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Gfulcher66:  Since the CBI is closed until Jan 2nd which is most likely done with intent IMO we will be waiting until then for their real rate to be seen by us, so IMO no rv until the 2nd of Jan...All other things can be made retroactive as the prettiest girl at the prom never has to follow the rules exactly - that said I hope im wrong and we see the rate this year, if not sure seems likely it will be first week of 2018…. the gold backed basil111 platform is interesting to see progress


JesusLovesBaseball:  Distribution of more than 126 thousand electronic voter cards in Diwaniyah

Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 01:39 PM

Kazem El Adly

The Director of Information Office of the Electoral Commission in the province of Diwaniyah Kazem al-Adli on Thursday the distribution of more than 126 thousand electronic voter cards, equivalent to more than 27% in the whole province.

Al-Adli told al-Marbad radio that the Office of the Commission in Diwaniyah received from the Independent High Electoral Commission 459 thousand cards, noting that 41 centers throughout the province receives citizens wishing to update their electoral records.    LINK


JesusLovesBaseball:  3 arrest warrants issued against three Ministry of Oil officials

2 hours ago

The Integrity Commission on Thursday revealed the results of its investigation into the Yonah Oil investigation and investigation of information published in the Fairfax Media and the Huffington Post, and three arrest warrants were issued.

"In accordance with the principle of transparency, in order to inform the public about the latest investigative procedures of the Integrity Commission in the so-called Yona Oil case, the Board publishes what is legally available for its investigations into the case; Confusion and fog that some are trying to give details. "

The statement added that "the high-level investigative team, which was previously composed by the membership of the Deputy Chairman of the Board and Inspector General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Inspector General of the Ministry of Oil and Director General of the Legal Department of the Office of Federal Financial Supervision and Directors General of the Investigations and Legal Services in the Integrity Commission; Published by Fairfax Media and Huffington Post, is still completing its investigations under the supervision of the competent investigating judge after the Commission completed its investigative procedures and referred the case to the Members ".

The statement added that "in the past period of the work of the team to record the statements of those involved in the case and the process of investigation and inspection of the site of (Yona Oil) and (Leighton of Shore) in Baghdad, and found him the lack of headquarters of the two companies in Baghdad, As well as contact with all international and local companies mentioned in the press reports published by the two agencies. The team coordinated with the Preventive Department in the Integrity Commission to implement the judicial decisions calling for the verification of financial accounts and verification of funds Yin and all of those named in the case, and take all legal proceedings against all those who have proved his responsibility. "

"Coordination is still under way by the team members under the supervision of the competent investigating magistrate with the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America, in order to provide the investigative team with the relevant information available to those countries. To communicate with the Iraqi embassies in those countries directly; to clarify their final position on the issue. "
"The investigative team, in the second step of its work, recorded the statements of a number of stakeholders and witnesses, as well as other company owners and officials, including the former deputy prime minister, former oil minister, former director of the South Oil Company, And the Director of the Office of Security Permits at the Ministry of Oil and several others named in the investigation or summoned; to testify in the case, and after completing the investigative procedures the investigation team referred the case to the After the coordination and direct action between the team and the competent investigating judge, the latter issued on 11/12/2017 a warrant for the arrest and search of the escaped fugitive (Uday Nader Abdulkarim al-Quraishi), director of the project of export energy escalation - / Penalties; responsible for the conclusion and execution of the contract

The statement pointed out that "the issuance of a warrant for the arrest and search for the other defendants, namely (Basil Jaraj) director of the branch (Yuna Oil) in Iraq, in addition to the director of the former engineering body in the Southern Oil Company in accordance with the provisions of the same article, and approached the concerned authorities, Basra and Kirkuk; to carry out the arrest warrant against these accused and bring them hidden in the event of arrest, and has been approached the recovery department in the Integrity Authority to open a file to recover them.

The Panel noted in its statement that "the Panel's investigations proved that the case had begun since 2012, as there was information at the time that there were allegations of corruption on the contract to escalate export capacity between the South Oil Company at the time and the company (Leighton of Shore); The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy addressed a letter to the Inspector General of the Ministry at the time requesting that the allegations be investigated and investigated with the Ministry's knowledge. A team of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Oil, the Director of the Contracts and Tenders Department, a In addition to the Director of the Southern Oil branch managers and inspection departments, contracts and finance in the province of Basra. "

"The investigation then concluded coordination with the Australian Federal Police on the matter and reconsidered the future dealings with both Yona Oil and Leighton of Shore until the issue was resolved and continued to follow up with the South Oil Company, (Yuna Oil), and was registered as a criminal case at the time of the Commission in the number (841 S 3/2013), and the results of the investigations were then presented to the Court of Inquiry on the issues of integrity in the province of Basra, which decided on 6/8/2013 to reject the complaint and close the investigation final; the information".

"The Commission, in keeping with public opinion on the latest findings of its high-level investigative panel to investigate the case under the supervision of the competent investigating judge, confirms that international investigations are continuing after investigations of the case have been completed at the local level.

 There is still time for coordination with other States, as the Commission has not received the required response; it has called for the use of international experts; in order to remove some of the obstacles it faces, particularly in issues of international dimension, including the issue The panel did not receive any new information from international experts on the issue.    LINK


JesusLovesBAseball:  Three wanted for criminal and terrorist cases in Diyala arrested

2 hours ago

On Thursday, police arrested three wanted men to crack down on security operations in three cities in Diyala.

"Patrols and detachments from the Habhab police station and the fight against pure crime and the third Diyala emergency group arrested three wanted persons in criminal and terrorist cases as part of the security practices carried out in the areas of Baquba, Khalis and Hebbeh," the police command said in a statement.

He added that "legal proceedings have been taken against those wanted to bring them to justice."   LINK

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