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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  We are back and you are listening to the Big Call Thank you all for coming in and listening to the Big Call. I am excited about even though to be completely honest with you which I am always trying to be,

I was disappointed today because I was under the understanding we would start today with our exchanges.  I was under that impression. Everything was pointing to it. All the Intel was pointing to it today. It didn’t happen yet today. That was why I was discouraged earlier.
Bruce:  It is very slow Intel until 2 to 3oclock in the afternoon, until we started to get the reasons why it didn’t go as we thought. I am back in a positive mood and looking forward to everything coming thru for us.

To be honest we had information that came in pointing to we were there, and we wouldn’t need a call tonight. Maybe you heard others who do calls also saying expect tomorrow to be their last call or so and so are not going to be on their call anymore. I understand because of the information we are getting out there. We will continue to do calls until the blessing comes through. Then we will take a month or so off to get things ready.

Bruce:  Iraq last week has made announcements. Prime Minister Abadi made announcements about their sovereignty, liberation, removal of ISIS, etc. about twice. We are not waiting on those announcements. Iraq has been trading their currency on screen for a little while yet, for about 4 to 5 days at least. Sometimes it will trade then come off then resume again. We are in the position again we are sort of not trading dinar again.

Bruce:  They have some dates.  They had the date December 2nd or 3rd for Iraq.  We blew through that and what we were waiting to happen did happen. Then today on the 5th was another point of intention.

Then the 7th and then Saturday is another point of intention. Saturday, December 9th is for Iraq National Wedding day. Is this when everyone comes down to Baghdad to be married? No. It is a day of unity in the Middle East, because my understanding is 100 or more delegates from the Middle Eastern countries have been invited to come to Iraq in Baghdad for some form of get-to-gather.  PM Abadi invited these people to be part of the Iraqi stock exchange ISX. The Iraqi dinar should be part of the parcel of the ISX tradability.

Bruce:  We have heard maybe, but I can’t tell you whether or not the dinar for the rate is being known throughout the Middle East yet. I knew the rate of the dinar for a week already. We know that the rate is, and the screen rate is. They should be at a point now or any day now, maybe Thursday, when that rate is internationally known. It has to be there. They are done.

They have completed everything they needed to be complete. When they got admitted into the World Trade Organization, when the United Nations released them from Chapter 7 and put them into Chapter 8 all these things. When the ISX opened last week sometime, all these things are signs Iraq’s sovereignty is there. I just think that the fact we don’t see their new rate right now doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in country.

There are Iraqi citizens that can go to their QI cards and put those in on Thursday and be able to see not only the amount of money but also a rate and be paid on their portion of the oil revenue sharing.  That is part of Iraq deal. I have been told they would be able to see and have access of their portion of the oil revenue on Thursday.

Bruce:  That should tell something where we are. The fact it was looking it was going today should tell us where we are. There are other things that may need to be completed before we go. The so called table top meetings on the Zim in 5 different locations internationally started today. Our understanding was they were to be completed this morning.  It just was not the case. They didn’t get started till today.  That was this afternoon. They needed to complete before we get started.

I believe they will be completed in the next day to day and half. That is a very good point to see those occur. That is everywhere from Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Zurich, to London, to New York. That is an important thing. It has to do with those table tops taking place so the rates can be set for the Zim platforms that need to take place.
Bruce:  In addition, we know that the Prosperity Packages are sort of on deck ready to go out the next day to day and half. I believe those are ready too. My understanding is when those go we should go parallel to those going out or they will go slightly behind our start of our redemption. That is a very positive thing. There are things happening that is aligning this up to go still this week. It is only Tuesday and I believe we are targeted to start this week. I am not calling it. I am just telling you everything is pointing to it happening.

Bruce:  The money that is flowing and has already flowed into the banks, Redemption Centers and groups has continue through to last night and again today in two different tranches. This is position of the movement of money from usually HSBC to other banks or Redemption Centers, or into the Paymaster groups. That is continuing to occur. Money is in place and changing hands.  Cores are being paid.  Prosperity Packages are on deck, ready to go. Everybody is sort of jocking for position now.

Bruce:  We know when it comes to going in for our exchanges at the Redemption Centers they have it so the vast majority will be able to do a bank wire for us to another bank. Possibly they would be able to do a relatively small wire transfer.  They are calling it a ledger to ledger with them using the new CIPS system.  We have been using the term wire transfer for so long.

Bruce:  We should be able to move some money to an existing banking account that same day. Some exchange centers may not be able to do that. In that case you can ask for up to (5) cashier checks for up to $10,000,000 each. So if you can’t move the money with the bank wire at the time of your exchange, you can ask for a cashier check. My preference is to use the bank wire. The funds should be available the same day or the next day.

Some people like the idea of using a cashier check and putting a new deposit down with that check. Just realize the cashier check should be available right away, but some banks are funny about giving full value of the cashier check at the time they receive it until they make sure the funds tied to that check are absolutely good real, and legitimate.  My preference is doing the bank wires instead of the cashier checks. I am giving you a Plan A and a Plan B.

Bruce:  Say you want to move some real money to a new bank account or set up a new bank account to move funds.  The day after your exchange  your account should be settle from your exchange itself from overnight and that next day you can do a bank wire to a new bank for up to almost a half billion dollars or $499,000,000.

You can do one or more of those. That is in your first week. If you go beyond that first week I think you can move greater amount money as needed. Let them know if you plan on moving those funds at the time of your exchange for the money as soon as possible.  It won’t catch them off guard and those funds are not kept in your structure payout situation and they have flexibility to move those funds for you as needed. You will have flexibility the first week but just remember there will be some limits.

To me half a billion dollars is workable.  It is real money and unless you just have some incredible big plans right now that you need more money for you will have to be held off the next week. Otherwise just operate out of your main mother lode account and go from there.

Bruce:  Some of the Redemption Centers will be able to give you a temporary credit/debit card at the time of your exchange loaded with some funds.

The amount up to you in discussion with Permanent credit/debit cards my understanding is credit 48 hours later after your exchange you will receive that permanent card to your home address by Fed Ex with a signature required.  You will need to be there to sign for that Fed Ex.  Give that some thought too in terms of your travels day or two after your exchange appointment. 
Bruce:  We use the term Black card, an unlimited amount card you can use. Two or three companies will have something like a Black card. If it was me, to get the benefits of a Black card like a platinum color card won’t draw attention to you. If possible, I am going to try to get one or two high end quality credit/debit cards not black in color but in platinum or gold color so I not draw attention. Something you might want to consider.

Bruce:  As far as the Redemption Centers goes, they have been ready, were ready. They were let off today because we didn’t go today for 24 hours.  They will be back in tomorrow and have everything ready to go in case.  It is hard to say because we felt we are ready to go and have had that feeling for a while now and yet we are still patiently waiting.

I think the Redemption Centers staff are about in the same boat as we are in. They weren’t happy we didn’t go today, but I believe we are looking like we could go this week. I am not giving up on this week at all. There is so much going on behind the scenes that we are really in a good place. I am staying super positive because I know how close we really are. We are not out for the weekend.

Bruce:  Iraq is going to do something major on Saturday if they don’t do it sooner. They put a date out on the calendar and do it a day sooner. They have something schedule for today, Thursday and then Saturday. I think with any success Iraq may do something major on Thursday.  I think we are at the point right now we just got to stay positive knowing we are about to receive this incredible blessing and hang in there and continue to believe for it like I am and also like Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven.  Not only we know about it but other people are tracking this and they know the timing is really close.

Bruce:  Be blessed knowing this is coming and this could be our last call. We will be here Thursday night if we need to be. Rest assure this is still on the way for us and it is coming we believe this week. Have a beautiful night. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Good night everybody. Thank you so much.


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