Saturday, November 11, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 11 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 11 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 10 2017 8:55 pm EDT Update, Dr. Clarke: "Time to Finally Talk Straight" - Dr. Clarke Update 11-10-17 After Nov. 15 this thing Skyrockets!...in a good way.  Link


B. Nov. 10 2017 12:36 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 10, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. All is calm because tomorrow Nov. 11 is Veterans Day.

2. If fund disbersement is scheduled for next week's Banking Days, then we may see more Disclosure and all 290+ indictments erupt by Mon. Nov. 13.
3. If said Event occurs Mon. Nov. 13 and funds are disbursed to Paymasters on Tues. Nov. 14, then the 800#s would be released midnight Wed. Nov. 15.

4. Exchanges would then start as early as Wed. morning Nov. 15 and last until Thanksgiving, or before Christmas. Dec. 25.

5. Sit tight. Enjoy the show. Be ready.


C. Nov. 10 2017 9:52 am EST Intel, Beny: Beny: Hint Where is the Real Revaluation? + Intel

1. Last week at least 21 Saudi Arabian royals and diplomats who happened to be billionaires, were arrested because of their corruption and taking money out of the country. (They were said to be running a child sex and kidnapping ring connected to the Clinton Foundation). The Cabal started in Saudi Arabia when Nixon changed from the gold standard to petro dollars for world trade.

2. There are three Events coming:

A. Revaluation (RV) of the Iraqi Dinar where the Dinar is restored to it's original value.

B. Global Currency Reset (GCR) where world currencies reset to their real value.

C. The public exchange.

3. The Dinar will revalue to more than $3 (expected $4 to $5) because Iraq has no debt.


D. Nov. 10 2017 9:16 pm EST Intel, : "Some Global Stuff"  - The Office of POOFness -

1. The Chinese Elder family system helped create the UN, BIS, Fed, World Bank and some others. This was done to create checks and balances required to keep humanity's wealth safe until time came to release it - that is upon us now.

2. Over the last decades they tried to get the release, but attempts met with failure, mainly because of Cabal corruption for their own gain.
3. The Cabal also tried to steal the wealth held in caves and bunkers, but were met with failure as the Family System was too strong for them.

4. So the Cabal came up with innovative ways of raping and pillaging the people by compound interest. A zero maintenance system and the biggest profit center in their portfolio of bad things.

5. Over time the Cabal was punted from various inside leadership positions. The Family did their best to come up with ways to get rid of the rot.

6. Now they are finally at the point of success where the funds can be released without them being stolen.

7. This has come about because of clever mechanics to set the stage for releases, plus the inevitable arrests. That part I reported on from time to time as large chunks of bad guys were taken away or taken out.

8. These arrests will come on strong now as the final cleanup happens.

9. The bad guys are scurrying like it is the end of the world and for them, it is.

10. Trump is part of the effort to get rid of the rot. They tried to get rid of him, but failed.

11. Now the antics of ringleaders like Bush and Clinton and others are being placed front and center in the public eye.

12. Expect massive arrests to finish the cleanup very soon.

13. The timing of the releases begins with the RV that is well underway as I write.

14. The big guns are done and they have been doing the groups and certain individuals this week.

15. Payments are to begin next week. Our funds are released ahead of the RV. The arrival was delayed and will come in next week.

16. Grandfather has begun his part of the Global process and begun the major release sequence as of this week.

17. I can verify this personally by way of instructions from him to do certain things.

18. We can be certain this is taking place and will happen.

19. With the cleanup done the bad guys will not be able to steal the releases and we will all breathe.

20. There is a massive task force out there comprised of many agencies, organizations and groups that are making sure this is carried out without too many hiccups.

21. We will see bad guys behind bars. They were offered forgiveness, but they chose otherwise.

22. The reason for releases now is that we have to prepare for the changes that will come.

E. Nov. 10 2017 9:26 pm EST Intel, Yosef: "Second Death" - Intel Report from Yosef via Jeff - 11.10.17

1. The Chinese, Soviets, Indians, Brazilians and Africans (BRICS) represent truth against the lie that is the fractional reserve Central Bank System created at the Bretton Woods Conference circa 1944, implemented on Sept. 10, 1946.

2. After a fifty year loan of Asian Elder gold and five year transitionary grace period to return said gold, the Bretton Woods System was to officially and legally set to end on Sept. 11, 2001. 9/11 occurred instead. No gold was returned. World War 3 began across multiple continents.

3. That secrete struggle is ending this quarter, officially and legally, 16 years later because a second grace period was ending on Dec. 24, 2017 at midnight.

4. This death of the Federal Reserve Act, which was originally passed by the US Congress on Dec. 24, 1913, and after a 99 year term where millions of Americans paid a single crime family 3% interest annually in gold, and after a little known 5 year bankruptcy period via international courts, the death of the great Federal Reserve Note which is all fiat currency, or value-less money, finally ends forever... never to return.

5. No wonder the US Congress is in such a rush to pass tax reforms. If they don't the US will have no economy because the gold currently on loan to them from Chinese Elders, for a third time (the first was 1776, second 1946), will be taken out of the Republic vaults in Central Texas and returned to Asia forever, never to return.

6. China is in full control of world affairs economically, politically. Russia is in full control of world affairs militarily.

Globally, bad actors everywhere are being exposed in every country, every industry, and for every transparent reason without restraint.

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