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Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call. We are right at the door. Beware what is out there. There is different Intel out there. Some of it is pointing to any day now type of thing. All is very good. Even what we heard up until the last hour before the call tonight is very positive for us.

Bruce: Iraq: We know we all seemingly had to wait for Iraq to reach certain thresholds, accomplish certain things before this could be released everywhere. That is still the case. However, I would say we now have eclipsed to the point having to wait for Iraq. A lot of interesting things have happened in the last couple of days since last Thursday. When it comes to it, what we find Iraq fully liberated Mosul from ISIS and ISIS has been eradicated from there and from Iraq in general. That is a very good sign. It has been reported today on the news and yesterday, we heard today Iraq took an extra day to celebrate their freedom, their sovereignty after 4 to 5 days in a row of celebration which included fireworks, and flags.

Bruce: They did this morning in which they did not open the Iraqi stock exchange today. Why is this significant? We believe had the ISX been opened, their new rate would have been visible. They did not want that posted today because we are ready to see this and experience over here. We do believe they will make the ISX open and available tomorrow from what we understand. Quite possible the new value of the Iraqi dinar show on the site if they do bring it up tomorrow.

Bruce: In addition we know that yesterday our President Trump received a document from Iraq at around 3pm EST that included a web signature from Prime Minister Abadi. They were accepting and congratulating us on our new currency, the USN. That document came and it was forwarded where it needed to go. As a result of that the President added his signature to the document and forwarded where it needed to go.

Bruce: After 7:30pm last night our President Trump phoned Prime Minister Abadi in Iraq to congratulate him on the liberation of Mosul, sovereignty of Iraq, and their new status in the world as far as their currency coming back to become tradable to the world again.

Vice President Pence also made a call as well as Secretary Mnuchin made a call. We had over 700 phone calls made to Prime Minister Abadi to congratulate him and Iraq on these things of their new sovereignty, liberation, etc.

Bruce: President Trump is about the most famous person in the world. Guess who is tied in second place? Prime Minster Abadi and Prime Minister Teresa May of Great Britain. Both tied for 2nd place for the most popular people in the world. I think that is amazing. 

Bruce: I am excited that Iraq is basically done. Things are rolling around, coming to us to where from what I understand the Forex. Let’s talk about currencies. Our understanding was Sunday night the Forex was populating with the rates of all the currencies around the world. They were coming in and next thing you know there were 13 currencies that needed to be added, then 4 more than 2 more. Then the last two currencies that needed to be added to the Forex were the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong. What is interesting is these currencies been added to that, but we can’t see it yet. We are not supposed to see it yet. Behind the scenes all the currencies around the world are being traded by the banks behind the scenes. They are trying to continue to get the values of these currencies raised higher to get them set in position where they want them to be before we get started.

Bruce: I believe that is what is happening behind the scenes since Sunday night at midnight.

Even yesterday morning, early in the morning Vietnam and Indonesia were busy trading back and forth currencies and commodities of gold and silver. Things are definitely moving and happening. Even some of the bonds from Australia and New Zealand have been transacting, and across the world even in Switzerland. Things are moving this way sort of like the east to west with bond transactions.

Bruce: Activity has been ramped up out west. We are looking for core groups to be finalized and be paid out. Then we believe the Prosperity Packages are in position to go out. Don’t know if they started today. We heard they might. That is precursor of us receiving the toll free number, set our appointments and redeem the ZIM bonds and our exchanges of the currencies we have.

We do understand now it is not a matter of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th baskets, but rather the entire world currencies will reset and then hence the term Global Currency Reset.

Bruce: We understand the Iranian Rial is populated and on the screens, and is going to be on a rate commensurate with the other currencies in the region including Kuwait, Saudi, and Iraq because they are geographically close. That is positive for Iran. Things are moving and happening this way.

Bruce: I can’t tell you I thought we would have this done by today, but we don’t. Is this the week? We believe it is. We got enough evidence it is coming to us and should be by the end of the week. I am not going to call it, but that is what I am hearing from a number different sources that point to a very good direction for us. Stay vigilant, in faith and positive we will see this thing come to a beautiful end shortly.

Bruce: Let me thank Pinkroses for transcribing the Big Call. She has done that for months and probably well over a year now. I really appreciate the fact she voluntarily transcribe the call and puts it out not only on TNT, but Dinar Recaps, and other sites that like to read about the Big Call. I appreciate that, Pinkroses. I don’t mention that enough. I do appreciate it very much. That is a wonderful gesture that you have done for us. Thank you.

Bruce: I look forward to receiving the 800 toll free number to put that out. I plan to do that very quickly. Some say the 800 numbers are out already. They are not out already. If they were you would have them already. We understand they are in Queue on a timer when the certain exact time is reached, they will be simulated and I am suppose to be one to receive those. I am honored by that. If I am to put it out, I will do it on our website: thebigcall.net, and couple of other places online where you will find it as well.

Bruce: With the redemption of the bonds and so on, we know we have the ability at the Redemption Centers to privately negotiate rates on Dinar Dong and the ZIM, especially the ZIM because it is a gold back bond and carries a larger value. You have a non-NDA rate available and a rate above it where a NDA would be utilized whether you are a non-NDA or NDA person in which direction you want to go.

Bruce: If you have Humanitarian projects like Rebuild America like we are going to do, Veterans Retreat Network. I heard a program called Homes for Heroes for veterans. I saw it on Fox. I plan to create veterans resource network to help a number of veteran organizations out there that I plan to help. To find the good reliable organizations with whatever they need to show me of their worthiness and boom I will help them out.

Bruce: When it comes to your negotiation let’s face it, the rates are terrific. Even the so call non- NDA rate on the ZIM is fantastic. If you want to do more and have more to work with, you can ask for a higher rate for humanitarian projects. That is what I plan to do and you know why. I have a lot I plan to do. Will banks be doing exchanges? Yes. You guys on the Big Call should be looking for the toll free number to set your appointments so you can do your exchange at the Redemption Centers and not the regular banks that do foreign currency exchanges.

The banks that do foreign currency exchanges are pretty much are going to be limited to the screen rates. That is fine. If you do plan to ask for a privately negotiable rate then you want to make sure you use the toll free number and set your appointment for the Redemption Center or Off Site Exchange Centers, these other buildings used for the redemption of the ZIM.

Bruce: Our plan for the Redemption Center is to get you in and out in about an hour. Not a whole lot of time for deep discussions of trusts and such. You will want to set you appointment with your Wealth Manager, Wealth Advisor or Abbot Downing for the next week or so. Once you have the basics you can come back. You can set your appointment at your initial exchange and follow up on that in a week or so after you exchange. They do want to get a lot of people processes in 5 to 6 days with the 5 million that are part of the Internet Group. Then we believe there will be a break for about a week. Then the so call John Q Public will start with the normal banks for the exchanges in the banks. That is how it has been laid out with me. We will see if that actually happens.

Bruce: I am excited where we are. I am excited with the movements across the world with this. Excited about the President and how involved he is and excited for Iraq of what they are experiencing now, and everything what is happening from the West coast and across the country. 

Bruce: Let us realize you are in the right place at the right time. You have been chosen. Even the people in the Redemption Centers have referred to us as the chosen ones. This is a special time we are in. We are experiencing the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. You are part of it. You should feel very good that you have been selected to be part of this. I am exited what we are going to do as a team as the Big Call Universe. I hope many of you will be part of our project Rebuild America. We plan to do it in America than all over the world such as the Caribbean, Africa, South and Central America, etc. 

Bruce: We are looking forward to make a difference. Find a need, meet the need, change a nation. We are going to do that here at home first. We will find the needs in these cities. We will find the infrastructure, schools, clinics, community centers, bridges, roads, community gardens, aqua ponics, create food banks, etc. We are there to help. We can do it. I am excited and I really think the administration is going to latch on some of the ideas we have and to help facilitate those. They know what my heart is on that and what we plan to do.

Bruce: We will create a new website portal, pod cast scenario. Probably do calls once a week and you can click on it anytime as a recording and be part of it. We are going to take off probably a month. Heads up stay tune to the Big Call website: thebigcall.net We will put a message of what we plan to do and when we plan to do it. Mean time you should find the toll free number to set your appointment on the landing page of the website. We might add some information to the banking tab. If we get some numbers of the banks, we will add them to our website.

Bruce: Take advantage of this opportunity to consider your health, well being, everything you need to do to be emotionally strong and healthy. I appreciate everyone faithfulness in tuning in for these 6 years Tuesdays and Thursdays nights. I don’t know about a Thursday call right now. We might have a short celebration call before then. If not we will see you Thursday night. Everyone have a great night tonight. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent, Big Call listeners. Thank you for everything you are doing for us. Thank you everyone.




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