Thursday, December 7, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 7 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 7 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 6 2017 7:29 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "Charged" - S.P.E.A.K. Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17

1. Security across the globe has been put on high alert as result of Trump announce moving capital to Jerusalem (public knowledge).

2. Military across the world was ready and had reason to be active to cover our exchange (opinion).

3. The A-Team was liquid today-as we speak (confirmed).

4. ZIM groups were exchanging (confirmed).

5. Notification was set to come to us tonight at an undisclosed time (cannot be confirmed but I believe it).

6. Exchanges at HSBC NY and London seemed to be waiting on the full release which was supposed to have already taken place and at this hour may have (details pending).


B. Dec. 6 2017 7:49 pm EST Intel, Tank: "Mad Elders" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Tank - 12.6.17

This was my favorite piece of intel today: "The Elders are in Reno and they're pissed the 800#s have not been released yet."


C. Dec. 6 2017 3:45 pm EST GCR Intel Update, Tank: "Full Release Today" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.6.17

1. Today Dec. 6's public announcement by President Trump (about recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capitol) was the trigger for a series of events that will bring us to the resolution if this process.

2. Activation orders for call centers, notifications, and exchange processes have gone out and are being initiated on a schedule that will coincide with the appropriate public events.

3. Netanyahu announced he will work with President Trump towards World Peace. He has a series of charges levied against him that will ensure he won't be the leader of Israel anymore.

4. Group ZIM exchanges have had some success in liquidity with no SKRs.

5. That should mean that the USN is live and Prosperity Packages should go out.

6. Our instructions and full release will be delivered today Dec. 6.

7. The next update will be at 7:00 pm EST Dec. 6.


D. Dec. 6 2017 3:58 pm EST RV Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 6, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Republic authorities are preparing to begin the mass indictment process in Washington D.C. first, then the rest of the country. Trump continues to send out cryptic tweets and hints about this. Multi-Agency Law Enforcement Activity Reported in D.C.

2. Trump will be proudly announcing the USN before Christmas and the swamp officially drained. (Note: The USN has been digitally backing the USD for months now).

3. The RV release may possibly begin before the indictments, or during it, for a flashbang style event.

4. All is being prepared today for possible release tomorrow Dec. 7.


E. Dec. 6 2017 1:24 pm EST Abadi Announcement Sat. Dec. 9: Currency365 - Abadi to Declare Entire Country Free in 72 Hours


F. Dec. 6 2017 Judy Note: We know that permission to release the 800#s has been given and it appeared that we might receive them by Thurs. Dec. 7 or Sat. Dec. 9.

1. Bruce believes we were targeted to start this week.

2. Last week when the ISX opened Iraq had completed everything they needed to complete including being admitted into the World Trade Organization, plus the United Nations had released them from Chapter 7 and put them into Chapter 8.

3. Zim Table Top meetings to set the rates for the Zim started the afternoon of Tues. Dec. 5in Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, London and New York. They needed a day and a half to complete (by Thurs.).

4. By Tues. Dec. 5 the Prosperity Packages were ready to go out in the next day to day and half (by Thurs.).

5. We should go parallel to the PP going out, or they will go slightly behind the start of our redemption.

Wed. Dec. 6

President Trump to announce Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not Tel a Viv.

Thurs. Dec. 7

Bruce thinks that with any success Iraq may do something major on Thurs. Dec. 7.

Iraqi Victory Day was scheduled to begin on the Dec. 7th and end on Dec. 11th.

Pearl Harbor Anniversay Dec. 7.

Fri. Dec. 8

US Budget deadline

Sat. Dec. 23

Midnight Dec. 23, 2017 was the deadline for the Federal Reserve five-year international sovereign bankruptcy, 104 years after the Federal Reserve Act expired circa Dec. 23, 1913.

Bruce: Iraq was going to do something major on Sat. Dec. 9 if they don’t do it sooner. They put a date out on the calendar and do it a day sooner.

Mon. Dec. 25

Several days before Dec. 25 the USD would be publicly announced as asset/gold-backed.

G. Dec. 5 2017 3:47 pm EST American Intelligence Media - Who is Q?: (Video) American Intelligence Media -- Who is Q?

H. Dec. 5 2017 9:26 pm EST Judge Von Reitz on History of our monetary system and the Cabal: "Von Reitz Interview Parts 3-4" by Suzi - 12.5.17

I. Dec. 5 2017 9:45 pm EST GCR Intel, Yosef: "Miracle or Madness" - GCR/RV Intel Message - Yosef - 12.5.17

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