Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Gospel" - Excerpts of a Intel Report from Yosef via Jeff , 22 OCT

We are that close.

Washington D.C. is in lock down and shrinking by the hour.

Literally Republic forces (with Chinese and Russian overseers) are closing in on the lizard thieves running D.C. for centuries, which was never part of the United States and therefore politicians and judges didn’t have to follow the Constitution.

Until now!!!!!

Reptillians refuses to play by the fact that humanity now rules themselves!

Suck on that fact, Dracos!

Congress is on lock down at this hour. All members of legislative and judicial branches are on being restrained by vibrational tether until all political left overs start happening to make the alien to human a transition peaceful.

Watch how every delayed bill suddenly passes through the Senate with ease now, or else

Trump #3 will release the true JFK files.


Somebody with our best interests is finally and openly in charge of the RV process and driving the Republic bus!


There are 7,500 redemption centers/wealth management offices in North America, but there are three concurrent redemption strategies of 2,500 centers each.l so it’s impossible to stop the RV—anywhere.

Redemption staffs were getting randomly bused to other locations all afternoon in preparation for a midnight release?


With that said, know too that when you redeem your ZIM it will be converted into Yuan not USN, then all the hard cash you receive will be converted into American money or USN. Wells Fargo has been completely taken out of the RV.


Do not go to Wells Fargo Bank for your exchange. Period. It is not safe. Never was. Sorry Big Call Universe.

In fact, we’re hearing Wells Fargo is being dismantled as you read this. Horrible, horrible organization—corrupted from the top down to the bottom back up the ladder.

Evil masquerading as benevolent. Talk about chalked for life!

Israel has no money to operate until BiBi Netanyahu leaves office. Wow! Zip. Nada!

Here’s why:


When Iraq/Iran/Republic took back Kirkuk, they waved goodbye forever to the desert Dracos who are the cause of all problems in the Middle East!

That’s who ran Wells Fargo secretly btw. Bank of Jerusalem to be specific. I told Brice this. He choose not to share it. That’s why I left The Big Call family and made my own.

ISIS has been defeated in Syria and thus everywhere. As all their dark energy portals closed. They were direct to other dimensions and war mongering alien species controlling humanity and stealing our minerals... and bodies / souls. Yikes!



Need more good news?
There’s no more chemtrails or GMOs. Shut down.

ZIM is nearing 6.00 USN.

Even more?
Paul Ryan is a Navy Seal disguised as a politician and Paul Ryan is just his code name. There were a dozen “Ryan’s” in the overall military strategy.

Want a random stat?
There’s more gold mined and above ground minted than steel beams ever manufactured in world history.


Announcement: Human Angels Services will stop taking original subscribers with the start of the RV. And there are wild additional benefits for original subscribers that are not yet listed on the HAS website.

-- Submitted by Jeff

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