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"Taking Ownership" by Reallucky1 , 5 AUGUST

Hello all my beautiful Family

I have spent a few days getting feedback and speaking with people that have issues using their TDA accounts. The main issue the people are having is getting over FEAR. For so long anything we ever have done has been under complete and utter scrutiny, why would this process be any different. We do not want to ever do anything that could later come back to haunt us. My suggestion is that people take the time to think about a few things that I hope you realize. Wanting each of you to see what the country would have been like had these accounts actually done what they were created to do which is to help every American live in their legacy. When you think of America being the world's fiat money empire, and any and all trades were done in American dollars, what does this mean? This means that they were making a whole lot of money using "us" as the "collateral" for their gigantic scheme. This is the action requested to claim back our true power.

We were the reasons that this was able to happen, because of us and our hard work and great ethics. The People were scratching away barely able to take care of the necessities, while worrying if we would have the money next Friday to keep little Johnny In baseball. A flat tire or breakdown on the side of the road, this is a disaster when you live on a tight budget. When you need to go to the grocery store and have only $25 left in your checking account until next Friday, payday. This is the true life experiences that are happening every single day by real people of this great nation. The sacrifices we have all made to scrape by and never feel the feelings of content. The countless years of stress and worry to keep the lights on, food on the table or shoes on the kids feet for school. 

We can not imagine what it would be like to not have to worry. Who is the We, its the true power and asset of America, its WE THE PEOPLE. This is who actually holds the power in this country, but we have never claimed that power. For the first in history, we are now taking back and claiming that power. This is what the Treasury Direct Accounts are all about. The true wealth belongs to each American sovereign. The social security accounts now known as the Treasury Direct Legacy Accounts, are the money that has been accrued for each one of us. Its your legacy to have this money held in these accounts. In fact many Presidents died to try and make this happen for each, that is whole different story, but the legacy is an inherited right that is truly waiting for all of us. 

If you begin to think about the double billing done by the banks and large corporations of this nation, the single act of stopping the double billing done by these corporations, which was completely halted on July 7, 2017, with the Motu Proprio actions of Pope Francis through the Apostille Letter. Think about this one fact for a moment. Now these same corporations that CEOs make 5 million a year, with hefty bonuses each year, are over. They now have to wait for us to send the payments, and there stocks will sink like anchors because they just lost half their assets in this single action by the Pope, MOTU PROPRIO. I love these two words, it is a true freedom action, it stopped the double billing, while opening these world trusts held for every person in the world. All 7 Billion of us. We are ONE. If one profits, we all profit. The greatest action in the history of return of power, we just must all take that power. 

I wanted to write this post to make each sovereign American realize, that they are truly free with this action. We have been trained so well for so long, it is difficult for each of to do anything that would buck the system. I wanted to post the law that makes these accounts legal, I wanted you to see why I have written this post. The countless comments that are all the same, "I probably should not be doing this but", really why not? This action that you are taking, is making a difference in not just your world, but for the whole world. The law is HR 192, as provided by Carlos, on the Outlaws call last night. Along with UCC-1 World Trust, provided by OPPT, on behalf of Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf. The UCC code that makes these accounts legal for all, and the posts off the Federal Reserve Banks own site that tell each of us, that these accounts are up and running and that you are helping to bring the freedom and truth movement into the mainstream effective August 1, 2017.

I love and care about each of you, the suffering and poverty must end. Can you imagine what the world would be like today, had we all been giving the legacy of our heritage accounts from birth? Of course, they would not be as much as there are now, the controllers new exactly what was going to make them wealthier than they already were. No one, and I mean no one in the world had the ability to get rich unless the elites in power had a piece of the pie. They knew the latest trend to hit the market. and the technology that would be released, that had been held for national security reasons. These stocks grew every single time they traded us. It was not because they were taking lucky guesses, they knew the technology that was going to be released and when that date was so they would hook up each one of us to grow our legacy.

This is your heritage, your legacy as an American. Please take the time to think about my message, I am not misleading anyone. I am speaking from my heart. I know what it is like to struggle, and to worry about taking care of your family. I do not fight for myself, I fight for each one of you. Because for some reason, the FEAR that has been implanted is hard to remove while you continue to struggle. Do you not realize that by taking action you can live the life of your dreams. I do not mean go buy an RV or an airplane, I mean to claim your heritage and start accessing the money held in each one of your legal names, the STRAW MAN all caps names. You are a corporation a business, a traded chattel. Many have issues with lying saying they are a corporation a business, but that is what these accounts are YOUR BUSINESS, you are claiming the business that was designed to be there for your bills and assets. If the evil ones had not stolen your accounts, and held this as SAP top secret clearance, we would have known that all along. 

The businesses' like Amazon, and Paypal along with the Banks that have not been cooperative, are the ones that will be forgotten. We have the POWER to shut them down. The ones that would not facilitate payments like Paypal, they are going to be history if they do not start helping us. We were given the right to use them as of August 1, 2017, a few days ago. As of September 15, 2017, the same day ACH payments will be made available for all, that is only 5 and 1/2 weeks away. The accounts are open, the only instructions you need are on the frbservices.org site. Follow all links that pertain to ACH Payments and Fedwire ACH Participants. The Fedwire ACH Participants contains just six routing number the one on the very bottom is the correct link 0517 36158 that routes to the Treasury Direct accounts. These ACH and Fedwire payments are the way you will gain complete access to your accounts once you have claimed ownership. When you enter your account number add a zero in front of your social security number that is it, the rest is just fluff. They all work, but the account listed above is the master account.

Lets change the narrative, to realize that these accounts belong to you, the people telling you that you will get in trouble, are misinformed. We have all the documents to prove ownership: your Birth Certificate, social security card, drivers license and passport proves that we are the lawful owner of these accounts. DO not let anyone tell you otherwise. Claim and earn the legacy that each of us possess, the new powers that be are US.

This will end the struggle, the poverty and the disdain mainly to restore your Hope and Dreams again. We are just learning so many things as a team, I can not even imagine what the future will hold, except know that it is bright and will restore the nations faith in the country again. I love you all and hope that the main reason for writing this post, is to bring awareness, not misinformation.



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