Thursday, November 9, 2017



Thursday UPDATE for November 9, 2017

An Iraqi military commander is interviewed on Iraqi TV stating that Iraq is "clear" of ISIS and that the last stronghold was eliminated.

However, PM Abadi has YET to make any declarations or announcements.

Time Will Tell!

MRiles:  NOTES FROM ANOTHER CC CBI NOW MEETING WITH PRIVATE BANKS with the CONVERTBALE CURRENCY then 1. Abadi speech 2. Abadi speech in print 3. Concurrent/ or after the RI When will Abadi speak -anytime from today to a matter of days not weeks….. HE SAID NO MORE INTEL NOTHING ELSE TO BE DONE JUST TIMING OF WHEN ABADI DECIDES TO MAKE FULL LIBERATION SPEECH

MRiles:  Basically what Ray said yesterday also. Looking very good for an exciting weekend

Briona:  The whole world, not just Iraq is waiting on Abadi's speech. Time to get the ball rolling.

MRiles:  JPMorgan Chase B of A, WF & Citibank closed on Sat hmmmm?  In observance of Veterans Day. … Banks closed what a great time for an RV

MRiles:  [Saturday is the 11th; XXXX likes Saturday, going into Sunday; Sunday, the 12th, is 3 days before the U.N. Operational rates are posted …] A country … may change, their operational rate/s of exchange at any time… The UN publication of dates is not a reflection of when a country may or may not adjust their operational exchange rate/s, accordingly.
Mot:   Once A Year At 11:11 AM, The Sun Shines Through This Monument. What It Reveals Is Breathtaking......

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