Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WSOMN Senior Guru SandNSea Explains RV Delay & More! 7/12/17

I was told yesterday that moving your money all around to protect it means nothing anymore. There is only a 1x payout of 250k no matter how many banks you spread it around in.

The reason for delays at T4 have been massive fraud and cracking down on double dippers.

Also cracking down on stolen dinars at this level

Do not expect to exchange - go out and buy more currency - and return to the bank to exchange again - it won't work

Seems things have changed once again - some feel our banks will be safe - others are heading to the Caymans

The Calls have had a lot of bad and incorrect information - Admin has had a steady ship - verify everything you hear out of this room.

Just trying to pass along what I can

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