Tuesday, December 19, 2017


chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 International Coalition in Iraq: we have not captured ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. We do not know where he is at. http://mobp.as/a15qk

xyz: Cabinet votes on the working paper of the World Bank loan

Starman86: Do you all think we are waiting on the tax reform to get signed tomorrow which is Wednesday?

futuremoney: @Starman86 nope

Doug_W: @Starman86 there really is NO one single event or date 4 this to happen its all up to the CBI when they want to do it

futuremoney: @Doug_W IF they do

Doug_W: I prefer when
​futuremoney: @Doug_W I think we have a better chance at winning the Lotto

Doug_W: we ALL have our opinions but that is JUST what they are an opinion

Starman86: It will happen and we all will be in disbelief. Thank You futuremoney... I hope that name says Newmoney by the end of the week

futuremoney: @Starman86 me too!!!!
Doug_W: me 3

Starman86: One more question. When the RV drops and the exchanges began do you think it will be hard to find houses or do you think their is a lot of currency holders and we will be competing in the market?

Doug_W: U mean to buy a house?

Starman86: or it will be easy and just pruchase
Starman86: yes Doug to buy a house and also resources

Doug_W: where are U located 86 ?

Starman86: i am trying to buy in seattle

Doug_W: U will have NO trouble

futuremoney: @Starman86 6 million people isn't going to effect the market that much, unless we are concentrated in a certain aea

Doug_W: America is a HUGE place

Starman86: i assume everyone is going to a bigger city an leaving the country areas of the country

Doug_W: not me I like Country

futuremoney: @Starman86 I'm planning on staying where I am...no significant change in life style. Just living off the interest if possible

Doug_W: but why there the weather is not so nice there most of the time?

futuremoney: @Doug_W I agree...no city crap for me

Doug_W: no I meant Washingotn state

Starman86: I live in the swamp of florida. i am tired of sun and heat

Doug_W: I love Fl
Doug_W: where are U here I am in Central Fl

Starman86: i just want some nice clean water to swim in without gators
Starman86: i am in the swamps of tallahassee, but from melbourne

Doug_W: Minnesota and NC and NY offer that as a summer resident
Doug_W: I want a small cottage on Lake Ontario in NY

Doug_W: but will keep this as a winter home

futuremoney: @Doug_W no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOOCOOOLD!!!!!!!!!!

Starman86: i just want out of florida and live in the nothern woods of the pacific west.... More like a town like forks from twilight

Doug_W: at any rate U will have NO trouble finding what U want after
Doug_W: not in summer $$
​Starman86: I will do Vegas in the summer... I go there yearly

Starman86: That sounds like the average resident in this retirement state

Starman86: lol
Starman86: it was nice chatting with yall. I hope you all have a good Day and much LOVE to all of you

Doug_W: eggzactly
Doug_W: U as well 86

Doug_W: Fox news says the tax bill is just minutes away from being voted on

futuremoney: @Doug_W oooooooooooowhoopteedo

Doug_W: ?
Doug_W: 4give Master but I can B very thick
Doug_W: never mind I get it now

Doug_W: don't U want more $$ returned to U in ur pay?

futuremoney: @Doug_W the state will end up taking what the Fed gives back...you watch

Doug_W: we have no state taxes here in Fl

futuremoney: @Doug_W then your sales tax will increase

Doug_W: my total tax bill on 1.25 Ac is 354 a yr and No incoime tax

futuremoney: @Doug_W 20 trillion in debt..yu aint getting shi* back

Doug_W: ppl herre have to approve a sales tax increase its not automatic

futuremoney: @Doug_W I'm moving to Florida...

Doug_W: Buster Brown just went by and his truck was squatting badly
Doug_W: must B Christmas time

Doug_W: we just had a brief power failure I rebooted

futuremoney: @Doug_W I would like to re-boot ya
txbrand: looks like tax reform passed ?

Clay: @txbrand Great to see ya

txbrand: hi clay

The Crisco Kid: WHAT ???????????
txbrand: you mean this tax bill has to go back through the senate again ?
txbrand: @The Crisco Kid ok

The Crisco Kid: It'll Pass

Clay: @txbrand yes expected to pass
Clay: @The Crisco Kid 4 hey

txbrand: :Thumbs-up

The Crisco Kid: Now I'd Like President Shrink The Size Of Our Gov, Cut Spending And Screw Over Every Liberal Nazi Out There ....

Clay: @The Crisco Kid Amen brother

[pm]Doug_W: stop givine America away both at home and abroad
 [pm]Doug_W: giving↑
The Crisco Kid: Thank You...
Clay: @Doug_W exactly

[pm]Doug_W: 4 example make immigrants WORK 4 what they get NO welfare
19 Dec 17, 03:00 PM
The Crisco Kid: I Heard Out Last Commander And Thief Was Our Country" Drug Dealer He Was Working With IRAN ....

[pm]Doug_W: sheesh DON'T get me started
 [pm]Doug_W: they just discussed that on Fox news

Clay: @Doug_W me neither

[pm]Doug_W: I see SO much welfare abuse its sickening and if U report it ur the bad guy
 [pm]Doug_W: we need a national 188 reportit line

The Crisco Kid: How Come S/S Is Always Going To Run Out Of Money, But Never Welfare ??

[pm]Doug_W: well said
Doug_W: they call that an "entitlement" bull crap its welfare I get an entitlement as a disabled Vet

The Crisco Kid: Hope You Get That Raise I Keep Hearing About

[pm]Doug_W: Nancy stood on teh floor a wile ago (90) mins and said this tax bill was the worst bill to ever ben brought up 4 a vote

[pm]Doug_W: where is she gonna B in a yr when we are booming

[pm]Doug_W: can U imagine being POOOR Mr Peosi?

[pm]Doug_W: Pelosi
[pm]Doug_W: oh well enough

The Crisco Kid: Anybody Here Have A Idea That If ( And I Mean If ) We Exchange Do We Lose Our S/S ?

Clay: @The Crisco Kid lol
Clay: @The Crisco Kid no you just pay tax
The Crisco Kid: Ya See I Have That Bugeted For MY Poker Nights

Clay: @The Crisco Kid lol
Clay: @The Crisco Kid u nut

txbrand: @The Crisco Kid SS does not have a means test
txbrand: if you have the means ( money ) you still get SS

Baxter: so... are we rich yet??

futuremoney: @Baxter sure we are...I just came from the bank

Clay: @Baxter not yet

Baxter: good... im ready..
Baxter: hey clay ​
​futuremoney: @Baxter they told me that I was still broke

Baxter: well... at least you arent alone
Baxter: the news has been awful quiet lately
Baxter: good or bad

Clay: @Baxter sure has
Clay: @Baxter we're going into 2018

Baxter: I hate to see this go into next year.... ggez

Clay: @Baxter me too but its gonna

Baxter: yep....

Baxter: we knew that six months ago

blackgold: @The Crisco Kid you may lose a percentage of your SS but at that point who will really give crap

blackgold: @The Crisco Kid when I exchange I plan on helping and supporting who i'm able and then disappearing and living my life the best i can

blackgold: I pray everyone else does the same

blackgold: peace

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