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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 27 2017

Compiled 12:08 am EDT 27 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Aug. 26 2017 7:36 pm EDT Intel Situation Report: "Deeper" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

1. The RV is pushing all current political and military decisions. Everywhere in the world, especially here in the USA, last minute GESARA changes are being enforced.

2. Does this hurricane potentially complicate or slow down this process? Possibly... but it can also accelerate the release because many will be paying attention to the dramatic weather event and distract from any massive monetary release.

3. It's the end of August, a perfect time to release the RV due to low business / trading volume. The kids are still out of school, and most families are soaking in one of the last summer weekend before everyone gets back to work post Labor Day.

4. Of the 70 million currency exchangers expected over the remainder of 2017, 80% are said to be American.

5. The economic and banking pump certainly is primed and has been for months.

7. Is tonight that night? Quite possibly. But regardless of the endless pump fakes over so many years or false immanency of off site redemption centers being used yet now being closed down (HSBC has reduced off site locations to less than 50%).

8. The weather forecast matters because the Republic headquarters are in Fort Hood, Texas... exactly in the pathway for what was Hurricane Harvey (now but a weakening tropical storm).

9. What nobody is paying attention to is an infinite top down banking event. Just the way Dunford wanted it. Safer. Quieter. Invisible. Using final Cabal chaos in humanity's favor.

10. Israel/Mossad has surrendered its pre-1967 border war with Palestine, Syria and Iran--courtesy of Russia's military mediation,

11. China's mineral boycott and the Republic's Congressional military aid freeze were in the 2018 budget ($38 billion over the next 10 years).

12. Trump & Pence are at Camp David tonight and have been for a second weekend in August.

13. The Ukraine surrendered, and their sovereign bond rating was even raised as a result.

14. There's a big fight tonight between a European MMA champion and US boxing champion. That should consume a lot of eyeballs and attention.


B. Aug. 26 2017 8:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Velocity" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

1. Why a category 4 hurricane on the eve of a possible RV? In the primetime of August's end? When global markets and schools are at their calmest for both Central Bankers and students who are still on summer vacation?

2. Natural disaster or man made sin meant to delay or distract the global financial reforms just a little longer to squeeze more profit out of the arbitrage? Didn't Hong Kong suddenly just get a major typhoon last week as well? Is the weather that easy to manipulate?

3. Why did the US suddenly change their military policy in Afghanistan? Are rare earth elements being coveted in the unmined mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and fought for by both light and dark forces before the RV begins? Is this why Russia was in Afghanistan through the 80's and the US has been there for the last 17 years without a plausible exit strategy?

4. Is that why Israel was in Russia negotiating their pre-1967 boarder surrender still? Has China shut them out of all rare earth mineral supplies so necessary to make their high tech products which account for 90% of their national GDP?

5. Why is the Cabal apparently still scrapping for the last remaining crumbs of the earths hard asset deposits? Are they that broke with no updated digital accounts or tangible hard assets to leverage on the new Hercules quantum financial system? Maybe this is motive for why they may be manufacturing such catastrophic weather events to provide cover for theft operations long planned and just waiting to be implemented by private black ops military groups like Blackwater?

6. Do they really think the Benevolents, Republic, Russians and Elders don't know of their plans before they make a move?

7. Do they not understand their lower cabal minions have all turned state's evidence in exchange for amnesty as to their last remaining delay and destruction strategies?
8. The more chaotic things become means the closer we are to actual real life conversion… and things are pretty nuts right about now. Top that off with a category 4 hurricane just popping up over this last week and heading straight for the Republic's new gold vaults… and I would say we've hit some kind of maximum performance velocity needed in order to begin the RV.

9. D-Day was begun in horrible weather by then General Eisenhower. And is the RV not Dunford's Normandy? Fighting Joe will pull it off, just like Ike did when the German's were dug in across the steep coasts of Northern France ready for the Allies best punch. And Ike still beat them to the punch, surprising them in bad weather after months of pump fakes.

10. The final battle has officially begun, hence this insane and constant flow of madness - which will not stop until the RV has completed. Sobeit.


C. Aug. 26 2017 12:33 pm EDT KTFA Iraqi Internet silence: "3rd to the 10th" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News

Internet service interruption for three hours in the morning in all governorates of Iraq from now until Sept. 10. "The disruption will take place on Saturday, August 26, Sunday, August 27, Monday, August 28, Tuesday, August 29, Wednesday, August 30, Thursday, August 31, Thursday, September 7, Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10," he said. LINK


D. Aug. 26 2017 Frank26:
 Frank26 "Evidence That Ch. 7 Was Lifted" , 26 AUGUST

1. On May 28 the IMF gave the Central Bank of Iraq the rate that they should use.

2. On June 7 we suggested to you that they had lifted the three zeros.

3. On Aug. 2 they get their money, which is the evidence that Chapter 7 was lifted.


E. Aug. 26 2017 10:05 pm EDT Potential Roles of Trump and Ryan, Anna von Reitz:Anna von Reitz on the Potential Roles of Trump and Ryan Urgent Message for Donald Trump

1. Finally, the long awaited clarification of the possible role of Trump - and as I has hoped for in that the Republic (meaning us as represented by Anna and her legal team in the bankruptcy case) offers Trump the role as President of the unincorporated Republic.

2. She goes on to CLARIFY that Ryan is merely involved with just another corporation (as we could all tell from his last few speeches).

3. An article just published at paulstramer.net

4. Dinar Chronicles: The "New Republic" is completely different from the "Restored Republic". The New Republic was a Cabal attempt to maintain control over the US. This was already taken care of after Paul Ryan became interim President in 2015, and agreed upon by the APTB and the Republic military.

F. Aug. 26 2017 10:08 pm EDT Trump's Background, Suzi: "Background to Trump's Function as Corporate President" by Suzi - 8.26.17

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