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Zig: We are not here to burst peoples' bubbles so to speak....we try to get to the truth...so you may not like what some members have to say here....lol...we get things out in the open...people dig and expose the BS out there....and the con artists....

yz: Barzani calls on the Kurds in the world to demonstrate to support the Kurdistan region http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/219259/-

Spectra: 400,000 thou a month Barzani ---lol
Spectra: that is what he racking for a salary
Spectra: imnot going to ignore that
​Spectra: The Mathematics of the 42 Generations of Christ--LIVE STREAM GEMATRIA- https://youtu.be/_AM5ziN38_E

Spectra: This guys a genius..
Spectra: codes in the bible
Spectra: Marty Leeds is his name

Zig: You will find things in this chat room that will interest you and others that will not....that's what you get in this type of chat room where any topic goes....So pick and choose and introduce whatever you wish at any time....that's for the benefit of new peeps..... :)
Spectra: Kabala means -cube
Zig: Ever see the movie "Cube?".....

Spectra: yes its weird i like it
Zig: Me too
Spectra: it makes you think

Spectra: i use to like Barzani until i learned about him...
Spectra: I Thought of him very differently then.

Spectra: 3.145......
Spectra: found it on twitter-lol

xyz: ZIM: Mugabe's wife sues over $1.35-mn diamond ring


"First lady Dr Grace Mugabe is suing fugitive businessman Mr Jamal Joseph Ahmed for $1.23 million (1.05 million euros) over a diamond ring deal that went sour last year," The Herald newspaper said.

Spectra: @xyz lol
xyz: @Spectra fair and balanced
Spectra: @xyz lol sometimes !

Spectra: Belive me i love the Kurds ...Beautiful people...but they picked a very lousy time to do what they did..

xyz: @Spectra every time

Spectra: The right time will come..Like us they must wait..

xyz: Zim on the brink of meltdown October 20, 2017

https://www.theindependent.co.zw/2017/10/20/zim-brink-meltdown/ Clearly, the Zimbabwe economy is operating on the margin and any market disruptions could trigger a crisis.

Spectra: @xyz That country is in a mess..China is stealing all their minerals too.
Spectra: @xyz I Do feel bad for them ..

Spectra: @xyz They have so much in natural resources mostly in minerls..

xyz: O dear ZIM gurus gonna blow-up conference calls ... here we go
xyz: ZIM: Robert Mugabe Was Just Appointed a World Health Organization 'Goodwill Ambassador'


Spectra: @xyz thats crazy he needs to fix his country

xyz: @Spectra he is 93 yrs

Spectra: @xyz i know but he has people working for him.
Spectra: @xyz maybe he is too old now

xyz: ZIM: Zimbabwe schools accept goats for tuition fees 19 April 2017


Spectra: @xyz oh my gosh...

xyz: I report, you decide - fair & balance
Spectra: @xyz LOL

xyz: Zimbabwe to allow goats, cows and sheep as bank collateral Proposed law on ‘moveable’ assets to free up credit-starved economy


xyz: ZWD - Zimbabwean Dollar


Notice: The Zimbabwe dollar has been suspended indefinitely

xyz: http://www.xe.com/currency/zwd-zimbabwean-dollar

xyz: JEJEJE ... Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: from worthless paper to hot investment https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/may/14/zimbabwe-trillion-dollar-note-hyerinflation-investment “I didn’t have enough notes to go round,” he says. “People started offering me money for them. I tried to explain they were just a gift, but they just upped their offer. I realised then these notes were going to become a collector’s item.”

xyz: I report, You decide - fair and balance

BobS: October 20, 2017 21:26 Direct : Record the total deficit of the US budget for fiscal year 2017 more than $ 666 billion, its largest level since 2013. It showed the US Treasury Department data released on Friday, the high financial budget of the United States for the fiscal year deficit in 2017 ended last September 666.71 billion level , recording the largest level of deficit since 2013, compared to a deficit at 585.6 billion dollars , the previous fiscal year to him.

Analysts' forecasts that the record US budget deficit at the level of $ 668 billion during the previous financial year last September. Data reported that US revenue rose fiscal year 2017 level of $ 3.30 trillion, compared to the level of $ 3.27 trillion a year earlier. She noted the United States Treasury Department for the rise of expenditures during the previous financial year last September to $ 3.98 trillion, compared to B3.85 trillion dollars a year in 2016.

The data added that the budget of the United States achieved a surplus of $ 8 billion during the month of September, compared to a deficit worth 107.68 billion in August, the former for him. Analysts ' forecasts had indicated that the US budget will achieve a deficit of $ 0.9 billion during the same period .

The US Treasury Department explained that on a monthly basis , revenue in the United States rose by 54%, to a record 348.72 billion level during the month of September, while expenses went up slightly to $ 340 billion, during the same period .

On an annual basis, the surplus fell to balance the United States by 76% over the last month, compared with a surplus at the level of 33.44 billion dollars in the same period of 2016 . By the time 19:20 GMT , the dollar rose against the euro by nearly 0.7% to $ 1.1773 .

BobS: October 20, 2017 16:32 Direct: cooperating company "Facebook" with a number of international newspapers on modern methods of testing for application urged users to participate in the articles. He said executives at the social networking company through a statement, on Thursday, said that users of "Facebook" will be able to read 10 articles for free tool via instant articles on the social networking site, before offering it to participate in the paid service for all privileges.

Aspiration "Facebook" to experience the new tool in cooperation with the newspaper "Washington Post," and "Boston Globe," and "The Economist", and other newspapers. They added that once a user subscribes to the deal will be on the newspaper site directly, in addition to retaining all profits and data subscribers.

The "Google" and "Facebook" are published the list of most media advertising revenue on the most underserved, worth more than $ 100 billion in 2016. In last January, "Facebook" giant announced to start a project to discuss a new possibility to help newspapers to make gains from the application. She explained, "Facebook" that the owners of newspapers and put "subscriptions" earlier this year on the priority of their interests, what prompted them to work with different groups of designers to develop a test-fits-all.

BobS: have a good one. out.
Spectra: China about to break the Petro Dollar banking system

Spectra: https://youtu.be/D1UxFpYNReE

Spectra: Keiser Report: RIP, Petrodollar? (E1121) https://youtu.be/Lv3pPU-BBU4

bunny: RE: earlier posting & saw couple days ago . my ? w/respect to this ~~ Spectra: 400,000 thou a month Barzani ---lol~~~~~~~~~ is that dinar (I am presuming such) if so, @ 1250 per usd mkt rate that is not very much ~ but ??

Spectra: @bunny NO

Spectra: @bunny It is not in dinar according to the article i read
Spectra: @bunny He is the second highest paid in the world...

Spectra: @bunny You need to read the article

bunny: Thanks ! WOW ~
Spectra: @bunny yes.. i was overwhelmed to hear it as well.

bunny: all I can do, more and more, is shake my head @ this whole situation ~ sigh
Spectra: @bunny i hear that it is sad...

Spectra: Barzani sweeps salaries of the heads of the world and this is what he gets !! September 19, 2017 Baghdad - Journal News The agency "Ekord" news, highlight the magnitude of the salary of the President of the Kurdistan region (outgoing), "Massoud Barzani," compared to the salaries of both "Donald Trump" and "Barack Obama."

 According to the agency, in its report translated by the «Journal News», Barzani's salary of $ 400,000 a month. The salaries of both Obama and Trump did not exceed 30,000,000 dollars a month, or 360,000 dollars a year. The region's annual budget does not exceed $ 8 billion, and America's annual budget is about $ 14 trillion.

The agency noted that Barzani governs only three provinces, including 5 million people. Trump and Obama govern 50 states, with about 307 million people. The salaries of Barzani and Talabani are contrary to the general laws of the salaries of the rulers, in addition to being considered among the highest wise wage in the world.

While the salary of the ruler of France 26,000 thousand dollars per month, the governor of the United Kingdom 23.500 thousand dollars per month, the governor of Turkey 12.300 thousand dollars, while Japan, the salary of its ruler 16.5 thousand dollars, Barzani comes second in the world among the highest rulers Agra, Kong of 430,000 dollars. Stressing that the failure to allocate a specific budget to the rulers of the Kurdistan region indicates failure and lack of planning, in light of the collapse of the economy of the region. Link

Zig: Strange how "tman23" just vanished after being so active here for a long time...hope he is well....

Spectra: @Zig true ? maybe he became disillusioned

blackgold: that is a lot of money but there are people in the US making 100,000 an hour, now thats sick

Spectra: @blackgold who???
bunny: Spectra - TY. sheesh!
Spectra: @bunny i know its insane amount of money
Spectra: @bunny no politician should reek that much

Zig: Movie stars make 10 million or more per movie...
Spectra: @Zig well i dont think they should

bunny: shows selfishness, not concern for the people ~ IMO
Spectra: @Zig i dont watch movies any more either there are no good ones

blackgold: won't name them but i know them in NY, some type of stock market and cargo dealings

Spectra: @bunny I know its greed that gets into the heads
Spectra: @blackgold well maybe you are in the wrong profession then ?

blackgold: you bet

Spectra: @blackgold we are talking about a leader here or a politician ..In my opinion its like theft what BARZANI IS MAKING

blackgold: i understand

Spectra: @blackgold After all is it not coming from the sale of oil ...Barzani income or his 400,000 a month

bunny: Thanks ~ critters are begging for their dinner. Have a good evening ~

Spectra: @blackgold VERY SICKING no wonder why bagdad dont want to send the kurds money because Barzani will steal it --lol

Spectra: This is starting to make sense to me know

blackgold: i had a friend years ago who made a bundle in the market dealing in exotic beer, that was before it really became popular. He did it about 25 years ago

Spectra: @blackgold intresting

blackgold: i'll say, wish i knew something about the market and wall street
blackgold: i'm just a dumb musician

blackgold: i'm a real musician played since i was seven, 6 years of college, studied in NY with some of the best in the world, I'll play or write whatever you pay me to

chattels: The United States is concerned by reports of violent clashes around the town of Altun Kupri in northern Iraq. We are monitoring the situation closely, and call on all parties to cease all violence and provocative movements, and to coordinate their activities to restore calm.

chattels: In order to avoid any misunderstandings or further clashes, we urge the central government to calm the situation by limiting federal forces’ movements in disputed areas to only those coordinated with the Kurdistan Regional Government. We are encouraged by Prime Minister Abadi’s instructions to federal forces to protect Iraqi Kurdish citizens and to not provoke conflict.

chattels: The reassertion of federal authority over disputed areas in no way changes their status – they remain disputed until their status is resolved in accordance with the Iraqi constitution. Until parties reach a resolution, we urge them to fully coordinate security and administration of these areas. To that end, all parties should engage in dialogue now on the basis of the Iraqi constitution, as Prime Minister Abadi offered and the Kurdistan Regional Government accepted publicly.

chattels: The United States remains committed to a united, stable, democratic, and federal Iraq, and committed to the Kurdistan Regional Government as an integral component of the country. We will continue working with officials from the central and regional governments to reduce tensions, avoid further clashes, and encourage dialogue. We also remain determined to finish the fight against ISIS in Iraq and call on the Iraqi Government to redouble its efforts with the Global Coalition until that task is done.

chattels: https://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2017/10/274980.htm

chattels: KRG welcomes State Department statement on clashes between Peshmerga, Iraqi forces By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/21102017

Spectra: http://www.almaalomah.com/2017.....21/247002/ KTFA-POST -THANK YOU -- A pending judicial decision against Barzani in the coming hours MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod Saturday went for the Supreme Judicial Council to issue a resolution against the President of the Kurdistan region of outgoing Massoud Barzani in the coming hours. He said in a statement Chihod / information /,

 "The Supreme Judicial Council may be issued within the next few hours a judicial decision against Massoud Barzani, based on the calls and complaints filed against him by members of the House of Representatives." He added Chihod, that "lawsuits filed against Barzani relating to charges of conspiracy and theft of wealth and raise arms against the security forces, and to attract Baathist leaders, and harboring wanted."

Spectra: theft of wealth -- :que

Spectra: Federal Court issued tomorrow an arrest warrant for Massoud Barzani KTFA -POST-A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Saturday, the determination of the judiciary to issue a memorandum of recruitment against the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani tomorrow.

"The Iraqi judiciary will issue a memorandum on Sunday against the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on 55 files filed against him," the deputy told the reporter (Iraqi News Agency Information / INA), who asked not to be named. The MP added that "these cases included the issues of the referendum and the threat of the security of the country and the smuggling of oil and other administrative and legal irregularities."

The Supreme Judicial Council announced on Thursday the issuance of an arrest warrant against the deputy head of the Kurdistan region Kosrat Rasul, against the backdrop of his recent statements, which described the federal security forces in the province of Kirkuk as "occupied".

Spectra: This was to be exspected..
Spectra: by me! Anyways...sad but true..

Spectra: ktfa-post ty-Saudi energy minister from Baghdad: The renaissance of Iraq is now underway

Spectra: Saudi Oil Minister Khalid Al-Falih said on Saturday that the renaissance of Iraq began now, pointing out that the Baghdad International Fair is one of the signs of the start of the new Iraq. 
​Spectra: Altruism is about balancing the people around us. Some people really deserve our generosity, while others are abusing them. So we have to be insightful with those who are too persuasive, because the least favours becomes a delicate gesture. If someone deserves your support, you need to know that there will always be someone else to get in the way. Search The truth, but watch out for trouble. Recognize the person who is really concerned and you will leave your mind alone.

chattels: Baghdad reveals new conditions for dialogue with Erbil By Rudaw


chattels: Parliament begins its session headed by Jubouri Publication date: 2017/10/21 13:29 http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/index.php?storytopic=41

larrykn: gm everyone, great news coming in, Barzani looks like he is in a world of hurt , to bad for him

Spectra: @larrykn i read that ..yes his ...400,000 a month salary is questionable ?

larrykn: @Spectra he has a lot more then that to account for

Spectra: @larrykn indeed ?

larrykn: @Spectra but I'm interested in what Iraq is doing with banking an relationships with other countries, that is what they need to get done before the RV

Spectra: @larrykn me too.

larrykn: @Spectra the Kurds will get this all worked out , I don't see that as a holdup

Spectra: @larrykn Neither do i at this point.

arrykn: @Spectra wrong wording I don't believe there is a holdup but steps needing to get done

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