Tuesday, August 8, 2017

WRECKHOUSE :Subject: If its real, 8 AUGUST

PostSubject: If its real   Today at 10:58 am

If its real, Iraq could flush out all the Dinar by putting a low value on it. Say .05 per Dinar this would bring most of it home, only the wise would hang in for more. Face it the average person puts up $1000 for Dinar and then it worth $50,000 there cashing in. Greed is good, Greed is Great. Oh who said that?

SAMIAM:Iraq doesn't want most of it home. They want to leave it overseas. All they have to do is redenominate and they clear $25 billion that speculators blew on the dinar.

SCOTCHIE:The could get it all back for .005 per dinar, incountry only.

Sorry to say I think all dinar held overseas will be worthless.

Not sure how man Americans would want to move to Iraq

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