Thursday, September 7, 2017


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday   9-07-17

chattels: Ministry of Interior announced the opening of the door to volunteer as a [policeman] to the ranks of the internal security forces.


chattels: A volunteer security force, not very encouraging to me.

Doug_W: that is a scarrrrrry deal "C"

chattels: @Doug_W Indeed.

DinarResearcher: Good Morning fellow dinarians.
DinarResearcher: Abadi: The wealth of citizens is depleted by the import of poor quality goods

chattels: @DinarResearcher gm

DinarResearcher: 07/09/2017

DinarResearcher: Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that the wealth of citizens has been depleted by importing bad quality goods over the past years, stressing that the Iraqi investment law is very sophisticated laws.

DinarResearcher: "The Council of Ministers voted to establish regulatory controls and quality policy related to the safety of consumer goods and services according to international standards," Abadi said at the weekly news conference. "These controls include all food, services and services."

DinarResearcher: He explained that "the wealth of citizens exhausted through goods and services poor quality and these controls aim not to waste the wealth of citizens," noting that "the Iraqi investment law of the very advanced laws and the formation of a higher investment committee aims to remove obstacles to investors."

DinarResearcher: http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=8918

DinarResearcher: Hello Chattels

chattels: @DinarResearcher Whasup ?

DinarResearcher: "Aims to remove obstacles to investors"

DinarResearcher: That's what's up.

 chattels: @DinarResearcher Reads / sounds like " yada, yada, yada " all over again, eh ?
chattels: @DinarResearcher Iraq is always going to do this and going to do that, and……….

DinarResearcher: Gotta have faith my friend!
DinarResearcher: Hello & GM Doug

chattels: @DinarResearcher I have faith, but a critical / constructive eye I hope.

DinarResearcher: That is good to have Chattels

chattels: @DinarResearcher I would not be here if i did not have the hope that springs from faith.

chattels: @DinarResearcher Doug_W is not that much fun otherwise :)

chattels: Watching " Irma ". Hurricanes and the threat of natural disaster are very annoying.

Doug_W: @chattels ;zig-mod;

MichelleL: these days I go to sleep with one hurricane and wake up with another ;) Goodmorning chattels, Doug

Doug_W: @chattels M
chattels: @MichelleL gm

Doug_W: @chattels Poeterhouse steak baked taters broccoli and sauteed mushrooms.
Doug_W: @chattels its Diane's Bday
Doug_W: ooops

MichelleL: you cooking Doug?

Doug_W: yes of course

DinarResearcher: I think some of yews are listening to other folks in DinarLand and getting upset because of what's been told by others. No need to get upset IMHO... Iraq has come a long way since Abadi has been in office. Give the man a chance, remember he is fighting the most corrupted country in the world.
MichelleL: nice ;)
Doug_W: Git er dun Iraq

MichelleL: Its all about time, Dinar Researcher - I anticipate sitting here a year from now - maybe we're jaded by the decade or more of watching and waiting

Doug_W: ok I have got to get my day going I have garage door braces to wels up now

DinarResearcher: That is my 2 dinars worth. You folks have a Blessed day.

Doug_W: weld↑ ↑

MichelleL: good luck and have fun Doug, Thanks DinarResearcher

Doug_W: ty

chattels: @DinarResearcher laterz. thanks for the news.

foxmulder: @MichelleL good morning >> anticipate sitting here a year from now ? LOL we could be doing just that

MichelleL: @foxmulder I do anticipate a new chair ;)

MichelleL: @foxmulder gotta love the optimists though, they make me laugh/smile/choke on coffee

foxmulder: @MichelleL I know i really like the term decade geez brings me back to reality lol
MichelleL: @foxmulder Its where most of us are at ;)

BobS: Baghdad announced that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, on Thursday, said that world food prices fell 1.3 percent in August compared with the previous month.

The FAO Food Price Index, which measures the monthly changes in a basket of cereals, oilseeds, dairy products, meat and sugar, averaged 176.6 points in August, down 1.3 percent from July.

 "The average price index for August was 153.4 points, down about 9 points 5.4 per cent from the levels recorded in July and after a rise for three consecutive months.

 The FAO meat price index averaged 172.4 points in August, down 2.1 points, or 1.2 percent, from its July value, while the price of skimmed milk was under pressure due to rising export prospects.

FAO raised its forecast for global grain production in the 2017-2018 season to 2,611 billion tonnes, slightly above last year's record cereal production. FAO also raised its forecast for global wheat production to 748.8 million tonnes.

BobS: out

tman23: [VIDEO]: Militiamen Conduct Massive Attack in Central Baghdad........BAGHDAD — A group of gunmen has conducted an armed operation in the center of Baghdad and the security forces in the capital city remained on the fence, apparently due to their incapability to bring the situation under control.

Arab News Broadcasting (ANB) TV released a footage showing a large number of armed men massively firing.

They seem to target a location in central Baghdad. This incident questions the capability of the security institutions in Baghdad to maintain the security of the city. The source wonders how such a convoy of militias could organize such an armed offensive in central Baghdad without any security forces stopping them.

Observers believe that the Iraqi military is incapable of maintaining the security of the cities, let alone the borders......

 [pm]Doug_W: thanks 23

tman23: YEP....... Appear to be dancing in the streets......just didn't see any singers........ And I assume all the rukus must be over the new lower denoms being spit out of the ATM's ...... KEEP SAYING THAT THE PLACE IS A POWDER KEG AND THE GOI NEEDS TO BEGIN PROVIDING NOW !!!


The Crisco Kid: @tman23 They Dance In The Streets Everytime The Wind Changes Direction ...

Alembic86: They book their holidays the same way.


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