Saturday, July 15, 2017


StephenMac63:   Hmm,  first time for me to see this, keep in mind that the Iraq invasion was in 2003, look at the date this was minted......would it be during the very early part of Maliki reign?   Just making sure......    http://www.silvergreetings.com/irnew20x100d.html

CSHessman:  I like this last part of that article Stephen;


"Iraq is estimated to have the world’s second-largest oil reserves, with reserves recently revised upward from 115 to 143 billion barrels, based on new geological surveys. By the 1970s, Iraq’s oil resources had enabled the country to reach middle-income status, with a modern infrastructure, and good education and healthcare systems.

Since then, however, Iraq has suffered through three devastating wars, a long period of economic and financial mismanagement, and international sanctions imposed during the 1990s.... Nevertheless, Iraq’s longer-term outlook is strong as domestic and foreign investment in the hydrocarbon sector starts to bear fruit, and oil production and exports are projected to increase considerably in the years ahead."

Don961:   Abadi adviser: Central Bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars

 15-07-2017 03:41 PM

The Euphrates -

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh on Saturday that the Iraqi currency fully covered in foreign currency, noting that the central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars during the past two years.

"The central bank has played an important role in the war on the organization of calling the terrorist and victory over him after the occupation of some provinces," Saleh said in his speech during a session of the Institute for Progress on Development Policy today, adding that "the central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars during the past two years."

He added that 'the Iraqi currency is fully covered by foreign currency and no fear on the Iraqi dinar because the central bank defended the exchange rate over the last period', noting that 'the devaluation of the dinar against the dollar is not an easy solution because the conditions of Iraq.



MilitiaMan:  That is some serious change!! $696 Billion in spending, sounds like he Trump found some money and dang near unanimously too. Can't imagine why.. lol ~ MM

Peggy68:  The US House of Representatives vote on a military budget of about $ 700 billion

09:41 - 07/15/2017   Information / Baghdad ...

Passed the US House of Representatives on Saturday, the annual draft military budget law authorized the US Department of Defense spending up to a huge $ 696 billion in exchange for the backing of 344 votes, rejected 81 votes.   

According to Sky News channel in the news I followed the agency / information / that "the law still faces other hurdles before becoming a special law because it increases defense spending more than last year's level, which stood at $ 619 billion, which is prohibited according to the restrictions imposed by the law of control of the budget for the year 2011 which on government spending. "

She added that "US President Donald Trump wants to increase military spending by cutting spending non-military but the Republicans need to support Democrats in the Senate, lawmakers have resisted Trump plans to change spending trends in the budget."

She said, "the new draft law for the defense budget increases spending on missile defense by 25 percent also includes soldiers' salaries increase by 2.4 percent, the biggest bonus for them in eight years." Finished / z


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