Saturday, December 23, 2017

Rates Published From The CBI 12/23/17

Here are the rates that are published from the CBI today, 12/23/2017. Everyone in Dinarland is wondering what those rates are. Here it is! https://cbi.iq/


US dollar    USD    1184.000

Euro    EUR    1402.448

Pound sterling    GBP    1585.731

Canadian dollar    CAD    922.549

Swiss franc    S.FR    1198.866

Swedish krona    SEK    141.282

Norwegian krone    NOK    142.116

Danish krone    DKK    188.391

Japanese yen    JPY    10.483

Australian dollar    AUD    906.707

Special drawing rights    SDR    1675.549

Gold for 24-ounce    GOLD    1497227.200

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