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Samson:  Abadi reveals the size of Iraq's losses in its war against the oppressor

 11th November, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Saturday that Iraq lost 100 billion Iraqi dinars in its war against Daqash. 

Abadi said during a press conference held during his visit to Karbala after the end of the visit to the quartet and attended by the reporter «Journal News», that "Iraq succeeded in the first three battles to liberate the homeland and the second to preserve the unity of Iraq and face the division," revealing that Iraq suffered material losses amounted to 100 billion Iraqi dinarsduring his war with a dodger. "
Abadi called on the security services to be vigilant in order to avoid any escalation by the United States or any other country in the region because Iraq was caught in the flames of terrorism and conflicts while stressing the importance of calm in Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen.

As for the salaries of the popular crowd, the Iraqi prime minister that "salaries are the amount of sacrifices, but some steal the strength of the fighters," recognizing "the existence of defects in the Iraqi political process."

Abadi thanked the leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates and the police of Karbala and the people of the province and the holy shrines for their efforts to make the visit of the forty, "calling for" security institutions to counter the deviant ideology that destroys Iraqi youth.  LINK

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First Published: 2017-11-11

Abadi says IS cost Iraq over $100 billion

IS occupied around a third of Iraq in a sweeping 2014 advance, with subsequent battle to defeat it causing billions of dollars in damage.

KARBALA - The Islamic State group's occupation of northern Iraq and the battle to defeat it has caused more than $100 billion worth of damage, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Saturday.

He was speaking during a visit to Karbala, a city holy to Shiite Muslims, where millions of pilgrims gathered Friday to mark the annual Arbaeen commemoration.

"The damage caused by the IS occupation of Iraqi cities already amounts to more than $100 billion," Abadi said.

"That's just the damage to the economy and infrastructure."

IS, a radical Sunni group, seized around a third of Iraq and parts of Syria in a sweeping 2014 advance.

But its self-declared "caliphate" has since been decimated by multiple offensives and squeezed into a pocket of territory on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Iraqi forces launched an operation Saturday to retake the last IS-held towns in Iraq, including the Euphrates valley town of Rawa and nearby villages.

The assault also aims to "clean open areas in the desert" of western Iraq, said Abadi, who is also head of the armed forces.

Arbaeen is one of the biggest religious festivals on earth and marks the end of the 40-day mourning period for the 7th-century killing of Imam Hussein by the forces of the Caliph Yazid -- a formative event in Shiite Islam.

Around 15 million pilgrims gathered in Karbala for this year's commemoration, including three million non-Iraqis, mostly Iranians, the province's security chief Qais Khalaf said Saturday.

The pilgrimage, under tight security, passed off without incident.

The expulsion of IS from Iraqi cities added an extra dimension to this year's pilgrimage, as the Sunni extremist group has repeatedly targeted Shiites.

Last year, a suicide bombing killed at least 70 mainly Iranian worshippers returning from the commemoration.    link


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Samson:  (Video)  Know the crossings of the region .... Land points run trade in millions!  LINK


Samson:  Abadi victories

 11th November, 2017

Iraq after the «urge», and after the extension of central government authority on the «disputed areas» with the Kurds enters a new stage of internal and external challenges and conflicts. On the internal level before Haider Abadi urgent tasks.

The most important of which is the removal of the militants who used them to fight terrorists from power and subject them to the provisions of the law and the constitution. If his decision to regard the popular mobilization and the Peshmerga as part of the security forces, he must persuade the leaders of these two influential institutions to enter civil political life. However, this is not easy.

The leaders of Badr, Hezbollah, the Peace Brigades, and the Nubaa (from the crowd) rely on these factions to extract their political positions. They consider victory over their most important achievements, Of the "political process" that was launched during the American occupation and continues, and excluding any of them from the quotas established by the occupation, and continues to take care of, upset the balance of power.

Abadi himself is one of the symbols of this quota. He has reached the premiership on the grounds that his party (Islamic Da'wah) is part of the National Alliance, which includes various Shiite forces, including some of the "Al-Houdar" parties.

 That is, it is governed by the balances of this alliance and its calculations in the face of the National Union, which includes the Sunni forces and their parties. The latest move of the «Union» visit Vice President Osama Najafi Washington, where he met with a number of US officials, and announced readiness to support Abbadi for a second term provided that «armed factions of the authority of the state and balance in foreign relations». It means a balance of distance from Iran and an end to its interference in Iraq through the "crowd."

The latest move of the «Union» visit Vice President Osama Najafi Washington, where he met with a number of US officials, and announced readiness to support Abbadi for a second term provided that «armed factions of the authority of the state and balance in foreign relations». It means a balance of distance from Iran and an end to its interference in Iraq through the "crowd."

The latest move of the «Union» visit Vice President Osama Najafi Washington, where he met with a number of US officials, and announced readiness to support Abbadi for a second term provided that «armed factions of the authority of the state and balance in foreign relations». It means a balance of distance from Iran and an end to its interference in Iraq through the "crowd."

In addition to these internal challenges facing Abadi after "urging", the arrangement of the situation in Kurdistan. It is true that his government was able to defeat the Kurds militarily and regain the initiative in the disputed areas, including Kirkuk, and was able to coax Turkey and Iran to its side in the face of Massoud Barzani, and created a rift between him and the Taliban, but the historic leader in the region began preparing for new rounds of conflict , And considered his retreat is just a breathtaking stage, and he is training militias (non-Peshmerga militants) to fight this conflict and «the restoration of Kirkuk» which would not have fallen "if not betrayals," what he says.

On the internal level, on the external level, Abadi reached lines that have been reddened in red for decades and are still red. And we mean the communication between Iraq and Syria after the two forces met at the common border, and expelled «urging» of the twin cities of Al-Qaim and Bu Kamal. Both sides are now required to make do with this achievement and keep their relations to a minimum so as to prevent terrorists from reorganizing their ranks and eliminating their sleeping cells. If Baghdad and Washington reject this, American forces and security companies deployed in Anbar province and in the tenderness with the "democratic forces" are capable of obstructing any agreement between the two countries.

Any agreement is considered to be an enhancement of Iranian influence, and the United States is not prepared to sacrifice its achievements and abandon Tehran and Moscow from its position in the east. The Middle East, the loss of the first and most important new Cold War battles, and the withdrawal from Iraq and Syria without guaranteeing Israel's security through the active participation of its allies in the "democratic Syria" and its military and political presence in Mesopotamia. In order to achieve this, it must strengthen its alliance with the "components" and open its hands in more than one country. The existing and future wars are only a means to prevent this geostrategic change created by the Russian-Iranian alliance.

Abadi's victories on the "duel" are governed by the rules of the American game. Rules that allowed him to win over the "da'ash" and Barzani in return for legitimizing the "popular mobilization" and removing the Iranian cloak from him and not breaking the red lines in the relationship with Syria.  LINK

JesusLovesBaseball:  Media Office of the Prime Minister

Summary of the press conference of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi in the holy province of Karbala / 11 November 2017

The success of the million-year visit to the Imam Hussein of Al-Hussein by security and service despite the great terrorist threats we faced, and all attempts by terrorists failed.
 Our heroine forces, with their visits and visitors, are fighting terrorism, and today they began clearing the island and the Euphrates to the Syrian border, which are vast desert areas that need to be cleared.

 We eliminate a military advocate but there is a perverse thought that tries to prove its existence.

 There are those who help terrorists through campaigns of intimidation and intimidation of citizens in social communication about the occurrence of mock bombings, and the media and intellectuals and all citizens caution of those.

 There are those who are trying to weaken our securityapparatuses because of shortsightedness and to achieve political gain.

 visit Imam Husseinpeaceupon himgreat occasion for volunteering.

 What is happening in the region is a dangerous escalation that will lead to the emergence of terrorist terrorist groups and killings and displacement, and we warn of this escalation.

 Iraq is ready to play a role in solving the problems in the region and he has the experience of making it Kadrahali this matter to keep the region away from this danger.

 Who believes in the region that he will be safe from the threat of terrorism when he targets another country is more important.

 We call for a quick meeting of the leaders in the region because we are keen not to repeat the crises and the emergence of a new generation of terrorist thought.

 We invite media, religious institutions and educated elites to address the intellectual threat of terrorism.

 We succeeded in three, liberating the land, reuniting the homeland and aborting an attempt to endanger the internal security of the country, and this danger still exists.

 Elections will be held on time.

The men of the heroic crowd, the security services and the military fought not for a political party or a party to win the elections, but for their own country.

 Be wary of using the crowd and the security and military services in the elections.


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