Tuesday, December 19, 2017


xyz: Governor of the Central Bank: Participation of banking cadres in training courses will be positively reflected on the banking sector


The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Alalak, that the participation of banking cadres in the training courses will be reflected positively on the banking sector.
"The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alalak handed certificates of participation to a number of employees of public and private banks after passing a course in the advanced banking system and also in the topics of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism and tax compliance law," the central bank said in a press statement.

The statement quoted the relations as saying that "such participation by the cadres of all Iraqi banks will be reflected positively on the banking reality in order to achieve the desired goals, including real integration between all banks and access to the application of the best modern technologies that serve the citizen."

xyz: Kurdish protesters set fire to party offices in northern Iraq


xyz: Iraq Kurdish protesters, angered by years of austerity and unpaid public sector salaries, set fire to the offices of political parties near the city of Sulaimaniyah on Monday, demanding that Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) quit.

Wrimax: I have a feeling we might be sitting here this time next year still waiting waiting waiting

xyz: @Wrimax are you a truther?

Wrimax: I know as much as anyone else and that is nothing

Tebow: @Wrimax you must be a guru then

Wrimax: what is a guru?? lol no one knows anything except Iraq and they ain't telling anyone..

tman23: “We have also seen continuity between the Obama and the Trump administrations,” Hayden continued, “in an absolute unwillingness to embrace what happens” after you have defeated IS...........Kurdish President Masoud Barzani, it may be recalled, repeatedly pressed the US to develop a plan for post-IS political reforms in Iraq, but Washington was unresponsive...............


Spectra: true

Wrimax: xyz you are active today..lol

xyz: @Wrimax practise makes perfect ... getting ready 4 the 'dance'

Wrimax: @xyz Make sure you don't wear yourself out

Spectra: @xyz oh jeez...


Spectra: ANCIENT TABLETS SHOW THE PLAN OF THE BEAST AND THE FALSE PREACHERS. The writings consist of twelve Tablets of Emerald Green formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation.

Spectra: They are coming forward with one world religion.....
Spectra: NOT GOOD!

sandyf: Anyone that thinks currency exchange is a simple matter should think again. Last week I spent a great deal of time and effort trying to find a decent rate of exchange, rates varied from 250 to the best I got at 405, unlike the dollar which seemed to be a standard 13400.

This highlights the difference between currencies of differing convertibility, something that dinarland would rather ignore. For some obscure reason the guru viewpoint is that when Iraq finally gets round to accepting the obligations of IMF Art 8 the currency will shoot out the stalls as fully convertible, more chance of the pigs taking to the air.

sandyf: Most days last week I would walk across the minimart and get some cans of beer at 25000 a can. In reality what were the chances that I would walk in one day and the beer would only be 25 a can.

sandyf: One day we had a car and driver take us up the mountains in the hope of seeing the erupting volcano but it was too cloudy and there is still a fairly extensive exclusion zone. Driver told us he was paid 8 USD a day and there were people on lower rates. Here in Thailand the minimum wage is about 9 USD a day, Iraq is not the only low income economy.

Spectra: more chance of the pigs taking to the air.tHEN WHY ARE YOU HERE??????

Spectra: Whats the agenda?
BREW: @sandyf i spent seven days in bankok in 1969, the wages were low then, but you will find that in every country.

Spectra: I nevr compare apples to oranges..Iraq is Iraq ...Indonesia is just that.....

BREW: @sandyf i spent 15 month's in vietnam, dirt poor there, but vietnam is a thriveing country now and there currency ain't worth crap.

Spectra: Two different countries,

tman23: @Spectra ..........LISTEN to sandyf.........comprehend !!! ........the point people try to educate you on gets met with resistance or a ridiculous ........Iraq is not Indonesia ...apples and oranges......... ......COMPREHEND !!

Dave: read today that Iraq is still under UN sanctions

xyz: ;banana

Dave: still finalizing deal with Kuwait

meatball: @Dave remember our last conversation?

Spectra: @Dave agree



BREW: there suppose to be out of chapter 7, but there not in chapter 8 so i am told, so where does that leave them, chapter 7 1/32

tman23: @Dave ....Of course they are......it is a cesspool with millions of displaced people and a government that is in a failed state.......... And has violated 51 articles of the constitution......... Iraq is NOTHING !!! ......BUT A FAILED PROJECT..........

Dave: tHE IS ART 8 imf

BREW: @Dave are they in art 8

Dave: that IS IMF stuff

BREW: @Dave ok, i'm lost to start with, lol

Dave: hehe

meatball: there under double secrete probation...lol

BREW: @meatball howdy

meatball: @BREW how are you

Dave: Kuwaiti 4.8 billion last hurdle for being removed from UN sanctions

meatball: maliki pocket change lol

BREW: @meatball fine ty and you.

meatball: @BREW always good.... some days I just need reminding lol

BREW: @meatball lol

tman23: They are on the brink of another internal disaster........which Abadi better get his arse in gear or 2018 won't be the year of lifting the zeros it will be the year of currency worth ZERO.......

Dave: @tman23 this is how the corrupt maintain their power////create another crisis

Dave: @tman23 postpone and delay tatics
Tebow: obammy?

chattels: Iraqi forces building up near Makhmour, warns Kurdish security body By Rudaw


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Region’s security and intelligence service has expressed concern about a buildup of Iraqi forces near Makhmour, warning of a possible attack on Peshmerga positions.

“We are alarmed by significant Iraqi military buildup in the vicinity of Makhmour, South West of Erbil, in preparation for an attack on nearby Peshmerga positions,” the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) tweeted on Monday afternoon.

According to the agency, over the past five days forces of the army, Federal Police, Emergency Response Division, and Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Shaabi) have deployed to the area with the plan to carry out an attack on the road connecting Mosul and Kirkuk. “Peshmerga forces withdrew from Makhmour in October to the current position to avoid military clashes with Iraqi forces,” KRSC stated. “We call on the Iraqi Govt to stop its provocative advances.”

meatball: @chattels evening.... hope all is well

chattels: They also urged the international community to condemn Iraq’s military aggression and accept a call to dialogue. A military spokesperson in Baghdad denied that they are planning to resume their offensive against the Kurdish forces, according to Reuters.

chattels: @meatball greetings sir, yes, i am well, and you ?

Dave: another war over 5%

chattels: Rights group welcomes Iraqi parliament rejection of child marriage law By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/18122017

meatball: @chattels all good in the hood sir

chattels: Women’s activists warned that some parties would continue to push for the amendments in an effort to gain votes in the May 2018 parliamentary elections.

tman23: .........ISIS was predicted a year and a half before it came rolling in..........NO surprise !! The use of force by Baghdad entering Kurdistan was predicted after the liberation from ISIS......NO Surprise !!! Iraq a failed project........need to separate the special ed class from the advance.........Baghdad will be the city of short yellow buses

chattels: @tman23 good evening sir

tman23: @chattels GE

chattels: @tman23 Any encouraging sentiments being espoused in your circle of interest ?

chattels: It is not enough in my view for Abadi to simply be " re-selected " by the Iraqi Parliament, he must have a strong number from his list / faction be elected to Parliament. Otherwise he will continue to be dependent upon a brokered " majority " that cannot function successfully except on isolated issues.

chattels: Nujaify, the former Sunni Speaker of parliament, appears to think that there will be constructive / productive talks between Baghdad and Erbil in the near(er) term.

chattels: Mr. Maliki is working hard to mend fences and re-form old / new political alliances.

Hoss: there are a few "gurus" that think Abadi is as corrupt as any in Iraq. starting to think maybe that's true

chattels: @Hoss In my view the " jury is still out " on him. Certainly he has made promises that he could not keep. Query whether he wanted to keep them.

Hoss: far too much corruption

chattels: @Hoss Verily, verily.

meatball: bad from the top down

Hoss: through and through ... we may be still waiting for a few years - if it even happens that is
meatball: a very smart analogy

chattels: @Hoss Agreed. I was just thinking about 2019 - 2020 and if at all.

Hoss: @chattels sad but plausible
Hoss: @chattels makes me sick to my stomach

meatball: who can say for sure

chattels: @Hoss Even if we should manage to triple our money with the dinar, one likely would have done better over the same time in the stock market, eh ?

Hoss: @chattels to triple would be a huge bust - yes you're right
Hoss: @chattels I guess that would be a "lop"

chattels: @Hoss Matter of fact, I may just go be physically ill right now, :).

Hoss: @chattels the "lop" word is a crime to mention but still very possible
Hoss: @chattels lol

chattels: @Hoss Agreed
Hoss: @chattels need some comfort food - like a bucket of popeyes chicken lol

chattels: @Hoss We all have our refuge from reality, eh ?

Hoss: @chattels lol
Hoss: @chattels yes Sir

chattels: @Hoss Arguably it is the power of positive illusion that sustains us.

Hoss: @chattels actually I like to put on soft music and escape into dream world
tman23: @chattels ...... Baghdad is going to have to give the Kurds exactly what the constitution calls for.....They have Germany saying so, France saying so, England saying so, and US calling for it......

 Quite frankly Barzani's move was smart, he placed Baghdad in a position to show you hand and has them in a corner........Baghdad can't shut the deals in Kurdistan down because they took billions in advance, essentially Putin money. .....

The corruption among Shia and the courts needs to be parted........and I think that is only possible with the tragic death of Maliki......then the scales of power and justice may balance

spankie: if abadi is a new style gov the he is going by way of malikis camp-- some new style democracy iran style

Hoss: @chattels positive illusion is correct

spankie: yes tman!
spankie: maliki should have been gone years ago

chattels: @tman23 Coincidentally I was contemplating the benefits of Mr. Maliki's demise earlier and wondering whether or why not.

Hoss: coz he has all the dirt on the others

chattels: @tman23 The problem is in determining what the Constituion calls for IMO.

Hoss: he ordered troops to lay down weapons and leave so dash could take oved

Hoss: treason - should hang

chattels: @tman23 There are legitimate arguments " both " ways and the amendment of the Constituion is Iraq is difficult if not impossible in their dysfunctional state.

chattels: I am keen to see what happens with the Hash'd, their end may determine Iraq's and our future.

chattels: I read where Sistani weighed in, albeit rather weakly, earlier in the week.

chattels: On another subject, Lisa Bloom may be one of the more dispicable people out there.

chattels: We are apparently rather corrupt ourselves even after 250 years in our own democratic experiment.

chattels: Iraq has been at it for 15 years.

meatball: @chattels they are a quick study lol

tman23: @chattels . Lisa Blum.......not surprising out of California........The state is on fire and losing it to the Pacific would be a tragic loss of human life , but a huge increase in the population in ** .......... 
​chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk There were high hopes among some that Sistani would call for the Hashd to be dismantled entirely. This fell well short of that. Even Iranian-backed militias recite the phrase "limiting weapons to the state" etc.


chattels: " ............ the oft-repeated point about "limiting weapons to the state" consistent with the constitution."


chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 http://wataniq.com/news?ID=22935 Iran: Sistani's call for the Iraqi government to directly control all armed groups in Iraq does not include the Iraqi PMU (Hashd) since they are a legally established security organization.

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 International Coalition in Iraq: we have not captured ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. We do not know where he is at. http://mobp.as/a15qk

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