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BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 Sadr looms the intervention of UN in the elections .. and calls to confine arms to the state of Baghdad / morning matched the political and popular, agreed on the need to choose a new Council of Independent High Electoral Commission of views, and to reconsider the election law , which parliament voted on the part of its paragraphs.

 While confirmed the three presidencies, the importance of choosing a new board of the Electoral Commission, the Presidency of the Parliament held today, a meeting to consider the law of provincial councils elections.

This comes at a time, which described the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al - Sadr, the adoption of the provincial council elections , as the current law as " the death of the aspirations of the people and their aspirations for reform."
 A presidential statement, said that " the President of the Republic Fuad Masum and Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, held a meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, during which an emphasis on" Should be completed as soon as the selection of the new Council of the Independent High Electoral Commission on the basis of independence, competence and integrity. "

BobS: The statement noted that" it was agreed to strengthen coordination between the three presidencies in all areas and issues posed by the nature of the stage and to stress the need to strengthen and deepen the dialogue between all the blocks parliamentary political "

in turn, called the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al - Sadr, during a televised speech, to" work on the introduction of the United Nations in supervising the elections if the Commission has not been changed, and stability on the date of the elections in all provinces until liberated Nha, and to accelerate the return of displaced persons

".okhatab al- Sadr, thousands of demonstrators who turned out in Baghdad and a number of provinces, to hold reforms in the provincial elections law , saying:" You are bound to that Tnasroa your army and the security of your troops , "stressing at the same time, the need to"

BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 With a view to restoring confidence between banks and customers Baghdad / morning , the Central Bank of Iraq and discuss the management of the Islamic National Bank ways to develop work mechanisms and the development of products to serve the development work and participate in the investment.

In support of Islamic banking to a detailed social benefits proposal was presented at the annual meeting represents to provide a percentage of profits to support displaced families and poor groups and outstanding economy.

The head of the Bank 's Board of Directors Essam Azri: The human resources development and advancement of their expertise contribute effectively to the development of the overall banking operations and led to achieve an acceptable return and earn the trust of customers and this joint is important and achieved earnings ratio estimated B21milira and 335 million dinars.

BobS: Training of staff in turn , managing director of the bank d occur. Abbas Fadhil that the expansion of the ongoing work plan and going precisely in parallel with a plan aimed at human resources,

which are implemented through several external trends development contract with a specialized company that trains workers in the form of stages in the Jordanian capital Amman and other sessions of the Interior in the Association of Banks on money laundering and the financing of terrorism, stressing that the ongoing bank of this approach, which develops the banking business in Iraq.

He noted that the security situation negatively affected the reality of work during the past years, indicating that any improvement occurs to the security situation is reflected positively on the labor movement, pointing out that the local protection product contributes to the activation of production and moving the reality of the stock market where the rise value of shares experiencing a decline in Akiemha .

Banking products either one central bank representatives have said the central follow - up mechanisms of the work of banks greatly contribute to the development of banking products, indicating that the central bank 's instructions are in favor of the banking business, stressing the importance of a hedge against the risk that the work of the banking sector to maintain customers ' deposits .

BobS: Social benefits concerned financial affairs in and a member of the Board of Directors Ali Abbas Abdul Hussein suggested allocating 1 percent of the profits to a detailed social benefits, which is estimated at more than 200 million dinars , which is distributed to the beneficiaries on segments of society, especially the displaced families who have intensified their suffering greatly because of the terrorist attacks.

 He noted that the expansion of the Islamic banks witnessed in Iraq must be hurt in the national economy , especially since a large segment of citizens prefer to deal with Islamic banks, pointing to the importance of expanding the work of the Islamic investment portfolios.

BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim began the US tax compliance with the law in March 2010 , and the aim of this legislation is to combat tax evasion of US individuals who own financial assets in financial institutions and means of investment non - US, known as (FATCA) (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) as a law issued by the authorities the competent authorities in the United States to disclose in detail about their income and their money and their accounts for the benefit of US tax,

 and in the same context has become the global banking system operates within a single integrated system can not work any financial institution in isolation because of the great evolution of the business environment and

As well as some countries , the dominance of the largest banks in the world as well as technological development in the means of communication and the Internet , which has made the world a small village.

BobS: As these banks operate under the laws and standards, decisions and instructions and conditions are almost uniform, The device of the Iraqi banking represented by the head of the banking pyramid , " the Central Bank of Iraq , "

 one of the parties to this global Almnthomh is and can not be dispensed with, since all funds transferred from Iraq to beneficiaries abroad through banks global as well as the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi banks have external accounts and various currencies,

because there is a real need to work within the global banking system by any Iraqi bank, which requires to adapt to the laws and regulations imposed by the environment in which the bank Yeh global. Has the Central Bank of Iraq to form a committee to check the private banks that have customers holding US citizenship,

 in addition to this workshop was held in this law , which led to Iraqi banks in response to this law , and is updated each period lists regarding international banks to participate in this law ,

in addition to dealing with these banks and these lists are issued by the Central Bank and circulate to all banks that have customers holding US citizenship. The question remains: Are the banks by creating tools , tools and staff training for the application of this Act (FATCA).?.

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BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 An economic seminar in Baghdad Devt British ambassador to Baghdad / Hussein Tgb held the Iraqi Economic Council, recently, the guest of the British ambassador in Baghdad , Frank Baker , an economic seminar to discuss the reality of economic cooperation between Iraq and Britain.

Opened the seminar President of the Economic Council Ibrahim al - Baghdadi al - Masoudi said Britain from countries that continues to offer support for Iraq, he underlined that the Iraqis were able to achieve a winning streak on "Daesh" terrorist and the liberation of Mosul and other cities , which already had terrorism blind.

Baghdadi said that cooperation with Britain , includes a number of important aspects , including the economic side, there is cooperation Kberaly government level between the two countries, as well as economic cooperation witnessed in relations between the British and Iraqi companies.

BobS: He noted that a few weeks ago the Iraqi Embassy in London held an important economic conference there under the title (trade and investment in Iraq) was intended to discuss available in Iraq , investment projects, noting and recalling that Britain made Iraq a loan of 10 billion pounds, pushing and implemented over 10 years to develop the infrastructure in Iraq. In turn , the British ambassador in Baghdad , Frank Baker spoke , congratulating the Iraqi liberation of Mosul and the courage and bravery of the security forces.

He stressed that the Iraqi Economic Council and a number of discreet organizations will have a significant and important role in the next stage, calling on Iraqis to work on the multiplicity and diversity of sources of national income, noting that Iraq has a range of natural resources and can benefit them to come back to him benefit.

 Baker stressed the need for concerted efforts to restore Iraq 's national industry to its former condition, and provide job opportunities and give a role to the advancement of the service sector in the country, also spoke at length about entering into projects and contracts for secondary funding through the initiative of the British loan mechanism.

For his part , Foreign Ministry adviser Ihsan al - Awadi , that the United Kingdom has provided significant support in the development of oil, gas and electricity sectors, pointing out that his ministry is working to facilitate the task of entering the British investment companies to Iraq.

BobS: The Parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al - Jubouri: This initiative has a great interest from the Iraqi side, calling for a working partnership between the Iraqi and British private sector and be active participation and wait for Britain an important role in the reconstruction of the liberated areas and attention to your IDP humanitarian file because of its importance great, especially after it witnessed a failure at the level of international humanitarian organizations this file.

The former Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji intervention in the seminar where he stressed that the loan is to be submitted by Britain is a memorandum credit understanding to get Iraq on the loan of 10 billion pounds from the so - called b amount (UKKAF) lending fund and support British exports to be at least 30 percent of the cost of delivery devices materials or project mechanisms from Britain;

and spend the loan on the infrastructure that will be agreed upon between Iraq and Britain projects, noting that the British and international companies can not have to operate in Iraq without being with local companies the private sector.

BobS: It is said that Iraq signed a contract with Britain earlier aim is to finance infrastructure projects , including water, sewage, roads, bridges and hospitals projects.

When she opens the door of interventions in the seminar indicated Engineer Leila Abdul - Latif (Minister of Labor and former social affairs) that any investment project needs a safe environment, stressing the need to benefit from the energies of half of society through the employment of women and the allocation of the amount of the loan for women produced.

 In turn , he said Board of Directors of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors member Naeem Hassan Kazem the possibility of a cooperative relationship between Iraqi companies and British counterparts through secondary contracts and provide logistical support to work in Iraq if necessary.

BobS: The investment and reconstruction between the center member Qais Al - Wazzan said many of the projects were suffering from problems in the financial management system, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, calling to be exceeded all in such projects.

In turn , he said Board of Directors of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors member Naeem Hassan Kazem the possibility of a cooperative relationship between Iraqi companies and British counterparts through secondary contracts and provide logistical support to work in Iraq if necessary.

The investment and reconstruction between the center member Qais Al - Wazzan said many of the projects were suffering from problems in the financial management system, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, calling to be exceeded all in such projects.

In turn , he said Board of Directors of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors member Naeem Hassan Kazem the possibility of a cooperative relationship between Iraqi companies and British counterparts through secondary contracts and provide logistical support to work in Iraq if necessary.

The investment and reconstruction between the center member Qais Al - Wazzan said many of the projects were suffering from problems in the financial management system, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, calling to be exceeded all in such projects.

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xyz: Efforts to increase citizen confidence .. Central Bank announces a plan to increase the number of foreign banks in Iraq


txbrand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvJFFWzwscU&feature=youtu.be Breitling Full Report

BobS: August 2017 21:46 04 Direct: A recent report said that China's imports of oil recorded the highest among the countries of the world during the first 6 months of 2017, with the direction of the largest topped the list of countries importing crude by the end of this year.

The statistics showed the Chinese government , according to "Reuters", on Friday, rising China's oil imports during the first half of the year 2017 to the level of 8.55 million barrels per day, compared to the level of 8.12 million barrels to the United States for the same period .

The report attributed the rise in China 's imports to the expansion of the refining industry, expected to continue the pace of China topping the list of oil - importing countries this year instead of the United States .

The report said China 's exports of gasoline reached record levels, supported by non - domestic market supply Asian state absorption, causing pressure on the mining companies in the region and reduced their profits to the lowest level .

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chattels: In the ruins of an Iraqi city, memories of Agatha Christie


chattels: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEVvt5HIVZg1wAvZgPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=nimrud+and+its+remains&fr=yhs-iba-bleengo&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-bleengo#id=1&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Foracc.museum.upenn.edu%2Fnimrud%2Fimages%2Fancientcity%2FOatesOates2001-p105-Fig-63-Nimrud-citadel-BISI-large.jpg&action=click

chattels: ‘Sectarianism’ and Its Discontentsin the Study of the Middle East - Fanar Haddad : This article offers a critical examination of the vocabulary associated with the study of ‘sectarianism’ in the Middle East.

It surveys Arabic- and English-lan-guage works on ‘sectarianism’ to illustrate how the term’s lack of definition has allowed it to be used in contradictory ways that render it, not simply meaningless, but distortive to our understanding of the region.

 In addition, the term ‘sectarian-ism’, with its inescapably negative connotations, has been used as a tool to neu-tralize political dissent and stigmatize people’s religious identity and otherwise legitimate acts of expression and mobilization.


chattels: Sadr criticizes the current provincial elections law and calls for UN supervision


chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] criticized the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the adoption of the House of Representatives of the provincial and district elections law in its current form, which gives preference to large blocs.

chattels: "The adoption of the provincial councils election law in its current form by the dominant forces in the political arena is a death for the aspirations of the people and their aspirations for change and reform," he said. "Such a law provides a similar incubator to the incubator of terrorism," al-Sadr said.

"What corruption is but systematic terrorism against the people, security and safety." He noted that "the arrival of the whales of corruption to power again will take away the remaining funds and the people's good."

 He continued, Today, by passing this unfair law and returning the same people to the Electoral Commission or what is worse, it is to install their chairs and reserve their seats again in order to return the remaining Iraqi land, sell it as they sold Mosul, Anbar and others before. "

 And called for" a conditional oversight role of the United Nations on the elections, "warning of the overthrow of corrupt and call for a stand against them. Sadr called for the inclusion of "disciplined elements" from the popular crowd in the Iraqi armed forces.

chattels: Disputed territories pose major challenge to Kurdish referendum

Read more:


chattels: The upcoming Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum will include the disputed territories, but given the practical and technical challenges, holding the referendum on Sept. 25 will be highly unlikely.

Read more:


chattels: Iraq and Iran struggle for control over Popular Mobilization Units Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/08/iraq-iran-popular-mobilization-units.html#ixzz4oqpuTJIq

chattels: The Popular Mobilization Units are divided into two rival groups, with some wanting to join the Iraqi army and others wanting to remain independent.

Read more:


Happy: "US Secretary of State Barzani officially announces his country's rejection of the Kurdistan referendum"


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Whitelions: The Kurds see no hope of secession from Iraq

http://www.alhayat.com/getattachment/ec656b3f-3b52-4300-b2bd-bc3581d0716e/ 4B Kurdistan Region

President Massoud Barzani said yesterday that "staying with the current Iraq is difficult, after the government cut the budget and salaries of the Peshmerga," while an official in his party that "Baghdad is well aware of" the reasons that lead us to the referendum and separation.

"Our share of the partnership with Iraq was murder, disappearance, annihilation and chemical bombing, and staying in this context is a great danger, because we will go to conflicts that will not please our two peoples," Barzani said in a letter to Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit. He said «the way of dialogue with the brothers in Baghdad is our only choice for our belief in peaceful coexistence and the use of all civilized methods in the exercise of the right to self-determination».

He pointed out that «survival within the entity of the Iraqi state is difficult, and we have reached the conviction that we are not desirable in us and are not accepted as citizens and real partners, and therefore and in light of all these sacrifices and expensive blood that was made mainly for a democratic Iraq that preserves the dignity of all its sons, can not accept dependency and exclusion .

Whitelions: The rest of the article ....   LINK   
​Whitelions: Efforts to increase citizen confidence .. Central Bank announces a plan to increase the number of foreign banks in Iraq


Al-Alak said in a press interview that "the number of foreign banks, including Arab, has increased during the past two years, to currently reach 18 banks, and the number of foreign banks, After the number did not exceed 11 banks, "stressing that" these steps were conducted in coordination with the World Bank and most of these banks is solid and has branches in most of the world. "

 He added that "branches of foreign banks can not be required to new rules, since the bank has one capital for the branch or the original, which applies to our banks in Iraq and neighboring countries, and falls under the policy of reciprocity with the countries of the world, International law ".

He pointed out that some Arab and foreign banks have an "international classification", pointing out that "our assessment of banks is a calendar in terms of compliance and combating money laundering for the purpose of buying the dollar, which is limited in the window selling the dollar."

 And on the new Islamic banks that were established with a capital of 100 billion dinars, he pointed out that "part of these banks completed 250 billion dinars in the increase of capital before the end of three years, and began to scrutinize the same as all private banks, to ensure that the capital in the central bank As collateral for deposits of customers with them, and even the subject of classification, we granted foreign advanced ratings unlike local. "

 It is noteworthy that Iraq has 140 banking and financial institutions, including 6 government and 24 civil and 16 Islamic, in addition to the presence of 63 financial companies and conversion companies and financial investment companies 60 percent, Arab and foreign.

Whitelions: the rest of the article ... http://almadapaper.net

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