Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we come here tonight requesting guidance and protection form those people who are trying to mislead us into believing that their opinions are right so as to throw us off track as we continue in our faith that this will happen at a time of Your choosing thus reducing our spirit and causing disbelief to enter into our hearts and thoughts.

Dear Lord God Almighty, at times we feel that we are stuck in a briar patch with the thorns of disbelief surrounding us and causing pain in our spirits for those who do not wish us well in this endeavor. Please continue to watch over us Lord as we continue the battle between right and wrong. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to sing your praises in three church services today. To You, all the Glory Lord.

It’s been a really tough day today folks three and one half hours of sleep after all my nightly prayer sessions for those who have asked for personal prayers then coupled with being on my feet greeting folks at Walmart, and checking register receipts as shoppers leave the store has taken it’s toll on me as well. Somewhere around 3 or 4 PM I began having light pains in my chest. Pains stopped and I finished the day.

Rest well my dear friends. Just try to keep one thought in your minds. When you allow yourself to accept depression, you open the door for satin’s legions to start filling you mind with doubts and unfounded suspicions which in turn causes you to feel helpless and eventually worthless in the eyes of your friends and family as depression eats away at your reasoning power. Instead remember “Our Destiny Awaits”

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I want to take this moment to give thanks for all of the prayers that have been answered for many of our members who were for a time having some serious health issues. Many of our affected members have taken the time to ask for prayers for themselves, their families, and their friends and they have reported back to me the answers they have received for the prayers.

Dear Lord God Almighty if it means we must wait for another time before this will happen I ask that you give our members the will and the means to hold on until the time is right whenever that is. Thank you Lord for all that you have provided for us and allowing us to draw strength from one another. Whenever our time comes Lord guide us to the best direction to make a good difference in our world.

Looks like our time wandering in the desert looking for the promised land still continues. Can you imagine what it was like to go through all that he had to go through only to be told that he could look into the promised land but was not allowed to go there himself. Kind of makes our wait pale in comparison. Doesn’t it? Still we must continue knowing that some of us may not make it to the RV. Remember them that don’t.

TED1016Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, onward through the uphill battles we travel as we search for answers and receive then same old rhetoric everything down Banks on standby and exchange canters manned, and prepared for the word or phrase to get things started. Father, is this going to be another one of those forty year waiting for the wisdom to handle what funds we receive?

Dear Lord God Almighty, as the days grow closer moving towards the end of this year, many of us are wondering just what the hold is going to be this time. Direct, guide and protect us as we continue down this seemingly never ending road we are traveling. Our faith is strong but the body grows week after each passing day of no reaction. Keep us safe lord as we continue onward while some fall by the roadside.

Certainly again, not the words I was hoping to be typing this early morning while many of our members sleep around us. Oh for another peaceful night of sleep but a quick glance at our ledger shows little progress at best. Credit cards are always threatening to lower my credit score but for now more important things to keep up to date are Mortgage, Electricity, water, Internet services car payments and insurance.

Is it just me or do others believe that credit score ratings are nothing more than another way of creditors to raise interest rates? After the RV, one of that will matter to most of us. Lord I pray that I never allow myself to be pulled into the “Enjoy now, pay later” scam. Keep the faith my friends and always remember that, “Our Destiny Awaits” May God bless us all soon.

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