plan. Drop a rate in now knowing that none or few have any LD's in the US. None of us can exchange yet! Right... But the banks are able to drop a rate in place for later?!?!?!

Ecubucs:  This way the banks may also be able to cover up employees from buying into the idea of what WE already have and IS legitimate IQD currency!

Dallred123:  Ecubucs I love the fact the banks can see the lower notes

Ecubucs:  Remember the LD's ARE the IQD Currency of the Future! Just seems like a great way to put rates in without letting us exchange just yet! Maybe!!!

Ecubucs:  Yep Yep dallred123 and the bank employers can breathe easy with their employees until they find out that the Old HD's are ALSO in circulation!!!

AJTexas:  Daz: Can you explain to those members why our large notes are still good and not to worry about the lower demons.

Yada:  OUR large denoms will be destroyed once we exchange and we will not receive any LD in the US,,however, then the people in Iraq take their higher notes, they will and can exchange for lower Denoms,,, once the rate is increased that is,,

Ecubucs:  yada there ya go... Great explanation!


SassyD:  Banks begin moving thousands of jobs out of Britain -- Banks are alrea​dy preparing to move thousands of jobs out of Britain after Prime Mini​ster Theresa May revealed that she wanted a complete break with the Eu​ropean Union. -- http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/18/news/economy/brexit-banks-financial-se​rvices/index.html





"Zim-Gate" - One Who Knows - 1.17.17, 18 JAN

"Zim-Gate" - One Who Knows - 1.17.17

I remember back when the nay-sayers used condescending language and talked down to us as if we were fools. I remember that they told us that we were stupid for buying the ZIM. Of course, that no longer works, especially in our House.

Then, it seemed that the new strategy was to team up, with one nay-sayer complementing and supporting the other. They tried to convince us that we would lose out if we were not in groups. Of course that doesn't work here as we recognize our own and could easily spot the new comers bearing bad news. Since then we have been told again and again by our trusted intel providers that we don’t need to be in a group to exchange. So, that strategy ended.

Now, comes the Friendly Caring person, who both agrees that we can exchange individually (Win), and that in fact the ZIM is valuable, and worth having (Win). However, the old but enduring argument that ZIM will have zeros lopped off has made its way into our House once again.. It doesn't matter how they say it, super tiny rate and no zeros off, or higher rate and take zeros off, the result is the same. Low total Value on the Zim. I don't know why these friendly newbies are suddenly so interested in our welfare, but if it is sincere, it is appreciated, none the less.

The Good News

I am not going to go head to head naming all of our well known and loved Intel providers who say there will be super high rates on the ZIM. I will just drop this good news on you. Just follow these steps:

1) Make Contact with the Exchange Centers when it is time.

2) Tell them that you have ZIM and watch how they treat you differently, and direct you to a special exchange center. (Zim is very special)

3) When you are at your appointment, ask for the High, Privately Negotiable, Sovereign Rates on all the main currencies (not just ZIM). Watch them drool when you show them your ZIM. You will then know the truth.

What is the Good News?

Simple. If there are high rates just like Bruce, Yosef, Fisher, Tank, VERITAS, and Zorra say, you will know for sure then and there. Fortunately, it doesn't matter what ANYBODY says on ANY blog, it will NOT stop you from getting the higher rates at your exchange, if you ask for them and have project ideas and/or interest in projects.

Importantly, there is NOTHING for you to do right now, except to wait for the right time to call for your appointment.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is so very simple. Either Bruce, Yosef, Fisher, Tank, VERITAS, and Zorra are lying about the extremely high ZIM rates and the special exchange centers just for Zim holders, or the Friendly New-Comers are lying. It can only be one or the other, and you will know for sure, which is which, very soon. The only way the bad guys and the nay-sayers can win is if you expect low rates and do not ask for the higher rates. How do you win? Simple: Expect high rates and ask for them.

Signed: One Who Knows


Tommy17:  A lot of good news today.   Interesting that Mosul and oil and gas laws are being announced with the inauguration of trump this week. Ditto Frankie Frankie has been talking about this on his conference calls

Iggy:  i don't understand all this currency change stuff...just because they want to put different pics on them don't mean anything to me imo...sure our notes say federal reserve on them but they are signed by the treasury secretary...could it be we already have the notes we need? we do things a little differently than other countries.

Whatever:  I do know that the federal reserve is not going away, so to say with certainty (some anyway) that we will have "treasury notes" as opposed to federal reserve notes is unrealistic, IMO. BTW, yes, I have studied the fallacy of fiat currency, read "The Creature from Jekyll Island", and studied the history of the FED and it's creation in 1913..I know that the FED is as federal as Federal Express, lol. There does seem to be a lot going on with the move to a digital/blockchain worldwide economy. Like you Iggy, I guess we'll see.

SlappySquirrel:  Does stability and Security equal the monetary reform?? For the longest time I heard that was the case. Then lately it has become no we need block chain.. or another was we need to see TRNS first before an RV, another is ooooo we still need Maliki in handcuffs and bars because hes stopping the monetary reform, which one is it?? Lol

It can't be all of them.. because I can go out and reach for things down the road and say nope, no RV till this happens or no RV till that happens.. Its a slippery slope that people read and run with and causes confusion on the forum... No me though, I'm a student!!!

Also one more point I'd like to make.. It seems like December the mooklah was referred to the whole month of January. Then like a CC later it became well January February is the mooklah.. then last CC the mooklah was now being defined as the 1st quarter. Am I missing something or can someone clarify what the mooklah means? Thanks God bless


ComingSoon:  IMO .... A good resource is the Bureau of Printing and Engraving ( a government agency within the United States Department of the Treasury) . You can study the entire history of US currency. When we  the gold standard (asset backed)  in 1971 for fiat currency there was no immediate issuance of "fiat notes" or withdrawal of "asset backed notes". Most people didn't even know happened. 

We have had Treasury notes in circulation at the same time as Federal Reserve notes, and they were treated equally as legal tender. 



Don961:  Iraqi PM wants full disclosure about 2003 US-led invasion

FILE - In this Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, file photo, Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaks during an interview with the Associated Press in Baghdad. Iraq’s prime minister is demanding full disclosure about events surrounding the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Haider al-Abadi says he would like to see a “thorough investigation” of America’s decision-making that took the U.S. forces from “liberating” the country from “Saddam (Hussein’s) terrorist regime” to “occupying” Iraq. (Khalid Mohammed, File/Associated Press)

By Sinan Salaheddin | AP January 18 at 8:04 AM

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s prime minister is demanding full disclosure about events surrounding the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Haider al-Abadi told reporters on Tuesday that he would like to see a “thorough investigation” of America’s decision-making that took the U.S. forces from “liberating” the country from “Saddam (Hussein’s) terrorist regime” to “occupying” Iraq.
Al-Abadi says the invasion in fact unleashed instability and “led to chaos” that persists to this day.

He added that America’s involvement in Iraq opened the doors for “all terrorist groups from all over the world to enter” the country — something Iraqis “paid dearly” for.

The Iraqi premier — in a veiled message to the incoming Trump administration — also said he hopes that “Iraqis will be compensated for the tragedies and catastrophes they endured .



1-18-2017  **  Dinar Guru Community News **  I'm saddened to report the dinar community has lost another guru.  Guru RCookie has passed at the age of 53.  Whether you agreed with his thoughts on the dinar or not he brought passion and a unique perspective for us all to enjoy and debate.  RCookie added much to the conversation.  He will be missed dearly.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  The latest guru posts will continue below...
1-18-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  The currency reset?  what the hell is that?  It doesn’t even exist and people are buying dinar because of it?  If you’re going to get into an investment get in for the right reasons.  With that said…I back every single thing I say, every number that I watch…It comes from the CBI, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Finance and Parliament.  You can’t get around it.  They are the ones who are saying they are going to add value to the currency…not me.  I’m just following it.  It’s not like one day I just woke up and said I should go out and buy dinar…Iraq has the ability to add value to their currency and they have the ability to do exactly what they said they are going to do…get their currency to a buck.  [Post 1 of 2]

1-18-2017   Newshound Guru loop
   Article:  "The central bank issued new instructions to regulate the process of selling the dollar"   Quote:  "...the instruction stresses the need to achieve the main objective of the Central Bank, a knowledge of the ultimate beneficiary and the preservation of hard currency for Iraq through the optimal use in order to serve the national economy and sustainable development..."    "a knowledge of the ultimate beneficiary"  The IBANs make this very easy to track.  The actions that are happening in the bank sector right now are a huge indicator of where Iraq is headed and that should make everyone in this room very very excited.

1-18-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
   Article:  "Central bank: deletion of zeros from the currency deferred for the time being"   Deferred for the time being...When I read this... my first thought was... THEY ARE READY TO GO... To say deferred for the time being is NOT "Iraqi LINGO"....If he had a teleprompter I would say the UST was on the other end typing...I expect to see BIG NEWS at anytime and not thinking in terms of weeks.

1-18-2017   Newshound Guru loop
   [did the budget ever get in the gazette yet?]  Yes.  The Budget was published in the Gazette on Sunday.

1-18-2017   Intel Guru Bruce 
   The flag ...the gift from China...in Mosul...is in a very special part of the city, it is flying...we are looking to get some type of acknowledgement of take back of Mosul and the new international rate for the Iraqi dinar. Is the rate in the budget? Yes.  It is in the Gazette? Yes. Visible to us?  No, still being kept from us. Just like Mosul. We are looking for that to be revealed. As far as Iraq concern, they have done all they were suppose to do.  Everything is pointing to pre-Inauguration.





Bruce:  Welcome everybody. Let’s talk about where we are on the Intel. 

It intrigues me I get this information throughout the day sometimes late at night. It comes from a variety of sources.  My job is to sort of get the information and discern and rightly divide the truth.

Sue and I talked a lot about that to try to determine what we are hearing and where we are in terms of this whole big picture. Because you know I really didn’t expect to do a regular Big Call tonight. I thought we would have by everything I was hearing have it by now. 

Now we are hearing since the Inauguration is on Friday, does it mean we have to wait until the Inauguration is past for this to go through? I thought no, it wouldn’t be delayed. We would have it any day any night now. That has been my feeling for weeks.

Now I look at this thing and it is possible, but I do not believe that the intent is to wait for us that are paying attention, listening to the Big Call, going on blogs, the so called internet group. That is us.

I still believe even at this late day with the Inauguration 3 days away the intent is for it to go before. It may not make it much more than day or so before, but I believe the intent is for it to go very soon. That is really what I am believing.

Bruce:  I know you guys on the last call on Thursday, I told you when I understood when John Q Public was going to start. I had some dates back then. I found out those dates were accurate. I believe I said the dates on the money.

If that is the case, then we need to go before because we are a special group to go before John Q Public starts. I really believe it. Unless the public gets pushed out, which I believe they are not, then before now and the 21st.

I will say at 8:30 last night the redemption center employees were contacted and ushered in and put on standby. This had never happen in 3 hours before. Usually 24 to 48 hours from notification in place and on standby. Usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Yesterday it took 3 hours. To me that meant urgency. The first time that ever happened.

Is that where we are on standby? You have to go from standby to active. Active is when they are literally waiting for people to go through the doors. I have not heard they are active. Before that we were on a skeleton crew between 1 to 3 people per shift per redemption center. Now we are at full staff.

We appreciate those of you out there, Wells Fargo and HSBC, in these redemption centers, these 2600 redemption centers across the US and Canada. I appreciate that and many listen to the Big Call. They have waited as we have waited.

Bruce:  Iraq. Iraq has had a real rate on back screens, not visible to the normal banking system since January 1st. 17 days the new rate of the dinar has been on the back screens.

That rate is possibly going up toward that number I talked about that Shabbi had mentioned in 2012 and mentioned again on December 26, 2016. That number was mentioned in parliament in Iraq that they can support $16.10.  I heard we are approaching that number.

Has that rate been put out yet in Iraq?  I will say that the people in Iraq have received their back pay all the way back to Jan 1st. They have received that just now.

The flag I told you about, the gift from China, 38 ft tall, 60 ft long, in Mosul. It is in a very special part of the city, it is flying, considered it in a final resting place. What we are looking to get some type of acknowledgement of take back of Mosul and the new international rate for the Iraqi dinar. Is the rate in the budget? Yes.  It is in the Gazette? Yes. Visible to us?  No, still being kept from us. Just like Mosul. We are looking for that to be revealed. As far as Iraq concern, they have done all they were suppose to do.

Bruce:  The loan to the US was making according to the IMF that had a mandate of a billion dollar loan made to Iraq and needed to be insured. We had up to midnight last night for those bonds to be insured. Why didn’t we make it last night at midnight?  Did someone decide to hold this up?  Seems to be the trend.

Shortly after that when it did not go through, certain things occurred with certain new people that allowed for that insurance wrap to be guaranteed and put in place. At same time late last night 4 other countries offered a billion dollars.

This was the UK, Japan, Russia, later today United Emirates in which each offering a billion dollar in bonds insured as a loan to Iraq. That satisfied from my understanding the IMF requirement. We satisfied ourselves when it wasn’t satisfied after midnight.  Now, tomorrow or Thursday Iraq will offer their own guarantee insured gold back bonds for sale.

Bruce:  It seems weird Iraq needed a loan of a billion dollars, More shenanigans by the IMF? Yes. Let’s watch what happens. For those bonds by Iraq to be offered, do they need a rate to be visible for those bonds to have value? Yes. If offered tomorrow that rate should be visible. If on Thursday, those rates would be visible on Thursday. When it wasn’t done at midnight, within an hour it did occur, things did happen.

Bruce:  We are from what I heard special late last night things really moving even from the far east, but also from our own treasury to provide liquidity for those already exchanged waiting to have access to their funds.

A lot of bond trading been moving today. Quite a few accounts of the SKR variety of Tier 3 were made liquid starting this afternoon. Some more of the groups are being contacted, pre-advised. Church groups are getting good information when their liquidity is to take place and have access of that. Tier 4 is next and looking for notification of toll free number to set our appointment and go in. We should be right there at the door.

Based on that information I heard. Everything is lining up for us to execute this. I have heard different contacts speak to my contacts acting bewildered saying you don’t have it yet? People around the world indicating we should be there from Australian bankers to other people in the know.

I am encouraged where we are and still believe that the information about the notification for everybody is very soon to come. I hope that information is going to come to us on the Big Call and share it appropriately and if given that honor to do so.

Bruce:  Everything is pointing to pre-Inauguration. However, we know that the President elect is in favor of this going quickly. I believe that given that information we will not have to wait should this carry to all the way to the Inauguration.  We don’t have to wait not very long after that moment I believe.

The desire to do it prior to Friday, I believe.  Not calling a date or day. I am just giving you an idea how close we are. I probably said more than I should.

Bruce:  Do you quit your plan A now?  NO, you don’t. If you are in a job, you got to hang in there until you walk out of your redemption of your exchange. Then you contact your employer and make changes that you need to make. If you love your job continue it that.

Most of us, 95 percent will go a new way, a new direction because we will have in front of us much to do. I am looking forward to that myself. I, Sue, Bob, Kent, and everybody is looking forward to that.  We are all in the same boat to run with this.  I am excited about it.

Bruce:  Where we are with the projects? Retreat sites planned all over the country, 85 sites our listeners have decided they wanted to be part of. That is when we had about 1500 listeners that wanted to be part of this.  The idea is not to take donations for this, but fund this privately without government help or intervention.  

I think I will ask for leaders to be part of what we have in mind. If you don’t have a project or calling, you can be a part of The Big Call Projects such as Veterans Retreat, Rebuild America and then around the world. We want to raise the living standards and life styles in housing, water, job creation, and education, all those pillars in these projects equally optional. Good food, clean water, proper strong housing, energy, all have a decent standard of living. We want to be part of this of what will be happening throughout the earth.

I am excited starting here and take it internationally. That is the direction I intend to go with the hope many of you wish to be part of this also. We can learn from each other and not reinvent the wheel, apply it to this country and internationally. We want to help other countries where we are welcome. We will go in humble and wish to help people to improve their lives. This is what this is all about, humanity.

Bruce:  After this goes through, we will probably take couple weeks off, but put information about our calls on our website: thebigcall.net.

Our calls will be more like podcasts where you can listen when you want to. I can’t wait to put all our plans together. We will start with the Veteran Retreat Network. I am excited getting started and want to get started before the Inauguration. Hope that is the case.

Bruce:  My intention is to do a quick recorded celebration call between now and ‘Thursday. Don’t know for sure that will happen, but hope it does. If I am traveling, I will try to do my call from a remote location, but I hope I will do a celebration call before Thursday.  We may not have a Thursday call because we may have a pre-recorded celebration call before that.

Bruce:  I appreciate everybody coming in tonight. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and all of you out there on the Big Call. I appreciate all of you. It is a well oiled team that comes together that edifies each other.  This will come at the proper time. I am looking forward to it as you all are. Stay with that, and look for our redemption drawing near.

Bruce:  Thank you for the listenership to the Big Call for coming in faithfully every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Thank you to the new listeners as well that have plugged in.  

Make sure you ask for a high enough rate so you can withstain the longevity of your projects well beyond your years, 20, 50, even 100 years. We plan to do that. We plan to be around for a long time. Let’s believe in that.  Let’s move in that direction and take advantage what God will bring to us for this blessing.

Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 18 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Jan. 18 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 18 Jan. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Jan. 17 2017 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. It is possible to have the GCR after the Inaguration Jan. 20, but Bruce believes that it is the intent for it to go at any time from now until Jan. 21.

2. The public should start after Jan. 20.

3. At 8:30 EST last night Jan. 16 a full staff of personnel were called in and put on standby at the redemption centers.

4. Since Jan. 1 the new rate of the Dinar has been on the bank back screens.

5. The Dinar rate appears to be approaching $16.10.

6. The Iraqi flag is flying in Mousel.

7. In Iraq the new Dinar rate has been passed in Parliment and published in their Gazette, although it is not yet available to us.

8. Late last week 5 countries insured bonds as a loan to Iraq, which satisfied the GCR requirement. Iraq is going to offer their own gold backed bonds tomorrow. For those bonds to have value the rate should be visible.

9. Late last night Jan. 16 2017 things were really moving from the far East and from the US Treasury - bonds and bond trading occured today Jan. 17.

10. SKRs for Tier 3 were made liquid this afternoon Jan. 17.

11. Today Jan. 17 Church groups were getting intel on when they will be liquid.

12. Based on the intel Bruce has received we are right at the door.

13. Trump is in favor of the GCR going quickly and as soon as he can make it happen.


B. Jan. 17 2017 10:37 am and 12:03 am EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Inching Rapidly" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel Update 1-16-17 "Week to Remember?" - Tues. PM WSOMN Tweet, Thoughts w/ AdminBill I received a message with permission to share:

1. Tonight Monday Jan. 16 2017, brings excellent news with a possibility of an increase in value of all currencies that will occur shortly before, or shortly after the Presidential Inauguration on Friday Jan. 20.

2. This information comes from multiple separate sources who are in agreement.

3. Use common sense in developing your own opinion but it appears we are inching rapidly to the finish line.

4. ADMINBILL Tweet: #WSOMN2015 Could this be a week to remember? So I am being told. All currencies with activity starting later this week. Are we there yet?


C. Jan. 17 2017 10:49 am EST "Good Signs" by Infinite Power: "Rate Can be Changed" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts/News

1. Budget in Gazette (which has been published, indicating the kingpin of the RV - the Iraqi Dinar - has gone international).

2. New US president installed on Jan. 20. (Obama, who has been holding the GCR up, will no longer have the power to do so after the Inaguration).

3. Several banks are buying and selling the Iraqi Dinar (Indicating the Iraqi Dinar, the kingpin of the GCR, has gone international).

4. Dow Jones close to 20,000 (Todays Jan. 17 2017 Intel Report stated: "The Dow Jones Industrial Average must eclipse 20k to automatically unlock the 800#s")

5. It's early in 2017 (The GCR was said set for release in early 2017).

6. CBI has not updated. (Normally the CBI updates on the 1st and 15th of the month, which hasn't yet happened for Jan. 2017).

7. My point: "Things are looking good for a RV"

D.Jan. 17 2017 1:25 pm Sheldan Nidle Update: Excerpts of Sheldan Nidle's Update for January 17, 2017

1. The procedures agreed upon continue to move forward with emphasis on security.

2. This operation has kept the public in the dark until certain primary security points are reached - paramount to the success of this process.

3. The initial elements remain the global introduction of the new treasury monies from the new Republic, the complex RV operation in America and the breakout of the GCR.

4. These new monies are to be accompanied by the official roll out of the new international financial system.

5. The new designated President would explain NESARA and the jubilee to all, permit disclosure and finally commence our broadcasts to you.

6. This is to set the stage for other events that can force world peace and a way to produce the environment dreamed of when NESARA was first proposed in the late 1990s.

7. One of the major events to follow the rise of NESARA and the new NESARA Republic is the formal implementation of the new financial system.

8. The new international banking system is already being rolled out in China, the rest of Asia and then to be made dominant in Europe, the Americas and Africa.

9. New global currencies are to encourage a new prosperity for all and the formal termination of debt slavery.


E. Jan. 17 2017 10:46 am EST News Frank26: "Final Stage" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 On Jan. 10 2017 Masum DID approved the (Iraqi) budget for the fiscal year of 2017 and sent it to the official Gazette for publication, so why is their Gazette showing the budget date as Jan. 9 if it was approved on Jan. 10?

1. Because they tell us When, How and What they want to.

2. Because the Gazette had it long before Jan. 9th.

3. Because the new Dinar rate is about to come out.

4. Because DELTA said so.

5. All of the above?


F. Jan. 17 2017 1:59 am EST Intel Situation Report: Intel SITREP - 01:00 EST - Tuesday - January 17, 2017

1. Multiple agency contacts are completely blacked out as of earlier Mon night 6pm EST.

2. White Hat contacts say, "Things are silent for good reasons. Be patient."

3. Military contacts saying, "800 numbers an any minute scenario but "go" decision still rests with Dunford."

4. With all this "good news," here we still are @ 1:00 am Tues. Jan. 17 2017 morning less an official authorization.

5. Call centers and off-site exchange locations are 100% staffed and ready to service the initial public rush.

6. Every nation of the free world is dependent upon the GCR/RV to fulfill its promise. No country is immune from needing this to convert ASAP.

7. All go or none go is a real thing. Israel being forced to acknowledge Palestine's sovereignty at the UN was a key factor in terms of timing.

8. Local bank branches are now eager to start as some were informed about the revaluation and trained over the weekend.

9. The authorization decision is not a banking decision, nor is it a domestically political decision. It's about global safety as it relates to the geopolitical mechanisms of power & perhaps a little the public restoration of the Republic's good name.

10. Our economy means a lot to the rest of the world in terms of growth so until the US goes, the rest of the world is made to wait.

11. Jan. 17 2017 morning's Dow Jones Industrial Average market open will tell the story about performance before Inauguration Day.

12. If the DJIA opens over 20,000, we've probably already gone.

13. If the DJIA opens below 20,000, look for movement anytime before the following weekend Jan. 27, 28, 29 2017.

14. (As of 8:30 am EST Jan. 17 2017 the DJIA was at 19,885.73)

15. In order for the 800#s to be released the T4s need some combination of three factors: Safety, DJIA eclipsing 20k and/or waiting until after Inauguration Day.

A) Safety (take your pick of legitimate threats we don't have a clue about).

B) DJIA must eclipse 20k to automatically unlock 800#s (possibly at the last 72 hours before Obama leaves office so he gets no credit).

C) Waiting till after Inauguration Day to fulfill both constitutional and NESARA protocols (Obama must be 100% gone).

16. Technically, Trump was already legally ratified as President due to his electoral college win. If he were to quit before taking the oath, VP Pence would assume the Presidency until the House of Representatives voted in a replacement President.

17. It doesn't matter whether the Administration ends up with some combination of Trump, Ryan, Pence or Dunford because post RV it will be our time to shine.

18. So keep the faith, trust your gut, and stay in Yeshua's peace. There's no other global alternative but a currency revaluation for a global financial reset. God is with us.

G.. Jan. 17 2017 11:02 am EST Dinar Chronicles Intel blackout: Website Update - Information Blackout

1. To quote this statement from the most recent SITREP, "Multiple agency contacts are completely blacked out as of earlier Monday night Jan. 16 2017 6pm EST." Intel SITREP - 01:00 EST - Tuesday - January 17, 2017

2. So far today Jan. 17 2017 there has been no information coming in from any source. This is very odd and unusual for a Tues, the most busy day of the week for this site.


H. Jan. 17 10:41 pm EST by One Who Knows: "Zim-Gate" - One Who Knows - 1.17.17

1. Make Contact with the Exchange Centers when it is time.

2. Tell them that you have ZIM and watch how they treat you differently, and direct you to a special exchange center. (Zim is very special)

3. When you are at your appointment, ask for the High, Privately Negotiable, Sovereign Rates on all the main currencies (not just ZIM). Watch them drool when you show them your ZIM. You will then know the truth.

4. If there are high rates just like Bruce, Yosef, Fisher, Tank, VERITAS, and Zorra say, you have a shot to get them if you ask for them and have project ideas and/or interest in Humanitarian projects.

5. There is NOTHING for you to do right now, except to wait for the right time to call for your appointment.

I. TETELESTAI 800#s is the official "Go" for exchanges & found here: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/ If there were no 800#'s, the TETELESTAI post would still be published & contain useful information for exchanging your currencies.