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Bruce:  Welcome, Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  We are glad you are here and coming in to the Big Call. I am thrilled to say you are in a very good place for this even though we thought we were going to receive this last night.  We had information that was pointing to that. I was highly expected to get something over night. It didn’t happen.

Bruce:  What I understand is late last night countries all around the world all synched in, banks, countries, currencies, all that synched with the computer system so we can proceed forward. It was something that needed to be done. There was certain software that had been added earlier a few days earlier that needed to be tested.  It tested out and there was some situations that needed to get squared away. It got squared away.  We had a sort of a reset if you will of sorts of last night with various banks around the world  reporting in. Now I heard we are in position to go forward. We got a time window, couple of them and highly expected for things to go forward for us.
Bruce:  Where is Prime Minister Abadi and other dignitaries?  They are not in Iraq.  They are in France. Why? What PM Abadi did today was made a speech around 2 to 3 pm in France where he said that they had reclaim two coastal or border cities on the border with Syria. He announced that today. There were some very positive things coming out of that. I don’t know what else he talked about, but maybe Iraq making a comeback and encouraging investment back in Iraq. It was interesting this had occurred, this take back of two border town s with Syria that occurred two days ago. He decided to announce it in France. That happed today.

Bruce:  In terms of what is going on with rates. We have seen rates on front and back screens that have really been higher than they were the last two times I talked to you about it. They keep trading higher. Are they at a point right now that everybody is happy with them? Is the IMF happy with everything?  Are we all set to go because we got the rates where they want them to be? I don’t know. They are quite good. I would say probably they are where they needed to be.

Bruce:  When we go back to the United States and see what has happened, we know things have moved out west the last several days where exchanges have taken place and people joining various platforms.  I think we are at the point and how many times I have said core groups, Fines and Penalties, are being paid or about to be paid? I have a feeling no one is getting paid yet because I believe they are waiting for this to go for us to receive that shot gun start where even the Internet Group of  about 5 to 6 million people get the go ahead and the toll free number to call and set their appointments.

Bruce:  Core groups have not been paid and Prosperity Packages and Fines and Penalties have not gone out, and are not quite ready to go. Something has held them back. Probably the reason they have not gone forward is we need to go approximately the same time. Same thing for humanitarian funding sources of tranches that are promised. Some of those people will be receiving those funds.  A lot of that is going to happen after we get started. Same thing with the bonds. Those need to happen after we get started with exchanges so they can have rates from the currency exchanges that they can apply to the bond redemptions. They whole thing is interconnected in that sense.  We are looking very good to get started. I do believe we are in the right place to get going now.

Bruce:  It was an almost false start last night because we really thought it was happening.  Maybe tonight will be a different story.  I do not know.  Let’s see what happens. As far as new Intel it is quiet. There is not a whole lot of new Intel.  I was thinking what I can bring new tonight.  Things are moving along beautifully to where are in a different place than we ever have been.  We don’t know if anything else needs to be done.

Bruce:   I believe the computer got synched on the super computer and everything got recalibrated or synched in late last night that puts us in a position to start. I believe it is the intention with the Treasury, and with the new dollar we have.  I did find out about a new 100 dollar bill today. There is some indicators on there it is gold and a different 100 dollar bill we ever had. I am not going to say it is a USN, but there are some indicators in it.  It looks like it is a different 100 dollar note than we have had. It is a new note even though it is a 2008 A series note.  There are some different things on it. Maybe it is a new note, or temporary one, or permanent. I do not know. It is different than they have had recently. It just came out yesterday or it was delivered to some banks yesterday. It may not be long before it is everywhere.

Bruce:  Holidays. There has been 6 days of holidays in China.  Banks are open for all these days for the holidays except Wednesday, the Fall celebration.  All of that is good. I don’t believe the holidays will hold this up or prevent this from going. I was concerned at first, but right now that is not what I am seeing.  Iraq is out there drumming up business and talking in France. I do not know how much longer Prime Minister Abadi will be there. He may be coming back. I do not know.  As far as I can tell everything should be ready to go.
​Bruce:  I am sorry this to be so limited Intel, but very little out there.  You will be thrilled with the rates, the screen rates. The back screen rates are what are known as the Privately Negotiated Rates. Which ones will show up for us at the Redemption Centers?  I am not sure, but we have the ability to negotiate the rates on the ZIM, the Dinar, the Dong, and the Rial higher than the so called screen rates. Just be prepared to do that because of the projects you have, and how well you are able to present yourself as someone who plans to do something with Humanity. the humanitarian projects.

Bruce:  What we plan to do are the projects Rebuild American and Veterans Retreat network which can be extended rebuild the Caribbean and Rebuild the World if we get that opportunity.   Just remember partner with us if you wish if you don’t have projects of your own or even if you do and if you want to be part of Big Call Universe going forward, keep that in mind.  Keep in mind we are going to do the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America.

Bruce:  That is it for tonight. I meant to keep this short. I want to let you know we are in a great position. I believe all we need to do is to wait for the toll free numbers.  Make sure you register at our website:  bigcalluniverse.com your email. So we can keep in touch with you for future calls.

Bruce:  Thank you all for tuning in for tonight. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and Kent for being a faithful team working with us on the Big Call. Thank you everybody and have a great night.  Good night Everybody. 

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