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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  What is special about tonight this marks 6 years of the Big Call. I actually started this call December 28, 2011. I think it would be fitting we do this call tonight and it be our last call. While Bob was speaking I got a text. I can tell you this, Bob, you better be ready to go for new orders starting tonight or tomorrow.

​The information I just got is so positive and powerful even though I can’t tell you exactly what it is I can tell you what it is about. It is about activity out west.  It has been confirmed to have started. That is a very good sign for those who understand groups, cores, SKRS, etc. That is the confirmation I got. I am not going to dwell on it, but I think it was absolutely vital and very good welcome news.

Bruce:  We had thought that we would not have a call tonight, and we would be essentially done. Maybe it was fitting we had this final call tonight.  I just think what I am hearing right now, it is not about Iraq anymore. We know that the dinar has been active and has been trading and been used in Iraq lower denominations. I don’t know if we will see a rate up on the CBI until Sunday when the Forex comes up Sunday night.
I think that is when we will see something. I know what the rate is approximately, and it is all very good.  It is moving up and it is being traded, and it is on its way up. That is good.

Bruce:  Other currencies are also being traded. Some of these currencies I don’t have really background in or have information on, but I knew one of them would come along nicely, the Philippine peso. I had a feeling about it all along because it was a little more expensive than the Vietnamese dong to buy, but I wonder if the Philippines might come along with the Vietnamese Dong.  I think these South Eastern Asian Countries are going to come up and be relatively close to each other maybe even 8% of each other.  That is what I have heard and I think it is probably true. A lot are trading partners and are in that part of the world. They can’t be far too off from each other.

Bruce:   We had heard years ago (this is sort of like the Big Call in review) that there would be 3 baskets of currencies. Then we heard no. All would be in one basket and all happen at the same time. We found out today there will be 3 baskets.  We are going to have the one we know about with maybe one or two more currencies in there.  Then we will have another one, than we will have another one all within a year.  I can’t tell you what currencies they are. Something you can look into. If you got Zima, there really is not much sense to look into anything else to be honest with you.  There will be two other baskets that will come up later on.

Bruce:  We did get that the banks had a soft ware upgrade today and it was installed around 10am EST this morning. The bank system was upgraded with software. Then we heard at 2pm today a system integrity test was done on that software with the banks.  We heard by last night by 1130pm the banks would be essentially ready for that upgrade.  They would be synced enough to be able to move forward today with some good stuff. We had a 11:30 as of last night, we had a 2pm this afternoon for the system integrity test which we have to believe was successful, and at 4pm EST all the Redemption Centers were staffed, fully staffed, and up and running ready to go. We weren’t fully sure over the holidays whether they would be ready and fully staffed, but they are now.  We have an opportunity to go between now and New Years.  I believe that is the plan to do that. I can’t and won’t call it to say it will happen. I believe good things have happened today that is pointing towards going down.

Bruce:  When we use Zim Swaps term or Zim trades, they are large amounts being traded. This was supposed to start at 7pm EST tonight. It started an hour early. It did throw off some of the buyers internationally. It happened at 128 different locations globally around the world at 6:30pm EST tonight.  I think that is really good.  Those Zim Swaps needed to happen and need to happen so that the Zim Platforms can have rates that they can begin to transact. My understanding is they may start sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Bruce:  We have sort of a time line of some things that have happened since last night all the way thru today and moving thru tomorrow that looks very good us for the weekend. I can’t tell you for sure about this, but I really think we are getting the kind of information to make everybody relatively excited especially the information I got when I was speaking to Bob. It was a strong confirmation.

Bruce:  The Redemption Centers are ready to go. That means the Call Centers are also ready to go. When I get the toll free number I will put it out and get it to Bob and Kent.  Then you will get it by going to our websites or I will have Bob email it to you if you have registered at the new website: bigcalluniverse.com  Then Bob can forward you an email with the 800 number to call to set your appointment for the Redemption Centers.

Bruce:  Realize this we have certain number of groups basically out west. You know about those. We got another group that is primarily attached to one bank, and they will have their own numbers for that. Then I will have the number for the Internet Group for about 6 to 6.5 million people that have been paying that do not want to be part of any other group.  Rather they want to go in individually as not part of a group par say, but go into the Redemption Center with an appointment especially for Zim to do their redemption of their Zim bonds and their other currencies at the same place.  That is a little different thing than some of the numbers that might be coming out. It maybe comes out simultaneously with the other group we talked about long time ago.
Bruce:  Many of you on the Big Call are interested in going into the Redemption Centers and working with a number of the banks that will be there plus the host bank HSBC.  With HSBC we have the ability to privately negotiate your rates on those 4 currencies, the Zim, Dinar, Dong and Iranian Rial.  So you have some flexibility there based upon your ability to convince them you need a really solid high rate for your humanitarian projects like Rebuild America or the Veterans Retreat Network or some of the projects you have.

Bruce:  Every few days we think of projects that would be really cool like the idea of infrastructure burying phone, electrical, and fiber optics underground.  Essentially we can have this stuff underground. Then we won’t have problems with hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms.  I hope we can get a lot of the country to go with that.  I know it could be expensive, but we can afford that. I like to see we do that in ten years. It would protect us against EMP, solar flashes or anything that would attack our grid. That is one way to help is to do that. Hopefully we can get the President’s ear and the Administration to think how we can use some of our Infrastructure Bonds to do that.  I think that would be really cool. You can’t plant trees on that line or dig around and put other plantings there. They are going to do that on Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands. I think that is the way to do that with the new infrastructure, to get it underground. We can do it here on our US Mainland.

Bruce:  Depending on where your zip code is for your Redemption Center.  My understanding is there will be some bank representatives from the Tier 1 Banks at many of the Redemption Centers to help you with setting up new accounts for other banks other than HSBC. Maybe Wells Fargo will also be at the Redemption Centers.  Maybe you will also have a Bank of America, Citi Bank, and Chase Bank representatives there so you can set appointments or do what you need to do with additional banks.  They will determine that based on the demographics and density of the area you in which you live. If you live in a highly populated area or you got a lot of holders of currencies, it is quite possible you could have 4 to 6 banks representatives at the Redemption Centers.  Just heads up in case you think of diversifying into one or two banks.  You could do that at the Redemption Center.  Just consider that.

Bruce:  We do understand you should be able to do a bank wire transfer.  They will be calling them a ledger to ledger transfer. These transfers can take place very quickly now.  You can also pick up bundles of $2500 bills, new $100 bills, up to 10,000 of cash at the Redemption Centers if you want it. You should be able to get a temporary debit card loaded with amount of money before you leave. Then your permanent card, I going to call it platinum or black card, tied to Wells Fargo, HSBC, or whatever bank you choose. The permanent card should be Fed Ex to you in a couple of days. That will be really good and that will be for your permanent card.

Bruce:  I like the concept of what comes with the Black card. If you go with the Black card, you are telling the restaurant, store, or cashier this is a Black card and usually means unlimited capability for the holder of the card. I think if it is possible which I believe it is you can get the Black card benefits going with a platinum or gold card other than black because it just signifies so much. A lot of parts of the country if you walk into with that they won’t know what to do with it.  Some parts of the country they know about the Black card and not seem a big deal. To me I think you set yourself up as a target if you start flashing a Black card around at a $100 restaurant bill.  I just wouldn’t do it.
Bruce:  Other than that I think things are moving thru for us finally.  I believe the evidence has come where we are getting good stuff.  I believe I would pay close attention to emails and stuff the next couple of days. Let’s see what happens. We should have this and I believe their intention is to get this before the New Year.  Let’s see if they make it.  I feel good what I got so far today and even what I got while I was on the call.

Bruce:  I wish everybody to have a very safe New Years Eve. Enjoy New Years Day.  I know I will.  New Years Eve is kind of like amateur night. I know you maybe could be in celebratory mood.  Please the last thing we need is a prom night car crash due to drunk drivers out there.  I just want to warn everybody to be very caution. If you do go out be very careful not to drive if you have had something to drink.  You cannot be replaced after this goes down. Just be good, be confident and have fun.  I am just going to say have a beautiful New Years Eve.

Bruce:  Thank you for 6 years of faithfulness listening to the Big Call.  Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven, and everybody behind the scenes for being faithful and being part of the Big Call. Thank you everybody for listening and I appreciate everybody in Big Call Universe. Stay in touch with us and we will be in touch with you.  Good night everybody.


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