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January 09, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.  
First I want to invite everyone to ask questions in replay to THIS NEWS LETTER. It is time for me to request you questions and give you solid answers, at least to the extend I know.  I do not do this often, so please ask you questions as a result from this news letter. GeorgeH agreed he would assist and forward them to me. I try to answer as many as I can in my next news letter.
Please limit your questions to the topic of the Iraqi dinar and no other currency. Remember this is all about the Iraqi dinar and nothing else. 

Some of these intel gurus have expanded this dinar investment community to include other topics of no value. So do not bring intel from these gurus to me because I will not answer these types of ridiculous questions. These questions refer to Nesara, the New Republic and a GCR. All three of these are nothing but nonsense and I will not waist my time.  I have tried to help many and so it is up to you to ignore them and hope they simply go away. They will too but you have to be persistent in your efforts to ignore them. With discipline you have to be strong and don’t even peak. You already know what they are going say. It never changes so why bother peaking?

So now here is a typical response to my latest news letter dated Jan 6th (LINK).  I will try to help with these concerns and clarify in this news letter today…Okay?

Question #1

1/6/2017 03:11:55 pm
Thank you for the new's. I know you don't know the when of it. But you are confusing me. You give us a bone and then take it away. What is the next phase you keep mentioning? to me it is either going to happen or it's not. And I don't know if I can make it another year.”
Mnt Goat response begins –
Glad you are making an effort to learn about your investment. Seems you are thinking perhaps like you have been already brain washed to think. It is not all about some magical date when someone pulls a trigger and …….wamo its all better and everyone is filthy rich! NOT!
But instead the “project to delete” the zeros has many components to implement and like Dr Shabiib had told us in 2011 that the effort is a multi-year, a 5 year effort. Then they told us again in early 2015 that it was a 2 year effort, (meaning three years had passed and two more remained). Then in late 2015 they told us 1 more year remained (meaning 4 years had passed and 1 more year remained), and we should look for it in early 2017. Do you get it now? I do not throw out any “bones” to you and then take them a back. I am following the delete the zeros process. The process is muti-phased. I am guiding you thru the process.
Okay so I have tried to explain the project to delete the zeros over and over again to everyone. It appears FOX that you still do not get it. We do not know all the individual parts to the plan but we know the process. First they must get 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of circulation and do it in a timely manner. So what do we see recently?
A huge, huge banking reforms. Do you think perhaps this anything to do with the currency reform? Maybe?
So thing regards we see the implementation of the e-dinar and thus the payment of salaries and pensions using electronic banking. Also they wanted to cancel the currency auctions too but this also collects the dinars in exchange for US dollars. If they worked like they were designed to work (no corruption) all the US dollars should balance out in payment for goods and services. Thus more dinar off the streets. So personally I do not think at this time and this late in the process of the delete the zero project that they will stop the currency auctions until they rollout the currency international.
Next they are instituting the POS (point of sale) debit card machines at the marketplace so citizens can use their debit cards without going the ATM to get cash. What good is a debit card if you can’t use it? Funny  how they began to issue these cards way back years ago but then the ATM machines were down and the merchants could not charge them since they had no machines. So in many provinces they gave up and began paying out in cash again. But now this trend is reversing and spreading very quickly.
They want to keep cash down to bare minimum. WHY? BECAUSE OF THE PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS! Did you hear me this time? I said BECAUSE OF THE PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS!
Now we don’t know what we don’t know. So what other pieces are needed in the project to delete the zeros? We know of a couple more pieces. That of the launching of the lower denominations. But his too is not all at once. It is a slow rollout as the value of the dinar increased more and more of the newer lower denominations will be rolled out. They will begin with the ones that are the most practical to rollout first. They already told us these are the 50, 100 and 250 notes. Remember there are still many more newer lower denominations besides these. Here is a list of all the new lower deniminations:  
Taken from an Oct 6th 2016 article and I quote:
According to the monetary and banking law, we have to go back to the basic sources which constitutes a strong factor in restoring confidence to our national currency, which deleted three zeros from the currency now put in circulation coins and paper dinar parts, including (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils) ..”
But what we do know is this. When they do launch those lower denominations they must give some substancial value to the Iraqi dinar else why bother. It would not make any sense. Would it? I mean common logic alone tells us they must increase the value.
Please go to the CBI web site: 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Mnt Goat response ends

Question #2

1/6/2017 05:03:18 pm
Is there any correlation to the 1 billion dollar loan from the U.S. just approved to Iraq to the RV? Thanks

Mnt Goat response begins

Do you want the long answer or the short version….lol…lol….

Why ask this question? Do you think it is relevant? Why do you have to ask since you can’t see the relevancy yourself thus it probably is not relevant.  I do not have a magic ball.

There is absolutely no connection whatsoever. But I will add that it does show that the USA now likes all the reforms and efforts put forward by the Abadi administration that they now approved this loan where just a short time ago would not. This is all a positive sign the USA is now going to back Iraq. But most of this comes from the new TRUMP administration on the horizon not the current Obama administration. Just so you know.

Is the USA now backing Iraq? Didn’t the USA back Iraq before? This is an easy question to answer since I have to say the Obama administration did not have any real strategy or policy for Iraq other than to let the CIA have their way with Iraq. We see very much the same scandal and conspiracy take place in Iraq as in Panama. There is a definite Method of Operation (MO) CIA strategy being played out in Iraq. One has to wonder who leads the USA people the USA government (, President, Congress and the Senate) or the CIA?

The USA backed the former prime minister Nori al-Maliki and we can see what that did for the people (the corruption, prisons and multitude of suffering), the build up is ISIS and the equipping of ISIS as they took over all the USA military equipment left behind from the 2011 pullout. Why did the USA let this happen?

First of all they supported Maliki because they knew he would not agree to another Status of Forces agreement. Thus the USA had to pull out in 2011. In doing so they intentionally left behind all that military equipment and stockpiles of mortars, ammo and other goodies. This was intentional so ISIS could get them later have them to begin a civil war in Iraq. This would eventually force the need to bring back US forces and sell equipment to arm Iraq against ISIS. The CIA plot worked and eventually the USA signed a new and improved Status of Forces Agreement, as we recently witnessed. Now the USA is in Iraq to stay. Just what the CIA wanted. But the USA has to be careful not to give the impression they are occupying Iraq again. This they certainly do not want to do. They also need a staging area and airbases for attacks into Syria. This may or may not be anything you don’t already know or suspected was happening.

Also the overall plan by the USA in the long term has been to split Iraq into three sectarian states. Joe Biden has stated this many times. Iraq resisted and still resists. After all Kurdistan has all the oil. The USA wants to control the oil. They are not so much concerned about the humanitarian aspects, as this usually is not their top priority.

The civil war (I feel was instigated by the USA CIA) was the means to finally accomplish this end. But is also backfired on them too (as their meddling usually does cause more harm than good) and Iraq is even more united now than ever as they fight ISIS and will soon institute the National Guard law. We also see for the first time a real potential for a HCL being passed in parliament in the coming weeks. A good sign of cooperation between Baghdad and Kurdistan. The soon to be implemented Reconciliation law too is going to have huge impacts to this goal on non-sectarianism. 

Hope this helped?

Mnt Goat response ends

An article from the recent past:

The Governor of the Central Bank Governor of the Central Bank relationship for "range": equal dollar Dinar threatens domestic production and delete zeros depends on stability
(remember this is an old article from Oct 2016. I only copied a portion of it)

author: ZJ Editor: 2016/06/22 01:06
Baghdad might be talking in economic and financial affairs many anxieties have followers, is the modern day living is linked to the individual and how to move the economy faced many pitfalls impede progressincluding currency, dinar, dollar and speculation the currency auction raised many doubts and questions, in addition to the work Civil and foreign banks and money transfer companies, and how to get out of the financial crisis affecting Iraq, and until the last IMF loan with falling oil prices and its repercussions, being the sole supplier, which had a negative impact on the amount of Central Bank reserves of foreign currency, according to specialists may not cover reserve three months import to Iraq. (three months of reserves in CBI remained in Oct 2016 according to this article. This is not the first of this kind of article in the past. They must make a change and do it soon. Now is Jan 2017 already. They are counting on oil prices rising steadily to bring in more cash reserves to overcome this issue. But the issue still exists and the IMF will make them resolve it sooner than later).

From: Zahra Jassem
Iraq says 'deal reached' with Turkey over troops withdrawal

January 7, 2016

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met with his Turkish counterpart Binyali Yildirim in Baghdad

We also learned recently there is an agreement that came after Abadi met with his Turkish counterpart Binyali Yildirim in Baghdad to discuss Turkish troops presence in the town of Bashiqa. They have been stationed there since before the Mosul offensive began last year, much to the ire of Baghdad and sparking angry protests in the capital. Iraqi state TV reported that Turkey has pledged to "respect the sovereignty of Iraq", and that both countries agreed not to interfere in each other's domestic matters. (so now this is clear. Turkey is NOT attempting to take over Iraq….lol…lol..as many of these intel gurus want you to fear is happening…lol…lol……So no more fear mongering about Turkey. The only Turkey you should be worrying about is what will be on your table next Thanksgiving…lol…)

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Legal representative: three important laws will be discussed at the next session of parliament
Baghdad} Euphrates News said the parliamentary legal committee member Hassan Turan, said that "three important laws will be discussed in the next session of parliament.
He Tauran told {Euphrates News} Friday, that " the laws that will be discussed in the next session of parliament is the Supreme Judicial Council Act, which continues to spin him some points of contention and the Act to amend the provincial elections and the law of the Federal Court , which is to include the House of Representatives and pending blocs agree Home him.

It is scheduled that the House of Representatives to hold its first session in the legislative term on Tuesday, 01.10.2017. 

It is said that several laws approved in Parliament crashes since the previous sessions and the most important of the National Guard, oil and gas and the Supreme Judicial Council of the Federal Court Rules after disagreements revolve around by the political blocs.  (so once again they are telling us what the priority is going to be and that these three laws are included. This is the third time they have told us these three laws are important. Why are they telling us this? BECAUSE THEY ARE IMPORTANT! Did you quite your mind for a second and listen…..these are important and of high priority)
Government measures to raise the value of the dinar and prevent monopoly sale Atar..anchae governmental banking company
The observer of the Iraqi - Mushtaq Hasnawi
CBI is seeking to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar in the domestic market during the next term in coordination with the government and private banks through several steps in the forefront of the establishment of government banking company controls the sale of foreign currency by the Central Bank of the recommendations, as well as all other administrative steps will contribute to the reduction of the high dollar exchange rate despite the infusion central bank large amounts of dollar to meet domestic market needs, but the government and the central bank 's policy of relying on oil to bring in hard currency for the country may cause future economic problems in the country. (they are telling us if they don’t do this dinar revaluation now against the dollar and rely on oil to bring in revenues of dollars to exchange to pay foreign debt this will cause more future economic problems in the long run. Basically they need dinars to have a value enough to use for foreign trade and not the dollar. It can’t get any clearer what they are about to do)

And sees specialists that there is fraud of the documents under which banks and dealers get hard currency from the bank auction and that befuddled the process of selling them in the domestic market, driving up the dollar’s exchange rate against the dinar, and the security forces did not take any actions against the counterfeiters in spite of filing complaints. (we already know this as they are telling us again the merchants are forging documents to get dollars out of the CBI to show they have foreign debt but in reality they are only using the dinar to get dollars to bring them outside of Iraq. Most of these dollars are funding terrorism and going to Iran to counter the embargo. This is depleting the CBI dollar reserves. So the process they set up to pay foreign debt and keep the dollars and dinars out of the hands of would be terrorists is not working and the process must be changed. They have tried many different policies in this regard but they are not working)

Barzani: Steps Reformation began in Kurdistan and they need to have two issues resolved
Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani during his supervision at an expanded meeting of the bodies and institutions responsible for monitoring the reform steps in the region, said the process needs to coordinate more and clarification and announcement of public opinion, adding that the aim of the meeting is to assess the reform projects and confront corruption and create coordination and cooperation between All institutions and follow - up mechanisms to identify and implement the necessary steps. 

According to a statement by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, on Saturdayit was reported to the Twilight News, that Barzani oversaw the expanded meeting to review the reform processes, held resort of Salahuddin in the capital Arbil. 

The statement noted that the meeting was attended by head of the provincial government Naچervan Barzani and his deputy , Qubad Talabani , the head of the Integrity Commission in the province , Ahmed Anwar, the chief prosecutor in the province , the judge Jawad al- Fattah Agha , the head of the Judicial Council Acting Judge Bnگan and Chairman of Supreme Audit Khalid Hadi چaohley. (meeting and reviewing the Reconciliation law with the Kurdistan judicial system)

The statement noted that Barzani said the goal of the meeting , which was held to assess the reform projects and confront corruption and create coordination and cooperation between all institutions and follow - up mechanisms to identify and implement the necessary steps. 

In this regard , Barzani said it 's true that the process has begun , but it needs to coordinate more and continuously clarify and declare for the operation of public opinion steps, asking the audience put their observations on those steps.

The statement noted that the head of the provincial government Naچervan Barzani announced that in the light of the instructions and decisions of the president of the region in February 10 last year , the Ministry of Finance and Audit transparent oil revenues have been many and practical steps taken continuously in the light of those decisions and instructions.

The statement pointed out that the deputy head of the provincial government Qubad Talabani gave the necessary explanations on the steps and obstacles and work program of the government.

The statement added that the institutions concerned officials gave oral reports Bhot steps of those institutions in the context of the reform processes, have been talking about the Integrity Commission are finalizing a draft "national strategy to combat corruption" in the final stages for the next five years. 

The statement noted that the audience talked about interest that this national project and complete a comprehensive and co - linked by all parties and not vengeance projects are dealt with under the themes of law and justice, adding that he needed to media cooperation and political backing from both sides.

He said he was stressed that the process is a continuous process and should not put any obstacles in front of the party reform process.

The statement noted that in the conclusion of the meeting decided to hold an expanded meeting on Monday , 16 January , being in the prime minister of the provincial council in the presence of representatives of the presidency of the province and equipment and relevant institutions to participate in this meeting to find and process a formula that each side 's proposal through the mechanics of a map in the framework of the Commission Supreme format to follow up on all repairs.

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat


Dinar Chronicles. Fair Question.

Hang in there

We will exchange when the time comes and it will be done by institutions who have prepared and trained for this event

Charlatans are now preying on people's sense of desperation and fear this will not happen.

Even if they show certain documents and legal forms. The sovereign group train left the station months ago.



1-9-2017   Newshound Guru Shredd
   Article:  "Central Iraq" supports the currency delete the "zeros" dinar Great to see this is still on track. The initial steps could be very telling as to what we can expect.

1-9-2017  Intel Guru Frank26
    Quotes from articles:  "Central Bank: the deletion of zeros in early 2017"  "The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that project to delete the zeros will be implemented in early 2017..."   "He added that the bank is working on mechanisms for the implementation of the project, it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017."  "Start procedures to delete three zeros from the currency in 2017 ...their goal is to do this at the start of 2017 not later.  I think around the first of June where they came out and said we are going to cancel all of this...but I tell you what...we are going to do this in the early part of 2017...we will pick up right where we left off...there were a lot of reasons...the Stability and Security of our country is horrible...we’ve been invaded by DAASH...and here is another thing...and this is the profound part...legally we can’t raise the value of our currency in the middle of a year...we will do it at the early part of 2017"

1-9-2017   Newshound Guru MadDScout
   My anticipation is with what parliament does on its session to come...This one is chock ful...And this one is Abadi's chance to redeem himself to parliament according to reports...   Ministers...3 at the moment...Interior, defense and, finance?

1-9-2017   Newshound Guru tlm724
   Article:  "Central Iraq" supports the currency delete the "zeros" dinar ...the CBI has given us ample information yearly about the project. First they say we have a green light and then they recant saying "we aren't quite ready yet" because it was true, they weren't ready.  I am excited for 2017 and all the promise it holds. We are fortunate enough to be able to read and study daily and with a little discernment we do get a pretty good picture as to what Iraq is doing. We know they have and are taking the steps outlined by the CBI to get this project launched once and for all. Parliament is supposed to resume their sessions on Jan 10th or there about. We need to see a few laws revised and implemented to insure a smooth transition to a free market economy and more importantly we need to see the economic laws to protect their wealthYou know just as well as I do that the IMF, the World Bank and the US Treasury have their hands in Iraq's piggy bank and they aren't going to let Iraq slip with this, there is too much at stake.

1-9-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [Guru] RCookie was talking about...a very interesting article...RCookie's article spoke to the border crossing thrust to regulate "currency smuggling" - my take?   IMHO - they don't want "unauthorized" currency transfers OUTSIDE the country... ask yourself why?  [they are getting ready to revalue their currency?]  They have pretty much told us so... in a number of different ways.  ...I am suspicious the "outside" number is the one they are most concerned with.  Why would they tell us?  Because they don't care if you know...they aren't talking to you and I...AND Shabibi did say - they would tell (educate) their people leading up to this event/start of "the project"...