Sunday, July 30, 2017

Question"by Midwestman at 8:21 AM EDT, 30 JULY

Question"by Midwestman at 8:21 AM EDT

My question yesterday was not rhetorical. I would like someone who claims to be smarter than I to just tell us where we are. I thought we were done, I thought this was rolling out, I thought nothing could stop this, I thought no one could stop this

I thought the world needed this, I thought the NPTB wanted to roll this out 3 months before the holidays to stimulate spending, I thought the benevolent grandfathers/grandmother's were doing this to save humanity?

We can read the news ourselves, we can worship whomever we want by ourselves. So many posts by a certain person contradict themselves it seems as soon as they are posted. Can we please just get a simple answer to a simple question.

Where are we and why all the delays? Ok, that's 2 questions, deal with it.
1 other question (As long as I am on a roll) that no one has addressed, did turncoat John McCain kill the rv and for how long? Seems every time we rely on a corrupt politician to bring this to fruition, they stop it.

When are the benevolent grandparents going to realize they can't trust anyone in our govt and realize it's US they can trust to change things. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

Come on! Get this done.  Midwestman


"For Midwestman - Timing" by islandwave8 - 7.29.17

Midwestman, My understanding around timing is:

Those of us going in for redemptions that involve negotiations around philanthropic goals, and those paying attention who are doing regular currency exchanges, contract rates, groups etc. - will be processed sometime between now & Sept 30.

To have all of our "numbers" be able to be reconciled, bookkeeping-wise, before the final fiscal quarter ends Sept 30. Many groups & etc have gone before us in line to SKR. We are the last in line, and the most priviledged, as well as being given the choice to bear the greatest responsibility.

All of these past-based debts getting reconciled so the global books can be a clean slate for the new fiscal year Oct 1st is the idea.

A real possibility is us humanitarian redeemers will go in first within this 2 month window - as soon as this weekend - then that negotiable rate redemption window will close shortly to allow screen rate exchanges only.

After Oct. 1st, some more overt pronouncement of the world's financial system going asset-backed will happen, and then all the sock drawer exchangers will come in, like any other currency exchange.

The period between now to Oct 1st is supposed to be a media duststorm of corruption-reveal. Many orchestrated build-ups leading to wallop crescendos. This is to ready the public for governing their country again. (Republic is of, for & BY the People. People are the boss, gov't is the administrative assistant carrying out the will of who they serve.)

We're expecting our USA Republic gov't to come to the fore, publicly, around Oct. 1st. Merging seamlessly into the existing hollow political theatre in DC, and taking the reins more overtly.

You, hopefully will have had your appt sometime around now, so that you had 2 months to get situated, so when the Republic rolls in, your contributions in the community become noticable in tandem.

The public sees the Republic come in & all the good things that are viewable (homeless relief, debt relief, fairer taxes, freed up prosperity in the communities, new tech, etc.) and they will be pleased & welcome the new system that has been being built behind the scenes all these years.

That's the timing overview!

When I'm at my appt I will think of you Midwestman, and be so relieved for you that your frustrations are over. You have been a real trooper to hang in til the end despite the exasperations.

God must have a lot of great plans for you.

All the best, ~ islandwave8

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