Tuesday, December 19, 2017

RayRen98 Tidbit, 19 DEC


We've had a ball of confusion this weekend.  ...where are we exactly in the grand scheme of things?  The wheels are so ever slowly turning.  But, it's almost impossible to pinpoint an exact time frame.  So we have to play it out as we wait it out.  ...there also was the announcements of salaries being paid today...And some were of the expectation that these could of or should have been at the new rate.  That remains to be seen.  ...there was an article that came out about ...the deficit being cut over there from 27 Trillion down to 13 trillion.  And that made some eyebrows come up of the thought process...could this be  the elusive RV raising it's head?  That remains to be seen as well.  We did have some banking folks highly  expectant of things happening over the weekend and of course they have moved that excitement into the first part of the week, still excited that something is about to happen.  And that is where we are right now...  Waiting for more information that pinpoints where we are in the grand scheme of things...or even a full scale release.  That remains to be seen.

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