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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

txbrand: good one ---------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JmvdOZRnuY Financial statement in IQD THOUSANDS/Allak still "ACTING" GOV

Zig: @Duke77 : People get very emotional about this investment.....

Cree: @txbrand hey Texas!!

Meatball: emotions and investing are not a good mix
Dave: I like to invest what I can afford to lose.....

Meatball: @Dave best way to be
Spectra: https://youtu.be/VipVtuYVL_M Breitling Full Report

Spectra: i guess i found it kinda boring but your welcome.. :)
Spectra: i never thought there would be a capitial gains!

Spectra: its a currency..currencies do not get taxed!

Spectra: They are all hoping around ar FRANKS PLACE WALKING STICK IS GOING BACK!

Spectra: back to IRAQ !
Spectra: That line about it being live got them.....jump jiving-LOL

Spectra: The Upcoming Solar Eclipse May Do 5 Of These Weird Things To Your Body There are many ancient legends about the effects of a total solar eclipse on the human body.

While not everything is backed up by science, it's always interesting to learn about people's beliefs regarding the intense power of the solar eclipse. In astrology, the light of the sun represents life and energy.

The sun is most closely associated with the self, personality, and ego, and what it is that makes you unique. It's also been said to foster creative ability and provide people with the power to meet the challenges of everyday life.

So, even though you may not think about the sun as much more than that really hot burning ball in the sky that leaves you with wicked sunburns every summer, it's worth knowing what you can expect when a solar eclipse is about to take place. In the name of not being in the dark, here are five weird things the upcoming solar eclipse might do to your body. 1. You Might Feel Lethargic Or Tired

Baxter: So Frank says the LD's are going to be in the ATM's tomorrow... right before the eclipse..

Meatball: @MichelleL need to get the big sleep on sometimes

Bobalong: Whens the iraq Rv ?

Meatball: good question
MichelleL: when is Vic doing that call? any idea?

Zig: No but IQD Calls will know and post it....

Spectra: what makes him any better than any other guru???-lol

MichelleL: thanks Zig

Spectra: Vic dont walk on water=lol
Spectra: They alll BS
Spectra: Ive heard the guest on his show call it manyyyyyyy times

Zig: Well IMO Vic lives in the real world....lol....doesn't put out any BS rumors, etc....

Spectra: yes he does.....i disagree he lets his guest do it for him by prpomoting them or allowing them it is just as bad in my eyes

Zig: But we are probably better off not listening to anyone...no need to really....

Spectra: i say listen to whatever you want ...but no one deserves a pedastal..........

MichelleL: seems people are really tense lately - wonder if its "cosmic"

Spectra: after all it is our lives really

MichelleL: maybe post eclipse, we can all breathe for an hour or three

Spectra: the eclipse is making me very tired
Spectra: drained

Zig: @MichelleL : People get into little spats here but they don't last long....lol...
Meatball: Vics last few calls have been good
Spectra: vic is alright

Spectra: but he should drop the guest

Meatball: the iqd team were very good

chattels: Revealing and informative interview with Kirkuk Governor Najmaldin Karim


chattels: Dr. Karim was a surgeon in Washington, D.C. He was present in the ER where Reagan was taken after he was shot.

Spectra: im serious i couldnt take them reading all those boring articles ...it was a dude

chattels: UPDATE: Kurdistan referendum delegation meeting with Shiite National Alliance ended


chattels: Asked whether or not they reached any agreements with the Shiite National Alliance, Shaways replied, "in fact we did not reach any agreement [with them] on anything, because everything we talked about needs to be discussed with our superiors and we need to explain the result of this round" of the meetings.

 "Decisions will be made there," Shaways noted. He said they now know what the stance of the Shiite National Alliance is and "our stance is also clear."

chattels: He added meetings will continue as "the second round will take place in Erbil soon, God willing, and then we will understand each other more and deeper and hope to reach a more favorable outcome.”
"But before they come to Erbil, they will return to their superiors explain to them our point of view." Shaways added the meeting was very friendly, frank and was an open dialogue.

Zig: @chattels : Hi.....The lower denoms will be in the ATMs tomorrow in Iraq!!....Frank said so....we are finally filthy rich!!....Excited???.... 'happy-dance

Spectra: @Zig do you have that link????

Zig: No

chattels: ........... starting from next week, they will discuss the subjects of Peshmerga, budget and oil with the Shiite delegation. He also pointed out that for resolving any issues between Erbil and Baghdad there has to be a "time frame." He added they ought to reach an agreement with the Shiite National Alliance in two weeks. ..........

Spectra: @Zig Because i have not seen it yet....??-lol

chattels: The article is somewhat encouraging, IMO.

Spectra: eh' it is!

Baxter: Dont need a link.. Frank is on Dinar Guru... tomorrow.. the LD's are in the ATM's.... right before the eclipse...

chattels: @Zig Be still my heart. I am waiting with bated breathe.

Spectra: @Baxter and you read this
chattels: President Barzani rules himself and kin out for presidential election


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – President Masoud Barzani has ruled out himself and members of his family from running for the Kurdish presidency when the elections are due on November 1.

 “The elections are in November on its time,” Barzani told the Saudi Okaz newspaper on August 16, "I will not nominate, and neither will I nominate anyone of my relatives for the presidency," he continued.

 Barzani’s sons fill a number of key positions in the Kurdish government, including Masrour who is the Chancellor of the Kurdistan Security Council. Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani is also his nephew.

MichelleL: @Baxter :laugh Zig Oh Happy Days hahaha

Spectra: Barzani , bye bye

chattels: KDP agrees to meeting with Gorran on Monday


Meatball: its already tomorrow over there in Iraq

Spectra: @Meatball yes

MichelleL: @Meatball hurry up, check out the cash machine ;)

Meatball: get that excuse ready Frank lol

MichelleL: @Meatball technical SNAFU??

Meatball: @MichelleL be right back lol

MichelleL: @Meatball lol

chattels: Iraq, Saudi Arabia to reopen border crossings after 27 years BAGHDAD — Iraq and Saudi Arabia are preparing to reopen their shared border crossings that were closed after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait 27 years ago.

Following the conclusion of monthslong bilateral talks, both countries reached an agreement July 17, during a visit to Riyadh by Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji, to reopen several land crossings along the 505-mile border. Summary : As Iraq and Saudi are preparing to open land border crossings between them, trade activities are likely to resume in the next few weeks.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/08/iraq-saudi.html#ixzz4qLaf2aXZ

chattels: The foregoing is significant news I think.

Steadfast: so Abadi said that August 21st is "Targeted for the full ATM loading" key word being targeted, when has he ever hit his target? Even if the the ATMs are loaded, how long before we see the new rate?

Southernguy: DELTA: THE FINANCIAL SITUATION TABLE FOR CBI !!! Table of July /2017 Jeff: Accounts with International organizations !!!


Debritt: I agree Delta's find was a good one Ukfan72: The interesting thing is that if you look at the older financial statements (2014), they say "In millions of IQD". The current financial statement says..."IQD Thousand". There has been a shift somewhere.

Pearle: thats a lot of zeros iraq lost...did they pay off their debt or did the RI?

MichelleL: @chattels thanks - any time frame on that? or am I barking up the wrong border?

Meatball: trade activities are a positive step

chattels: @MichelleL Time frame is mentioned in the article as being the next few weeks.

tman23: @chattels ....... Seem to have an issue reactivating Parliament..... Which I suspect are related to Gorran and the calling of Parliament approval for the referendum ...... Which I suspect Gorran would do what Tehran wants to delay the vote.....therefore the delay of Parliament

MichelleL: @chattels coming days? thats my favorite iraqi time frame
Meatball: lol

chattels: @tman23 There is a dynamic at work there as you suggest.

MichelleL: uh oh, husband is in eclipse mode, he keeps playing bonnie tyler total eclipse of the heart ROFL

Meatball: @MichelleL make him stop lol

MichelleL: please MB :)
MichelleL: maybe I'll break his youtube

Meatball: @MichelleL sounds painful
MichelleL: listening is MB

Meatball: @MichelleL was in the late 80s lol

MichelleL: at some point or another we were mostly all in the late 80s - some of us grew out of it MB

chattels: The opening of border crossings between the neighboring countries will help boost the Iraqi economy. Yet, more importantly, after years of tepid bilateral relations, the open crossings will create a regional balance of power in Iraq and promote ties between Baghdad and Riyadh. Read more:


Meatball: @MichelleL did you see that Jerry Lewis passed?

MichelleL: yeah, they killed him off because he supported Trump - jk MB but I wasn't crazy about his type of humor

MichelleL: but he was iconic and the last of the rat pack era

Zig: I loved Jerry Lewis in "The Disorderly Orderly"....very funny....

MichelleL: @Zig I saw him in the Catskills at the Brown's hotel back in the day, saw Gary Lewis and the Playboys at Grossingers

Baxter: can you imagine the millions upon millions of dollars Jerry Lewis raised for Muscular Dystrophy.... 
​MichelleL: Baxter I can't go there, worked the telethons and my sister had a job at MDS for a while. A great family friend was a bigwig in that place for decades. Like all giant organized charities, I advise you to check who is really getting your money when you donate - look beyond the fundraiser

Meatball: was close to a billion in donations
Meatball: where it went... who knows

Tebow: 2.4 billion he has raised for charity

MichelleL: I liked his work best when he did a few drama rolls later on, when he was old - didn't care for his comedy work, just not my type of humor I guess

Meatball: I remember his telethons as a kid
Cree: @Meatball so what's new?
Meatball: not much....

tman23: Interesting 34 minutes ........ and right around the corner with Israel backing Kurd independence 9/25 ..


MichelleL: @tman23 thank you

Cree: @tman23 going to watch now......

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