Monday, December 25, 2017

Steffen Rowe/Tank "A-Bomb Campaign Launched" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 12/25/17

3:05 AM EST 12/25/2017

• We have reached 350,000 people in various groups already and will rapidly continue our Awareness campaign efforts as people emerge from their Christmas festivities today. Our approach will continue to be relentless until we are given our invitation to make our appointments to exchange. As we've come to expect you didn't do what you said, again. 

• The 800 numbers are supposed to be to us right now as if 3:19 AM EST

• We're hearing that "they're not to us yet"

• We're hearing that means they're stalling (the way they always do and then leave us broke on Christmas morning again)

• We were told to continue exposing more and more sensitive information to make sure we're forcing them to include us. 

• We have begun emailing the Admiral to see if we can get him to help us and give us the 800#s to facilitate an exchange. 

• If we need to we'll start calling him, and we think that if enough of us do it he'll realize how important it is to include us or at least point us in the right direction. 

• The contact I have with the numbers had not reached out since around 11PM, and his phone went straight to voice mail when I called him at 2:30 AM EST. Could mean nothing but hopefully he went in to make his exchange and he'll call with the numbers afterwards. 

• We were also told that Brent McIntosh General Counsel to the US Treasury has been the hold up and the one who stopped us from exchanging before Christmas 

• We will be contacting these authorities to try and get some support to get our exchange finished. We have a right to be included and it's just too important to blame anyone else but ourselves. We are taking responsibility and we will exchange this morning or we'll continue to pursue new avenues until we find our way in. 

Fortunately, we are growing in numbers so I'm sure that one of the many thousands of people who are making these calls and gathering sensitive information to share publicly will find the right person to get us in for our exchange. We have seen the Cabal throw temper tantrums and get their way repeatedly so we're thrilled to have finally learned to speak the language. Rather than stay quiet like well behaved slaves we will grow in support, quality of information and get louder and louder. 

We are grateful to be of service to the community and share information that can help us all get to where we want to go. Please feel free to reach out to Mr. McIntosh to see if he can explain why you haven't been able to exchange yet. 



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