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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 30 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 30 July 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note:

1. "On Wed. July 26 Iraqi Mastercards and ATMs were activated." TNT”

2. "In a historic Thurs. July 27 day for humanity the RV roll out began in full bloom with announcement of the new global gold standard in Zimbabwe (not Iraq, not US)." Yosef

3. On Fri. July 28 we had confirmation of funds coming but I cannot say when as the timing is sensitive. The money made it into escrow and is about to be distributed." ZAP (ZAP's humanitarian funds were apart from the RV funds, but expected at the same time).

4. "By Sat. July 29 there were five new sections added to the Federal Reserve Bank site that dealt directly with Automatic Clearing House payments (ACH) and the new Fedwire system. It said we would have access to the site by Aug. 1, 2017." Reallucky1


A. July 29 2017 4:30 pm EDT High Alert Bluwolf: "Highest Alert" - Bluwolf Intel Tidbit 7-29-17

A main source of mine is informing me say that we are in the highest of alerts ever and the number we are waiting for is to be imminently released.


B. July 29 2017 11:06 pm EDT IMF Deadline TNT Chat: "High Alert for Aug. 1st" - Sat. PM TNT Thoughts

Artneto: From what I understand, the IMF placed a deadline on Iraq and there is a meeting on Aug 1. So, if we do not see it exactly on August 1, it should only be another week or so.


C. July 28 2017 Update ZAP:

1. We have confirmation of funds coming but I cannot say when as the timing is sensitive. The money made it into escrow and is about to be distributed.

2. If you hear of others getting funds you can be sure they are telling the truth as things are indeed moving forward.

3. We are glad we are not beholden to the RV process for our funds.

4. My travel is set to go to meet with the foundation folks and I'm just waiting for the official invite to get the Visa - that will take all of two days.


D. July 29 2017 12:42 am EDT Federal Reserve Banks Reallucky 1: "So Much Going on with the Federal Reserve Banks" by Reallucky1 - 7.29.17



Same Day ACH Resource Center


1. We are so close now I can feel the excitement in the air!

2. Everything that we are seeing is just a script. Everyone is following their roles as to not give away the plot, the RV.

3. If Trump is not the duly elected President then everything we are seeing now does not matter. Its just a distraction with the firings and healthcare bill repeal vote.

4. Changes are happening at the Federal Reserve Banks with the new Treasury sites. I check this site almost everyday. The information has been changing every single time I go back to this site.

5. Today July 29 there are five new sections added that deal directly with "ACH" Automatic Clearing House payments and the new Fedwire system. It says we will have access to the site by Aug. 1, 2017.

6. On the ACH same day payment systems it says consumer-ready by Sept. 15, 2017.

7. That sounds like an eternity, but after waiting for years, six weeks seems like tomorrow.


E. July 29 2017 2:32 pm EDT Geopolitical Update, Tank: "The Really Big Show" - TANK's Geopolitical Update - 7.29.17

1. The sanctions on Russia and article posted by Fisher seem to be a plan to expose the methods the Shadow Government has used to keep us in a constant state of war using said practice to attain debt forgiveness. Although laced with fear, it provides a very detailed history of how that's been the mode of operation for Congress for over a century.

2. Heather and Randal's arrests seem to be setting the legal precedence for exposing the corruption of the Federal Reserve and possibly forcing the Judiciary branch of government to change the laws based on their interpretation of them.

3. Trump announcing he will audit the Federal Reserve also seems to be in line with that exposure and would certainly be an amazing piece of evidence to include in a trial situation.

4. Scaramucci's appointment as communications director seems like hiring the Hells Angels to work security at Woodstock. Just appears to be a guy that could post a video of himself pistol whipping members of the White House staff for not saying the right thing on his twitter page. Nevertheless, it would appear that it's difficult to get the American people to pay attention unless something is so shocking they can't ignore it. He should be fun to watch as this all unfolds.

5. Further disclosure has appeared on the CIA website with 13 million classified documents that were released that included UFOs, mind control, and the Shadow Government.

6. Similar documents were released on the FBI website thus taking the theory out of our Conspiracy Theories.

7. In the summer of 2016 Paul Ryan said they were getting rid of the fourth arm of the Government made up of "unelected bureaucrats that write laws, pass laws and enforce laws." That was a pretty solid announcement exposing that such a group existed that we know as the Cabal.

8. Donald Trump has over 100 positions in his cabinet still not filled and more resignations from his cabinet in 6 months than the last three Presidents had combined.

9. Donald Trump announcing a ban on transgender members of the armed forces seems to be a useless waste of media coverage that has mainly served to distract from things that really matter. However, it could also be a way to start a deeper discussion and expose perverted sexual practices of the Cabal.

10. Debbie Wasserman Schultz selling leaked intel to Wikileaks brings negative attention to her but really adds credibility to the intel leaked out and to Wikileaks.

11. This list is just the start of the discussion as we move forward to finally complete the exchange process. We're witnessing a grand plan to implement GESARA without completely destroying people's reality.

12. Everything is orchestrated. Every move has been planned. This timeline is the one where the good guys win. And, we're the good guys.


F. July 29 2017 3:12 pm EDT Congress causing war not possible, RY: "(Re: Congress 'Causing' War) = (Not Possible, Because...)" by RY - 7.29.17 re: "What is Congress up to, War?" by Fisher - 7.28.17

While technically Fisher gave a factual account of the situation, a war caused by the Congress, or any war for that matter, not only is will not happen but it is NOT possible, for the following reasons:

1. Our White Hats (WH) in the military, who are by far the majority in the Pentagon, already know about this situation.

2. They have more than five million documents of fraud, embezzlement, theft, money laundering, financial deceptions, involvement in adult and child prostitution, pornography, drug trafficking, etc.

3. They have quite a few thousand primary and secondary witnesses to the committed crimes who are ready to be used by the WHs to convince and calm the public if needed.

4. Since a military does not intervene in civil issues such as criminal acts, common law, felony, perjury, misdemeanor, etc, any of the above committed crimes by a member of a government is inherently and rightfully considered a TREASON against that nation.

5. The White Hat operatives, armed and loaded, have been hovering all over DC and vicinity for more than a year now.

6. With all the above, the WH military have had the Constitutional, ethical, moral and lawful right to intervene and bring to physical submission both individual and/or the entire Congress at any time, any moment, any second, since the day the above evidences were collected after 9/11.

7. These WHs are extremely cautious to not stir up any chaos in the public at the national level. They are veeeeery ready and will take down the dark ones in a matter of minutes before any real possibility of a national danger arises between the US and another nation.

8. The WHs of the US, Russia and China (and numerous other nations) have been working together since shortly after 9/11.

9. They are working as "one" for the sake of the planet, without prejudice or preference towards any nation, including their own.

10. Late last year a Chinese war ship docked at a Florida Navy base. What do you think they are doing there together with the US Generals? I may be able to let you know after the RV. I am being careful and hope I am not saying too much.

11. General Dunford has been personally traveling and meeting with numerous others of his counterparts from other power-nations and heads of their WHs for a year and a half now.


G. July 29 2017 GCR Invitation:
 "Service" - GCR/RV Invitation - Saturday - July 29, 2017

1. The ramifications of the immanent global financial reforms are broader than likely you're considering.

2. The release of wealth unto the world in a few decades is to eliminate all manmade illusions such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, money, malnutrition, war, banking, profit and property ownership. After that, there is no limitation what the human experience can become for you and others.

3. The RV is a spiritual transition moving all of humanity from one consciousness to another, cosmically triggered in the months of July & August circa 2017.

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