Sunday, November 5, 2017

Official Zimbabwe Bond Note Rate on (Nov, 05, 2017)

All the spirit beings and good grandpa are laughing at the whole illusion GCR community.
All of them are too selfish and illusion. Most of them only care about yourself but no much others.

I will keeping posting this post short:
100 Trillion Zimbabwe bond = 10 million Zim
50 Trillion Zimbabwe bond = 10 million Zim
20 Trillion Zimbabwe bond = 10 million Zim
10 Trillion Zimbabwe bond = 10 million Zim

I only care and talk about the Zeroes after since whatever rate from one currency to another one is doesn't matter much now for Zimbabwe bond holders.

That is the fixed official rate, open both for the people know about the GCR and the people do not know about the GCR.

If you want to extra zero to face-value 100 trillions and beyond, you must have a "discount/wild card code".

And the discount/wild card code can obtain through "official spirit & physical questions test". Or through other ways (I will only tell how you can get that discount code after the the public announcement about the GCR).

The Official Spirit & Material test will have 15-20 questions.
All players will start with face value balance.
1 question correct: +1 zero
1 question incorrect: -1 zero

The time, date, details, how to compete the test will be announce by the "good grandpa group" very soon.

There wont be any kind of just receive 800# number and receive Trillion in your bank like many website promoting.

I do not want to explain any more since some bad people can take advantage of info.

Time for the Spirit Rule & Law to return, only the one able to understand & study will able to pass the test to receive Trillions & beyond.

This is the toughest, the most difficult exam since the Earth was born. It going to involve everything both in physical & spirit world.

Spoiler: Even the angels are crying & laughing because of crazy stupid exam.


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