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Phillyman: Final Thoughts, 12 JULY

Phillyman:  Final Thoughts
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I want to emphasize upfront that I am not some financial or dinar guru and have been very humbled by life, the 60 yrs that God has given me.  I am a committed Christian whose whole life is built on the foundation of having a personal relationship with God thru Jesus Christ.  John 3:16 is the verse that grabbed my heart years ago.
 I just wanted to share some thoughts before I step away from Currency Chatter.  I have not changed my mind about this investment and still hope to see the fruit of a change in the monetary policy of Iraq.
 Having a son in the military who has completed tours in the middle east I have an interest in following what goes on in the region so I took that interest and figured I might as well share on this site what I was following militarily in Iraq. 

Now that Iraq has reached this turning point I have decided to put my time into other things.  The politics, laws, etc. make my head spin.  Thanks G-Lin for your interest in those areas.

I got into this investment in April of 2006 based on an online booklet I purchased for $25 about making money.  It was all about IQD and basically the premise was that Kuwait went thru a similar change in the value of their money and now you can benefit from that change taking place in Iraq.

The book talked about deposting money in Warka Bank and buying stock thru them as well.  I was so cheap I didn't even buy physical dinar at first because my money would go so much further sending it directly to Warka.

I was filled with anxiety as I left my bank authorization to wire money to Iraq.  When they called me shortly after I left I thought, oh boy the state dept. wants me for doing this.  But they only needed a better address on Warka and everything went thru.

By what I thought was a miracle I eventually received confirmation from Warka.  I literally put the investment out of my head except for checking on interest payments coming in twice a year to my account.

Fast forward a number of years and my life changed.  I was now having financial issues and thought I should look on line to see what I could learn about my Iraq investment.  Wow, I came across some gurus and quickly found one whose conference call I listened to.  I believe it was Terry K. The timing was impeccable because I learned that the RV was taking place within days.  I was so excited.  You know the end of that story.

I think he may have ended up in jail but he was one of many who sounded so sincere with all their contacts and some even claimed to share my faith.  I couldn't believe there were so many phonies pouring out the I know when this will happen nonsense.

Those pushing dates and windows have brought alot of anxiety to the community.  What would things have been like if there was a majority opinion driving the community that said no one could ever know when the value would change or by how much and that it could take years?

I eventually landed here at Currency Chatter which surprisingly has 12,080 members.  I just looked thru the list of administrators and moderators. I don't know if any of them are even around but someone must be keeping this site going.  Randy is on that list as well as Shanny who so graciously was handling issues here.  Not sure where they are now.  I have seen alot of valuable posters come and go.

Of course we are all looking for the end of this journey.  You'll find no insights here from me on when that will be but I would like to think from a positive perspective that this will eventually happen.

Please don't be insulted by what I am about to share.  I am sure there are people here who have much more knowledge in the financial services arena then I do.  At one time I sold term life insurance and had a series 6 license so I could direct people into mutual funds for investing.  That was a long time ago.  Just a few thoughts.

Use a financial planner.  One that is a FIDUCIARY, definition - An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money.

The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another's benefit.  You may find this hard to believe but there are many out there selling financial products that legally don't have to put you into an investment that serves your best interests.  
Just today I was in a coffee shop listening to an insurance agent pitch a whole life policy which of course would guarantee the customer over a million dollars when he would retire. 
Generally speaking there are very few people that should be combining death insurance with their investment in one vehicle.  A good financial planner would direct you.  They cannot only guide you in that area but in taxes as well. 
They look at everything.  The good ones have been around and have a strong verifiable reputation.  I was going to list a couple that I know of but have no relationship with but thought people would take it the wrong way so I decided not too.
Thanks again for hanging in there on this journey and all your kind words.  Praying it will all be over soon.
For those who are interested, here are a few web sites I was following to get information that I would post.

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