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July 9, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

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I bring you much news today. 

Security forces fight last hours in battle in Mosul. Federal Police forces are fighting the last hours of battle against ISIS in al-Nujaifi street in Mosul’s Old City, Lieutenant-General Raed Shaker Jawdat, commander of Federal Police Forces, revealed on Friday. Jawdat said that his forces are achieving goals courageously, adding that ISIS terrorists are besieged in a 250 m area in al-Nujaifi street. 
(Today is Sunday. I can’t help but feel that Mosul must be now “fully” liberated. We still wait for PM Abadi to make this speech and declare it to the world. Not just the Iraqi people, but it is necessary to declare it to the entire world. This is not just a statement but a needed declaration. It serves many purposes.)

Latest news just in on Saturday - Although the Joint Operations Command announced Saturday full control of the Old City of Mosul, it has not yet announced its full liberation from a staunch militant. ​

The reason for delaying the security forces before the announcement of the liberation of the old town completely from the militants, urging and insistence on the control of only from a purely military point of view that the Declaration of Liberation needs to be cleared and searched and the search for some of the militants urging those hiding in the alleys and buildings destroyed. 

On Saturday, state television announced that the announcement of victory in Mosul would be "within hours", although the security forces announced that they were dealing with a limited number of snipers in the region.
So we still wait for the “final” all clear announcement….This is FACT not fiction. Sorry all you so called “gurus”!


BBC: Battle for Mosul: Iraq army mops up final ISIS pockets
July 9, 2017
The Iraqi army has been mopping up the last pockets of resistance from Islamic State (IS) militants in Mosul, after a long battle to recapture the city.
An official declaration of victory from the government is expected soon. Iraqi forces, backed by US-led air strikes, have tried to retake the city since 17 October last year. 
On Saturday the jihadists were desperately holding out in a tiny area near the Old City. State television said troops had expected to take full control within hours.

After months of intense fighting that's gutted the city, the sound of gunfire is more sporadic. Coalition warplanes are still flying overhead, but there's a lull in the bombardment. The Iraqi security forces have still been facing pockets of resistance, but they're already claiming victory against Islamic State.

That's not yet been confirmed by the Iraqi government or the US-led coalition - but an announcement is expected soon.
More news….
Speaker Salim al-Jubouri discussed with the head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim on Thursday developments in the security and political situation in the country and the region, the conduct of fighting in the city of Mosul and the start of the reconciliation effort post ISIS.

He called on the House of Representatives to “adopt important laws and direct contact with the Iraqi citizen as well as important laws that affect the structure of the state and the completion of construction,” stressing that “the laws have been extensive studies mature,” pointing to “the importance of consulting the research bodies in universities and institutions to draft laws “He said. 
(So I ask everyone once again – Are getting these laws written and passed important? Are they needed? This is their words not mine. Just the FACTS here!)

Iraq presents a plan for the reconstruction of liberated areas starting from 2018 and ending in 2027. Minister of Planning / Minister of Trade Salman Jumaili said that the next stage (the post-liberation stage and the end of Isis in Iraq) will witness broad economic and investment trends within the framework of the reconstruction and development of the liberated areas through focusing on the development of the private sector and the business environment.
During the conference, Al-Jumaili reviewed Iraq’s vision for the next phase, and related to investment, reconstruction and the business and trade environment for the post-liberation period, pointing out that the Ministry of Planning and in cooperation with national and international partners have identified development paths that are consistent with the global trends to achieve the goals of sustainable development until 2030. Leapfrog to prepare a five-year national development plan (2018-2022).
Opps… there’s that naughty UN “sustainable development” buzz word again. I cringe every time I see this stuff from the UN because it really is Agenda 21/30 masked as creating a better world. However I know the real intend behind this agenda and so should you. It is the total control of all resources including land, minerals, water, sky, etc,, It directly does impacts our investment. It is part of what Iraq is going through. They will not have a choice as we do in Europe and USA. They must capitulate to the iron fist or else…(you have see the “or else” already by the ISIS attack).  
Link to UN site on sustainable development- are you connecting the dots yet?
Read this one for yourself – pure socialism…..everything is strictly regulated, a law for every aspect of life. Is this what we want? This is the truth behind “sustainable development” !
Scary stuff. Does this effect our RV? Yes- it does since Iraq is not exempt and they want to mold Iraq to meet all their goals.
As you can see I have my personal views and reservations on the motives behind these UN “sustainable development” goals and planned actions for the future. I see severe limits on our freedoms and human justice all in the name of “saving the planet” and how saving the planet is more important than human lives and quality of life. This is the actual long term goal but now the façade is all in the name of “saving the planet”. Yes it all looks very nice on the surface. The idea is to brainwash and cause trends now that can’t be stopped later when very, very strict laws are put in place in this regard. We are seeing now too so this is not something for just the future. Is this way you really want to clean up your world? Some outside governmental body dictating these laws and terms to you? Can’t we just do it on our own using our own common sense? Do we need to be “legislated to death”?  But this is not the point in today’s newsletter, this is complicated issues and I save this commentary for another day.
More news…… 

Many have asked about the new SDR currency basket and how it relates to Iraq and the USA. I am showing you below its composition and weights. See the chart below.
The points I want to drive home to everyone are these:
1)  The US dollar is now a de’facto peg for the IQD. Look at it as a temporary peg until they can qualify to move the currency back to the global exchanges. The plan is, then to peg it to an SDR basket of 5 currencies. Iraq wants this and desires it.
2)  This nonsense about the IQD being a “hinge pin” for some 200+ currencies in some GCR triggerd revaluation is all a bunch of rubbish. Don’t you think the IQD would be in the new SDR basket if this was true? Just more proof of this nonsense of the rumor (not factual) of some GCR. Only the Central Bank of Iraq has control over it currency and works with the IMF and the GOI for advice. Iraq is in the middle east, a very unstable region of the world. Get it? The IMF is not about to base 200+ currency values on any country in this region. Get it! So stop all this totally ridiculous nonsense about some GCR (global currency reset). 

There is another issue that also needs clarification. Just recently I heard some so called intel “guru” talk about the currency auctions and how high the recent one was last week. It was almost 6 times the normal amount. He suggested this is good since it is a high demand for dinar. Really? Demand for the dinar? How can he say this? He also said something is going on.
This talk disturbs me sine this guru apparently has no idea what the currency auctions are or what they are used for. This was apparent in his statements about this recent very high amount in the auctions. So I need to step in to “un-confuse” everyone once again.  
The currency auctions were set up to exchange dinar for US dollars in order to pay debts of imported goods and services. No the other way around!
Due to the sanctions (of Chapter VII) going way back to early 90’s and 2003, Iraq can not do business with the outside world and use their own currency. These large 3 zero notes were not meant for the outside world. They are for in-country use only. Their currency was shut off from the outside world, stricken from the global currency exchanges and thus this “play” money was issued.  
Essentially, they do not have a currency. Get it? They now use this play money with the 3 zeros with very large denominations. It is not money that evolved due to hyper-inflation. Get it? As you should  know Iraq must sell their oil and get paid in US dollars only. This money was put into an established Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) for this purpose. It was to ensure the rebuilding of the country. Iraq used to have to write an annual budget and present it to the UN to get the necessary funds out of the DFI to drive their country’s funding for the budget.
From the buyers of oil, these funds were transferred in US dollars to the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). Merchants and others then would then go the currency auction window at the bank, with paperwork of proof of debt, and exchange their profits (in dinar) for US dollars from the CBI (that would go to pay the importers). So the currency auctions are for conducting this process and nothing more since they can’t use dinars outside of Iraq. They exchange dinars for US dollars not the other way around, as been told you by these gurus! The Rafidian bank's information office just announced Friday 7/7 that the bank continues to sell the dollar at 3 thousand dollars per person for one thousand and 200 dinars per dollar (1,200) in the currency auction.
This is also how the reserves from the CBI are being drawn down so much since corruption used to prevail and way too much US dollars were leaving the CBI than needed to pay real debts of Iraq. We keep seeing articles on this from the GOI and CBI of concerns over this practice.
Incidentally the real reason why many think Iraq is “fully” out of financial sanctions is the fact that in June of 2013, Iraq was released from the DFI fund program, thus oil revenues now can flow directly to the CBI and no longer through the DFI escrow accounts. This was very significant and a step in the right direction.
But we have to ask - Why do they still persist is using only US dollars to pay foreign debts? Why can’t they use the dinar to pay for their imports? This is not full sovereignty if you ask me, is it? So it is apparent there are still financial restrictions in place and these are from the past UN sanctions. Iraq is also still using their “play” money too….lol…lol….These are all signs of financial sanctions still in place. No matter what “guru” tells you differently they are wrong! Get it? They are wrong!
No Rumors, No Hype…..just the FACTS!
So this latest currency auction, of a VERY high amount, is nothing more than a situation where a demand was put on Iraq to pay debts that were back logged and deferred until now. Is this a good thing for us and the RV? Yes- it shows that Iraq has the ability to pay its debt and this is also a sore spot with the IMF and was an item of concern in their Stand-By-Agreement. Iraq must keep pace with debtors and pay them on time. So if anything there is an influx of dollars being put into the economy of Iraq, not dinars. Dinars instead are being taken out of circulation. This recent demand was for dollars not dinars. Can you see how this is VERY good for us and the RV?
When the RV occurs the CBI will have no problem getting US dollars out of circulation since the RV strategy in the “project to delete the zeros”, should raise the value of the dinar above the market value of the US dollar. Which one would you rather hold? However, could the dinar at this point cause problems if large amounts of the 3 zero notes persisted in circulation and suddenly the rate significantly increased?
But still even though the rate increases and for instance a 25,000 note instead of being worth 25 US dollars is now worth 25,000 US dollars, the person holding it must still go to the currency auction window and justify why they want to convert that 25,000 three zero note to US dollars. There is also a cap on how much US dollars you can get from the CBI. So you see it is not that easy to convert and exchange anyhow. NO! – there will be no long lines at the banks in Iraq to exchange dinar to dollars when the RV occurs. Can you see how this is nonsense and foolish thinking?
So the citizens still holding the old 3 zero notes will just have increased purchasing power of these  notes and use these older notes in the market place to buy condos, cars or whatever. A dinar is a dinar and Iraq is still going to continue using the dinar. Now if they travel and take these older 3 zero notes outside of the country they will be able to use them too since at this point the dinar is expected to go back on the global currency exchanges. So it will be very valuable such as ours that we hold will also be.

More news…..
I also need to clarify a typo in my last newsletter. It was about the ration cards and the announcement the GOI wants 1,000 dinars allocated to the citizens for the food program. Folks – 1,000 dinars is worth less than 1 US dollar based on a 1180 dinar market rate. How much food will this buy? Why would they do this? Something is fishy. Remember in the article they did not say immediate allocation but in the near future. Could this mean they plan to increase the value of the dinar shorty? Just asking…..
Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
Keys to economic victory
(This article is soooo good and shows the direction Iraq needs to take post ISIS. Please do not assume everything will just work out. There are some major challenges still here for Iraq)
Dr.. In the name of Brahimi  After the victories on the remnants of the “preacher” terrorist, God willing, it is necessary to invoke all possible energies to start the second phase of the victory is the stage of reconstruction and reconstruction of the liberated areas, and this stage is no less important than the stage of liberalization and in this context I would like to refer again to the importance of reading the relationship between politics the economy is a new reading in which the economy is the independent variable in the relationship between them.
Today, the question to be answered is what are the most important requirements for economic reconstruction governorates?
Within the current data, there are three basic options that should be worked on.
The first is the reconstruction of both physical and human infrastructure. There is no point in reconstructing cities without rebuilding human consciousness to preserve them. Moreover, Of the cities that were damaged by the war did not carry out reconstruction operations in the right manner, which made the previous funding goes to a path outside the development goals of those areas.
The second option is the small income-generating projects, which can be set up quickly to accelerate the pace of work and reduce poverty and unemployment as well as creating productive partnerships between workers in certain types of businesses and create positive interconnections between these provinces and other provinces, especially the allocations of the reconstruction fund of the affected areas Public budgets are still few and therefore the local effort will not be sufficient, especially in light of the decline in oil prices to levels close to forty dollars and the negative repercussions on the volume of financial imports expected.
In contrast to the large financial requirements for reconstruction estimated by some to be around $ 40 billion, reliance on government funding becomes extremely difficult especially in the face of financial challenges.
The third option is foreign investment, which is the best way through the establishment of so-called safe investment cities, which the National Investment Commission was unable to set up despite the confirmation of the investment law since it was issued ten years ago.
The keys to economic victory are more than they have been, but they need an intellectual and economic mobilization that should be worked out early.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat 

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