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Quincy: ....”completing their work tasks under specific time limits...... allocations of plots of land/housing by Nov 1, 2017..... loans for building .... to proceed immediately (on all matters thereof) “
IMOO-Time to RV and bring in the subcontractors and get Iraq building building building

Samson:  Abadi gives “a 200-meter residential plot” to the families of the war martyrs, including the Peshmerga

 29th July, 2017

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi issued a decree ordering the allocation of plots of land to the families of the martyrs of the battles against Isis.

The decision includes the armed and security forces of all kinds, the popular crowd, the volunteers from the tribal crowd and the Peshmerga, and the disabled who took part in those battles who were unable to work. The Ministries of Finance, Reconstruction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works (the Municipality of Baghdad and local governments) will set up 200 square meters of residential plots in good residential areas within the municipal boundaries of administrative units.

The land is allocated after providing it within the basic designs adopted in each administrative unit according to the place of residence of the family of the martyr or the disabled according to the housing card and by drawing lots between the covered.

The National Council for Housing will follow up the implementation of the above and put the necessary mechanisms for this and provide the infrastructure in coordination with the specialized companies, and complete all the stages required by the subject and coordination with the Martyrs and Ministries and other concerned parties to complete the task, to be detailed instructions and recommendations on the subject for the purpose Submitted to the Council of Ministers no later than 20 – 8 – 2017

It was also directed that the concerned parties complete their procedures in the process of providing plots of land and allocation of housing no later than 1-11 -2017 and the relevant authorities to provide loans from specialized banks to build housing units covered by this matter, and is to proceed immediately and form teams by The concerned executive bodies are dedicated to completing their work tasks under the specified time limits…….    LINK
The law also allows for the withdrawal of private funds available to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) account, the reserve position with the IMF, as well as any negotiable or fully trustable securities issued by foreign governments, central banks, international financial institutions, Which are paid in foreign currencies, which are normally used in the performance of international accounts held by the Central Bank of Iraq or for its own account.

The draft law allows the bank to "use derivatives in investment portfolios as a hedging tool, issue non-negotiable souvenir instruments and, with the approval of the Ministry of Finance, select an international company that performs external audit and auditing for a period of five years, .

The concerned circles expressed optimism about the next phase, especially with the intention of the «central» to develop its work by adopting new products. The Governor of the Central Ali al-Alaq stressed that «Iraq has exceeded the difficult stage during the past two years, which saw the issuance of data is not based on facts that raised terror in the Iraqi street, as shown by the Bank, which is a safety valve for the economy and monetary policy of the country,

The dinar maintained a stable exchange rate at acceptable limits despite the challenges, in addition to the index raised the interest of global institutions supporting, as the central reserve exceeded the ceiling of the IMF's expectations of ten billion dollars ».

A committee was formed by the Central Bank to develop and facilitate the work of the government sector with the private sector. It approved recommendations that would reduce the routine and ease lending conditions for private sector projects and adopt the advanced electronic systems in government banks to support the private sector to take its real role in economic development. . 
The recommendations approved the need to include the Ministry of Finance in the budget of 2018 all the receivables of contractors for payment, and approved the recommendation for the inclusion of private investment projects implemented or those in the stages of implementation as acceptable guarantees for loans investment projects exclusively, and approved the recommendation for the use of a modern mechanism for financing projects based on the schedule of work in The investment project is similar to the projects implemented in the interest of the state, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Planning, to reduce the pressure of guarantees on companies.

Source: alhayat.com/

MlitiaMan:  With the light of this article on how things are shaping up FireFLy, it is imo a good thing I have my Rose Colored Dinar Glasses on!

As this is one bright beacon of light shining on our investment even while some citizens may not have there cards in hand just yet, or that there is some skirmishes in some hot pockets of Iraq in regard to terrorists. However, Iraq is not in the driver seat, Abadi is in the back seat and the IMF is driving. So the poo poo-ing on Iraqi time is over. It is show-time.

They are telling us that those shiny objects many of us pick up on the side of the roads from loose pockets when getting in and out of our cars can be gotten in Iraq now.

They are not warranted at a program rate! They are at an international rate thus, they are telling us they can be used..

Walk in a bank with Yen, Euro and get like change per your Dinar or vis virsa! ~ Ya buddy!  ~ MM

"Coins, which are usually used in performing international accounts held by the Central Bank Or for its account, credit balances payable on demand or short-term foreign exchange repayments, which are normally used to perform international accounts maintained by the Bank" 

Firefly:  I could easily have highlighted this entire article in red ........(wink)

MilitiaMan:  I know right! ~ MM

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