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Enclosed are the Zorra Call Notes from 07/28/2017 and footnotes
"...one of the underlying messages I felt was Zorra's CTA (call-to-action) for us to not only now publicize TreasuryDirect Accounts to the masses, but also to unite in-force, standing in our power against blessing resistance, to cause an energetic tipping point for NESARA. Our continued loving "pressure," will greatly support this prosperity dam to keep cracking, and ultimately break!"

HATJ = Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Zorra speaks on the call from approximately 00:08:05 - 00:14:30 min

00:08:05 (Jane) Zorra is here, as well, yeah.

(Jane) How about I ask Zorra what is, what he sees now in terms of events that are coming (a) into play at this time?
(Sharon) Sound great.
(Jane) Hello Zorra.
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Jane) ...TDAs and Heather
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Zorra) Well beloved masters, understand what is called you term it the TDA, TreasuryDirect Accounts, what that is, is a little more than what is called the blessing, it is also an avenue for you, in the interim before what is termed as the Revaluation of Currency, Global Currency Reset, that is will be, what is termed, as a precursor to that…and what I mean by precursor, you’re going to be able to access funds that will pay off all of your debts, that was the reason for it, and for it to come out…and so that’s what is transpiring now. And of course, I can tell you that the Galactic Federation have Heather (HATJ) in their safe arms; (ah) they are protecting her from any harm that may befall her while she is in Washington (DC).
(Jane) And what do think the results are, of what has happened with her arrest…what will be the results of all of that happening?
(Zorra) What was termed as, it was very beneficial, (ah) not so much for her but it was beneficial for all of the inmates that she has had the opportunity to speak with, and to enable them to become free as well. (and what about the rest of us? asks Jane) And also the rest of the world; as you know, the District of Columbia (DC) doesn't follow the rules and regulations that all other states do, they have there own little world there, but (ah) still…she is there for the sole purpose to bring about the ratification of (um) full and complete access to your gifts, to your accounts, and to your monies! Many of you have Trillions, if not, well you know you have Trillions/Billions of (ah) bonds in your account, and it is your right to know that- it is your right to access them.
(Jane) So I guess what your saying Zorra, is that her being there, because that was made public, that it is her mission then has been exposed, more so, so that it’s reaching thousands more people, is that correct?
(Zorra) Indeed. Very much.
(Jane) Very good. So we thank her for what she has done to be able to go to Washington DC, and we love her, and we support her, and her endeavors, (ah) and she (HATJ) is of the Light correct Zorra?
(Zorra) Of Course.
(Jane) So, you know we have, excuse me Sharon but have to bring in a few issues with regards to Sharon, there is a lot of information out there as well, again regarding TDAs, that we really should not be delving into this, because we we’re waiting for the RV/GCR instead and why do we want to get ourselves mixed up with this?
(Jane) Because a lot of people are pretty fiercely against what we’re doing, because we’re meddling with fraudulent money, even though it’s ours, it’s still fraud/fraudulent money.
(Zorra) It is part of your blessing.
(Jane) Oh ok, well then I guess …so talking about our blessing, where are we with the RV and the GCR presently? I know we were waiting for the USN notes to come through, and apparently that has already been signed by Trump.
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Jane) So where are we now?
(Zorra) Very, very near.
(Jane) Do you think this thing with the TDA, we already know this is pushing everything to to open up the gates for the GCR the RV, to really come through the gate, is that really necessary?
(Zorra) Well understand, what is termed, the (um) the RV has all the attention of what is call the minions, of the Cabal, so now we've given them another (ah) slap in the face, so to speak, with the (ah) disclosing this information that we are doing now. And it is going to intensify, so so greatly, that they will not be able to stand it, at all…(and so then what?) so they will just give up. ("completely" said Jane)
(Zorra) So you’re thinking that this exposure of the TDAs is going to push them over the edge, and therefore we’ll have the GC/R. Are we really waiting separately for the RV/GCR? are we waiting for the RV/GCR, separately from this TDA we are working through?
(Zorra) Understand the RV, is a slang term for the Global Currency Reset ("correct" said Jane). Well the Global Currency Reset is on-going, and it is opening up everywhere…and but also this information that we’re bring out now, through Sharon and through others, that is going to intensify the (ah) efforts that are going on ("for the RV?" asks Jane), for the Global Currency Reset.
(Jane) Oh, so it’s actually pushes it, it’s pushing, it’s pushing that (GCR) to come forth.
(Zorra) It is Indeed.

00:14:30 (Zorra) So let’s get to Sharon...

Author's footnotes:
1. Zorra message(s), and others, focus leveraging TDAs to primarily pay off your debts (at least at this time, pre-RV)
2. Listen to the rest of the call for details regarding FS form 5446
US Government FS form 5446 (updated February 2017)
3. Universal routing number stated by one caller (Victor?) as 021...... is likely 021050466
YouTube - Zorra * Zaraya * Jane TDA's, Part 2 July 28, 2017

We are all ONE, and it is our time to UNITE!

Love and Light
{=}Ascension Blessings{=}
Please take only what resonates, and disregard all the rest.

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