Monday, July 3, 2017

"Vintage" - GCR/RV Op-Ed , 3 JULY

What's old is new again, right?

Or is It? Vintage I mean? Perhaps the RV is something entirely new? Different?

Did you know the Chinese Elders funded the first US Revolution in 1776?

As to secure natural resource rights in North America and protect their acquisition from long standing cabal adversaries.

But isn't that exactly what's happening in Africa right now? China protecting Zimbabwe and the world from the evil cabal? And perhaps South America a few centuries after that?

Or are they just opportunists like us? Making a big bucks move while also doing the right thing? Maybe morality, courage and risk are what's vintage here?

And what of 9/11?

Is our precious RV just the resolution of that fateful day? Or is it the definitive answer by the rest of the world against evil in order to destroy the cabal?

I've long said the RV is a weapon. And it will be used by the matador to "kill the bull."

Just as similar weapons have killed off evil in generations past, and will again in the future generations.

And while this may be the death of money--which is new--the basics to the methodology and righteousness of the deed are as old as time itself.

Unless there is no time. Then old and new merge into now. And the universe collapses upon itself--which never existed.

Oh boy, it is time to RV. Because I'm starting to separate body and soul, and ascend into pure consciousness.

That will greatly confuse my dog.

And how on earth can I go to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas with those whacky TNT loyalists; or drive to Mosul, Mosul, Mosul aboard the Big Call Nation senior bus; or teleport onto a Sirian mothership and juxtapose to Pluto, Pluto, Pluto with my Real Truth Call homies?

What a bizarre journey this has been. Seriously. Profoundly odd and unconventional.

And what about our inconceivable future that lay before us all. Stunning abundance. Utter isolation.

It begs the question will old ever be deemed new again? Or vintage? Even relevant because society will catapult forward so quickly?

Hey, whatever you believe to be true, is true. And old will never be new again and vice versa.

What a giant circle reversing its orbit. On a at earth. Hahahahaha. Let's freaking RV already. Sobeit.

God is with us.

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