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Samson:  The Speaker of the House of Representatives heads to the United States for an official visit

 13th November, 2017

The head of parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, left Baghdad on Monday for a two-day official visit to the United States.

Jabouri is scheduled to meet US House Speaker Paul Ryan and US administration officials to discuss the situation in Iraq, the region and issues of common concern, " a statement from his office said .

He added that the Speaker of the House of Representatives will also give a number of lectures at US institutes and research centers to shed light on the political situation in Iraq and the challenges that threaten the security and stability of the region



Jay:  WOW... LOL.  Celebration...huh...  AND Screens to boot ...???...

And what's that you say?  NATIONAL SONGS..!?!?!?!

ABADI SPEECH IS-A COMIN. Did I say ...BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JesusLovesBaseball:  Iraq is preparing for a "big celebration" with full victory

The Future of Iraq

In conjunction with the approaching full victory on the organization of the «Islamic state known on the level of media» and ending its presence in the Iraqi territory abundance, sources in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the initiation of large government preparations in Baghdad and other cities and provinces of the country for large celebrations, on the occasion of the liberation of the entire Iraqi territory of control The organization of the "Islamic state known on the media level" terrorist, after the 43 months of battles fought by the security forces of all types.

The preparations coincide with the security forces' clear progress in the western and southern axes of the city of Rawa on the Euphrates River, the last stronghold of the "well-known Islamic state" in Iraq. In a very short time, a military general authorized the liberation of Iraq's national army, And the city of Rawa, and reach the outskirts of Corniche Street in the city on the right shoulder of the Euphrates River.

The Iraqi government instructed, according to sources, to prepare for large celebrations in which Baghdad is the center, in favor of the rest of the provinces, on the occasion of the liberation of all Iraqi cities, in a clear message to the countries of the world that Iraq has seen a clear recovery in the last two years despite the great material losses incurred, Which was estimated by the Prime Minister Haider Abadi $ 100 billion.

According to the sources, the government intends to organize a review of the army forces and other armed formations, including the popular crowd and tribal forces in the center of the capital in Tahrir Square, or Paradise Square, sources say that the decision to organize the military review has not been agreed so far.

The sources confirmed that the government plans to deploy screens in the main squares to broadcast national songs, preferring to think as a day of celebrations holiday.

The occupation of the organization of the «Islamic State known to the media level» of Iraqi cities, in June 2014, the eradication of about 200 thousand Iraqi civilians, preferring financial losses exceeded $ 100 billion, according to the Iraqi Prime Minister, where the destruction of the forty-three Iraqi cities, including 10 large cities, such as Mosul, Tikrit, Falluja, Ramadi and Hit. Thousands of kidnappers are still unknown so far. More than 11,000 people have been kidnapped by the organization of the "Islamic State known to the media."

In the meantime, Colonel Mohammed Abdul Rahman, commander of the Badia and Al Jazeera operations, said in a very short time that "the Iraqi national army may need between two to three days to liberate the city of Rawa,

He added that «the city has no more than 300 gunmen from the Islamic state known on the media level, but there are families holding them and try to achieve clean liberation of the city».
"The liberation of Rawa means the consequences of the occupation of the Islamic state known on the media level of the Iraqi cities, but there are areas in the desert to be sure we are there, so there will be a large campaign of the army then in conjunction with the campaign to close the border, Syrian city of Boukmal ».

On the other hand, the Central Committee to compensate those affected by military operations and military errors and terrorist operations in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received more than a thousand treatment of citizens affected property in Anbar province.

The Central Committee received 1050 special treatment of citizens affected by their property as a result of terrorist operations and military errors of the people of Anbar province, "the statement said." The committee distributed these transactions to the audit teams in the committee for preliminary review. And prepared for consideration by the Chairman and members of the Central Committee to issue the final decision on them ».

"There is guidance from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Chairman of the Central Committee to compensate those affected by the need to expedite the completion of transactions damaged their property to lift part of the damage caused to citizens as a result of terrorist operations and military errors.

The Central Committee called for the compensation of the affected, affected citizens of their property as a result of terrorist operations in the liberated provinces to review the sub-committees for the purpose of promoting compensatory transactions for the damage done to them.   LINK


Doodlebug:  Article:  “Bin Salman postpones visit to Iraq”  LINK

Sure, okay... you're a little upset. I get it. But not for the reasons stated... hmmm, Baghdad getting ready for a "celebration"?

 "Screens" being put up in Tahir Square? "National Songs" getting ready to be played?  Could it be that Prime Minister Abadi doesn't have any time to meet with you?

Could it be that all the lime light will be on Prime Minister Abadi and the Crown Prince knows Abadi will be busy and wants him to enjoy "his" defining moment?

 I don't know, just a few things that ran through my brain...  Remember, watch what they do... not what they say.

Samson:  Similar thought crossed my mind - lateral thinkers lol

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