Wednesday, December 20, 2017


12-20-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Let’s talk about Iraq. What they had to do was they had to get everything set with World Bank because there is a loan coming to Iraq from World Bank.  They were granted the loan from the World Bank and they sufficiently met the requirements the World Bank had for Iraq. We know this will allow the lower denominations finally be put out.  That is their new currency these lower denominations. They line up with the ones we have.  The other thing Iraq is doing is they are currently for at least a day, because they stopped trading over the weekend, and they resumed trading the dinar as a future meaning as a future currency that is really there now.  They started trading those again last night [Monday] and continued to 3am to 4am in the morning then it was shut off. I believe it was resumed again for tonight [Tuesday]. During that time we know the value of those futures have gone up more than double almost 3 times since they were cut off this morning at 3:00 to 3:30am. There is a lot of movement of these futures moving the value of the dinar to its true rate which could come out any day now.  

12-20-2017   Newshound Guru mike
   Article:  "Identify obstacles to sustainable development and demand overcome them"  Quote:  "This conference aims to intensify and coordinate efforts between the Iraqi private sector on the one hand, and between the decision - makers in the House of Representatives and the executive representative of the government of the other side and the support and sponsorship of the International Project Center"   I like this guy and he seems to be headed in the right direction, let's hope the GOI is listening and picks one task and fully accomplishes it and moves on to the next one. ...Revamp the investment law. Provide guarantee's on bank deposits. Move the dinar into Article VIII. Empower the open market economy. Before you know it, the west is investing in Iraq instead of handouts.

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